Rasta man sucking on a stoner dudes hard dick

Rasta man sucking on a stoner dudes hard dick
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Oh So Excited It is so easy to get sucked into something a step at a time. You know, one of those "Oh, just this once," or perhaps, "Just a little bit won't hurt you.

That is exactly how I got led by my cock down a one way trail until I became someone and something I never wanted to be. Leslie, my wife did the leading, I let myself get led and Rachel our daughter was swept along in the tide of events.

I have always had a very sensitive cock. Christ, I can't even wear boxer shorts without going around half hard; not that I would ever overwhelm anyone with my size. Hey let's face it, Seven and a half inches is in the high end of average. However you put me in loose shorts without briefs or a jockey strap and I go around looking friendly as hell. Leslie, on the other hand, is wild where I am calm. She has to push the envelope. For instance, when we were over visiting her mom, Leslie's ten year old niece was there.

Janine is a brat, mouthy, irritating and generally a run of the mill ten year old girl on the edge of puberty, waiting for her glands to kick in. "You ever seen a guy's cock before?" Leslie grinned as she asked her niece. "Yes I have," Janine answered in a snotty tone of voice as she tried to sound grown up. "Billy Jackson is always wiggling his at us girls." "No, I mean a real grown up cock on an adult." She had a real excited air about her.

Her eyes glittered as she grinned at Janine. Alarms began to go off. When she gets what I call "glittery eyed" shit is about to happen. "Well, no," Janine answered. "Well, you have now," Leslie laughed and jerked my gym shorts down. Of course the built in web nut cup came down and my cock started to get hard as the cool breeze coming in off the ocean blew across it.

"Oh," Janine said in wonder. She stared at it until I got it tucked away. Her mouth puckered into a little "O" shape and she grinned. "Jesus, why do you have to pull this shit all the time?" I wasn't worried about some kid seeing me.

When I was a year or so younger than Janine I had my older sister Beth and a couple of her friends regularly give me blow jobs. I loved them even if I couldn't cum yet. At first I kept pressing Beth to suck it and she finally did to shut me up, so she said. I would cop a feel whenever we were alone or I caught her in her nightie.

She always said "don't" but never told our folks. Finally I talked her into sucking my cock while I played with her pussy. The next day she did it in front of her best friend and the friend wanted to try it. My cock got sensitized real early.

Beth's was the first mouth I ever cum in. Her two best friends were second and third. My sister in law Leah came out into the back yard where all this took place barely seconds after I got my shorts pulled up. "Feeling frisky today, are we?" she asked and looked down at my crotch.

My cock head was poking up out of the top of my shorts. Leslie had to do it again. She jerked my shorts down and I got a full erection. Leah shook her head and started to turn away. "He's got a big one!" Janine exclaimed. "Damn it, Leslie, knock this shit off right now." I was pissed. She grinned and said, "Okay." Honestly, there were times when I considered divorce. Her impulsive actions were irritating as hell. There were times I thought she was going nuts on me.

Leah called Leslie aside and told her she wanted to do me. "If you can get him to go for it I want to watch." Leah was too bashful back then to flat out invite me to bed.

One thing, Janine followed me around for the rest of the afternoon.

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She brushed up against me but did nothing else so I got harder, but said nothing. "She wants to fuck you," Leslie told me on the way home that evening. "Who, Leah?" "Well, her too, bit I meant Janine. She was like a bitch in heat after she saw your cock." The thought of a little ten year old wanting to fuck me turned her on in a big way. Okay, now is the time to admit I considered it. Hell, the idea of shoving my dick in a bald little pussy was very tempting.

Then the restrictions of society kicked in and I pushed the thought to one side. However, that night when I went to bed I pictured a young pussy waiting for me to fuck it.

I went to sleep with a hard on. The next morning Leslie woke me up with a blow job. It is a great way to wake up. Our seven year old daughter was due back from Summer Camp that afternoon and spontaneous blowjobs would be out of the question again, except when we were in the bedroom. Yet, it is great to wake up with your cock in a pretty mouth.

I grinned, pulled her up in bed and fucked her hard and furious for a while. Every time I felt the cum start to rise I stopped a for a heart beat or so till it subsided and then started in again. An hour of this and I finally could hold it no longer.

