Mama versucht Hahn für die Tochter und masturbiert

Mama versucht Hahn für die Tochter und masturbiert
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My sister woke me up in the act of jumping off me. She whispered to me "Mom's home. Oh Shit! Oh Shit! Oh Shit!" She scrambled around the room trying to pick up her clothing and at the same time get dressed. It was proving hard for her. I enjoyed the view as she struggled to get her top on and at the same time to pull her jeans over the leg. The two just could happen together and resulted in her falling headlong across the floor. The noise attracted my mother. "What's going on up there?" She shouted up the stairs, immediately followed by the fall of her foot on the bottom stair as she began to come up and investigate.

I whispered "Sis get in the closet." She scrambled up and did.

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Just in time too because I saw the shadow of my mother on the door to my room as she came inside. "Hi Brad, did you fall or something I thought I heard a noise?" "No mom, I must have banged my cast against the wall." I replied.

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Hoping that my mother wouldn't come any closer and discover I had somehow… miraculously… removed my underpants on my own. Mom nodded and smiled sweetly, glancing down at the foot of my bed when she did so. "Where's Jess hun?" "No idea, I think she's in her room, but I fell asleep before you came home so I don't know for sure" My mother smiled a worryingly knowing smile, nodded and left the room, the sound of her footsteps coming back to me as she descended the stairs.

Jess slowly crept out of the closet, a huge embarrassed but happy grin on her face, she looked around the room. I watched as she put her jeans on more sedately now, admiring her small breasts as the dropped slightly away from her body. She pulled her jeans up standing up at the same time.

She then bent to the floor and picked up her bra. "Shit Jess she saw that" I said, remembering the glance my mother had made to the foot of my bed when she had been in the room. Jess just shrugged and smiled. "So she saw my bra on the floor. Don't forget I told you she asked me to get a friend to help you out." I relaxed calmly as she came and bent over me giving me a long deep kiss.

I yearned to hold her but couldn't. Then she skipped away from me pulling her t-shirt back over her head, hiding her charms from view. The next few days seemed to pass ever so slowly. Mom's boss gave her more lee way so that she could be home early, meaning I ended up with nearly now time with my sister alone. We spoke hurriedly, occasionally kissing each other. Well to be more realistic it was my sister making the advances, she'd snatch a kiss whenever she knew mom couldn't catch us.

I was a more than willing participant, but I was starting to feel a little frustrated again. About four nights after that first wonderful experience I woke up in the middle of the night. I was groggy from the sleeping tablets that the doctor had prescribed me but I could definitely feel something was going on. The door to my room was slightly ajar, letting me see the light from the window in the hall, but it was not enough to light my room. What caught my attention finally was that my dick was being held by someone.

Quietly I asked "What's going on." I heard a really quiet giggle and my sister spoke in my ear "I saw the bulge in your trousers earlier, before mom put you to bed.

I thought you might need a little relief". I whispered back "Oh God yes please." My sister bent forward, pushing my covers away and taking my cock in her mouth she gently began to stroke it in and out of her mouth, using her hand pumping me slightly as her tongue danced around the head of my dick. I gasped suddenly as I felt her other hand gently begin to fondle my balls. The sensations were beginning to overload my mind and quickly I came in her mouth.


It was too quick and I said so. "Don't worry brother mine, I'll happily do this for you until you casts come off. You're going to have your work cut out once you can begin looking after yourself. After all you're going to have to exercise those muscles." She kissed me and I could tast myself on her tongue.

I found I didn't mind the taste so much as I expected.


My sister left me to it for the night, and I fell asleep fairly quickly. ***** Two weeks later I arrived home without the added weight of my casts. It was such a relief to be rid of those unwieldy things, but at the same time I felt as weak as a kitten. My muscles had wasted away during their enforced stillness and so I had a series of exercises I had to do, and my mother had guaranteed my Physiotherapist that I would do them.

The pain I had endured when the physio had led me through them at the hospital was not something I voluntarily wanted to put myself through, but I was certain that my mother, if not my sister too, would make sure I did the exercises.

As it was I was able to reach out and handle things, picking up a light cup of water, barely, so my mother settled me in at home then left to work the last couple of hours of the day. I watched a bit of telly and gently clenched and unclenched my hands using the squash ball my mother had stopped to buy for me. My sister returned home from school only a few minutes after my mother had left.

