Hentai Porn Huge Tits Milf Being Fucked Near The Rivver

Hentai Porn Huge Tits Milf Being Fucked Near The Rivver
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MY SISTER & THE EXCHANGE STUDENT CHAPTER 14 - SLEEPOVER PART 1 I have done some work on MY SISTER & THE EXCHANGE STUDENT (THE SCHOOL YEAR). If you'd rather I skip ahead to after high school, please let me know so I can put my effort where you want it.

CHECK THE FORUM UNDER THE NAME OF THE SERIES! I HAVE POSTED A STRING JUST OR YOU! I thought you might want a visual approximation of what the girls look like. These are the closest examples I could find.

They are by no means exact, but are close enough to make me look twice. I'll try to find examples for any other significant players as i introduce them. I hope it helps paint a clearer picture for you. [Please read the earlier Chapters before continuing here] The world exploded back to me, and I jerked my head off the floor as my stomach flexed in a spasm. Rach's ass hung from the edge of the table. She dangled upside-down to where a mess of blond hair obscured my view of her gentle tongue and lips continued pulling every last bit of cum from me.

My spasms finally popped to a stop as I Rach released my wounded pride, and let it flop mercifully onto my stomach. My tension-locked breath flowed out of me as my body melted. Without warning, Rach's tongue ran up the ridge along the underside of my shaft, where it lay seething on my stomach.

By body, which had begun to settle during the momentary reprieve, shuddered at the touch. Sowing pity on me, Rach's tongue left my tortured pride behind as she began licking her way up my body, holding herself aloft with her hands to either side of me. Her legs took over at the table's edge above us as her hips were dragged off the perch by her progress up my body. Rach's hair fluttered in my face as she licked my collarbone.

She rose with a push-up, and tilted her head up to see my blank face. "You do make a mess." she said in playful exasperation.

Still too in shock to find words, I simply gaped as she, unaware, or at least unfazed, leant down and licked my face clean of the last of the cum that had spurted out of me, and onto me, as I had collapsed.

I finally found some conscious thought as she rose to hover over me again. "What happened?" in a croak, was the best I could muster. "You just came harder than I've ever seen." She answered proudly, and appreciatively. "Including all the times I've spied on you." She added as she lowered her lips to mine.

The kiss gave me valuable time to revive my brain. The pain had been intolerable, and yet I had done more than tolerate it, I had used it.

Or maybe it had used me. Somehow the agony had become part of the ecstasy. It would have been confusing at my mind's best. As it was, I merely tried to reinforce my memory of the experience, so when my mind had the time, I could try to figure out what had just happened. "Come back to me Jake." Rach whispered, rising up to float mere inches above me; looking into my dazed eyes.

Adding "I'm not done with you yet." with a slight curve of her lips that was more than a smile. Thankful of the pride that gave me the gumption, I managed a fairly convincing, if totally wishful, "I'm not done with you either." "Mmm" she purred, lowering her head to my chest, and I felt the slick contact as her body followed, gradually joining with mine; the vivid image of our bodies like two sides of a zipper, flashed in my head. The easy intimacy of Rach's relaxed body sinking into my relaxed body, made the comfort of a hug seem trivial.

With a shocking amount of effort, I willed my legs, still sprawled apart from their collapse, to move. The struggle paid off as the length of Rach's legs snuggled into the press between mine. I was content to lay there as long as my pride would let me. I was sure however, that any moment I would be 'encouraged' to revive. As if in answer that thought, I felt Rach stir on me.

"I'm thirsty." She said softly, lifting her head to look up at me, and resting her chin on my chest. "Me too." I added, realizing at the mention, how much I was. "I'll get us something." Rach offered brightly, springing off of me, and leaving me dead on the floor as she bounded, undiminished, up the stairs.

A thankful several minutes later, after I had recuperated enough to sit, and was in the process of massaging some life back into my leg muscles, I heard Sharon's voice from the top of the stairs. "Oh, hi, I was just coming to see if you guys needed anything." Rach wasn't fooled by Sharon's excuse for sneaking to see what was going on.

Speaking slowly, with her unmistakable tone of authority, Rach answered "We needed drinks, which I have. The only other thing we need is privacy." Rach's words didn't require, or even permit, an answer from Sharon, and a moment later Rach appeared at the door with two large glasses.

"I got one water, and one Gator-Aid." She said sweetly, approaching and offering me the choice. I grabbed the clear drink, leaving the bright blue liquid for Rach, who leaned her ass against the pool table next to me, and took a long pull from her glass. I drank too, encouraging the water to act quickly and magically, to renew my body. After a short, silent convalescence, I looked from my glass, letting my eyes fall on Rach's feet beside me.

I watched dazedly, her little tan toes wiggling in the carpet, until I realized it was being done for my benefit. I raised my eyes, letting them glide up Rach's body until I was looking up to Rach's eyes looking back down to me. "Better?" she asked brightly. "Better." I confirmed, adding validity by rising slowly but steadily to my feet in front of her. I watched Rach look down, and saw her expression turn playfully sad. With bottom lip in a pout, she cooed "Ohhh, he looks down." smiling at her joke.

I followed her attention. My partially deflated cock hung from me. It's now diminished, six or so inches, red raw in the several places Rach had left her mark, indeed pointed down to the floor.

"Just resting till he's needed" I said smoothly, relieved to feel some truth in my words. "Did I do that?" she asked tenderly, reaching out and lifting my cock gently till it lay flat on her palm; the red raw teeth marks standing out vividly.

"Yes" I answered flatly. Part of me wanted to add to that simple response, two parts really. But since those two parts wanted to express opposing feelings (one would have added lewd appreciation, while the other would have said whatever was required to ensure it never happened again), I let the simple answer serve for now.

I knew I would have to get resolved on this internal feud, but left it for another time. "I didn't know I was biting so hard." Rach said softly as she lowered her head down to examine her marks more closely. A sudden fear of more teeth gripped me as I watched her descend. "Please! No more teeth." I sputtered, managing to get my emotion and volume back to normal as I finished. I felt instantly, that I didn't want to shut that door, and amended more quietly "For now anyway." I added my own rendition of her quietly evil smile to make sure the door was held.

She looked up and caught my smile, giving it back to me as she cooed "No more teeth, I promise." Then copying me, she amended "For now anyway." Looking up to me from her gentle treatment of my wounds, Rach offered lightly. "How about we go for a little walk?" Looking back to the injured flesh lying on her hand, she added "Give you a chance to de-tenderize", ending with a soft kiss to the head before standing and letting my cock drop from her hand.

"And, we can see what the girls are up to." Rach continued, pointedly raising her voice to be sure she was heard by Sharon. The clear warning dashed any chance of surprising Sharon and catching her 'preoccupied'. "I need to get my boxers first." I said softly as Rach took my hand. Seeing the look of disappointment staring up at me from under her puckered brow, I whispered "Let's keep your little mementos private", I let her follow my pointed look to the red marks, still clearly visible, that slashed across the shaft of my cock.

"Oh!" Rach said abashed. Bouncing back to cheerful after a moment, she continued "I'll get them and meet you at the top of the stairs", releasing my hand and skipping away and up the stairs. I waited a few moments, testing the sensitivity of Rach's markings with a tentative grip.

Aside from some superficial tenderness, I was undamaged. I sighed with relief and headed slowly but steadily up to meet Rach with no worries. Rach got back as I climbed the last few stairs. There, into my view, popped an unanticipated sight. Rach, boxers in hand, had put my blue clingy suit on. The material that clung to me, revealing every detail, drooped and sagged on Rach's tiny frame, revealing nothing but Rach's sense of humor. "What are you doing?" I asked bemused. Smiling, and yet determined, Rach answered "These come off when those come off." Pointing at my boxers just as I pulled them into place.

As I started tucking myself away, Rach stepped forward and, more insisting than asking, said "Let me do that." Knowing that tone, I stopped my tucking, and watched as Rach took over. Rach pulled my boxers away with one hand, and took a thankfully softly hold on me with the other. As she bent me first left, then right, I supposed she was deciding which hip to try. She started lowering toward my right hip, and I waited for the tuck, and release. I was a bit surprised when she continued lowering me, realizing, only when I felt the air on the head of my cock, her choice of placement.

Rach withdrew her hand, and let the waist of the boxers return. It was a strict rule for me that tucking down the leg was for jeans only. The tightness of the material made it possible to pin my cock to my inner thigh, giving it the cover of my other thigh, and flattening the girth for camouflage. Aside from the obvious issue of length which left my head exposed even in my currently diminished state, the loose but unyielding silk would not give when the inevitable time came, and my rising cock would be stopped, hovering inches away from the front of my right thigh.

Indeed, Rach's brief handling had had enough effect that I already pulled at front of the boxer leg. "Really?" I asked incredulously, looking up to her from the ludicrous sight. The "Really!" given back by Rach was a discussion ender, and I acquiesced with a shrug. Poorly hiding her sense of victory, she took my hand and began leading me to the back door. As I was pulled along, I mourned the sight of Rach's perfect ass, obscured by the sag of the back of my suit. It seemed sacrilegious.

The only redeeming thing about the suit was Rach's struggle to keep them from falling down, which gave a teasing flash of butt crack in the moment before being caught and pulled back up.

This gave me an idea. I waited for her next grab to pull the suit up, and suggested helpfully "Why don't you tie them" just as we reached the back, sliding glass door.

"Ooo, Thanks." She piped, immediately groping for the tie string. I smiled at my trap. Knowing my acceptance of her 'help' would keep Rach from refusing, I mimicked her, saying "Let me do that." The resigned look that seeped into her expression was all the encouragement I needed. I didn't even bother with the string Rach had found, and was offering to my approaching hands. Going directly to the hips, I carefully folded the top inch down, making sure to smooth it flat all the way around.

As I started the second folding, I glanced up from where I had kneeled, giving Rach a hammy smile that got a playful attempt at anger in return. The third fold finished off any slack, and I watched the swath of flimsy cloth stretching down between Rach's legs pull tight, pressing it into the folds of her pussy. I struggled with the next, and last possible fold.

The material gave its last bit of stretch up, making even more of a display of Rach's pussy. What tension couldn't be absorbed by stretching cloth, pulled down the folded edge in an arc from hip to hip, exposing a shock of blond at the bottom of its dip. "There, all done." I said brightly as I stood. "You're all set." "Thanks" Rach returned, her sarcastic smirk giving me all kinds of satisfaction.

"Are the girls out back?" I asked cleanly, letting the dressing battle disperse. I had left both the boxers and my suit at the pool, and as Rach seemed to be leading us there, I assumed she had seen one or both of them there when she retrieved the clothing.

Rach spoke casually "Nope. I'm not sure where Lidia is, but Sharon is probably still in her room." Rach ended with a knowing smile as she reached for the door. "I thought a swim would be nice though" she added in explanation, pulling me after her into the heat of the afternoon sun. The swim was a good idea. I felt energy, and the drive to expend that energy, returning almost as soon as I dove in.

Rach joined me in the water, but contented herself with laying back on the steps and watching me. As the last kinks in my muscles dissolved, I joined her, swimming up underwater, and breaking the surface between her legs.

"Hi" I chirped, rising to lift myself over her. "Hi" Rach answered, smiling at my maneuverings. "Got your mojo back I see." "Oh, so this was just to recharge your toy hu?" I asked softly as I lowered my mouth to hers. Rach's "mhmmm" as we kissed was a perfect blend of naughty and nice.

A sudden vision of taking Rachel right there cleaved my mind. A flurry of images, in vivid detail, fast forwarded through the entire scene, ending with the imagined Lidia and Sharon peeking out from where they had watched.

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That last part had a thrill all its own, but I knew Rach had an idea of how she wanted this day (and night I supposed) to go, and I wanted, no needed, to help make it perfect for her. I needed direction. I needed to know what would be best for Rach right now, so I could help.

I reluctantly lifted away from the kiss, and asked "Should we: a. look for the girls, b. go back to 'privacy', or c. just forget anyone else exists, in which case, someone is gona come out here and see me doing all kinds of bad things to you." I felt a flutter when Rach smiled innocently at my description of the third choice, but then, pouting slightly, she said "We'd better check on Lidia at least.", adding with a bit of concern "I can't figure where she went." I pulled back, kneeling on the step between Rach's legs, and forced myself to look past her body to her face, to keep my focus.

Even so, I found it challenging, looking into her fresh green eyes, to offer "She might have gone back to our house. Maybe we should split up to look at both houses." I swear I had no scheme planned. My only motivation was getting back to the basement as quickly as possible. So I was shocked at Rach's brow furrowed response "You aren't trying to get a peek at Sharon and your 'gift' are you?" "I uh…I swear that isn't…" I sputtered before catching a smile creeping across Rach's lips.

"I'm kidding silly" she said, sitting up and cupping my face in her hands gently. "I trust you to know how much is too much, when I'm not around to chaperone. Just the same, I think I'll take looking here. No sense in you fighting off Sharon any more than you have too." "I wouldn't need to 'fight her off'" I said, a bit embarrassed.

"Then you've no idea what you are in for." Rach purred knowingly. Sitting up and leaning forward to me, she left a quick kiss on my lips before standing and walking slowly around the pool to the house. My suit on her, cinched up as it was, gave me a fantastic view as she walked away.

The dip in the front that had exposed a flash of yellow, was copied in the back, revealing more than an inch of where those two perfect balls of tan muscle met. When she looked over her shoulder to me, I realized the slow walk was for me. I smiled my appreciation, and was answered by a quick wink of a perfect green eye.