I shot off in her and collapsed. Leslie shoved me to one side a little so she could breathe and we sort of dozed while my cock stayed inside her. Finally I had to get up and piss, shower and get ready to go to work. When I stepped out and dried off, Leslie was on the phone talking with her sister. I heard her say, "Bring her on over. We'll watch her for you." She hung up and turned to me. "Guess what?" "We baby sit Janine," I guessed. Guessed hell, I knew we were going to watch the kid.

"My dear sister, the lucky slut, gets to go with Raymond when he heads to Paris for a week. Mom just backed out so we are the lucky babysitters." "Leslie, while the kid is here I do not want you pulling your usual shit. I mean it." I did too. But like all best laid plans, shit happened. She got irritated. "Finish putting your uniform on and go to work." She walked naked into the kitchen and put the coffee on. I filled my thermos with coffee, grabbed my appointment book and left the house.

I had a carpet to lay across town and plenty of time to get there. Carpet laying is a feast or famine business. Either I am booked solid and working my ass off sixteen hours a day or I only get one or two in a whole week.

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That's okay, the money is damned good and I don't have to declare a few of the cash jobs on my tax form, so what the hell? I pulled up in front of a nice house and found the woman pacing back and forth. "What took you so long?" she demanded.

"Ma'am, I am fifteen minutes early." I saw this was going to be one of those days. "Well you could have been here an hour ago and started in." Customers like her were a pain in the ass. The problem is they were right whether they were right or not. Then I saw what all the bullshit was about. This was supposed to be a new install. There was supposed to be no furniture in the two rooms I contracted to carpet.

The two fucking rooms were still filled with furniture. I turned around and started back toward my van.


"Wait, where are you going?" she called desperately. "The order calls for no furniture moving. That is what we contracted and that is what I intend to hold you to. You wanted a cheap price and I gave you one. Have a good day." I started to walk away from her once more.

"Wait, please. I'll do anything if you will get that carpet laid. I have a party tonight. It must be laid. Please?" I looked at her. She was in her late forties and showed it. She was overweight and in that night gown she did not look very tempting at all. I turned around and came back. "Look, If you were sweet sixteen you would not attract me. "My wife gives me a blowjob every morning just so I will remain true to her through the day. Then she fucks my ears loose every night to prepare me for the next day." The woman flinched at my raw language.

She also blushed and looked guilty as she saw how easy I read her. "I'm desperate. Please, how much extra to do the job?" "I charge seventy-five dollars an hour.

Our agreement called for the furniture to be moved and the carpet to be pulled. Nothing has been done. "We agreed on two hundred dollars for me to cut, trim and lay the two rooms. If I have to do everything, you are looking at five hundred dollars more for me plus a temp to help me." I admit I was jabbing her a little there, but I do not like it when customers play games with me. "Will you do it for four hundred dollars and my granddaughter helps you move the furniture?" I started to turn away.

She was ready to start bawling. I told her, "All right, four fifty and she helps." Then I relented a little more. "All right, four hundred flat. Where is your grand daughter? I want to see if she looks strong enough." A sweet looking teenager stepped out on the porch.

She was what they called a "soccor slut." This little bitch had a perfectly toned body. The muscles in her legs rippled when she walked, as I found out a few minutes later. "Will I do?" she had a perfect cock sucker mouth, B-cup tits and a pussy mound that was a perfect camel's toe. Her thong did not cover the sides of her pussy. "If she gets dressed, we have a deal.

Grandma nodded and the girl looked surprised. Then grandma turned around and looked at the kid and almost had a heart attack.

"You go get some clothes on right now," she ordered. She looked at me and blushed. "Thank you for being a gentleman." "I'm not all that much of a gentleman. Like I told you, I just had a blowjob about an hour ago." She flinched and then laughed.

The kid came back in and we moved furniture, all heavy Mediterranean stuff that costs a mint and weighs a ton.

The girl did a better job than some of the helpers I have had in the past. She rubbed her ass up against my cock every chance she got. I stayed hard all through the furniture moving. Grandma had gone elsewhere in the house while we were getting ready to pull up the old carpet. "Did your wife really give you a blowjob this morning?" She had been listening to her grandmother and me talk." "Yes," I told her and got busy pulling up the old carpet.

