Busty blonde MILF rides dildo on webcam

Busty blonde MILF rides dildo on webcam
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Jessica's story At the age of 25 I'm looking the best I have ever done but I'm beginning to doubt myself. I mean how many more guys do I need to meet until I meet 'The One' or 'Mr Right'?

Is there even such thing? Or is it just a lie parents tell their little girls to make them think the world is a happy place where fairy tales come true and Prince Charming is out there waiting for you?

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I don't even think I've been in love. I mean of course there's been times where I've thought I might be but I soon realised it was more lust than anything. I get a lot of attention - at 5ft 8 with long light brown hair, tanned olive skin and the classic hourglass figure I get the feeling most men aren't looking for a relationship when they look at me. I wouldn't say I'm beautiful nor would I call myself ugly but with a largish nose I've never been the prettiest of girls.

My big eyes and large mouth balance out my nose but it's always been something I've never been completely happy with.

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Most men that capture my attention are tall, dark and handsome and when I say dark I mean dark. As a teen I always had a thing for black and mixed raced guys I still do but now my types a little more open and personality attracts me more than anything. After graduating university I bought my own space and started my cake making business which had nothing to do with my degree in psychology.

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As a teenager in college and university I did some crazy stuff that still haunt me and I may even say I regret. An ex-boyfriend turned out to be a psycho when I dumped him and he blackmailed me into doing stuff I still regret.


I felt so trapped and vulnerable; I didn't think I could turn to anyone. Eventually I got help and got out the crazy situation but its left me with serious trust issues. Sometimes I get scared these things may come back to haunt me and ruin things for me but so far so good!

Let's hope it stays that way. Fingers crossed! James's story Dreading my 30th birthday I've become a party animal trying to drink away the pain of a failed love affair with who I thought was the love of my life. I'd known her my whole life and I always thought I would marry her. From the age of 7 I was in love. Short, cute and with a dimple on her right cheek I couldn't stop starring at her. Blonde with blue eyes of course - even to this day I love them.

As we grew up she began to become even more beautiful with her full breasts and perfect round arse. She was my first and even now I remember how that felt.


We were high school sweethearts but we lost contact for about 5 years when I moved away to Canada but when we reunited it felt so right. Anyway, long story short she fucked my best friend. Yeppppppp my best friend, the guy who I thought I could trust more than anyone in the world.

It's been two years now and it still hurts.

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I fuck shit loads of beautiful women weekly but I've not been able to trust a woman since, I can't even consider a relationship with any of these hoes. I'm 6ft 6 with broad shoulders, six pack and muscular thighs. I have dark green eyes that turn light in the sun, a manly nose and thick lips. I've always kept myself to myself apart from when I'm with friends partying.

As a well know producer I earn good money and I love my job.

Rachel's story I guess from a young age I knew I was different. As I got older all my friends liked boys and I didn't even pay them any attention. My friends thought I was a late developer and so did my parents but little did they know what I already did. I liked girls, one in particular.

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Well, she was more a woman than a girl. My P.E teacher Miss Lee, she was young teacher, one of those that got perved on by the sixth former boys. She had dark curly hair and dark eyebrows that brought out her hazel eyes and sexy full lips.

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Her body was amazing and I'd always wanted to see her naked. The first time she fingered me was in year 11, I'd just turned 16 and we'd be kissing in her office for a couple weeks now after I had opened up to her when she had taken me into her office to ask what was wrong.

She had a boyfriend and she was scared she would lose her job but that didn't stop her. She wanted me just as much as I wanted her. She ended up freaking out after a couple months.


She told me she wasn't a lesbian and that she loved her boyfriend and job and I was too young. I was heartbroken and from that day on I decided I would never get involved with a first timer or straight girl. There was no point, I'd just end up with a broken heart and they would end up with a saucy story they could tell their boyfriends about. You wouldn't say I was your typical lesbian, I guess I look like an ordinary 26 year old blonde girl with a petite figure and blue eyes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Author's note In the upcoming chapters I will be writing from all three perspectives. Some chapters may contain one person's side of the story and some may contain all three or two.

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They will all end up meeting at some point but in different ways. There will also be other characters too but these three are mt main. So let me know what you guys think I could improve and change. However, if your one of those rude unwanted people just commenting for the sake of being rude then please move away from my story.