I stood to do my part in the hunt for Lidia. The wet silk of my boxers clung to my skin. I could see the cold water's effect in the detail provided by adhering cloth. The stiffness that had levered up my boxer leg had eased. The thick rope of flesh wandered freely, letting its weighted hang swing in time to my steps as I walked back to our house. I should have walked into the kitchen and yelled for Lidia. That would have been sensible, and quick.

Up until the moment I touched the handle of screen door to the kitchen, that had been my thought. I surprised myself, and I felt my heart flutter, as my hand opened the door slowly and silently. The exhilaration coursing through me as I crept across the kitchen could be blamed on the sneaking alone I suppose. Honestly though, the idea of sneaking when a beautiful girl like Lidia was the target, held vastly more appeal.

Another slow door-opening, and I could see that the living room was empty. I disregarded the stairs down to the basement, and crept to the stairs going up, careful to avoid any squeaking as I climbed. My best guess was that Lidia was taking a nap, but I slipped past Rach's closed door, intent on getting to my computer for a safer look into Rach's room.

I slid into my room silently, and started for my desk. "Hi Jake." delivered softly, but clearly, spun me around mid-step. Lidia sat, cross-legged, on my bed. The white of her bikini bottoms gleamed in contrast to the dark skin it pleated. While bikini bottoms were apparently still needed when away from our game, no other clothes seemed required.

Her dark tiny nipples stood proudly above the swath of tan skin of her torso. I took more time than it was polite too, drifting over the sight languidly.

When my eyes finally found Lidia's, she spoke again. "May I talk to you alone please?" in the same soft voice. The English was easily the best I had heard her speak. I had the distinct impression that she had practiced saying the words. I had just a moment of thinking of the irony of getting information because of the language barrier, before I realized I had not answered her.

"Yes, of course." I said quickly. The sense of seriousness in Lidia's voice made remaining standing seem impolite, so I found the only seat besides the Lidia occupied bed; my desk chair. The softness of her voice did not require, but somehow requested the intimacy of closeness, so I rolled the chair up till my knees touched the bed; noticing as I did so, that my swinging weight had been replaced by a telescope of flesh; it's apparent aim, somewhere over Lidia's left shoulder.

I looked up from the exposed knob of flesh beyond the confines of my boxer leg, to Lidia, as she did the same. "What's up?" I said lightly, hoping it was nothing serious enough to disrupt what was quickly turning out to be the best day of my life. "I want to not be unfair." Lidia said smoothly (well, as smoothly as an awkward phrase like that could be said). Before I thought it out enough to respond (Lidia's presence here on my bed, and my blossoming concern over not doing anything that could hurt Rach, left me a little distracted), Lidia continued "I also do not want you to be mad at Rachel." The comment about fairness was, if unexpected, still understandable.

We had traded 'favors' by allowing each other unchased ogles, and the tit-for-tat of our displaying for each other had an air of equality to it. The comment about being mad at Rach was baffling though. There was too little information to do anything with. I'm sure my face showed my confusion, because Lidia seemed in a hurry to explain. "Will you make a promise to not be mad at Rachel?" she said with quiet earnestness.

I clearly needed to agree if I was going to have a chance of figuring out what this was about. I let my heart do the talking. "I will never be mad at Rach.

There is nothing you can say that would change that." I said, matching her earnestness. I left unsaid that while I was sure Rach could never make me mad, I was equally sure I could be hurt inconsolably. "I am happy that you agree" Lidia said with some relief. I smiled, and waited only a moment before she continued.

"Rachel wanted to show me things to make me not nervous about coming here." I knew immediately what she was getting at, but it was exciting listening to Lidia explain, and I struggled to maintain my blankly curious expression as she continued "She let me see you. She used the computers." It was remarkable how cleanly honest Lidia was being. Even through the slight haze of guilt in her eyes, she spoke clearly and evenly; not a hesitation or wince interrupting the musical rise and fall of her voice.

Her delivery somehow added to the inherent intimacy of the topic. I realized Lidia was waiting for me to absorb her bombshell. I considered letting Lidia off the hook at this point. I could tell her what really happened, and take her burden from her. Strangely, it was the same fear of not implicating Rach that kept me from a rescue.

I gave an 'I'm with you so far' flavored "O.K.", demonstrating my lack of anger, and freeing up Lidia to continue. "You were playing a game on the computer I think." Lidia added to make it seem innocent. "That's no big deal" I said to fill Lidia's anxious silence. "We did it when I was here also" she said, clearly building to her big disclosure.

I waited till she continued with "You were exercising." Then, after another pause, "You had those on only." she almost whispered, gesturing to my strained boxers. I'm ashamed to admit I let her stew for a few seconds. There was something exhilarating in her angst. I got control of my devil reluctantly, and made sure my expression had no trace of the anger and embarrassment that Lidia feared.

Thinking about our sharing gave me the truth I needed to set her mind at ease, and I soothed "It's a turn-on to see a pretty girl looking at me. You can look at me any time you want; but I like it more when I can watch you watching me." Wide eyes, and a considerable lessening of the stress emanating from Lidia, told me I had made progress, though the remaining flicker of tension in her face said she wasn't finished. Doggedly, she went on.

"When Rachel went out of her room, I watched you alone. You were… I don't know the English, 'masturbarsi'." The word 'masturbarsi ', an easy translation even for me, was a difficult finish line for her, but she made it smoothly, with only a slight flush under that dark tan.

The word also added to the intimacy of our conversation; effectively exposing both of us in one admission. In was an exciting feeling, but I knew it was fleeting. I had to relieve her guilt. A thought came to me.

I borrowed from Lidia's opening, asking "Will you promise not to be mad at me?" Confusion and a cautious eagerness laced Lidia's quick answer of "Yes". I took a moment to make sure my wording would keep Rach blameless, and then explained "I know how to do the computer trick too.

I saw you sleeping in my shirt that first day you came here, and I also watched you…when you were watching me…um, 'masturbarsi'." I ended slowly, giving her enough time to fully absorb the depth of my admission. I watched her reactions intently. Whatever I reasonably expected, this still might blow up in my face. "You saw me also?" from Lidia, with an inscrutable lilt, set my mind at ease. "Yes, you were beautiful." I offered honestly. After a moment of relief, a slight pout spread across her face.

Putting me in a bit of confusion myself, she said keenly "That is unfortunate." Lidia explained away my confusion with "I was going to let you become even…to be fair." The small guiltless smile that replaced her pout sent a surge through me. As if to make sure I understood, she encouraged me to follow her eyes down to her suit bottoms. When we looked back up together, a twinkle in her eye led into her inviting "I am still unfair.

I touched you at the game." Her words blossomed in my mind. The Instant clarity of her meaning, brought with it, a vibrating buzz in my head, and a humming pulse in the rest of me. Before love and reason had a chance to bring me to my senses, the thought of my hand replacing the white band of fabric between those long thighs, flashed into my mind.

The temptation was almost beyond my ability to control. Lidia, leaning back on her hands with that sparkle of welcome in her eyes, threatened to overwhelm my resistance. Rach and I hadn't discussed this possibility, and I was unsure of her feelings about it. The image of Rach's hurt face in my doorway, watching me betray her, finally brought me to my senses. Thankfully, the thought of Rachel gave me an idea as well. Matching Lidia's recent pout, I said "But it won't be fair." Then imitating her smile, I added "Rach helped you with me." The effect on Lidia was captivating.

If you could see understanding, it would look exactly like the wide expression spreading gradually across her face. I felt that expression's effect on me, and held myself at bay. I might be backing Rach into a corner with this suggestion.

Don't get me wrong. I'm sure Rach would love it. But I also promised to do everything I could to make this day perfect for her, and knowing Rach, she had a perfect plan to do just that. I didn't want to do anything to screw it up. "Tell you what." I said as the idea formed in my head. "If we don't get a chance to get even today, I promise I'll talk to Rach.

I'll even act like it is all my idea if you want." "She would help?" Lidia asked cautiously. I realized, to answer truthfully, I would literally out Rach to some extent. I didn't know why Rach hadn't told Lidia that she liked girls too, but I did know it wasn't my place to cross that bridge for her.

Threading the needle to keep from lying, without exposing Rach, I answered "I know she thinks you are beautiful. Look, don't worry. If Rach doesn't like 'my' idea to share you…".

I had to pause to calm the flutter in my voice at the word 'share', before I finished "…we can find some other way to catch you up. I promise I'll make it fair, O.K.?" Lidia deflated slightly, but the hope I had offered seemed to soften the blow. With an intent "O.K.", Lidia smiled more easily. Comfort seeped into the room with her smile, letting us enjoy the easy rapport we had developed over the past few days.

Moments off cue, Rach's shout came up from the kitchen. "Jake, Lidia, are you guys here?" The slight concern in her voice drove home to me that she had been searching this whole time. With a pang of guilt I answered her, yelling "We're in my room." I heard the sounds of a fast moving Rach flying through the house. She grabbed the frame of my door to catch herself, and jerked to a stop in my doorway. I used her momentary stillness while she assured herself that nothing was going on, to apologize.

"I'm sorry Rach. I should have let you know as soon as I found Lidia. We were just having such a good talk I forgot you were still looking." "You'll just have to make it up to me." She said as she calmed. Smiling, she left the doorway and walked to me, adding "for the next month." Laying her hand on my shoulder, she redirected her attention to Lidia.

"We were worried when we couldn't find you." Rach cooed, showing only concern. "I just wanted to get out of the sun." Lidia explained. "Sharon went inside when you did, and I felt more comfortable entering your house…without permission." "Ooh," Rach said in a whine, jumping on the bed to hug Lidia. As Rach told Lidia she was sorry, and that no permission was needed at either house, I found I was having two experiences at the same time. I was watching two truly amazing bodies, mostly naked, pressed together on my bed, mushing in all the good places as the hug lingered, brilliantly aware of the conversation just had.

I was concurrently a bit bemused by how easily girls fall into near tears over the smallest things. Rach eventually sat back, breaking the hug, saying "We should get back. Sharon's waiting for us." I caught what I imagined was a slight look of disappointment in Lidia's face as Rach climbed off the bed. I let that sleeping dog lay.

Taking Rach's hand, we let Lidia lead the way back to Sharon's. As we crossed our backyard, Rach said as casually as can be "Whatever you were talking about, it must have been interesting", releasing my hand to give my cock a squeeze through the taught silk of my boxers to demonstrate her meaning.

Lidia looked around in time to see Rach release me, and I looked her in the eyes as I answered Rach's wondering, saying "Of course it was interesting. We were talking about you." Lidia turned away at my words, evidently nervous at how close to the truth I was getting. I let that, and Rach's silent follow-up questions go unnoticed, focusing a little more than necessary on the fence climb.

Rach would wheedle it out of me for sure. But for the moment, she was forced to stew. The sun had dipped considerably. A neighbor's tree had put most of Sharon's backyard into the shade. As we came up to the pool, Rach said "Hey, found em." to a smiling Sharon, who sat hopefully in her Truth or Dare spot. I could see as we got closer, that Sharon had a different pair of bottoms on.

I couldn't quite make them out with the view I had. Loose, short, and black was all I got. I let Rach lead in answer to Sharon's implied suggestion of returning to the game. If she wanted more Truth or Dare, I was more than up for it. Rach, seemingly oblivious to Sharon, said lightly "I'm hungry.

Are you guys ready for dinner?" I realized I was famished, and added what I would have said anyway "I'M STARVING!" Lidia piped up with a "Yes, dinner" moments later, but not before Sharon had already started to stand in concession. "There are menus in the kitchen for delivery." Sharon offered in well borne defeat.

Like a puma, Rach pounced, smiling and saying "Great! Can you two go pick out what to order.", indicating the other two girls. "You know what I like, and Jake will eat anything." "I will, seriously." I confirmed, smiling. I held my mild, blank smile against Lidia's nervousness at leaving us to talk, till she turned to follow Sharon inside, and in moments we were left alone in the backyard.

Spinning to me as the girls passed out of earshot, Rach asked playfully, but earnestly, "What were you two saying about me." "Well, I'm not sure I should say." I said, feigning concern. "It was a private conversation." I added, unable to keep from smiling at her expression of disbelief. Turning aloof, Rach replied "I think what I saw Sharon doing is probably private too.", purposely letting a sly smile end her retort. I recognized a stalemate when saw it, but didn't need her coaxing to share, regardless.

Considering our fleeting privacy, I got right to it. "Lidia felt guilty that she had spied on me. She confessed." I said, showing my surprise, adding "She was very careful to keep you out of it. She even made me promise not to be mad at you before she would tell me. It was really sweet." "Oh my gosh, that is so cute." Rach twittered.

"I think she wanted to make it fair by letting me watch her masturbate." I said, unable to keep the excitement out of my voice. Rach's expression gave me encouragement to continue. "I told her I had watched her too." "And don't worry. I kept your participation secret too." I added, touching her face with my fingertips. "I thought that settled things, but then she brought up the three of us out here earlier when you…shared me." I said, pausing just long enough for Rach's smiling face to turn intent, and then continued quickly, saying "Lidia counted that too, and that left her feeling guilty.

She couldn't hide her disappointment at not being able to set things straight, and I couldn't help myself. I wasn't sure how our rules applied, so I stalled her. But I told her that I would do my best to make it 'really' fair." Seeing that my meaning was lost on Rach, I added "Really fair, as in you…um… being there too." "Wow!" Rach said, completely agog. After a few moments to let it sink in, I said "I told her that I would ask you. I promised her I would make it come from me, so she wouldn't have to feel ashamed if you said no." I tried to let Rach consider, but I couldn't help adding "I'm sorry.

