Horny Danica Dillon showing her awesome body to fuck

Horny Danica Dillon showing her awesome body to fuck
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My whole family took a family vacation to Vegas and little did any of us know that the slogan, 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' would apply to us. We planned to stay for six days, my parents had there own room and I was staying with my two brothers, Dean who is 15 and Paul who is 17.

My name is Christi and I just turned 21. I guess a few things about me first; I am about five feet tall, long dirty blonde hair, 36D tits. I am told by a lot of guys I have a great tight ass and a hard body. My areola are about average size but my nipples are my one problem, they are large and when they get hard they can usually be seen through my clothes. I know the guys never mind that. I wasn't shy around my brother's when sharing the room. I didn't mind going around in front of them in my bra and panties.

I actually enjoyed teasing them like that. It was so obvious that they were starring and that I was making them hard. There were some other reasons in addition to that as to why I didn't mind doing that to them but that will come into play later. Also I didn't mind going into the bathroom and washing up at the sink while either one was taking a shower.

I noticed how much my brothers tried not to stare at my tits when I got back from the pool. My nipples were so poking through my bikini top. Dean and Paul let me shower first and when I was done Dean seemed to rush into the bathroom afterwards, then about 10 minutes later he came out and Paul rushed in. I figured they were jacking off which made me giggle just a bit. On the second day I went into the bathroom while Paul was in the shower. In the reflection in the mirror I could see that my brother was facing me and by the looks of his arm he was watching me and jerking off!

I smiled as I watched him in the mirror out of the corner of my eye.


I thought if I could see him in the mirror that maybe he could see me in the reflection of the mirror as well. I was wearing shorts and a bra so I leaned over a bit to show off a bit more of my tits in the mirror to tease him a bit. Of course I acted like I had no idea he was watching me and that he was jacking off.

I decided to stay in there until he got off, it was the least I could do for my brother. After a couple of minutes my brother blew his load. I knew that cause as I looked in the mirror I suddenly saw his white spunk hit the glass shower door. I was very impressed with how much cum he blew all over the door. I watched his spunk slowly run door the steamed over door but it was not long before my brother quickly started to splash water on the door to clean his cum off of it.

Too bad, I was really enjoying the show and my mind did wander a bit into wondering how big his cock was. I left soon after that feeling that my job was done; I let my brother enjoy watching me and pleasuring himself. Of course the same thing occurred later in the day when I came back from the pool. My brothers 'coincidently' happed to come back to the room when I got back.

They let me shower first and now this time Paul went first then Dean. Now I wasn't bothered knowing they were checking me out and then jerking off to me because of something that had happened a couple of months prior.

While putting some things away in their rooms I got curious and snooped around on their computer, they shared one. I was curious to see what kind of porn they were looking at, I knew they had to be since all boys their age for sure were looking at and downloading porn. I was very shocked by what I found.

I found several incest stories saved on their computer and all of them were about brother/sister sex. Then I found a story that they were writing about the three of us. I knew that because it was about two brothers and a sister. The descriptions were exact of me and them; all they did was change their names. I was shocked, angry and a bit repulsed by it. I told a couple of my girl friends about it and I was even more shocked by their response. They didn't see the big deal.

They said they had found similar stuff on their brother's computers'. After doing some drinking they told me how they had fooled around with their brother's. The fact that it was taboo made it that much hotter and dirtier and they were kind of hooked on doing sexual things with their brothers.

They all danced around what they were doing, I knew they were giving head, letting their brother's go down on them and giving tit job's but anything more than that they were shy about at first. Finally Tiffany, Kelly and.admitted they were fucking them and it was so good. That got me thinking about what I found on Paul and Dean's computer.

I printed off the stories and the one they were working on and after a while I have to admit I was pleasuring myself to these incest stories. This is why I didn't mind Paul was jerking off in the shower and the two of them were jacking off in the bathroom after they saw me, my hard nipples in the wet bikini I was wearing.

On the third day I don't know what came over me but I decided to put an end to this cycle. I purposely told them when I was going to the pool to lay out and when I would be back to the room.

Like clock work my brother's were there in the room waiting, sitting on the bed trying to hide their erections from my sight. They told me I could shower first and when they did I made up my mind to end this. I stood there looking at the two of them, making sure I took the towel off of my top so they could clearly see my bikini covered tits with my big hard nipples sticking out. "So which one of you is going to jerk off first when I am done in there today?" They both turned bright red and gave me a blank look.