I looked at her now. Desperately I wanted to hold that wonderful slim body in my arms, and play with it as much as I could. She looked at me and I'm absolutely certain that she wanted the same thing, but instead of coming to sit with me she disappeared to her room. I felt rejected, but stayed in the living room not wanting to go to my sisters room and talk to her. It was a good thing I didn't About five minutes later my sister returned, she'd changed out of the clothes that she has worn to school and came in wearing only the night shirt (really an old oversized t-shirt of dad's that she'd found in mom's wardrobe).

She came and curled up next to me, taking my arm and putting it around her gently.

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It just happened that my hand ended up on her right breast, which I gently grasped in my hand. Feigning innocence my sister looked at me and said "Why Brad what do you think you are doing?". "Why only following my physic's orders, I'm supposed to squeeze something in my hand regularly" I said in mock seriousness. Jess laughed loudly and snuggled deeper in my embrace and we sat watching telly as I squeezed her breast and played with her hard nipple.

Finally she sat up and looked at me. "When's Mom due home?" "I don't know, but she's gone to work so I think not for at least another hour or so." She sat thinking for a minute, I watched he blue eyes as they glanced out of the window then back at me and she pulled her shirt up over her head and lay back against me, again allowing my hand to fondle her breast.

Which I obligingly did, wondering at the feel of my sisters bare breast in my hand for the first time. Her hands began to trace over my jeans, and across my crotch. I began to move my hand further, tracing around the base of her breast and then up to her neck, paying attention to every part of that area of flesh that I could reach with my right hand. Finally I could resist no more and I brought my other hand over to begin playing with her other breast, bringing a slight sigh of pleasure from my sister.

I carried on like this for a few minutes and then she sat up again and pulled my belt apart then helped me out of my jeans and underwear. She then pressed me back into the sofa, straddling my hips once more. She eased my hard cock ever so gently into her and leaned into me, presenting her breasts to my ever waiting face, I put my arms around her back gently trying to run my hands up and down her back, which taught me she was ticklish.

She squirmed as I tickled her due to the lightness of my touch, sending a wonderful feeling through me as my cock slipped around inside her. I stopped knowing that she would only stand that for so long and lightly held her loving the feel of her naked flesh beneath my finger.

I took instead her nipples in my mouth as she began to pull her self up and down me sliding me between the lips of her pussy gently.

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I savoured the feeling of my sliding inside her and rolled my tongue around her nipples, and then gently bit them between my teeth. She let out a moan of both pain and pleasure at that, and I carried on kissing and licking her breasts as she rode me.

She picked up the pace now, every thrust she made I thrust back, our hips meeting I began to drive myself into her. She bent down and I kissed her gently lightly playing my tongue across her lips, and into her mouth, and we began to explore each others mouths. I ran my hand up her back once more, feeling the strain as I did so, but the shiver that ran through Jess thrilled me, her pussy clenched around my cock as the shiver passed and I looked into her eyes, as they glazed over with the pleasure that was now beginning to course through her.

She stopped riding me herself, I could feel that she could no longer control her movements so I carried on, thrusting into her, feeling her pussy grasping me as I pushed up into her.

I held her to me, the strain bringing sweat out on my body, she was a light thing but to me she felt like a great weight, but I held on not wanting the experience to end as I began to feel myself building up to my own climax. Finally my sister came back to herself and looked at me once more. Her face had taken on a faint satisfied glow but we still thrust into each other and she reached her arms around my neck riding me once more. I gasped and moaned, kissing Jess on the neck as she lowered me inside her harder and faster until finally I grunted burying myself as deeply as possible inside her, I exploded within her and felt her grasp my cock hard within her pussy, I felt the waves of pleasure course through me as I pumped my seed within her and I heard and felt my loveable sister gasp as a second orgasm exploded over her, this time she let forth a scream of ecstasy, I held her to me until we both came back down from our highs.

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I looked over her shoulder and saw my mother stood in the window. I knew she had seen everything. I also knew from the look on her face she had enjoyed the view. My mother saw me looking and turned. A minute later I heard her car start and drive out of the drive. Tonight could be interesting.