If I had a better handle on our limits, maybe I could have done a better job. I was just tr…" Rach's finger stopped my blithering, resting softly on my lips. "You did wonderfully." She said soft and sweet. "Yes, we should talk about each other's 'limits', and I promise we will, but for now…" Rach continued softly, leaning into my chest, "you don't need to worry, because I'm not letting you out of my sight." I gave her a bear hug, letting her lose herself within it.

Too late, I remembered Rach's hint about Sharon. Just as I was about to ask, the girls returned, carrying drinks. "We ordered Chinese." Sharon offered in greeting as they immerged from the back door. "I got sesame chicken for you Rach, and general somthin' for you Jake." The food came quickly, and we all sat around the table in the kitchen to eat.

I won't bore you with details of the dinner. Suffice it to say, even our young bodies needed a break from the sexual energy we had been free-basing all day. Aside from the scarcity of our clothes, there was nothing stimulating about the time spent eating. I felt my cock at a welcome full rest under Sharon's kitchen table. The relief was palpable. It seemed like I had set down a weight I had been holding up too long.

I was hopeful this little vacation would help me sustain through whatever was coming. After maybe an hour, we haphazardly got up, each going off to attend to little things. The girls went to brush their teeth and do girl things I supposed, while I took out Sharon's trash for her, the remnants of our dinner having topped off the bag in the kitchen. I lugged the two bins near the garage out to the street too, and then sat down on the curb, enjoying the evening breeze, alone with my thoughts, and relaxed.

I let myself think of things beyond the cloister of the house behind me. I thought about my swimming, anticipating the time drops I would have this year, and imagining what going that fast would feel like. My mind veered off course, remembering the flirting I had retardedly missed in the past from several girls and at least one mom at the pool. My new-found confidence and burgeoning awareness made the pool into a treasure-trove of possibilities.

I felt a stirring, and switched to thoughts of school, hoping to sustain this rest for my cock a little longer. It was starting next week. I would be a sophomore this year. I got that far before Rach intruded into my thoughts. Despite the inevitable shocking and embarrassing that came to mind, I felt my anticipation moving me in my boxers. I searched my head for something else to distract me. Church was immediately out since it brought up an image of the wet spot Rach had left on the pew.

Our coming Christmas vacation seemed a safe thought to linger on since Lidia's presence would mean Rach and I wouldn't be sharing a room as we usually did on vacation. The immediate and unbidden follow-up thought of sneaking into their room, threatened my rest with its surge of possibilities. It was no use. Other than intentionally grossing myself out, there was no escape.

Feeling the unrelenting pull, I let go and let it wash back over me. Here I was; king of all I wanted. Behind me, somewhere in that house, three amazing, unique, beautiful girls were waiting for me. It was hard to not feel both giddy and a bit vein as I absorbed my reality.

I let myself linger in that thought. I watched the easy growth pushing against my boxers, and shifted to give it room. It was fascinating to watch it expand. The knees up position I was in, sitting on the curb, gave me the perfect angle to watch as the head emerged from the boxer leg. It felt like a spectator sport, with me cheering on my favorite athlete.

I thought of the power I felt now that Rach had freed me from myself. The simple act of walking back into that house changed completely when I brought this new sense of myself with me. I could feel the tightness of skin on my cock, and resisted the urge to reach for it.

This little game, watching more of my shaft reaching clear of the boxers, would be ruined if I cheated with my hand. I focused on the feeling of power, and pushed myself to eek out all the mojo I could from it.

When a slight shift to relieve pressure slid another inch free of my boxers, I considered the contest won. A good hand-hold now accompanied my cock head in the freedom of the evening air. It's hard to tell how big you are from one erection to another, but the rigidity I felt when I stood seemed extreme.

My cock was so wedged down by the boxers that it felt like I was breaking it off at the base when I straitened. Without worrying about who might see, I pulled down my boxers, letting my cock spring free. I started to pull the boxers right back up, intending to let my cock rest strait up against me, but decided after so long trapped, he deserved some space. I had never tried this before with my dick this hard, but managed, with only a little forcing, to get my cock through the front slit of the boxers.

It stretched itself away from me, splitting the difference between straight up, and straight out. It didn't bounce or throb, but stood rigid and tight, the skin of the head so stretched that it had become bulbous; a round purple sphere. I turned back to the house and let my divining rod point the way. My guide didn't sway or bounce with my movement, but stayed as solid as a metal pipe.

I tried to remember if I had seen myself this hard before, but didn't get too far in my musings before I was opening the front door, and had other things to think about. Sharon heard the front door, and came out from the kitchen to meet me. I had no idea what the girls had been up to while I was outside, but Sharon at least, seemed to have wound herself up in preparation just as I had. Although she had covered herself more, adding a top (a dangly little half shirt with strings over the shoulders) to her black shorts, she was nearly vibrating in suppressed excitement.

As quickly as she could manage, she got her words out. They came in a rush. "Rach is up in my room. She wants to talk to you." The instant the last word came out of her mouth she seemed impatient, as if I should have bolted for the stairs before she had finished.

I think the only thing that kept her from physically pushing me towards the stairs was the distraction of my protruding pride, which caught her attention, and gave me all the time I wanted. "It's really hard right now." I offered in explanation. "It's uncomfortable to keep it in when it's this stiff." I realized only then, that Sharon, aside from the brief contact the last time Rach and I were at her pool, and the bit of a sneak during the measuring earlier, had not really touched me.

Suddenly I felt guilty. She had watched as Rach and Lidia's hands 'lotioned' me. She had watched Rach and me for at least some of our antics in the basement. She had been hoping all day for a dare that would let her explore me herself. And now, after all that, I was doing what, from her point of view, would have to be called teasing.

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Without letting myself think, I let my heart lead. "Go ahead and see for yourself." I offered simply. After a moment's hesitation, she reached out and brushed her fingers across the head. Even in its rocky state, her touch made it shudder.

As if the first touch was a test of her freedom, she looked up to me hopefully. I smiled back, giving her the O.K. to continue. Very carefully, Sharon reached out with both hands. The contact she made when she finally wrapped her hands around me was unexpectedly tender and soft. It was a stark contrast to Rach's more forceful approach. The light touch made every slight movement of her fingers, a tease.

I let us both enjoy until I felt the pang of Rach waiting for me. As gently as I could manage I said softly "I need to go see Rach now." Sharon let out a breath, and with careful intent she released me softly, letting me lift out of her open hands.

There was so much respect in her treatment that I couldn't just leave her there so clearly unsatisfied with the time I had given her. I tried to be as positive as possible, saying "Sharon, relax. I'm not going anywhere. You can reach out any time you want.

Just try not to surprise me too often." I added, ending with a small smile. I didn't spend the time to wait for her reaction, but heard a slightly squeaky "O.K." from behind me as I took the stairs two at a time.

I had actually never been upstairs in Sharon's house before, and pulled to a stop at the top of the stairs. My hopeful "Rach?" got an "End of the hall Jake!" immediately. The room was very girly.

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A pink that must have clashed crazily with Sharon's mane of red curls, coated the walls. An equally pink bed, large, with a canopy and white ruffles, occupied the majority of the room, on which, sitting dead center, looking like a princess, sat my Rach. I said "Hi" goofily. Rach's business-like face broke into a small smile before she said "Hi sweetie. Close the door and come here please." I knew better than to challenge the quiet authority in her voice.

I did as she asked. A pat on the bed in front of her was all the direction I needed, and so I sat, copying Rach's Indian-style, scooting myself forward till our knees touched. "Are you having fun so far?" Rach asked sweetly, but there was something else in her voice too; a barely noticeable strain that I couldn't place. "More than I could have imagined." I answered with conviction, returning her question "Are you having fun?" after her warm smile at my answer. Rach let a little naughty into her smile in way of an answer, and said "Are you up for some more?" The mass of stiff flesh between us should have been sufficient to answer her, but I added to it with a simple nod.

Rach spoke very gently, but intently, "I thought we should talk before anything else happens. I don't want either of us to worry about hurting each other. Have you had time to figure out what you want me not to do?" I had spent quite a bit of time thinking about how much of sharing Rach I was comfortable with. I had tried to err on the side of caution in regards to my admittedly fragile feelings, without needlessly denying Rach. It seemed better to loosen limits later if I found I had more room to give, than to jeopardize my pristine connection with Rach.

I answered her as accurately as I could, saying "Yes. I thought about it a lot. I don't want you to think that my limits are permanent. I don't really know enough to be sure how I'd feel about some things.

But you can be sure that all my yeses are completely safe, now and always." I waited a moment to make sure Rach was with me, then continued "To start with, since it applies to tonight, there is nothing out of bounds with girls", then I added "Although, I know I'd appreciate being there ", letting my smile fill in my meaning.

That got a grateful smile in return. Feeling encouraged, I went on to the tough part "I'm sorry Rach. I know this is unfair, but the idea of another guy touching you… For now at least, no guys." I was relieved to see Rach was unfazed. I had one more thing to add to my list that I had thought of while searching myself.

Earnestly, I added "What's most important to me is that we share everything. I know we wouldn't lie to each other, but secrets are something else. I don't want any secrets between us." Feeling the need to clarify, or more precisely, to emphasize, I repeated "Any secrets!" Rach let the quiet after I finished grow, looking into my eyes inscrutably as the silence stretched.

After just enough time for me to start worrying, Rach let me off the hook with a big smile. "I knew that was what you were gona say." She said with a touch of pride, then added "The first part I mean, not the part about secrets." A trouble touched her face for just an instant as she finished, but was replaced by a big smile so quickly, I would have missed it was I not so wrapped up in her. Adding to the discontinuity of that moment, Rach went on, unaffected "Your wish is my command Jakey.

That's just what I wanted anyway." I held back the wince at her calling me Jakey. She used to use it to get under my skin, but those days had passed years ago. Before I had a chance to recover myself, Rach went on. Her serious side took over and she spoke more softly.

"It all comes down to whether I'm there or not. If you are alone with a girl, anything more than kissing and anything under clothing is more than I think I could handle. As far as if I'm there, I want to try something. If I set up your boundaries now, I might regret holding you back from something later. I was thinking. Wouldn't it be fun if you kinda' let me make up my mind at the moment?" I watched Rach read my startled expression in spite of myself.

It wasn't that it was a bad idea. I was just surprised by the suggestion. I immediately liked it though. There was something about the thought of it that was exciting. Rach read my excitement just as easily, and, taking it as a yes, moved on, saying "Now 'secrets' is interesting.

There are lots of kinds of secrets. What kind are you referring to?" I wasn't quite sure how to answer, so I tried taking it out. "Well, the ones I was taking about are the sex ones I guess. You know…'she touched me there', or 'my friend Karen said she liked your ass'.

What else were you thinking?" "Well" Rach said smoothly, rising onto her knees, and putting her hands on my thighs. She leaned close, and continued in a sultry whisper as her intense stare drew close, "There are secrets like 'I wanted you to put your cock in me, in the Jeep that first time. When I felt you on my back, I knew I wasn't letting you out of that car until I made you cum; Until you came because of me.'" She let me vibrate on that for a moment before "Then there are secrets like 'I like it when Rach digs her teeth into me.'" Before I had a chance to demonstrate that she had struck me dumb, she added "There are even secrets like 'You're fucking me right now.'" My already reeling mind completely failed me.

Rach, on her knees, still hovered in front of me, leaning close. My cock, rigid, and free from my boxers, reach up to her, but only stretched up from my lap half the distance to where Rach's rounded breasts clung tightly to her chest.

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Rach's wicked smile, as I sat there confused, may have helped my cock reach a little farther, but not far enough. I could tell Rach was loving this. Strangely, that made me love it too. Still baffled, I waited for Rach to milk every last drop of pleasure out of my confusion. Eventually she took pity on me. Rach crawled backwards away from me, just out of my reach, pulling my focus along with her dirty smile.

On her hands and knees, she kept her eyes on me as she started to slowly turn in place. I watched her small tan body revolve, distracted enough by how perfect it was, that I lost the thread of thought that sought an answer to her riddle.

My eyes traveled down to her butt with the anticipation of its approach. Suddenly I saw, and understood. Rach, now in profile on her hands and knees, arched her back, and several inches of fleshy silicone rose up behind her.

Rach could see that I had locked onto her 'secret'. She moved her torso around like a belly dancer, letting me watch as the end of 'my' dildo stirred in small circles behind her like a tail. "Good secret hu?" Rach said playfully, clearly happy with her surprise.

"You are a bad girl." I said in mock chastisement. "Oh yay!" Rach tittered, bouncing to face her butt to me. I couldn't help myself. Quietly, I said "If I do (smack) punish you (smack) now (smack) they'll hear (smack) you scream (SMACK)." Over her quickly reddening ass cheek, I heard her gasps turn to a whimper after my last, hardest spank. I pulled her up and held her back to me. She trembled a little before taking a deep breath and relaxing into me.

"Too Much? I offered quietly. Rach slowly and slightly shook her head no. I spoke my thought out loud "I'll keep my eyes open for more reasons to punish you later." I gave her a squeeze, kissed the top of her head, and let go, sitting back to give her room. Rach's "Pull it out for me?" was so cute and vulnerable I had to resist the urge to replace it with the real thing.

The 4 or so inches of dildo available, made an easy hold, which was fortunate because Rach's pussy was clamped around it tight. I pulled slowly against the suction, letting myself be mesmerized by resistance until it finally relented, and popped out, uncorking a small pool of white liquid that flowed down, dipping from her clit onto Sharon's bed.