"Come on, out with it? Do you go first Dean or do you Paul?" Now they both got so nervous and quickly denied that they jack off and that they were doing that after I got out. I put my hands on my hips and just decided to cut through the shit.

"Ok you two. We can play this denial game or we can just be direct. So I will be direct with the two of you. First, I can see you two starring at my tits, especially when my nipples are hard and I know you have been doing it every day. Second, I can see your erections even though you are trying to hide them from me. Third, I found the incest stories on your computer, the ones about brother and sister sex. Fourth, I found the story you two were writing about us. Fifth, Paul I saw you in the mirror yesterday jacking off while I was washing up at the sink and don't deny it because I saw you shoot your wad all over the shower door.

We have two choices. One, we can keep this up; I pretend I don't notice and you two take turns jerking off in the bathroom. Or the second is we follow the Vegas saying, 'what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas.'" Dean spoke up very nervously, "What.what do you mean by that Christi? You are not going to tell mom and dad are you?" "What I mean is the both of you can take off your shorts, get on the bed and I will jack you off myself." I watched their reaction and both them looked shocked beyond belief.

But neither of them made a move so I figured they didn't believe me or that I was setting up some trap to go tell our parents about. I knew it was up to me as the oldest one to make the first move. "Hmm, I can tell you two don't believe me so let me show you I am serious." I reached behind my back, untied my bikini top and let it fall to the floor.

My brother's eyes bugged out almost as far as their cocks as they looked at my naked tits' for the first time. Dean let out an 'oh my god' and Paul said 'what about mom and dad?' I reminded them that our parents were in another room and did not have a key to ours.

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I began to rub my tits and play with my hard nipples as my brother's looked on, licking their lips and adjusting their hard cock's. "Well come on you two. Judging by what I read in your story about us the two of you wanted to feel my tits and suck on them. Here's your chance." Dean and Paul both got up off of the bed and came over to me.

It was a bit odd as I am only five feet tall and the two of them are about 5'10". They were very uneasy for the first few moments they began to caress my tits but I told them it was ok and to have fun with them. They fondled them for a few minutes, pinching my nipples quite a lot once they noticed how much I enjoyed that. I guess either my moaning or biting my lower lip each time they pinched them gave that away.

I gently pushed their hands away and held onto my tits rubbing them for a few seconds. "Aren't you going to suck on my tits? I have never had two guys suck on my tits at the same time before." My brothers' got wild looks in their eyes, it must have been incest lust as they each grabbed one of my tits and planted their mouths on them.

It was so incredible the intense feeling of pleasure I felt as my brother's began sucking on my tit's at the same time. Then they licked on my nipples driving me into a very delightful haze of lust. I had a feeling my tits were the first either of them played with and I was glad I was their first.

I closed my eyes as I stood there loosing myself in the over powering pleasure. My girl friends were so right! The taboo aspect of getting pleasured by your brother or brother's was intense and oh so good. I ran my hands through their hair and then all over their bodies as they worked on my tits. The sucking they did was so good. I love having my tits sucked on, I always wondered if having two guys suck on them at the same time would be twice as pleasurable and it was so much more than that!

My hands finally found their way down to Dean and Paul's shorts. I rubbed my hands up and down the bulges I felt in them. Suddenly the urge over came me to have their rock hard prick's in my hands. I unbuttoned their shorts as they licked and sucked on my tits. Their shorts fell down around their ankles as I pulled out my brother's hard cocks and very slowly began to stroke them both.

I was amazed by all the warm, sticky pre cum that was coating both of their throbbing shafts. I stroked them both for a couple of minutes before I led them back over to one of the beds; led them over by holding onto their cocks.

It was hard pushing them off of my tits by I gently did so and pushed them down onto the bed. As they sat down I knelt down on the floor between them still holding onto their shafts. I smiled at both of my brother's as they smiled at me. "I love making guys cum. I don't know what it is but I just love making guys blow their wads." I said that to my brother's as I began to give them a very good, sisterly, hand job.

They leaned back on their hands as I worked their cocks faster and faster. I told them to enjoy it and then they began to moan as well as telling me how good it felt. I saw their eyes darting from my hand going up and down on their cocks to bouncing tits, bouncing to the motion of hands working their pricks.

I smiled again, "Do you like watching my tits? They are bouncing pretty good." Both of them smiled, told me how much they loved watching my tits as well as they could not believe I was jerking them off! They never dreamed that I would really give them a hand job. I gave my brother's a wicked grin and said, "What else are older sister's for?" They gave me their version's of a wicked grin back.

As I jerked off my brother's I figured I would drive them wild a bit more by rubbing my tits up and down on their bare legs.