"Then how come you got a hard on?" she asked. "I am very sensitive down there and all that rubbing you did made me hard." "Show me!" she whispered. The devil must have made me do it.

I undid my fly and worked my hard cock out. She bent over and opened her mouth. That girl was a natural to begin with and she got a lot of experience to make her even better. She worked my cock in and out of her mouth for about five minutes. "Lay down," she told me. She started in again and worked my cock over until I came. "I love to suck men off," she told me.

"It shows," I told her. "You are damned good. You swallow cum like a pro." "That's what my dad says." She grinned and asked, "Did I shock you?" "Not a bit. Your father is very lucky to have such a talented daughter." She preened and rubbed her crotch. "I don't hear any movement in there.

What are you doing?" I was thankful we had furniture blocking both doors, otherwise I would have been doing the fucking job for nothing. "We are just starting to pull up the old carpet off of the tack strips," I called to her. The girl grinned at me and we began to pull the old carpet. I rolled it up as fast as I could and we eased the roll over to one side. We worked steady until the job was done.

I put the last scraps into the back of the van six hours after I started. I accepted her check and headed out the door. "I wanted to fuck you. Maybe next time," the girl said. "Melody! What has gotten into you?" Grandma gasped. "The paper boy, the pool guy, the appliance repairman and my dad," she answered.

She grinned and kissed me goodbye. I could taste the remnants of my cum on her lips. "Have a good day," I called and got the hell out of there. That had been my only job for the day. As usual I went home. We had a big dumpster out back in the alley. I tossed the remnants in there, The next day I planned to drop the old carpet off at the Salvation Army.

They are nice people and help a lot of people. Janine met me at the door. "Where's your Aunt Leslie?" I asked her. "Oh, she went to pick up Rachel and I did not want to go with her. I stayed here and watched TV." She looked a little guilty.

I saw several CDs out on top of the TV. I went over and checked them out. They were all porn. "Aunt Leslie said I could watch anything I wanted." "Even fuck movies?" "Well, she didn't say not to." "Well, put them back," I told her and headed toward the bedroom to get a shower and some clean clothes on.

When I got in the shower I felt a presence behind me. I turned around and my cock brushed against Janine and started to get hard again. She bobbed her head down and started to suck me. I backed up and my cock came out of her mouth and pointed straight at the ceiling.

"Mama won't let me do that with Daddy either." "I thought you had never seen a cock before." I looked at her. "Well, when we got home I waited until daddy stuck his finger in me and asked if I could suck him. Mama said no." "You mother doesn't stop it when your dad plays with your pussy?" I asked. "She says that is all he can do. One finger only and nothing in my butt. She says I am too young for more." She grabbed my cock and started to suck again. I cum and she let it run out of her mouth.

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She would have to learn to swallow later on, I figured. I finished my shower and got dressed in a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. We went back into the living room and I replaced the porn and turned on the news. I relaxed and Janine was content to play computer games. I began to wonder if I was the only one in the state who was not into incest regularly and/or real young kids any more. Then I remembered my most recent blow job. I figured I was one of the incestuous crowd after the morning's adventure.

Leslie opened the door and Rachel ran in and jumped up on my lap. She threw her arms around my neck and stuck her tongue in my mouth. "I learned how to kiss," she told me and grinned. "Is this your doing?" I asked my wife. "We need to talk," she told me. "Come out into the kitchen" I followed her out and shooed Rachel back into the front room.

"Come on, give. What's the deal with Rachel giving me a French kiss?" For once Leslie did not have any game to play. "When I came to pick Rachel up the camp was swarming with cops. It seems the handy man up there had been fucking some of the girls." "Well, Jesus Christ!" I exclaimed. "What happened to Rachel?" "According to the owner, he walked in just as the handyman started to stick his cock into Rachel. He grabbed the man away and called the police.

It was a madhouse up there. The owner said he did not know if the guy got into her or not. He wrote me a check for ten thousand dollars and begged me not to sue. I took the check and got Rachel out of there." She shook her head. "Right now I am so fucking tired." "What did he do to her, did she say?" "No, every time I try to question her she starts to cry and says she can't tell because she promised and that something real bad would happen if she told.