I took a drop from her clit with a finger, watching her jump at the unexpected touch, and waited for her to look around at me before I licked the white drop from my finger. "You are so hot." Rach said dreamily as she turned back to me and sat. "Where was I? Oh yeah…are those secrets we should share?" "How about we just say no secrets at all? I wouldn't want to miss anything important." I said smiling. It's hard to explain what happened next.

Rach's and my connection, for lack of a better understanding, always felt smooth to me. Like her skin, her link to me seemed clean and unmarred. Even when she lost control, was like the glassy surface of calm water. So it shocked me to feel her, as rough as sandpaper, suggest hurriedly "O.K. but it might take some time for all of the secrets to come up. I can promise to tell you…then." It scared me to feel the disruption between us.

I didn't understand what had happened, or how to fix it. All I knew was that I wanted it to go away, so I ran from it, saying quickly "O.K.

Is that all you wanted to talk about?" With a sense of relief, I felt the smoothness return. Rach smiled innocently, teasing "Well, there are also surprises", dragging it out for affect before adding "They're sorta like a secrets. What about them?" There was a pause while I considered. Rach gave me time, sitting expectantly, but patiently.

I knew what she meant about surprises being like secrets. My time with Rachel had taught me that. My struggle was in trying to decide. I liked the idea of no secrets. It made me feel closer to Rach, and had the added plus of including me in all her plans and schemes.

But surprises were always exciting, and Rach's surprises even more so. Finally, I filled the blissfully easy silence, saying "You know me so well." I reached for her hand, and gave it a squeeze to respond to the sweet look my words had brought to her face, before continuing "I love your surprises, and I don't want to spoil them for you, or me. Why don't you decide whether to tell me? You'll know what'll be best for both of us." Her sweet look deepened, and I hurried on before the gathering pools in her eyes had a chance to fall.

"I think I know you pretty well too. I could try to do the same; hold back the secrets that would ruin surprises, without keeping stuff from you." I just managed to finish before Rach had me in a crushing hug.

"I love you." She murmured into my ear, and I felt the wetness of her tears where our cheeks pressed together. "That is perfect" she said a little more clearly, as she pulled back from her hug to look into my eyes. "I love you too Rach." meekly, was the most I could say before my throat caught.

I didn't trust myself to keep it together for any more than that, and left those words to stand alone, hoping it was enough.

Rach didn't seem to need more, but still stayed inches away, her green eyes gleaming on me. After who could imagine how long, she whispered "I have a surprise for you." coyly, without breaking our shared stare. Seeing she had my complete attention, she went on "The three of us talked while you were outside. I couldn't take a whole night like today. All the teasing was great, but it's exhausting." And then, leaning forward and taking a firm hold of my cock, she added "and I'd rather spend my energy on other things." ending with a squeeze.

"I'm with you on that." I agreed with gusto, adding a little push into her grip for emphasis. Starting where she left off, still gripping me, she said "Sharon and Lidia agreed. Shit, Sharon almost cried about it. It made me feel bad, us teasing her so much today. So when she suggested a game, I thought 'what the hell, let's do it.' But this game is…intense.

Now don't laugh. Some friend of Denise's named it I think. It's called Lick-Twister." I didn't laugh. It didn't sound funny to me. The 'Lick' especially caught my attention. Rach looked down to her hold on me, and said "Good so far" and then looked back up and continued "O.K.

So, if we play this game, we are gona all end up doing things in front of each other." I mostly resisted the need to push into Rach hand again…mostly. Looking down again, Rach said "Whoa there! Sweetie!" and looked back up again to say breathily "Maybe even you with me, in front of them." Only now had any nervousness crept into her voice. I didn't even try to suppress my urge, using it to send her the message where she was looking for it.

I pushed into her hand hard, grabbing her wrist to hold it still while I stuffed myself through her hold on me. Rach eased her grip, frustrating my effort, but leaned down and popped her lips around the head just long enough to get the suction to literally pop it back out again. "Save yourself for the game. Trust me, you'll need all you can." Rach offered in comfort as she retreated back to sitting, releasing me from what I assumed was her version of a lie detector.

I tried to keep the frustration out of me voice. With only a little impatience, I asked "I'm great with all of that, but how does the game go?" Rach was energized by my obvious interest, answering me excitedly "It's pretty awesome really. I've played with Sharon and Denise. But I've never played with a boy before." Rach leered, grinning greedily as she dragged out 'boy'. "It's like Twister; you know…left hand red, right foot blue.

But we don't use a spinner to pick, we take turns picking. It's great like that cause you can use strategy. You look around and see how to screw someone up." "So where does the 'Lick' come in?" I prodded.

"I'm getting to that." Rach said, impatient at my interruption. "You need to know all of this or you are gona get killed." She paused long enough to make sure I wasn't going to interrupt again, then went on, saying "The point of the game is to get wishes. Whenever someone licks you during a round, they get a wish from you.

Whenever someone falls, they give a wish to the person who picked that turn. The round is over when anyone has five wishes to give, or five wishes to get." "Got it so far?" Rach asked seriously.

"I think so. But I have a feeling I'm gona get my ass kicked by you three." I said good-naturedly. Rach said in warning, "Sharon is the one you need to watch out for.

She is like a little monkey. Besides, I know Sharon. She is going to be gunning for you. She wants wishes from you mostly." All of this explanation had poured from Rach in an enthusiastic flood. Now though, she paused, and I could feel her wanting my question, so I filled in the blank that she wanted me to fill, saying "What is a wish?" I was pleased to see from Rach's eagerness to answer, that I filled in perfectly. Continuing on as if she hadn't stopped, she answered "They're like dares sorta, except it's not like 'I dare you', it's more like 'I want this FROM you." She paused long enough for me to absorb her emphasis on the word 'from', and then added "At the end of each round, for fifteen minutes we can cash in our wishes, and I can imagine wishes for you are already swimming through Sharon's head." She waited until she was sure it had sunken in before ending with "After the fifteen minutes, the scoreboard is wiped, and we go again." "What kind of wishes are we talking about?" I asked, equal parts trepidation and exhilaration.

"I can give you an example." Rach offered with a teasing lilt. "Sharon used two wishes at the same time the last time we played with Denise. She wished me to finger her, and wished Denise to suck her toes.

She has a thing for feet." Rach finished in mock shock. Trying to keep from getting sidetracked by Rach's example, I asked greedily "So I can wish for anything then?" "No." Rach said emphatically. "It has to be within the 15 minutes, and you have to let others get their wishes too. We usually blow a bunch on little things like fetching a drink, or doing a shot, or doing something silly like running to the mailbox naked. It's hard to squeeze more than 1 or two real wishes out a round, especially since the winner goes first, and Sharon almost always wins." Rach waited for a moment, then asked carefully "If I wished for you to be with me, you'd be O.K.

with them watching?' "As long as you are?" I barely managed, through the lump in my throat. Rach heard the break in my voice. Jumping up onto her knees, she leaned over to me again, this time pulling my head to her bare chest, pressing me into her, soothing me with "Don't worry.

You'll do great." It was a wonderful moment, but the thought of the game in waiting urged me to action. I spoke softly into the warm flesh that held me "Unless you want us both ruined for the game, you'd better…RUN!", ending in a muffled growl.

The squeak that Rach gave as I reached for her escaping body and missed, was the cutest sound I ever heard. Before I made it off the bed, she was at the door, taunting me. I almost got ahold of the leg she was baiting me with, but she twisted, and her ankle slipped out of my grasp.

The rapid retreat of banging feet going down the hall convinced me that I had no chance of catching her, but I chased after regardless, shouting "Run little girl, Run!" The sound of her feet and squeaks of fright led me down to the living-room, and then down again, to the game-room. I thundered down the stepsbursting into the basement and lunging for Rach. Rach's "EEE, … oh my god" in a hysterical scream as I caught and wrapped her up, was music to my ears.

I let my grab become a hug, and laughed easily over Rach's head, which was now buried in my chest for comfort. I looked over to the girls who had evidently been down here waiting for us. The look of total shock and horror they laid on me turned my easy laugh into an air gasping hackle. My sudden change brought Rach's head out of my chest and she joined me in a fit of laughter after catching sight of the girl's faces. As soon as Rach started laughing, the other two caught on and joined in tentatively.

"I'm sorry. We were just goofing around." Rach said as she took a step towards them. "He wants to play!" she added excitedly. Sharon's face charged with a hungry intensity at Rach's words.

The look, as she turned to me, sharpened. I could almost feel it slash across my skin. As for Lidia, she seemed, as always, comfortably on the periphery.

It was easy to see she was excited, but even now, she hung back. The barely scrutable anticipation in her face was not focused on me. It glided across all of us smoothly. Rach responded protectively to Sharon's hunting stare, stepping between us, and waiting for Sharon to look at her before scolding "Remember what I said!" "Ooo…" Rach piped excitedly, spinning to me.

"That was a secret! I told them that if we play I have veto power on their wishes for you." It was wonderful to see how happy she was, getting the opportunity to share a secret, and keep her promise. Even though the words weren't exactly hard-on making material, I felt a surge from her emotion, and what it meant about our relationship. The heaving pulse lifted my cock past horizontal. Rach caught the motion, and winked at me before spinning back to the girls, asking "Are we all set?" As Sharon said "Yes", I noticed she had put pajama bottoms on.

Coupled with the little tank I had seen her wearing earlier, she pulled off the innocent respectable look, almost. Her hungry expression as she pointed toward the end of the room with the fur rug, blew the illusion. Sharon led the way to where she had pointed. As I brought up the rear of our little group, I noticed Lidia had also hidden some of herself under the t-shirt she had 'borrowed' from me.

Hanging down to mid-thigh on her thin frame, it covered what, if anything, she was wearing below. The cream colored fluff of rug, which took sole possession of the center of this end of the L-shaped basement, was surrounded by two sets of low cabinets along the side walls, and both lower and upper cabinets along the back wall. I hadn't given much thought to this part of the basement earlier.

To be fair, I had had better things to focus my attention on. The rug had given me the impression that it was a kids' area, and I had wasted no more thought on it than that. Lying over the fur rug was the twister mat, which I took as expected. What caught my attention were several cabinets on the back wall, which were now open, revealing that my initial guess of this being a kids' play area was way off.

The back cabinets were undoubtedly a bar. The two open upper cabinets held a huge variety of bottles of myriad shapes, colors, and sizes. There were more types of alcohol on display than my limited knowledge new existed. 'This must have been where Sharon got the alcohol from, earlier today' I thought. "Why don't we have a drink first?" Sharon offered, not waiting for a response before heading to the bar. My excitement was palpable. I could feel myself vibrating in anticipation as I stood waiting.

The dull humming in my head added to the sensation. I realized I was drifting, and scolded myself 'stay in the present!' Even in those few moments of distraction, I had missed something.

As Sharon returned with tumblers full of dark liquid, I realized Rach had also put on one of my t-shirts. Suspicion flared in my head. It was obvious now, that some strategy was being played here. All three girls were as clothed as possible. I had no idea why it was an advantage to have more clothes on, but I knew Rach didn't tell me everything I needed to know. Regardless, my shirt was out at the pool, and I wasn't about to leave to get it, so I would just have to live with whatever disadvantage my bare skin caused.

We drank rum & coke, a quiet nervousness snuffing out any attempt at conversation. The only communication during the short time standing around the twister mat drinking, was in the eyes of each of us; snippets of meaning flicking from one set to another. I was the first to finish, my adrenalin making it impossible to do anything but gulp it down.

That adrenaline also recharged my rigidity. The phenomenal stiffness I had wondered at out at the curb was back. As I walked to set my empty glass on the counter of the bar, there was no bounce to be felt.

I looked down and saw the over-engorged head was again bulbous, a purple sphere stretched to its limit atop the taut, nearly vertical shaft. Even with my suspicion that the lack of clothing was going to be a handicap, the sight of my pride being forced to find its freedom through the slit in my boxers moved me to heedless action. Still facing the bar, I slipped off my boxers, careful not to jar the tense flesh of my cock any more than necessary.

I turned back to the girls, completely bare. They were all facing me, giving me the distinct impression that they had watched silently as I exposed my ass to them. Rach gave me a 'you shouldn't have done that' look, but it wasn't alarming, it was closer to teasing.

'Of course she didn't tell me everything!' I berated myself, 'I told her I liked surprises so she held a little back.' I could see by her transparent glee at my nudity, that she was also reaping the benefits of my 'surprise'. If nothing else, that would have made my decision worth it. "So how do we start?" I said as casually as my tight throat would allow.

"We each pick a corner!" Sharon piped, eagerly scooting to her spot. We all took a corner. Sharon, to my left, dressed in pajama bottoms and a flimsy top, rocked on the balls of her feet; the red curls of her hair coiling and uncoiling like a forest of crimson springs.

Lidia, to my right, draped in my t-shirt to mid-thigh, stood slender and graceful, her long tan legs casually arranged to maximum effect. Rach, across from me, her tiny frame swimming in a shirt that reached nearly to her knees, smiled across at me. She took my whole body in as we stood there. I could feel her eyes slide over my skin, and reveled in the need it whispered at. As she looked back up into my open eyes, her smile flickered a hint of guilty pity.

Still looking at me with those 'oh, poor boy' eyes, she said to the room "Let's make this first round practice O.K.?" Now I'm not going to give you a play by play. I can't remember every point of the game, and I suspect it would be tedious for both of us anyway. I'll try to give you a highlights real since that's what I stored for long term reference in my head. It was immediately obvious that I was fortunate this first go was practice.