I think I enjoyed doing that even more than Dean and Paul. The hair on their legs lightly brushing against my hard, sensitive nipples made my pussy twitch as well as become very wet. I honestly wanted to stop jerking one of them off so I could finger myself but I was having a great time pleasuring my younger brothers so I put my needs aside and kept pleasuring them.

When they began breathing harder as well as moaning louder and telling me to stroke their cocks faster I knew they must be getting close to blowing their wads. I stroked them for a few seconds more then I stopped. Both Dean and Paul got very upset and asked me, bewildered, why did I stop.

I gave them my most sweet, innocent look I could as I stared at their rock hard, red, throbbing pre cum covered pricks. It was the first time I really noticed how nice their cocks were. Each of my brother's had about a six to six and half inch cock, perfect for doing so many things with. I snapped out of my prick fixation to answer them. "Well I can tell you two are getting close to blowing your wads." They grinned away at me.

"And I was wondering something. Do you want me to keep to jacking you off until you cum all over my hands and yourselves or." I stopped there to drive them wild. "Or what Christi?" Paul said. "Yeah or what? Come on Christi tell us. I'm so close to cumming." Dean added. There was something so cute with listening to my 15 year old brother telling me he was close to cumming and all from me jacking him off.

I looked at Dean, "Or would you and Paul like to stand up and I will jerk you off all over my tits?" Wow! I never had any guy move as fast as my brother's did! Without a word or without looking at each other them both leapt up on to their feet. I guess that answered my question. I had a feeling they would make that choice, every guy I dated always loved cumming on my tits. Seem's to be some sort of genetic thing that guys always seem to enjoy shooting their wads all over women's tits.

Oh well, it was time for me to make my brother's very happy. I sat up straighter on my knees as my brother's stood in front of me. Their pricks were at the right level, perfect for sucking.

The temptation was more than I could stand and I did just that, I grabbed their cocks and before going back to jerking them off, I first slid Paul's prick into my mouth and sucked down his pre cum, then I did the same to Dean.

Both of them looked at me with shocked looks. I guess they never suspected or thought they would get to see their cocks in their sister's mouth or that I sucked cock.


I blushed a bit as I looked up into their eyes. "Oh I'm sorry guys. I just couldn't resist doing that.I was curious to see what you two tasted like." I went right back to jerking them off. Yep, they were both very close to erupting, it took me maybe another minute or two before my brother's began groaning, 'I'm gonna cum.

Oh don't stop Christi, I'm gonna cum.' There was something about hearing my brother's say that that turned me on even more and I couldn't wait to see the cum shooting out of their pricks. I aimed their cocks at my tits, then I lightly placed their cock head's on my tits to make sure they shot all of their loads on them. I looked up at them, "Are you watching? Are you two going to cover my tits with your sticky cum?

You two are such dirty nasty brothers to want to cum all over my tits." They grinned and then their faces glazed over. Both of them groaned and unleashed their spunk.

Wow! They drenched my tits with cum! I watched as spurt after spurt after spurt pumped out of their cocks and all over my big tits.

Their spunk was so hot, sticky, white and thick just the way I like it. As they kept moaning, 'oh yeah, oh yeah Christi' I responded with "Oooh yes that's it, cover my tits with your cum. I love it; I love your brotherly spunk on my tits." Once their cocks were empty of their loads I let them go from my incestuous grip. I was happy that they were still hard as I held my tits in my hands.

I surveyed all the spunk my brother's had shot all over them. My brother's had a very happy and satisfied look on their faces. They looked so proud that they came all over their own sister's tits. "Dean, go grab my camera and take a picture of my tits." He looked at me for a moment not moving.

"Well come on, I'm sure you two would like a picture of my cum covered tits to jack off to when I'm not home." Paul hit him in the arm and told him to get my camera. All of us have digital cameras and we develop our pictures on the computer so I knew we could get away with this. He happily took a couple of pictures of my tits with their cum on them and got my face in the picture too. I smiled and looked so proud holding my tits up for the camera.

I looked as if I had achieved a great prize for letting them cum all on my tits. Then I looked Dean and Paul, "Do you know what I love more than making guys cum? I'm sure it's something you never thought you would hear your own sister tell you." They said they didn't know and begged me to tell them.

I grinned, "I love swallowing cum. I love the salty taste, I love how it feels sliding down my throat.