Maybe you can get something out of her." "Okay, bring her in here and let me talk with her." Right then I was numb. "Here she is, Daddy," Leslie led Rachel into the kitchen by the hand. "Boy, you really learned how to kiss, didn't you?" I asked I figured it might be best to start where the ice had been broken and go on from there. "Yeah, I'm the best kisser in the whole camp," she bragged.

"Oh? Who told you that?" I asked in a noncommittal voice. She started to get tears in her eyes. "Daddy, I can't tell you that. I promised. "That's alright, Honey," Why don't you show me? Then you won't be telling me anything." "Well," she hesitated.

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Then she made up her mind. "I guess it is okay to show you. I already showed you what a good kisser I am. She climbed up on my lap and kissed me again. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth as she worked her lips side to side. By the time she started to lick my lips I had another raging hard on. "Oh that is so hot," Leslie breathed and began to rub herself. I drew back, surprised at the expertise of that kiss and also that I could even get a hard on.

I had already cum three times that day. My little seven year old daughter just added fuel to the fire, so to speak. "Jesus," I breathed, "Ah what else can you do, honey?" She wiggled her little pussy against the hard dick pressing against her. "We got to get naked for this," she told me and hopped down. She slipped her clothes off and said, "Come on, Daddy. You got to get naked too." "Do it," Leslie ordered me in an urgent voice. She was openly playing with herself.

She had her shorts down and had a finger inside her, rubbing the hell out of her clit. I ignored her and pulled off my tee shirt and dropped my shorts. "I'll suck it a little bit now, just to tease you, Daddy," she said and grinned. She got the head in her mouth and worked out on it with her tongue.

She sucked my balls and stopped. "Finger time!" she told me and grabbed my tight hand. "Sit back down, Daddy." I sat and she guided the middle finger on my right hand into her little pussy. It was tight. "You got bigger fingers Daddy." She closed her eyes and humped my finger. "Stick another finger in my ass." "I'll do it," Leslie said and came up behind her.

This had gone from trying to find out what happened to a family fuck fest in just minutes. Now I can't blame anyone for what was happening. It all just seemed to progress. Leslie slipped a finger in Rachel's ass and I finger fucked her little pussy. She finally said, "Stop please. My pussy hurts." I removed my finger and Leslie stuck her tongue in that little girl's pussy without removing her finger from her ass. Another ten minutes went by and Leslie finally had an orgasm and stopped.

"Boy, that was the longest time yet," Rachel told us. Just then Janine came out in the kitchen. "I want to do it too," she said in a lonely voice. "Come on in the living room," Rachel told her older cousin.

"You lay down on the floor and we'll go sixty-nine." Janine did not know what sixty-nine was but she learned in a hurry. "God, I can't wait until you can fuck her. My little baby is so fucking hot." She backed up against my hard cock and worked it dry into her ass. "Fuck me hard," she said. I cum that last time and stood with my soft cock in her ass while we watched our daughter and her cousin eat each other out.

The next morning I woke up with Rachel on my chest. She and her mother were trying to get my hard cock into her little cunt. I felt the tip go in and then the head. That was all. "I love this, Daddy." She said. Janine came in and asked, "Can I have a turn?" Rachel grinned. "Okay, but be careful you don't hurt yourself." Leslie steadied Janine and told her to squat over my cock like she was going to piss on me.

Both girls giggled. Leslie held my cock in position and Janine lowered herself down on it. It was fucking tight but it went all the way in until it hit bottom. Leslie had a glassy eyed look about her as she watched. Then I noticed she had Rachel fisting her. Janine writhed back and forth and moaned until I finally shot all I had in her. As I rolled off Rachel let go of her mother and climbed up on the bed. She took my cock and licked it clean. Leslie had buried her face in Janine and began to lick all of my cum out of the ten year old girl.

"We better get George over here without your sister. He needs to be brought up to speed." George was Janine's father and I knew he needed to get a chance to learn what was going on.

Since he had already started fooling around with his daughter I figured he would not be too pissed off. I was right. When they got back from their trip Leslie took her sister and the two went over to Grandma's house. "Girls, come in here," I called to them. George sat on the couch and I was in my recliner. I told George about the summer camp incident. And what Rachel learned up there. "You girls show us what else Rachel learned up there at camp." They grinned and got naked in a hurry.