I saw instantly that any worries I had about being outclassed were, if anything, optimistic. To begin with, licking anything but skin doesn't count.

I was so pleased with myself when the 3rd play, called by Rach, put me in position to lick Sharon's pajama covered thigh, only to be giggled at. So right off the bat, my singularly naked body put me at a huge disadvantage. Yes I know. Of course I should have seen that coming! Shut up. Even without that little handicap, I was easily outmatched. Just as I absorbed my strategic error, I felt simultaneous warm wet touches to my left calf, and my right thigh.

Tipping my head away from my failed attack, I could see Rach and Sharon at my legs, both savoring their success with a look at the face of the defeated. I managed to reach Lidia's arm once. And Rach took pity on me, reaching purposely for a spot that put us in a position to kiss. Aside from that, I just tried to keep from falling, which I managed to limit to a single "Ooff" at Sharon's doing. Rach's warning about Sharon was justified. Her flexibility was ridiculous. She arched and bent herself, twisting effortlessly away from incoming tongues, and toward the exposed flesh only her balance made reachable.

She was also an expert at screwing me up with her call of color, causing my one fall, and getting a fall from Rach as well. Lidia was a natural. Her long lean body, made reaching for a target seem like slow motion ballet. I marveled as I watched her stretch out across the mat to catch a tongue full of Rach's pinned in place, foot. Her only weakness was that she either couldn't, or didn't bother, playing defense at all, leaving all five feet eight inches of her body vulnerable.

Rach, at least, seemed more on my level. We were both more than fit, but strength and flexibility are only the tools. I had no skill sets which prepared me for this type of physicality, and apparently Rach was similarly disadvantaged.

Her only clear advantage over me, aside from the shirt, was that there was a lot less of her to lick. Sharon ended it scoring her fifth wish, at Rach's fall. "That's five!" she announced a little smugly. I sat down next to Rach, where she had fallen, and laughed at her frustrated pout. "Thanks for falling too, so I don't feel so bad." I offered, pulling her back to me and wrapping my arms around her.

She put her arms over mine, hugging my hug, and whispered "You always know just what to say." Sharon's "That's two for you Rachel, and I got you three times Jake!" pulled us out of our private moment. Lidia took that as her cue, adding "I licked all of you once." proudly.

"Yes, you're both so humble too." I muttered sarcastically. "What about you Jake? Did you get anyone?" Sharon encouraged. "I got you…" I said, looking to Lidia, and looked back to Sharon as I finished "and Rach and I shared one I guess", feeling a little squeeze from Rach at my words. "I got you too!" Rach punched up to Sharon. "So if we were keeping score," Sharon said with equal parts pride and frustration, "I would get five, Lidia, you'd get three, and the two of you would each have two." "I know you guys did the practice for me, but I don't mind, we can make it count if you guys want to." I offered.

Sharon's mood changed instantly, and she said "Really? O.K." quickly, not bothering to wait for anyone else to weigh in. Lidia added "That will be good with me." to the yes column. Rach's "O.K.", the kind of O.K. that says I hope you know what you're doing, settled the question. "Then I'll go first since I've got the most wishes." Sharon said with zeal. I stood in preparation as Sharon finished, pulling Rach up with me, and renewing my hug.

As we waited for Sharon to wish, I had a weird feeling. It was similar to the feeling of being an object that I had had during the lotioning earlier, but only in the respect that it was isolating. It felt simultaneously, like I was peeking into the girl's locker-room, like they knew I was peeking, and like they were trying to act natural so I would stay.

I know that seems strange, but the giggles and jibing that I was sure peppered this game every other time it had been played, were spookily absent in the presence of me and my cock. I quietly mourned the fact that I wouldn't be experiencing them in their natural habitat, but managed to keep from feeling too badly about it. "I wish…" Sharon intruded into my thoughts, seeming to consider before looking to Rach and continuing "for you to make me cum".

Looking back to me she added "and for you to let me touch you.", finishing a bit breathlessly. I looked down to Rach who twisted to look up to me, and asked silently for her 'boundary' O.K. Her small private smile gave me my answer. "Where do you want us?" I asked confidently, my eyes still on Rach; her smile giving me the strength to be so self-assured. "Over here." Sharon blurted over her shoulder as she made for the sectional.

By the time we started to follow, Sharon was already getting set for us. She had gone around to the front of the couch, slipped off her pajama bottoms, and climbed on facing us over the back of the couch. Her butt, up in the air gave Rach all the direction she needed, and with a small squeeze of encouragement, she pulled away from me, and followed Sharon's path around to the front of the couch. As she reached Sharon, and rested her hand casually on Sharon's ass, she looked back to me, adding her look of encouragement to Sharon's look of expectation.

That sense that I was an object wasn't as distracting as before, but it apparently diverted my attention too long. With a jolt of surprise, I felt two warm hands push softly against my back. The shock of realization that Lidia was finally going on the offensive, pushed me more than her hands' insistent pressure.

I covered the 10 or so feet to the back of the couch slowly, begrudgingly anticipating Lidia's hands leaving my back as I neared Sharon's eager face. The shock of Lidia's sudden aggression redoubled as I got within Sharon's reach, and Lidia's hands slid up my back to my shoulders. "I will have my wish from you too." she whispered into my neck from behind.

As Sharon's first touch trailed a finger down my stomach, Lidia spoke louder, saying "my wish also is to touch Jake." I pulled my belligerent attention from the breath on my neck and the hands now exploring both my back and front, to find Rach, and look for her answer to Lidia's 'request.' I caught Rach in time to see her pulling her attention up from her own focus. My angle, directly in front of Sharon's prone torso, made seeing Rach's target impossible, but from the angle of her arm, I was sure Rach had already started in on Sharon's wish.

Rach's glaze sharpened as she forced herself to focus on me. Without the hint of a smile, she nodded, letting the glaze return to her eyes as she watched Lidia's hands slither around to my front, and dig into my chest. I could feel the tip of each of Lidia's fingers; deep points of pressure punctuated by the sharp bite of nail. Before I could enjoy the needfulness of Lidia's grip, Sharon suddenly forced my attention. Her trailing finger had been tentatively wandering during my preoccupation with Lidia, so her sudden hold on me was strangely unexpected.

I looked down. Sharon, her elbows and chin on the back of the sofa, held onto me with both hands, looking up at her grip around the base of my cock. Whatever Rach was doing, was having an effect. Sharon's rocking forward and back on Rach's hands tipped her head down further with each increasing forward glide, making it a struggle for Sharon to keep her eyes on her hold of me.

I felt, and saw, as Lidia shifted her hold, wrapping one arm around me, and reaching out the other to the length of me still free above Sharon's hold. With a light touch, her fingers floated across my, pulled tight, skin; giving an amazing counter-beat to the increasingly violent grip below. I was tired of forcing my attention.

It was a struggle that ultimately wasn't worth it. The questionable value of answering my mind's every flutter was no match for the pleasure of being in the moment.

As I let go, that feeling of being outside my body disappeared, and I was in myself fully. It was amazing. I suddenly felt the need to join in the caressing and grasping and…whatever it was Rach was doing.

Without any force of will, my eyes found her. She had sunken onto her knees behind Sharon, her face close to her hands as they, one above and one below, worked on what must have been a very wet pussy. I let myself fall into that, letting it be all I had to take in; and I noticed. I noticed the red on Sharon's little ass cheek from a hand I hadn't heard or seen land. I noticed the flutter in Sharon's back arch, each time Rach's top hand jolted downward.

I noticed the almost slavering mouth of Rach, lost in her own world. I stayed lost in her face. It was bliss. The hands on me, and Lidia's smooth skin pressed against my back, faded away to the edges of my tunnel-vision. When Rach inevitably felt my attention on her, she looked easily up from her well, sinking into me with just as much ease.

We shared an inexpressible connection inside each other's pleasure; making all of her stimulus mine, in a wave that crashed and kept crashing over me. I could almost feel Sharon's pussy through Rach's wild green eyes. Whatever shred of cautious restraint that was left in me, evaporated inside that link. Free, my instinct took control. My hand found Lidia's arm wrapped around me, and I caressed my way down the soft skin till my hand and forearm overlaid hers. Rach looked to my movement. I could feel the connection waver until I saw her eyes lock onto Lidia and my hand, and I felt her anticipation surge into me like it was my own.

I watched those eyes as Lidia's fingers opened, and I slid mine between. Left to my own drive, I might have lingered in the sensuous fingers softly caressing mine; but Rach's eagerness made itself mine, and I felt the need keenly. There was no thought of a need to search Rach for approval as she watched Lidia's and my hand slide back across my stomach, and move behind me to disappear between us.

Our hands lost to her view, Rach looked back up at me. Again I saw her rise up from her dive, and dive back into my eyes. Our connection made permission redundant, so I spoke only loud enough for Lidia to hear "My wish is for you to use my hand." When Lidia's and my finger-knit hands had slipped between us, there had been no direction from either of us.

Our joint touch wandered like the pointer on an Ouija board. With my palm against the back of Lidia's hand, the tips of my fingers, woven through hers, gave the most fleeting of sensation when smooth soft skin teased by under our hands.

My 'wish' had no immediate effect aside from Lidia's soft caressing of my cock pausing in mid travel. Our wandering, interlaced hands still floated between us, both of us seeming content with the lack of direction. I could feel Lidia's breath on my shoulder, warm and heavy, stop, and then the fingers wrapped around mine, loosened. Without losing touch, her fingers slid free, and her hand slithered around mine; fingers nuzzling back into place between fingers as her palm cradled the back of my hand.

All eight fingers reached out this time, and instead of the brief flicker of touch, they set down softly on the smoothest of skin. Lidia stuttered out her held breath into my shoulder as I felt the fingers between mine begin to caress the flesh our hands occupied.

It was natural to follow along, letting my touch become an extension of hers. Our eight fingered hand continued its wandering, but now, as our touch slid tenderly over Lidia, I could appreciate the subtlety of change in the flesh under my fingers, and in the movement of Lidia's fingers as her targets changed. The gentle start over her belly button, became forceful after crossing a valley, gripping deep into thigh muscle.

When our touch reached the valley of flesh again, I eased my fingers forward, letting hers join me in the gentlest of caresses. I had been fascinated by this area on Lidia since she wore those low jeans at the mall. The gap that showed in front of each hip in those jeans was such an effective tease that I felt my hand shaking in the total fulfillment of exploring it. The surge that accompanied that gratification took my attention back to my cock.

Sharon, bucking into Rach, wasn't even trying to keep me in her sights any more. Her grip, none the less, held the base of me tight. Lidia hadn't moved her hand on me since my 'wish' started, her gentle hold literally resting on Sharon's. Without a thought, I pushed into the two grips with slow force. I felt an immediate response to my urging. Sharon's head snapped back, looking up to me as she squeezed.

Lidia's hand went with the push, but then pulled back, sinking in just deep enough to pull my skin tight. I had a moment to enjoy before my fingers, moving again, drew me back to them. I knew, as our hands slid downward following the retreating flesh, where my fingers were going.

It was still a shock to feel the warm, wetness on the tip of my finger. I had just enough experience (thanks to Rach) to tell from the feel, that Lidia had guided my middle finger to rest over her clit. Dispersing a sudden pang to see what I was feeling, I let myself revel in the have, not the have not. I pushed gently with my finger, my senses alert for Lidia's response.

My act was answered immediately. Lidia pressed her body into me, burying her head in my shoulder as another deep breath stuttered from her. As I curled under and pulled up on her clit, her breath caught, and her grip on my cock sunk deep, rivaling Sharon's.

I swam in my arousal, beyond any hope or imagining, I was there in that ocean, floating. As I pushed and curled again with my finger, Lidia added force, cupping my finger between two of hers, and adding to my pressure.

Swept up in Lidia, I was unaware that I had started pushing rhythmically into the hands on my cock, until I heard Lidia whisper plaintively into my ear "with me please." The words cleaved into me, leaving no question of their meaning. My thought, redirected back to my own hunger, found that I was, and must have been for a while, ready to cum. Without direction, my body was holding; waiting for my permission. I glanced up to Rach, wanting to share even this with her. Her hands might have been focused on Sharon, but her heavy, glazed eyes followed the beat of my hips pushing into the hands that held me.

Her gaze found my eyes and cleared. With amazing understanding, I felt, as clearly as if she had spoken, her encouragement to enjoy myself. I gave her what I hoped was as clear a 'thank you', and then turned my head to whisper to Lidia "When you want me to join you, squeeze." My words broke whatever reserve Lidia had left.

Her hand pushed my finger harder onto her clit, and I could feel her pussy pushing back, grinding into my finger. A whimper into my neck accompanied Lidia's hand clamping down hard on my waiting cock. With some wonder, I immediately pulsed into that clamp, bypassing the normally gradual rise, feeling the release in an instant. I reached back with my free hand, grabbing as much ass as I could, and used my hold to pull Lidia tighter to me.

We came together, in a frozen harmony. The surges flying through, and out of me echoed in the pulsing clit under my finger. My last throb trickled out of me, dribbling over Lidia's fingers. Lidia hovered at her end, the pulsing of her clit losing its rhythm, but continuing more haphazardly. I let her continued force guide me, slowing but not stopping with my finger until I felt her ass pop in my hand, jerking my target away. The needful press of Lidia's body against my back eased into a grateful lean.

At the same time, her hand released its clamp-like grip on me, but stayed connected, back to the soft hold it had started with. I left my hand on Lidia's ass, letting my grip soften, but kept enough grasp to help hold her to me while we shared our recuperation. Lidia guided our still connected hands back around to my front, and gave me a hug I couldn't return.