Would you two like to take some pictures of me licking your cum off of my tits?" Paul grabbed the camera out of Dean's hand as they both said 'YES!' I took a very long, slow lick off of one of my tits, Paul snapped a couple of pictures as I did. Then I held my cum covered tongue out and Paul took another picture, after that I swallowed all of it.

"Mmm, that tasted so good." I took another lick off of my other tit, slowly swallowed and said to my brother's, "You both have such tasty cum, and I could eat a lot more. It must taste so good cause you are my brother's and I'm not supposed to be swallowing your cum. I hope you don't think I'm a bad sister?" Dean said, "You are a dirty, nasty, cum loving sister and we love you Christi!" Paul took another picture as I licked some cum off of my hard nipples.

"Yeah that's it Christi, swallow our jizz. Dean is right, you a dirty, nasty, cum loving sister but that makes you the best sister ever! I'm gonna be jerking off every day to these pictures once you go back to collage!" Dean added a 'me too'. I took my time cleaning off my tits, the whole time I kept as much eye contact as I could with my brothers. Their eyes were glued to me, my tits, my tongue and mouth. When I was done I glanced at the clock, I figured I had kept this up for almost 15 minutes!

Paul and Dean were both rock hard still. "I can't believe you are both so hard still? Are you that horny or am I that hot of sister I make that hard." "We are that horny and you are a fucking hot sister! All of our friends want to fuck your brains out! I could cum again if you want to jerk me off." Dean said to me. "No shit Christi, you are fucking hot! I've been jerking off thinking about you for a couple of years.

I could easily blow my wad again for you!" Paul added. Since I was on my knee's I figured I would make full use of that position. "Thank you. It's nice to hear you two think I'm so hot. I would love to make you to cum again. But I really don't want to jack you off. Can I give you two blow jobs?" I had never seen as big of smiles as I saw on my brother's faces.

I asked them who was going to jerk off first once I left the bathroom and Paul said he was. So I said I would suck him off first and I told my youngest brother to take a couple of pictures of me sucking off our brother. I slowly worked Paul's cock in and out of my mouth as he moaned with approval.

I let his cock slip out of my mouth, I kissed the head of his hard shaft and as I did a very nice pre cum-saliva strand to attach from my lips to his cock. "Is this your first blow job?" He nodded yes. I smiled at him and said, "I love being the first to give a guy head. It's very kinky that I get to be the first with you; maybe all sisters should be the first to give their brother's blow jobs.

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What do you two think of that?" Both of them said it sounded like a great idea and added that every brother would love getting sucked off their first time by their sister's. Now I knew why my girlfriends did it to their brothers, it was so dirty and yet so kinky at the same time.

My nipples were in complete agreement as was my very wet pussy. I knew I was soaking through my bikini bottom. I ran my tongue all over my brother's cock head, lapping up his pre cum as my other brother took a couple of pictures.

I let go of Paul's cock, turning to face Dean to tell him my thoughts. "Dean sweetheart; why don't you be a very good brother and kneel down here behind me." He put down the camera and very quickly did as I said. As he did that, Paul started to lightly slap my face with his hard prick and then began to wipe his pre cum on my face.

"You can scoot up closer Dean." My brother pressed his naked body against my back, his nice hard cock was pressed against my ass. "Ok now I want you to play with tits and you can play with my ass as well if you want to." He gave me a huge grin as his hands shot to my ass and tits.

I watched him over my shoulder for a few moments as he squeezed and rubbed my ass. Paul was getting upset that I was neglecting his cock. "Come on Christi! Suck my cock! I want to cum in your mouth!" I never had a guy order me like that and I really enjoyed it. It was so surreal having my brother ordering me to suck him off and telling me he wanted to cum in my mouth. I grabbed his cock, gave it a couple of quick hard sucks then I ran his prick head all over my wet lips.

"Don't worry Paul. I will suck you off and let you cum in my mouth. I just don't want to leave our brother out and I need some pleasure too. Besides, if I'm getting pleasured I suck much better cock." I figured I would throw that in, it was true. Every time I 69'd my boyfriend I was made him get off more quickly.

I looked over my shoulder at Dean as he was enjoying himself fondling my ass and tits. I grabbed one of his hands and slid it down to my pussy. I used his hand to pull thong bottom away from my pussy. Then I rubbed his hand all over my pussy lips. "Do you feel how wet you two have made me? Now I want you to finger me. I need to get off too." Instantly my young brother slid a couple of fingers into hot wet slit, I let out a very nice squeal. He went wild finger fucking me and I immediately went back to sucking off my other brother.

