Enchanting czech teen is seduced in the hypermarket and banged in pov

Enchanting czech teen is seduced in the hypermarket and banged in pov
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It was late at night and i called you. i said that i just wanted to see youwe weren't real friends just fuck buddy at times it seem. We hadn't seen each other for a long time so my call was quite a surprise to youand you couldn't understand who was calling you. You and I decided to meet up in 15 minutes near my house. So I rush to my bath room took a quite shower put on my makeup the way I remember you liked it the most.

Went to my bedroom and I put that little red dress you love so much on then I fixed my hair and was there right on time. I look up and there you were and wow what a change. It seems to me you're around your 30's now and your married for your second time, sadly your wife was 19 just like me.

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I start to shack my head when I think of it now. You sleep with your wife every day and I can't understand why you where looking for a new girlfriend if you know what I mean. I'm guessing you're just a chaser papi.

I have seen my share of chaser papi but you are by far the best one I have met yet. You got really comfortable and pushed me on top of you. I could see desire of sex in your eyes. You reached for my lips and kissed me even thought you were a rough lover from what I remember you always kissed me tenderly and nicely.

He hugged me with one of his arms, and used the other to unzip his pants and get his hard dick out. Please blow me! You were begging me as if you would die if I didn't do it.

I took your dick head in my mouth and began moving up and down, gradually swallowing your dick deeper. Please deeper, more, more! You began loosing control. You put your hands on the back of my head and pulled my head towards yourself. I almost choked and pushed you away. Than I continued blowing you, this time helping me with my hand.

You weren't just sitting, you were moving towards me. Screaming "I'm Cumming" you splashed inside my mouth.


I like girls who let fuck them at all the holes, you said. Oh, you're mistaken; I won't let you fuck my ass I love it when I'm drunk! You grabbed my boobs and sat me back on your knees. You're fucking whore! You said. I got upset. Have you seen real whores? Oh yeah…I fuck them often, when she starts sucking on my dick I ask her how much should I add to fuck her ass.

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What is so good about fucking whores? I like the girls, who give you everything.

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I like gang-bangs, I like perverted girls, -and he squeezed my boobs harder. You're a bitch, stupid whore, you're cant! It was getting me excited. Your family is nice, isn't in? you asked asked.

Yeah, my mom was a virgin before the marriage. You're not like her.


Your nurture is fighting your nature. He turned me around and put me on my knees. you pulled my pants down and got ready. I was scared. Please don't… Shut the fuck up, bitch!

I'll fuck you wherever I want! Naughty whore!

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Stop You're slut! You can be fucked anywhere! Be quiet, bitch!


Damn it was exciting! Those words didn't hurt me, they just made me horny.

You pushed your dick inside my ass. I felt pain and tried to break free, but you were holding me tight. It hurts! Shut up, bitch! You got deeper.

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I was hurt, because your dick was big. But when you were cursing me, I forgot about pain and screamed: Don't! Oh no, don't stop! And you continued. Soon I felt not only pain, but pleasure, too. Oh it feels good, go ahead! Shut the fuck up, whore! You're dirty cant! You were unstoppable.

We came at the same time. We lay on the seat not being able to move. You hugged me. You're wonderful, you're just amazing, and I admire you!

What's wrong with you? Five minutes ago you said different things! But you liked it, didn't you? Yeah, I liked it, you stupid disgusting fucker, sluttish fag!!! We laughed and decided to meet again. just as we were laying there hugging and enjoying our time togther i remember the time i started to put my dress back on and you looked t me in shock why are you leaving me already ?

you have a wife and a life that doesnt not envolve me at all times I walk over to you and i kiss you on the forehead then i run my fingurs through your hair i know you will miss me but dont worry i will be back again to see mi amor how can i reach you when you called me it was private and i dont have your number i dont even know where you live or why you picked this place.

all i know is that you are one of the best lovers i have been with in my life time and i want use t happen again. and you will i say to you in a sexy voice. I walk over and leave my card upside down on the table to the let of you and righ one top of it i left my pen it was red and wite you gave it to me the very furst time we meet up and you been chaseing me every since only thing i never gave you any info on me so for the most part i come in and out as i please.

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I must leave now please dont forget me i walk over to you and hug you tight and kiss your lips for the last time. I walk our of your front door and oyu walk over to the table to read my card but when you read itit only says ~your little secret~