I felt her body begin to peel away as her hug ended, and gave her ass a final squeeze in lieu of a hug before I let her go. We had both turned inward, sharing our own little universe, and the world around us had dissolved. My reawakening was startling. The drop of weight onto my cock, and the insistant jarring of that weight threatened to pull me over. Looking up and out of Lidia and my bubble, I saw what, had my mood been different, would have made me crumple in laughter.

As it was, I gaped at the sight of Sharon, my cock her only support as she shuddered openmouthed; her head thrown up and back after what I assume was my first load, had landed on her back. I assumed it was my first load, because what must have been the rest of my cum, covered her face. The look of shock didn't dissipate as her shuddering went on.

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It stayed frozen as if my cum had petrified her. Sharon's legs finally ended it, straitening in a spasm, and launching her off of Rach's hands, and into me. I caught her before she slid off my chest to the floor, and looked up to see Rach, watching proudly as Sharon struggled to get control of herself.

Sharon's legs, still flexed strait and vibrating, turned her struggle into a waiting game. I held Sharon while her body gradually spent itself.

Finally, reduced to quivering, she gasped, and exhaled. I felt her go limp on my chest and had to redouble my effort to compensate for the sudden absence of her legs' support. It was nice to be there for her like that, and to feel the implicit trust of her limp body relying on me. While I soothed Sharon, I felt Lidia's lips on the back of my neck, giving me an affectionate peck.

With less grace than usual, Lidia made her way around the couch, and sidled up to Rach. Their hushed words did nothing to distract Rach from her continued revelry in Sharon's state. I couldn't make out what was being said, although, of the few words I made out, Lidia's "thank you" caught my attention. Another profound sense of objectification rose in me as I realized Rach was being thanked for the 'use' of me. The loss of self, felt simultaneously, both frightening, and wondrously freeing.

The appreciation Rach gave me with a look, in the context of my inferred position here, seemed like a pat on the head to a good dog. The knowledge that Rach truly valued and cared for me, thankfully took any sting out of her 'use' of me.

Without the sting, I could appreciate Rach's 'good boy' expression, and I reveled in it. I could tell Sharon had recovered by the feel of her. But since she made no move, I let her stay held onto me. Only when Rach and Lidia's hushed conversation produced a lonely giggle, did Sharon lift her head away from my chest to look back at them.

Sharon's defensive "What's so funny?" was probably the wrong choice of words considering the cum splattered face that spoke them. While I doubted the initial giggle had been aimed at Sharon, the restrained mirth in Rach's expression as she soothed "we were talking about later", was most definitely at her expense. I didn't even pause a moment to consider 'later'. Finally freed from holding up Sharon, I got to Rach more quickly than coolness permitted, and wrapped her up.

She "Mmmmm'd" into my chest and I kissed the top of her head. We enjoyed a moment alone before sounds of movement pulled us out of our intimacy. Sharon and Lidia had retreated back to the game area. Sharon was rifling through the cupboards while Lidia looked on.

Not wanting to lose contact with Rach, I scooped her up before going to rejoin. Sharon's hunt was explained when she found a towel and wiped me from her face. I suppose the lewd part of me was sorry to see it go, but it was unrealistic to expect Sharon to keep my offering in place.

I couldn't help but compare her to Rach though, who would most definitely not have discarded my cum so disrespectfully. Rach spoke from my arms, as if it was the most natural place for her to be. "How much time is left?" she asked the room. "Two minutes" came from Sharon, disappointment oozing from her words.

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"In that case, I wish for you to take off your pajamas." Rach responded instantly. I saw Sharon had put her pajama bottoms back on. She must have retrieved them after her ride on Rach's hands. Before Sharon even reached for the string holding up her baggy leg-shielding, a flurry of wishes bounced around the basement. I was caught so flat footed that I was beat to the punch of using my last wish to get Rach's shirt off. When the dust settled, I set Rach down, and the remaining clothing, all save Sharon's little tank top, were gone.

The thought that my bare skin handicap was mostly erased went fuzzy as I found my focus mindlessly pulled to the length of Lidia's smooth skin as it was unveiled. It seemed strange to me that even though Rach's body was, in every subjective fiber of my being, exactly perfect to me, it was the differences between her body and Lidia's: the long slender of her, the jet flowing curls, the soft embrace of her bright blue gaze, that were the very things about Lidia that captivated me.

I was heedlessly enjoying my current captivation, lingering my eyes and attention on Lidia. Her eyes swept across me and paused long enough to smile into me, before continuing around to Sharon. If I hadn't been so intent on those eyes, I would have missed the slight furrowing above them, and their momentary flicker of nervousness as they landed on Sharon.

It was gone before I could convince myself I had seen it, and was replaced by a clean, confident, intent stare. My mind wasn't fast enough, or I would have put it together, and not been surprised when Lidia, her voice smooth and calm, said "I wish Sharon to kiss me." There weren't any looks or sounds of outright shock bouncing around the room, but there suddenly seemed to be more tension.

Indeed, it felt like the pluck of a taut string when Sharon belatedly lifted her head up to find the wisher. I watched as Sharon's face showed the various stages of comprehension. Finally, a small smile crept to her lips, and I followed her eyes back to Lidia, who wore the same small smile.


I was so engrossed in the scene playing out in front of me, I didn't notice Rach until I felt her. I had set her down in front of me moments ago, during the group strip. Below my line of sight, she had watched during at least some of the exchange too. Now, leaning herself back into me, my cum-sweat letting our skin slide where we pushed into each other, she was sharing her anticipation with me.

As we waited together for one of the girls to make a move, I felt the result of this new development. Rach felt it too, as it did its best to wedge itself between her thighs. My cock had relaxed after its workout, loosing enough stiffness to let it hang almost vertical. Now, as it hardened, it met the impediment of Rach. Our height difference made even rising to half-mast, impossible. None the less, it wedged its mostly upside-down length between the soft flesh of Rach's thighs.

Lidia was moving before I noticed, gliding the distance to Sharon too slowly to be unintentional, but with a smoothness that ruled out nerves. It was like kiss-foreplay. Sharon watched her come, still as a little statue. Just as Lidia glided to a stop and reached up to touch Sharon's face, Rach shifted against me and up I slipped, burying myself between warm, wet, slippery thighs.

I enjoyed the tight slippery vise for only moments. Before Lidia had finished her slow lean down and into Sharon, Rach grabbed my cock from between her legs and used it to lever herself up onto her toes. Just as their lips met, Rach arched her back, pushing her ass up and into me, and grinding her pussy along the length of the beam she had made of me.

Her hands, locked around the rim of my cock in a choke-hold, stopped her as she ground back forward. I felt the weight of her as her pace increased a little, and her legs started vibrating. I tried to keep some attention on the girls.

Lidia, much taller, had leaned down to kiss Sharon, her fingers barely touching Sharon's cheeks before the first brush of lips. Slowly, the delicate kiss pulled their bodies together.

I saw the moment that Sharon took over. Lidia had lightly caressed her with her tongue, staying on lips, and then softly swirling Sharon's tongue when she offered it. Sharon put her hands on Lidia's hips, and pulled herself up, and into Lidia, pushing her mouth into Lidia's, hiding their tongue dance from view.

The contrast in them was amazing. Dark and light. Tall and short. Sleek and bamm. I was gazing at them, watching 'a kiss' turn into making-out, hands moving, bodies pressing, when I realized I was going to cum again.

I looked down. Rach was panting hard, grinding rigidly on my straddled pole, but wasn't there yet. My hands found her hips, and I grabbed her roughly, scaring her of losing her balance enough for her to "Eeee!" loudly. The girls stopped mid grope, hands full, to look over at us.

I only hesitated for a moment. Any concern over being watched, small as that was becoming, was crushed by my need to finish, and finish Rach. I leaned down enough to be sure to keep my words for her only, and whispered "Ready?" into her neck.

I had meant it as 'I'm ready to cum, are you?' When Rach turned away from our little audience to look back at me and nod. The excitement speckled resolve in her eyes didn't seem to fit. Without losing my eyes, her next slide away to the end of me ended in a new hip motion, and I felt the head of my cock catch in a wet hot wedge. The realization that my 'ready' had been taken as 'are you ready to let them see us fuck', solidified as Rach arched her back, and her upper body moved away from me.

But it didn't coalesce in time for me to expect the sensation when she pushed back; the traveling tightness of her opening rippling down my length as Rach slid onto me. Whatever misunderstanding led us there, the instant I felt Rach around me, I lost any other thought. My hands had gone along for the ride on her hips as she had maneuvered.

Now I reasserted my grip, relieving Rach of the thought or need to direct further. I replaced the delicate slow of Rach's, balancing on toes reach, with the flexed muscle, taut slow of my own; my irresistible force controlling Rach's slow slide away from me. When I felt the tightness of her opening catch the rim of my cock, I stopped. A quiver flickered around me, and I refocused on Rach's eyes looking back at me as I held her there. As if she had been waiting for that, she gave me a final look of need, and turned her head away.

Everything was frozen. My muscles strained against each other, locking both me, and through my white-knuckled grip Rach, in our positions. But Sharon and Lidia, each half turned from their make-out, watched for what would come next. Petite pale and curvy, mingled with long dark and lean, in a jumble of laced legs and wrapped arms, stood there together; Renaissance marble turned to flesh. I realized my control of the moment, and let it wash over me.

One wave of that heady sense of power was all I allowed myself. My need drove me on. As I started pulling Rach back to me, I bent my legs, pulling her down as well as back, and forcing her down off of her toes. I waited till I felt her feet land flat before I forced the last two inches of me into her. I watched myself disappearing below her ass until our flesh met, and looked up with the last of my slow push.

The movement that caught my eye came at Rach's low grunt. Sharon's hand, which had been resting on Lidia's hip, jerked, pulling Lidia's hip along with it. I watched them as I pulled back again. Rach, arching away from me, still had her head up, and the girls focused of her. I had a thought of Rach staring back at them; sharing her experience with them. As if to confirm my wild imagining, as I brushed against Rach's little spongy spot and she gave out a little whine, there was more movement from the girls.

More smoothly than Sharon, Lidia moved her hand to Sharon's hip, and pulled. The twist finished what Sharon had started, turning hips to face each other, though shoulders and heads remained aimed and focused on Rach. What ensued could best be described as a snowball effect. With rising intensity, Rach's response to my cock were shared (I was sure now) with the girls.

From her green eyes, to their blue and blue, the intensity flowed. Sharon and Lidia responded to that gush of visual stimulation, their intertwined legs flexing flesh against flesh; hands devolving from slow soft touches, to needful grasping pulls.

Every rise I saw in their excitement, tightened the ball of hard muscle I had become, demanding more ferocity from me. Rach was forced to absorb my rising savagery. Her obvious pleasure in doing so completed the loop, and the girls picked up their game yet more. When Rach dropped her hands to the floor, I watched, through the blur of my own motion, as the girls lost their lock on Rach's eyes. Lidia's eyes flew to mine immediately.

I was so intent on that almost jarring snap to a connection, that I lost track of Sharon. When I felt her focus too, I let my eyes slide freely between them. Now I was the one sharing. That realization broke whatever restraint I had left holding me back.

For the vast majority of you this 'restraint' I kept worrying about loosing, might not make sense. If you'll allow, I'll try to explain. Imagine you were in a situation where as a fourteen year old, you were rough-housing with ten year olds; say maybe backyard football with cousins. Think of the unconscious limits that you would place on your power. It wouldn't even occur to you to consider going full force. When you grow up surrounded by peers with a similar size difference, those limits become constant companions.

Heedless of this unchained violence, I hurled myself into Rach; colliding so viciously that she lost all pretense of holding herself up, relying on my hands to keep her where I needed her. Her legs finally gave up helping too, and the last twenty brutal punches into her were into a bouncing, flailing storm. While Rach lost herself below, my mind and focus passed over her with only the barest of acknowledgment. Sharon and Lidia's carnal feeding on my experience, through my eyes, pulled my attention irresistibly, and with it, my need to share.

I let myself reach the very edge of my orgasm before I froze. The timing of my freezing left Rach at the end of me, hanging from me and my hands' vice grip on her hips. I'm sure if I hadn't cum so much already, I would not have had the control to balance on my brink.

Even so, the relenting pull of my need to finish, held me from even the fantasy of a retreat. For their part, the girls seemed to need more from me. Their writhing legs had stopped when I had seized, and they seemed frozen again, waiting within our connection for the payoff of my orgasm. Rach, I'm ashamed to admit, had barely been in my mind as I stared across to those intense, seeking eyes. The increasing stress of my arms holding her limp body suspended, intruded enough for my mind to realize she was not with me.

There was no more sharing with her, for a while anyway, but my eyes, locked on Lidia's and Sharon's, made them a part of this. I realized then, why I had stopped. Cumming now in Rach, while she was senseless, seemed selfish. It was a using of her that I know she didn't mind in private, but that somehow seemed more barbaric when on display.

There was also the pull of Lidia and Sharon's eyes. Their intent insistence had a controlling effect, powered by my recently developed hunger to give pleasure. I felt the keen need to share my end with them; to share more fully than with this connection alone. With the effort of waving away a fly, I refused let myself consider backing out.

Without losing their eyes, I lifted Rach away till my cock sprang up out of her. Rach gave a little moan and tremble, but nothing else. Sharon's eyes left mine to watch as I lowered Rach to the floor, but Lidia stayed with me, showing me the question in her mind.