I knew this was going to best orgasm ever! I gently rocked up and down on my knee's trying to fuck my brothers' fingers while he slid them in and out of my pussy. His other hand was all over my body. First his hands were on my tits, pulling on my nipples. Then down onto my ass then playing with my belly button piercing before heading back up to my tits. I was moaning like a hot little slut as one of my brother's pleasured me as I pleasured my other brother.

Paul grabbed my blonde hair and began to fuck my mouth as I sucked away on his cock. He kept moaning over and over, "Oh yes Christi! Suck it! Suck my cock! I want to fill your pretty mouth with my spunk!" I was in a happy sexual heaven as my brother's and I continued our hot incestuous encounter. I slurped away at Paul as slurping noises were rising up from my pussy which was under attack from Dean's fingers. Suddenly Dean, whether on purpose or by accident, stuck his thumb into my asshole while fingering my pussy.

My mouth released Paul's cock as I screamed out in delight. I loved getting fucked up the ass but my boyfriend never fingered both my pussy and asshole at the same time. The pleasure was so incredible I begged my brother not to stop. "Oh god Dean! Fuck my asshole too! Please don't stop, finger my holes! Please finger my holes!" I heard him say to Paul 'I guess our sister likes it up the ass too! We will have to put that into our story.' I knew Paul was getting close to blowing his wad as I could feel his cock swelling up and throbbing harder.

That was great timing as I was close to my orgasm too. I let his cock out of my mouth for a moment, panting away I told Paul to grab the camera Dean had laid on the bed next to him. I then said I wanted him to take a picture of himself cumming in my mouth. He very happily snatched up the camera with one hand. He placed his other hand behind my head as he kept fucking my mouth. I couldn't take it much more as my orgasm built up in my pussy.

In instant my orgasm hit me like a lighting bolt I did my best to keep sucking on my brother's cock but I couldn't hold in the scream of pleasure. I opened up mouth letting out my orgasmic moans, laced with mew's telling my brother to keep fucking my pussy and asshole, I was cumming and it felt so good.

I flicked my tongue like a snake on the underside of brother's cock head and jerking him off at the same time. Suddenly without any warning a huge stream of cum jetted out his cock and all over my face! Paul snapped a pictured as his cock exploded again with spunk. This time his spunk found the mark, all over my tongue and the back of my throat. He took another picture and I quickly wrapped my lips around his cock head as more of my brother's cum shot out into my mouth.

At that moment I knew I was hooked on my brother's spunk and I knew that we would be doing this many, many more times. I quickly drained Paul's prick as my orgasm subsided. My head spun around as Paul pulled his cock out of my mouth, at the same time some of his spunk dripped out of mouth onto my chin.

I ordered Dean to put his fingers in my mouth, the ones he had used on my pussy. I sucked on his finger, sucking down my own sweet pussy juice. I could not believe how horny I had become.

I just went into super slut mode with my youngest brother. I spun my whole body around while still on my knees, I grabbed Dean's hard prick and went completely wild sucking on it.

I could tell my lust took my brother by surprise by the shock on his face. However he was very happy to have me sucking on his cock. My mouth slid up and down his shaft, slurping away as fast as I could. I held on to the base of his cock with one hand and I fondled his balls with my other. Paul wasn't just going to stand around and do nothing. He took a couple of pictures of me sucking on Dean's cock before putting down the camera and taking up a position kneeling behind me.

He slapped his cock on my ass a couple of times as he went wild playing with my tits. He pulled and pinched on my nipples which made me groan with my other brother's cock still in my mouth. Dean got a very wicked grin on his face as he placed his hands on my head. I let his cock slide out of my mouth, "What is that dirty grin about?" "Christi, I never realized how hot you would look with cum on your face." He grinned again. Suddenly hit me, I still had his older brother's cum on my face, I had never cleaned off.

I went so crazy with taboo desire's and rushed to suck off my youngest brother I had totally forgot about the spunk on my nose and forehead. I gave him a smirk and let go of his balls. I stopped sucking on his prick but I made up for that by jerking on his cock. I used my forefinger and middle finger on my free hand to wipe Paul's sticky spunk off of my face. Then I wiped it on to Dean's prick. "I don't like to waste cum; especially my brothers." Once my face was clean and all the sticky jizz was on Dean's prick I did what any naughty sister would do; I opened wide and slid my brother's cum covered prick into my mouth licking and sucking it clean.

Dean smiled away and said, 'You are such cum lover Christi. That's hot!' I slid his clean prick out of my mouth. "Bet you are glad to know your sister sucks cock and swallows cum." Paul spoke up from behind me, "Yes we are Christi." Now Paul got creative in pleasuring me as I kept sucking on brother's cock.