They started to go sixty-nine and George exclaimed, "Well shit!" He started to get up. "Wait till the show is over," I told him. I got up out of my recliner and dropped my shorts, all I had on. "You better get naked too if you want in on the fun," I told him. In a daze he stood and undressed. His big old war club stood straight out. "Lie down on the floor," I told him when the girls separated.

"Janine, sit down on your daddy's cock." She grinned and Squatted over his big dick and worked it into her pussy, a little at a time. She flinched a couple of times but got enough in to fill her young cunt full. "Rachel, sit on your uncle's chest." "Yeah!" she exclaimed and got her seven year old ass in place for him to tongue her out. He alternated between her cunt and her tiny ass hole. Finally he let out a loud moan and collapsed. Rachel got off his face and came over to straddled my lap She got up high enough to ease her pussy down on me.

The head of my dick now went in. she eased herself down a little more. Then it hurt too much to continue.

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I fucked my head in and out of her little cunt until she whispered, "Now!" That was the signal to jam hard into her. "Yes!" I exclaimed and cum. As I went soft I shoved extra hard and eased another inch in. We let my cock rest inside her and watched George fuck his ten year old daughter again.

He rolled her over on her back and worked himself all the way in and then back out. While they were fucking our wives returned. "Honey, we're home," Leslie called. "Oh my god! You told me what to expect but I didn't realize… George, you can get that monster of yours inside out daughter?" Leah looked about ready to explode.

"Oh yes!" George exclaimed. "Oh Daddy! It, it, it's… Oh!" She just had her first orgasm. Leah looked down at the blissful expression on her daughter's face. "Did my baby just…?" She left the rest of the question unspoken as she looked in amazement. "Daddy just got some more in me, Mama," Rachel exclaimed. Leslie got undressed.


"Well Sis? You going to take your clothes off or stand there and gawk? "I want to fuck both our husbands at the same time," Leah told her as she undressed. "George in front and Hank in my ass.

I have wanted to feel him in me for a long time. I kissed Rachel and got up out of the chair. I got the tube of lubricant and brought it to Leah. She smiled and nodded and greased up her ass. Then she put some on me. I slid in easy. George began to fuck her as soon as she raised her leg enough for him to get in her pussy.

Leslie alternated eating both girl's pussies. She had Janine licked clean and waited until George cum in Leah's pussy. As soon as he rolled away, Leslie buried her face in Leah's cunt and began to lick the cum out of it.

Finally we were all fucked out The girls went to bed in Rachel's bed and George and Leah took over the guest room. "Night all," Leslie called and we went to bed without waiting for an answer. I passed out. The next morning Rachel woke me up. "Fuck me, Daddy," she said. I slowly disentangled myself from Leslie and rolled over on my back. She positioned herself like I expected and then dropped down hard. She screamed.

I hit bottom. She hugged me close and sobbed, "It hurts, oh it hurts." I went soft. When I started to pull away she whimpered, "No." "Honey, why did you do that?" She was getting more like her mother every day. "I want it all just like Jeanine." I started to get hard again and she lay there on my belly and chest and waited. "Go easy," she whispered. Leslie was not going to be left out.

She slipped a finger inside Rachel's ass and finger fucked it while I slowly worked my way in and out. I cum a gusher. Leslie rolled her over and began to lap my cum out of her. "You hit bottom," she told me. George entered the bedroom and watched until Leslie finished off our daughter. He rubbed his cock against my wife's mouth. She opened up wide and took as much as she could. For some reason I felt a little pang of jealousy. Then I laughed at myself and turned back to Rachel.

Everybody got something in their ass but me and George. That was fine with me. Although, come to think of it, Rachel did slide one of her mother's ass plugs in me and it did not feel too bad. So there you have it. You now know how one straight laced carpet man became the pervert of the century, or close to it.

Just one thing and then another and then another until I got my daughter pregnant last year while she sucked a teenage friend's cock. Five years of perversions and one time Rachel forgot to take the pill when she was supposed to. Or did she forget? So now Janine lives with Rachel and I and Leslie moved in with George and Leah.

She says she will come home some day and I don't really care. I got my two girls and they are more than enough for me. Oh yes, Janine is jealous and wants me to get her pregnant too. Why not?