By the time I stood back up, Sharon's eyes had rejoined Lidia's, and I used their focus to pull me to them. I could feel through their eyes, that Sharon was nervous and confused at my approach, while Lidia seemed curious; neither of them seemed unwelcoming. Their bodies formed a 'V' of flesh, opened to me, and I all but completed the triangle, stopping only inches from touching.

I looked from Sharon to Lidia as I whispered to them "Do you want me to cum?" I thought I saw a slight nod from Sharon out of the corner of my eye, but my connection to Lidia held my eyes to her, so I saw the slight determination flash in them before I heard her echo my low tone "Cum." Any worry I could have had that I would be able to pull off this last bit was smashed by that low command/request.

Without ever losing Lidia's eyes, I simply let go of my hold on my orgasm. Without a touch, I felt the my cock throb, and felt the wave of pleasure. Another throb, stronger, more pleasure. Another, and I was cumming. Cumming into air. Cumming into the wedge of space between light and dark skin.

My free cock, bouncing with the surges pumping through it, threw a stream of white into my eye-line with Lidia, and I saw the look of surprise as it landed just under her ear, on her jaw and neck.

Sharon was lost to me, even as the last few pulses found their way out. All through my orgasm, Lidia and I had remained connected. Even now, we held each other there by our eyes. I'll put it down to my having released my burden, that I was able to pull back out even though Lidia seemed intent on staying like that forever. I reached up, and used my thumb to wipe the cum from her jaw. I smiled as I did it, sending a silent 'sorry about that' to her. That broke the link, and she smiled back.

Her 'you're silly' smile, was followed by her eyes inviting me to take a look down. The 'silly' was evident. My gesture was wholly inadequate. Random splatters of white speckled the dark skin of her chest and stomach. Sharon seemed a bit dazed as I spared a glance over to her. I couldn't tell as easily, how much I had gotten on her side of the wedge, her light skin camouflaged my mess. I heard a mumble behind me, and remembered Rach.

Lidia's glance past me at the noise gave me the freedom to turn away, and I left them to return to her. As I crouched over Rach, I caught the movement of Lidia turning back to Sharon. I watched as, grasping Sharon's head, Lidia pulled Sharon back into their kiss. Apparently, with no more juice flowing from Rach and me, it was time to look for it in each other. Shaking my head to clear my mind, I focused my attention back to Rach, crumpled in a ball on the floor. Her eyes were open, but they were just dazedly staring at her foot.

I lifted her up carefully, and carried her over to the couch, laid her down on it trying my best to be gentle (the shocking memory of my violent outburst left me feeling guilty). As I moved her head onto a cushion, her eyes slid into focus and she found me. "Shhhh" I gestured silently, pointing over the couch to where the girls were. After a moment, Rach lifted herself up enough to look over the back of the couch. The other two, now undistracted, and, my ego aside, evidently worked up by the Rach & Jake show, were voracious, grinding on each other's thighs, squeezing themselves together with tightly wrapped arms.

All the while, their mouths devoured any skin available. Rach watched, and I watched with her until I felt her hand sink softly into the flesh of my fully sated manhood; it was still enough for a handle, all be it not a firm one. Getting a bit shakily to her feet, she led me out and up, away from what was quickly devolving into a two girl orgy. I let myself be led, but brought the sight of Lidia and Sharon pressed together with me as consolation. I knew how slick their skin was.

Knew what gave the lubrication as they slid against each other. I felt the guiding hand on me forced to expand as I swelled with the thought, and got a playful look over the shoulder from Rach that I couldn't return. Even though I was sure I hadn't broken any of Rach's limits, it still felt wrong for her not to know.

She was technically there when I did it, but I doubted she was aware enough to know what happened. Without taking the time to be careful with my words, I said "You passed out." And before she had a chance to respond, or even look back at me, I plowed on "It felt like the girls wanted to see me cum, so I showed them." The leading stopped, and Rach spun to face me.

Her "Showed?" delivered quietly, but with such intensity that it could have been a yell, didn't hide the flutter of worry in her eyes as she looked up at me. "They didn't touch me, and I didn't touch them." I said back soothingly. The niggling pull of truth, forced me to add "I only touched Lidia after to…wipe cum off of her cheek." I felt Rach's grip tighten as she asked tremulously "You jacked off on them?" "No.

They were still watching after you passed out, so I went over to them and asked if they wanted me to cum. When they said yes, I came. I didn't use my hand, I just came." I trailed off a bit lamely. I felt and saw the worry seep away from her, and after a pause, she said "He did it all by himself." giving the object of her comment a little squeeze before continuing "You must be proud. Did you get much on them?", ending her question with a knowing smile.

"All of it I think." I answered with a smile of my own, then added "I was just thinking how slippery they are against each other right now." That got another squeeze of appreciation from Rach, and then we were off again, my dick in tow. I didn't bother paying attention to where she was leading me, filling my awareness with the feel of her hand gently pulsing her grip on me.

I had cum so much today. If I counted right, six times. My nerve-clattering sensitivity in Rach's hand, and the slight jelly-legs feeling that was not fading, spoke to the fact that we were fast approaching uncharted territory with respect to my stamina. On one hand, no swim practice today had definitely helped my reserves. Then again, the alcohol, and almost constant rock-hard state I had been in most of the day, more than made up for any advantage I had started with. The jarring color change brought me out of my thoughts as Rach stopped.

We were back in Sharon's room of pink. I shuddered a little when Rach shifted her hold on me as she closed the door. "There!" She said as the lock clicked.

Turning to me, she rose up on her tip-toes to give me a kiss, pushing my cock downward with her hold on me. I gasped just as her lips touched mine, and felt the curl of those lips. "Tender?" whispered sweetly into my mouth, accompanied the relief of her hand lifting me back up a bit. With effort, I managed a fairly clean "Yes." as I whispered back. Even retuned to this more comfortable angle, Rach's finger's every move was making it hard to keep my body or my voice calm.

Another shift of fingers drew a shouldering twitch I was unable to suppress, and then I was lead to the bed. She was walking backwards now, changing the tone of meaning behind her leading grip. Rach walking with her arm behind her, trailing me along like a dog on a leash was clearly 'Follow me.' in Rach's deviant display-speak.

This pulling me, face to face, her eyes inviting, was startling in its shift to 'Come to me.' My instant thought at the change was that I had just moments to get myself up for whatever Rach wanted from me.

When we reached the bed, Rach released me and I felt my whole body relax. I hadn't realized how much tension I had been holding in.

Rach's soft caring voice pulled my eyes to hers. Her "Lay down before you fall down Jakey." was sweetly commanding. I followed directions, laying down and relaxing back on the mound of pillows. My pride remained stubbornly aloft, despite the strong ache it was receiving for the effort. I didn't look for Rach. I didn't anticipate.

I just closed my eyes and received this rest for however long it lasted. The ache made sleep unlikely, but just physical rest would help some. Within a minute or two I felt Rach slide up next to me. When I felt her arm on my chest, I opened my eyes. Leaning over me, hair hanging around to cut us off from the outside, she spoke softly down to me "Is this better?" "This is great." I answered looking up at her green eyes.

I started to pull myself away from those eyes, attempting to retreat enough into my head to relieve my cock, which was now, thanks to Rach, pulsing it's pain to me in sharp spikes.

I was kept from my retreat. Rach spoke again. "Can I ask you something?" It was so sweetly delivered, I said "Of course." before I thought. "What's the most you've ever cum in one day?" Rach asked as soon as my answer cleared. "Probably four or five." I answered quickly, hoping to think where this was going while she considered my answer.

I didn't get the chance. "You've already cum that much today." from Rach, was somewhere between encouraging and impressed, but I thought I could sense resignation too. A bit defensively, I responded "What about you?

You said you usually masturbate twice a day." With a sad smile she said "Usually doesn't mean always. Sometimes it's three or four. But I asked about cumming, not masturbating. Sometimes I cum four or five times when I masturbate. It just depends on how I feel." Her demeanor had shifted to self-assured as she spoke.

Then she added, with thankfully no hint of patronizing, "Of course they are mostly little ones. Nothing like when you're here." "I don't think I get little ones.

They're all big I guess." I added, a bit self-assured myself. "Although", I continued, "I agree, with you IS bigger." Rach gave me a smile that said, all too plainly 'I know, I've seen you all summer to compare.' After waiting to see I got her smile, she whispered hopefully "How many more times can you cum do you think?" She was so good at sounding innocent and sweet even when the words were depraved.

In spite of myself, I felt the painful pulses strengthen. "If I could rest, then, as much as you want I think." I said up to her, keeping the uncertainty out of my voice. "Really?" Rach piped excitedly, lifting away to sit back on her heels beside me. She was so beautiful. Every part of her was perfect to stare at.

The staring brought the pain with it, and I forced myself to close my eyes. I tried to let my mind wander to some benign, stimuli free thoughts, but it was no use. I could feel her there next to me, and it pulled at my attention. I winced at a particular pulse of tight pain, and heard Rach say "Does it hurt?" "You're not helping." was my deadpan response.

I softened it with a wry smile after I heard myself, not wanting to seem upset. Rach's soft voice, unbearably sweet and pleading, filled my head; "Can I help? What would make it better?" 'Ouuuch!'reverberated silently in me. Taking a deep breath, I calmed myself and tried to explain. "You know when you get a cramp in your leg? Even after it goes away, that muscle hurts whenever you use it. That's what it's like. I'm not usually hard basically all day." I couldn't help adding "So really it's all your fault." with another smile to show her I wasn't serious.

Thankfully, I had kept the blame from the other girls. There was no need for Rach to share that compliment. As Rach started talking again, I opened my eyes, admitting defeat in my attempt to escape. "Then you need him to rest." She offered quietly, as if it was my choice. "I'm not kidding." I said, letting the smile fall from my face. "I start to get hard a lot, but usually, if I'm in class, or at practice or something, I can think about something dull, or if it's an emergency, I can think of something gross, and I can head it off.

If I don't catch it, then it's a while before I get it under control. But even then, within fifteen or twenty minutes, less if I really gross myself out, I'm back to normal. I let myself take another calming breath, and continued to try to explain. "If I'm home, it's easy. I can get to my room and take care of it in no time. I can't remember a time, before you, when I've been really hard for more than an hour." I smiled in spite of myself as I added "You've kept me hard more than I thought I could stand, but even so, today is pushing me." I reached over and put my hand on her knee next to me, to demonstrate my appreciation.

I looked to see Rach's reaction, but she had her 'I'm thinking' face on. I watched her, thinking how amazing she was, until she brightened suddenly, and said "Then you either need to gross yourself out, or cum and let yourself relax." "I know." I said frustrated. "I can't do the gross-out. I started to try earlier and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Not today. Somehow it would ruin it for me.

But I can't relax either. Every time I cum, there you are licking me, or looking at me with your beautiful eyes. Even if I close my eyes, I can't keep from thinking about what's coming next." With a sense of defeat, I surrendered "There is no escape." Rach's "Ooooh Kaaaay" accompanied her brow pucker as she absorbed my predicament. After a few seconds, her brow smoothed, and she purred "So you need to cum and then have nothing exciting to keep you hard.

I think I can help you with that." Rach leaned down to within inches of me, and whispered so softly I had to concentrate to hear her.

"If you trust me, really trust me, I can do that for you. But if you have even a little bit of doubt, we'll have to figure something else out." After a long pause, scrutinizing my expression, she added "It's O.K., you won't hurt my feelings." She had finally misread me.

What she had taken as a pause while I figured out how answer kindly, was actually a pause as I marveled at my certainty. All of my boundaries had fallen precisely because of my trust in her.

In each case, Rach was not just the cause of me straining against my barriers (the first 'driving lesson' came to mind), but even more importantly, my trust in her had left me free to disregard, and eventually dismantle those barriers (my self-consciousness about my cock was a perfect example of that).

Equally amazing, I was reading her perfectly. Her 'you won't hurt my feelings' was a lie. Of course it would hurt her feelings. And there I was, making her wait in her own worry, while I wandered around in my own head again. "Of course I trust you." I blurted, trying to make up for lost time. I reached up and held her face in my hands, returning to a whisper to say "It was just nice to think about that." She snuggled her face into my hands when I finished.

I realized she was tearing up, and tried to distract her. With a slight leer, I whispered "What's your plan?" That snapped her out of it. She grabbed one of my hands in hers as her face lifted away from it. Softly, she asked "How much rest do you need?" "To be %100, maybe two hours." I answered easily, my total faith in her letting me give up the burden of it being my problem. "And after the two hours, will you trust me then too?" she added, concealing all but a trace of excitement.

I knew faith was 'thrust in things unseen'. For me it was simple. I did not want, could not imagine, living in a world without that trust. Life lost its color if I lost Rach, and my trust was what bound me to her. Emptiness, or an indeterminable bliss; easy choice. I squeezed the hands wrapped around mine and said simply "I will always trust you completely." Rach said brightly, but with a hint of command, "Stay here, I'll be right back.", and then she left me, hurrying from Sharon's room.

I leaned up on my elbows to watch the open door as I waited. The pain in my cock hadn't lessened. It bounced at me over my navel, never quite touching my stomach. The purple of the head seemed darker, but it may have been the contrast of the bright pink comforter under me. I heard Rach before I saw her; rapid stair pounding and hall stomping, and then there she was.

I watched her fumble with a mass of red as she turned to close the door. Her "Close your eyes!", delivered over her shoulder as she fumbled with the lock, was equal parts plea and command. I snapped them shut. Within seconds Rach was kissing me I felt her straddling my waist, and fought to keep from watching.