With one hand he of course started fingering my pussy and asshole. His other hand was playing with my one of my tits and he bent his body around mine so he could suck on my other tit. My boyfriend never did that to me! I really understood how my girlfriends got hooked on having sex with their brothers, it was so dirty, taboo and incredibly hot!

Something about doing this with my brother's brought out the super slut side of me, which I was enjoying. Now Paul got creative in pleasuring me as I kept sucking on brother's cock. With one hand he of course started fingering my pussy and asshole. His other hand was playing with my one of my tits and he bent his body around mine so he could suck on my other tit.

My boyfriend never did that to me! As I sucked on my brother's cock I thought about how I just joined the club my girlfriends were in; having sex with brothers. I still could hardly believe how much I loved this even though it was so dirty and taboo but it was incredibly hot! Something about doing this with my brother's brought out the super slut side of me, which I was enjoying. The three of us kept this up, going at high speed as if we were having a race to see who would get who off first; would I get Dean off before Paul got me off.

I won! My young brother didn't last long at all the horny little guy. Only after five minutes of me working his prick with my mouth he spoke up in a very excited voice.

"Christi I'm going to cum! I'm gonna shoot my spunk into your mouth!" Then he unleashed his salty wad into my mouth.

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Mmm, he tasted so good. I loved how his warm, sticky salty cum spurting across my tongue and down my throat. I swallowed as quickly as his cock pumped his load into my mouth. I thought he might be a bit upset for not getting to see his cum on my tongue so I made sure I turned this into a very messy blowjob.

I worked his cum spurting prick in and out of my mouth forcing a good amount of his spunk to work out around his cock and come out the sides of my mouth. I could feel his jizz slowly running down the sides of my mouth down onto my chin. "Quick give me the camera! I got to get a picture of my cock in Christi's mouth!" Paul handed Dean the camera as I kept his cock in my mouth, just licking his cock head and lightly sucking out the last drops of his cum load.

"Yeah that's it Christi suck my cock." He snapped a couple of pictures. "Your face looks so pretty with my spunk coming out of your mouth. You are the best sister ever!" My brother pulled prick out of mouth, some his cum dripped onto my tits.

I licked off as much of Dean's spunk I could before I grabbed his prick and used it to wipe up the rest. Of course I then licked his prick completely clean. Unfortunately Paul had stopped fingering my pussy and asshole and I was so close to getting off too. I stood up, slid my thong bottom off and then laid down on the edge of the bed. I laid on my stomach so my ass was facing my brother's.

I spread my legs and looked over my shoulder at them. "Will one of you get down on your knees and lick my pussy. I'm so close to cumming. Please, Paul, Dean, be good brothers and eat me out. I need to get off so badly." Well Paul was already on his knees so moved up behind me and bent down just enough to take his first taste of my pussy. I spread my legs as far as I could as I felt my brother's fingers spread my pussy lips and the tip of his tongue touched my wet hole.

He went crazy lapping at my pussy, way better than my boyfriend. I thought 'my brother should give him lessons on pussy licking.' I closed my eyes, losing myself in the incredible pleasure my brother was giving to me. I laid on the bed mewing away and not paying attention to my other brother.

He climbed up onto the bed and began to rub my back. His hands went down to my ass and he began to rub and squeeze it. "Doesn't our sister have a great ass?" Dean asked Paul. Paul removed his face from my pussy. "Yes, Christi has a perfect ass.

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Wait until you taste her pussy! I never would have dreamed our sister would taste so good. I could eat her out every day!" I thought to myself, 'you just may be doing that Paul'. Dean suddenly pulled my ass cheeks apart and he began to lick my asshole! My eyes shot open as I squealed with intense delight. I had never had a guy tongue my asshole before. It feeling was beyond anything I could have imagined. Now my orgasm was building by leaps and bounds as my brothers licked my pussy and asshole.

I laid there moaning like a true slut and then I had my orgasm. To me it felt like I drenched my brother's face with my sweet wetness as my whole body convulsed from my orgasm. It was the most intense one I had ever had I knew it was because of the dual licking my brother's were giving me. I squirmed all over the bed on my stomach, mewing and moaning as my pussy pulsated with wave after wave of my great orgasm. Both of my brothers were hard again.

I gave the clock a glance; we had about half an hour before we had to meet our parents for dinner. I ordered them to suck on my tits again, both Dean and Paul responded with great enthusiasm. I stroked their heads as they both pleasured my tits, sucking on them and fondling them.

"You boys really like my tits don't you?" They both gave me muffled 'yeah's'.

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I responded; "Mmm I knew that as I read your story you were writing about us. Oh god yes.suck my tits! Oh shit that feels so good." I bit my lower lip as my own pleasure intensified from the great work they were doing. My boyfriend never sucked my tits as good as what my brother's were doing. I ran my fingers through their hair; I quickly grabbed fistfuls of each of them and pulled their heads up off of my tits.

"In your story you went on about fucking my nice big tits and cumming all over them. We have half an hour before we have to meet mom and dad.

Do you want to fuck my tits or not?" My brother's both gave me very wicked smiles. I told my youngest brother he was first and told Paul to get the camera; I knew Dean would want pictures to jerk off to of himself fucking my tits. Dean quickly mounted me, slapping his nice hard cock between my tits. I pressed them together and ordered him to start fucking them. He placed his hands over mine as he began to jack hammer my boobs with his hard, throbbing shaft.

He had his thumbs on my hard nipples which he played with the entire time he fucked my tits. Paul happily snapped pictures of this hot, forbidden scene; a brother enjoying carnal pleasure of his own sister's body. I knew that it would take them a while to cum since I had already made them shoot their wads twice but I had a feeling that getting to live out their dark sexual fantasies with me would give them that extra boost. However I knew I would need to encourage him a bit more.

I gave about five minutes, moaning like a porn star as he pre cum oozing cock worked back and forth between my mounds. Every now and then I would bend my head 'down' to the top's of my tits, opening my mouth and sticking my tongue out I was just able to lick his cock head every time it popped out from between them. Dean hissed, 'Lick it Christi, lick my cock head you cock loving slut.' It made my body flush hearing my brother talk to me like that and I loved it!

"If I'm a cock loving slut then you are a horny shit pervert! Look at you fucking my tits! I'm your sister and you fucking them like some wild animal. I haven't seen any cum yet. You wrote in your story how you would blow your spunk all over my huge tits, so where's your spunk?

What's that matter Dean, don't you want to cum all over my tits?" Paul stopped taking pictures for a moment. "Come on Dean. Fuck her tits good!

Blow your cum all over Christi's fucking huge tits and we'll make her lick up and swallow all your spunk." I looked over at my other brother; I gave him a wink then looked back up at my little brother. "You see your older brother knows what to do with my tits. Are you going to cum all over them or not? I can't eat your jizz if you don't get off!" That got my young brother to work even harder and faster at fucking my tits.

He had a wild look in his eyes as his hard prick went faster and faster. "Christi I'm gonna fuck'n cum all over your tits and in your face! I'll show you, you fucking cock loving, cum swallowing slut!" "You better cum. If you want me to suck you off any more on this trip you better fucking cum! I want that hot, sticky salty cum all over them.

I want it all over my face. That would make a great photo for you to jack off to everyday!" That got my brother in the horny, animal zone. He kept grunting 'I'm gonna cum Christi. I'm gonna fucking cum all over you!" I could tell he was getting ready to blow his wad. I felt his cock tense up and grow a bit larger.

I said over and over again, 'do it Dean. Cum for me, cum all over my tits and all over my face.' "SHUT UP CHRISTI! HERE I CUM YOU SLUT!" my little brother said. I never had a guy talk to me like that before, it made me so horny. I never imagined my youngest brother had such a dirty mouth. Speaking of which I bent my head down, opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue out giving my young, dirty, horny brother a great target for his wad.

Then he groaned 'oh Christi' and his first spurt of cum found its mark right on my tongue. He yanked his cock out from between my tits and jerked himself off. He milked his salty seed all over my nipples and my large areola. His load was not as large as his first one but it was enough to get some of his nice spunk on my tits. He leaned over my face and jerked off the last few drops of his load across my face, getting it on my nose and forehead.

Paul took several pictures of his young brother getting off on me. I know he got a picture of his jizz on my tongue, his jizz on my tits and now the few bits of spunk on my face. Dean shoved his cock into my mouth. "Suck it dry Christi." I let go of my tits, grabbed his hard, hot throbbing shaft and bobbed my head up and down on it, sucking hard to get every drop of his tasty spunk out of him.

Paul didn't waste a moment; he put the camera down and took over where his brother left off. I felt his hands grab my hot mounds, his cock slid between them and he went to work fucking my tits next. It felt incredible, having a cock in my mouth, feeling hot sticky cum on my nipples and areola and having another hard prick working back and forth between my tits.