I reached up to let my hands see for me, and felt Rach push them gently back down. I let myself relax under Rach's direction. She pulled back from the kiss, and I simply waited. I didn't have long to wait. I felt Rach's hands on my head, and then something soft pushed snug against my eyes.

I felt her release the band around my head, holding the 'blindfold' tight. She was kissing me again, and even though I felt her hands exploring me, I left my arms on the bed where Rach had pushed them, even as the energy of our kiss built. Rach's hands kneaded into me, and I could feel her body moving over mine, wanting more of me. With only my mouth to give back, I pushed against the kiss, straining to get deeper past her lips.

When I felt her lips pulling away, I had to restrain myself from following them up. After another moment's wait, and a sound I couldn't place, Rach had one of my hands in hers.

I helped her lift it up, and felt her mouth kiss my palm lightly. Then, I let her move my hand to the bed over my head. Even as the strange grip around my wrist sent a thrill through me, I still felt completely safe. In no time Rach had repeated her guidance with my other arm, and as she leaned back down and gave me her lips again, I tested my arms.

I had a little freedom of movement; perhaps 5 or 6 inches in any direction. I could feel the thin cord that ran from my wrists to somewhere out of reach, holding my arms where Rach wanted them. I had no idea what was happening, but I didn't need any. Whatever Rach wanted, I wanted. I wasn't thinking about anything except her, when Rach pulled back just enough to whisper "Are you O.K. so far?" Her voice was so soft and caring that even if I had had any fears, she would have melted them.

"I'm great." I whispered back, trying to fit all my feelings into those two words. "I promised if you trusted me, I would take care of you. Do you still trust me?" Rach ended with a hopeful lilt. I spoke softly, but with as much earnestness as I could, "You don't ever need to ask me that again Rach. I will always trust you completely." I felt a little bounce on my stomach where she sat. Even without my eyes, I could as well as see her little jolt of happiness.

A little louder, with the excitement of what she was saying, Rach soothed "Then you'll believe me when I tell you are safe with me. You said you needed two hours. I promise you'll get it. First, I'm going to make you cum. You're gona cum hard for me. After I 'relieve' you, I'm going to lock you in. You will be left totally alone. I'll leave. I'll keep the girls away.

I won't even let them make any noises you might hear.

No stimulation of any kind for you. No point letting your imagination keep you going either, because even if you wanted, you couldn't get to us to ruin your rest. That's why you needed to trust me. if you really believe everything I just told you is true, you know you have no choice but to lay here and rest." I let her words wash over me, seeing the perfect logic of them.

I smiled to show her my acceptance. Rach's hands caressed my shoulders.

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Her touch slithered up to my forearms, and she asked tenderly "Are your arms comfortable like this?" I gave a simple, soft "Yes." in answer. Rach continued moving her hands up my arms as she purred "Are you ready for me to take away your pain?" Brutally open, I put every bit of the need into my plea "Yes Please." Rach either didn't try very hard, or was unable to keep the excitement out of her voice as she whispered into my ear "Will it hurt?" The combination of her tension-filled breath in my ear, and the deviant exhilaration behind that tension, literally took my breath away.

It was several seconds before I could manage "U-hu." I had not let myself anticipate up till now. I guess it seemed like part of giving up control, was the bliss of staying in the moment. Wondering, and trying to guess what was coming next not only took you away from experiencing the now. It was also fundamentally at odds with my true faith and trust in Rach. The 'letting go' of my control, by necessity, included letting go of my idea of 'next'. Rach's question made it hard not to anticipate, but I fought the instinct until the feel of her body sliding down mine, burst images into my head of her destination.

Rach's slide was interrupted when her pussy caught on the base of my cock. She nuzzled her ass around the length of it behind her.

With excruciating slowness, she pushed against my lever-hold on her, bending me remorselessly down. What would usually have been a painless bend at the base of my cock, and maybe even pleasurable in small quantities, took on a completely different sensation when done to a cock already nearly screaming in pain.

The onslaught was startling, but I managed a deep breath, and felt the pleasure of falling into the freedom of helplessness. Now straddling my thighs, she bent my coil of suffering flat down to my feet; the only pressure holding me broken over was from her pussy wedged around me, forcing me to press into it. My cock's need to be rigid and strait generated hard pressure under her. She used it, sliding on my pain, rubbing me down deeper into my own world of screaming stimuli.

I only realized I was grunt-panting when Rach grabbed my face, and stopped her torture long enough to say strongly, "You like pain." There was a greedy exultation in her tone, and she ended her taunt with a long push down from her pussy. Her elation somehow made the words more virulent.

I felt myself sliding into their meaning as if I were hypnotized. She continued in the same needful glee "Pain will make you cum harder." As she spoke, she pushed down farther, and through the pain, I felt the head of my abused cock brush the bed between my legs. Again, the words, and Rach's delivery, made the thought real in my head; not supplanting my own thought, but forcing me to recognize it was mine already.

With a final thrust of her hips, she almost moaned "The harder you cum, the better you'll rest for me.", grinding my cock-head into the bed as she finished, holding me there to stew. I didn't even try responding at first. Even with her pause in grinding me down, the rigid crank I was trapped in made it hard to spare the concentration needed. I think she sensed my mental paralysis, because she lifted up enough for me to gasp in a lung-full, then prodded "Isn't that right?" so confidently, it was clear my answer was not for confirmation, but only for her enjoyment.

I had managed until now, regardless physical evidence, to keep from confirming this growing suspicion of Rach's; that I 'liked' pain. I hadn't even made up my mind to what extent it was true. I defiantly hadn't figured out how far was too far, and the thought of finding out brought a lump of fear into my throat.

All that notwithstanding, Rach had a way of blurring the lines between fear and excitement. In fact, that is how she helped me break free of myself in the first place. 'Every time Rach has pushed me to let go of one of my self-imposed restraints, hasn't it made my life better.' I thought.

I felt myself uncoil in that thought. Even now, at her mercy, I felt completely safe, and even, cared for. Without any filter or control, my heart and mind completely naked, I opened my mouth and listened as "Yes." breathed out of me. My next breath pushed past the lump in my throat, catching as it pleaded "Please…Rach." I could sense the excitement in the body over me.

The grinding pushed me back down immediately, and through the blinding sensations, I felt the head of my cock again being forced down into the bed between my legs. The intensity swallowed the rest of the world, and I lost the sense to follow what was happening for some time.

When the pain lifted, it took a few moments to pull my mind together enough to recognize the feeling of Rach moving on me. I slowed my breath from its quick pant, and took a deep breath just as Rach's mouth closed around the head of my cock. The pleasure and the pain surged in her mouth; her tongue yanking both from me. I heard myself pant-grunting in rhythm with her mouth's quickening movement up and down, and then my breath stopped.

Two points of pain, beyond any reasonable expectation, locked me rigid. Somewhere between my thighs, where my legs joined my pelvis, two deep probing fingers (or thumbs) pushed on raw nerve.

Rach was still sucking and then burying me in quick succession, and I felt my rigid body hump into her involuntarily. In the truest sense of the word, I suddenly NEEDED to cum. A sound came out of me as I struggled to inhale, and Rach Reacted instantly. The two points of exploding pain vanished, and then, what must have been both of Rach's hands, sank into the base of my cock. At full hump upward, I froze again as she squeezed.

The pain of it choked me, but even in this agony, I still would have cum. Somehow though, Rach's hands had clamped me so tightly, I suddenly felt completely blocked. My body didn't know what to do; trapped by her at 99%, with no escape up or down, like a rollercoaster locked at the top of a plunge. I didn't realize I was dropping out till a jarring crack seared my face. I tried to grasp what was happening. The cacophony coming from my cock had stopped shouting, and I was just working out by the feel of her, that Rach had moved again, straddling me at my waist again, pinning my cock to me with her pussy, when a slap hit the other side of my face, and evened up the burning on both cheeks.

"Answer me!" came in a low soft growl. For a moment I couldn't imagine Rach sounding like that. Then I realized I shouldn't be keeping that voice waiting.

In a croak, I sputtered "I didn't hear", quickly adding "I'm sorry." without thinking. In that same growl, Rach scolded "I said, 'I'm responsible for this, so you don't cum until I say you're ready.

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Do you understand!?" I blurted "Yes." and then felt I needed in this situation, to add 'Mistress', but something mixed up between my mouth and brain, and it came out "Sistress." The growling voice softened into a hum. "Good boy. I like that.

You get as close as you can, and then you wait for me. Your 'Sistress' will give you permission. It's worth it to trust me; you'll see." The last part softened enough for me to know, regardless of the pleasure she was getting, living up to my trust in her was her true motivation.

That made it easy for me to say "Thank you Sistress." Rach started moving again. I could hear her heavy breaths as her grinding pushed me into my stomach. Her wetness alone told me that this was exciting for her, but because of the blindfold, I was paying more attention to the sounds she was making, and her deep animal huffs exposed her exhilaration at my predicament, and her thrill from controlling me.

She let me enjoy the relatively painless grinding for a merciful few more slides, but before I could enjoy the comparative lack of pain long enough to get to my orgasm, Rach released me from her pressure. I felt her stand up over me, and pictured her there looking down at her project, her mission, her possession. The touch on my chest quickly coalesced in my mind as Rach's foot, when the increasing pressure forced air from my lungs.

The pressure continued to build, and then there were two. As Rach's feet traded the pressure back and forth, I could picture her standing there, struggling not to make any noise that would give away how much she was enjoying this.

With no warning, gut wrenching pain was drowned out in my useless struggle to take a breath. Rach had fallen down onto her knees, driving them right into my diaphragm, and knocking the wind out of me. It didn't help my efforts to get air, that Rach immediately leaned into my stomach, and took my offered cock head into her mouth. Aside from the added stress of another stimulus, her knees sank deeper into my gut.

When I finally gasped some air, the pain in my stomach made it excruciating to do anything but pull in a shallow pant.

Even with the pain, the lessening of my breathing panic to a mere struggle allowed me to enjoy Rach's attention. She had just the head in her mouth; the gentle biting (well almost gentle), and a tongue that seemed to be everywhere, quickly pulled me close to the brim, bringing along with it the exquisite agony of a cock that's been rock-hard for going-on 8 hours.


I realized in a panic, that I had to wait for Rach's permission. I scrambled to keep myself from going over the edge while I tried to decide if I should ask, or speak at all. 'Rach said 'Get close and wait.'' I reminded myself. I tried focusing on my breathing; taking as deep a breath as I could, and feeling the momentary distraction of the stabbing pain in my stomach that accompanied it.

The frustration of the burden returning as I exhaled, made me want to cry. I felt it slipping. I couldn't hold back any longer. I let a "Uuuh" out in a small defeated breath. Everything changed so fast I couldn't process it. I couldn't breathe. The pain in my cock exploded outward.

I couldn't hear. Rach's hot skin was everywhere. What was happening? A hot wetness bearing down on my throat moved, and I sucked in a lung-full. The air let me feel and think a little; enough to make sense of Rach's torture.

She had straitened her legs out around my head, and slid herself up on me till my jaw caught her pussy. Now, with my head squeezed tight between her thighs, and her pussy humping my neck, I was completely enclosed in her. I imagined how awesome it would be to not have the blindfold, so I could see her ass around me, squeezing me. The hot prison of Rach's flesh pulsed with pressure as she flexed, grinding her pussy into my throat.

Even with my air cut off completely, renewed pain from my cock pulled my focus. Rach had reapplied her choke hold on my cock, but now she squeezed in pulses, holding me back and making me need it more at the same time. Her mouth was wild on me; biting and sucking. My entire body arched up off the bed, shaking with the need. The pain grew past my need for orgasm. I actually welcomed the lightheadedness that was quickly taking away the pain, and everything else with it. I felt my body snap away from its frozen arch just as I started to drift away.

A drip landed on my lower lip, bringing with it a surge of awareness, I got back in time to feel Rach's hands jerking hard on me, pulling me up into her mouth. I licked the warm drop of Rach off my lip, and the vision of what was surely Rach's pussy, wet and dripping as it hung over my face, pushed me over.

I came. I came with more behind it; with more to cum from. It wasn't exactly stronger, but deeper and heavier than my cumming had ever taken me. The pleasure was all I was aware of. Everything else was gone. After a blissful eternity, the pleasure dropped enough for me care what was happening in the world outside my sub-space.

Rach had stopped her pleasure/pain dance with my cock. I could feel it, wet and sticky, against my stomach; the first signs of its relief already flowing through me. I basked in that relief, almost giddy at the sudden lack of pain. Rach's hand on my face brought me out of my revelry.

"Thank you…Ra.Sistress" I croaked reflexively. "It was my pleasure little brother." Rach responded sweetly. Her tone, and her calling me 'little brother', showed her caring, authority laden older sister side, which was probably just what she intended. Her hand disappeared from my face, and she asked "Do you need anything before I go?" I had completely lost track of the point of Rach's 'help'. Realizing I was moments from her leaving me alone, I had to push away the temptation to ask her to stay, and simply asked "Can I have some water please?" My answer was the sound of Rach's little feet running down the hall.

Moments later, she was back, lifting my head to drink from the cup she held. She tipped it up for me slowly until I had emptied it. "Are you comfortable?" Rach asked caringly. "Yes Rach, Thanks." I whispered. She laid my head back gently, and then I heard the door close, and I was alone. I was so spent, and driven so deeply into cum-brain, that one form of semi-consciousness flowed right into the other, and I was gone. [Just three more Chapters. Check back next Friday]