I sucked on my brother's cock for a few minutes giving off muffled mews. Paul then smacked his brother on the back. "She's sucked on your cock long enough.

Get the camera and take some pictures of me fucking Christi's tits!" Dean reluctantly pulled his cock out of my mouth and got the camera. Now it was Paul's turn to be worked into frenzy. "What's the matter Paul? Were you jealous that I was sucking on his cock and not yours? If you would blow you wad all over my tits then I will suck on your nice dirty prick." I glanced over at my young brother who was taking more photos.

"You know you can take pictures with one hand. You can use your other to wipe your cum off of my face and I will lick your fingers clean." Well Dean did exactly that. I was quite pleased with myself for getting him to actually wipe his spunk off of my face and then feed it to me while our brother was going crazy fucking my tits.

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I guess having watched his younger brother get to go first made him hornier as he did not take nearly as long to cum as Dean did. Paul worked his prick hard and fast between my tits, he had a wild lust filled look in his eyes as he watched Dean feeding me his cum off of his fingers.

I heard him under his breathing grunting over and over again, 'take this Christi. Oh shit your tits are so good to fuck. Your tits should get fucked every day.' When my youngest brother was done cleaning off my face I now concentrated on Paul and working him up to blow his wad all over me.

"I can hear you Paul. I take it you love fucking my tits?" He nodded yes and gave me an evil grin. "Good, I can't wait to have your cum all over them. Now wasn't it you in that story saying how you wanted to squirt you man cream all over them? Where is it? Huh? Don't you want to blow your wad all over me like your brother did?" He fucked my tits even faster; I loved the heat I felt from the friction of his cock working between my mounds.

"Keep talking Christi and I'll fucking cum all over your tits and in your pretty mouth!" "I dare you Paul. I want to see your cum shooting out of you cock all over my tits.

I don't think you have the guts to cum in my mouth again." Our young brother quickly spoke up. "Come on Paul. Give it to Christi! Shoot your jizz all over her tits and down her throat! Our sister is nothing but a cum loving slut!

She wants our spunk. Don't you Christi? You love swallowing our spunk, you love the feel of our cum going down your throat." I looked over at him, "Yes I do!

Nothing tastes better than your own brother's cum!" I placed my hands on my tits, mashing them together as I kept eye contact with my brother. As I looked up into his wild eyes I spoke to him in a soft voice. "Come on do it! Fuck my tits! Fuck them good!

I want you to cum all over them." He suddenly groaned out loud then yelled at Dean to grab the camera that he was going to explode. Then he pulled his prick out from between them, stroked it twice and I watched as his spunk jet out of it. He knelt over me with an evil grin on his face, the kind of grin only a brother could get when he was getting to do some incestuous act to his sister. His hot spunk landed on my tits running down onto my fingers.

Then another spunk wad shot out and landed on my areola. "Cum on her face! Cum on Christi's face!" Dean yelled out. Paul quickly moved forward as he straddled my body and jerked the rest of his wad onto my face and into my wide open mouth. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Dean taking pictures of this hot scene. I let go of my tits and grabbed his cock as I lifted my head up. I slid his cock into my mouth and sucked out the last of his salty spunk.

My brother looked so empowered as he knelt over me ordering me to suck him dry. "That's it Christi suck my cock dry. Oh shit you are such an awesome sister!" He ran his hand through my hair as I kept working his prick in and out of mouth until I could taste no more cum. Then I rubbed his cock all over my face, gathering up his cum on it and then I took it back into my mouth cleaning him off. When I was done I sat up and had my brother's sit down on the bed next to me. I told them to hold my tits up as I bent my head down and licked their spunk off of them.

I did it kind of fast as I glanced over at the clock and saw we were running out of time. We very quickly went through the pictures on the digital camera. It was so weird and oddly hot seeing myself sucking off my own brothers, seeing them fucking my tits.

At that moment I was so glad I listened to my girlfriends who shared with me their sexual experiences with their brothers. "Ok we better get dressed and go meet mom and dad." I said. Paul asked me, "Are you going to suck us off again, later?" I smiled at him and grabbed both of their nut sacks, "I'm gonna drain these dry.

When I am done with you both, you won't be able to cum for a week. Make sure mom and dad don't find this camera or we are so dead. Take your phones too and when you are ready to get off again after dinner just text message me and we will meet back up here in the room. Ok?" My brother's grinned and said great. We got ready for dinner, left our room and met our parents. We kept giving each other evil smiles as we sat there with our parents; if only they knew what their children had just done up in the room.