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Suelen Ramos Na Casa Do Macho
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Being a virgin for a man in his 22 makes the world think that he is some kind of a nerd. But who says that nerds cannot have fun. The most chaotic day of my life was probably losing my virginity to my new friend, Kritika who was 23. And it was like a gift from the sex goddess herself. It was the last day of the college in Delhi University and after the exams she and her friends planned for a booze party at a restaurant we rented far away from the city. That morning, we had our exams.

And as she entered the hall, nobody even stole glances at her as she was not scantily clad, but with a geeky black cats eye glasses, spaghetti top and pants that covered her entire legs. She discussed about the subject that we were supposed to be writing during the exams with our friends Anobik, Arnab, Somesh and Mani and little did we talk about the booze party thst we had planned a month in advance.

The exams went as usual and perhaps me being the only person thinking of the party while jotting down whatever came into my mind. After the exams, Kritika took me shopping to the mall rather forcefully. She wanted to buy some inner wears and I was disgusted at the idea of that.

She picked up some lingerie from the petite section and headed to the trial room. As I waited outside the door, she unlocked the door and pulled me in. I stood speechless at the sight of her perky breasts with somewhat erect nipples. She next slipped her right hand over my zipper and leaned forward and whispered into my ears "Your virginity will soon be gone" before she smooched me and put on her clothes before we walked out of the trial room.

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There were people stealing glances at the bulge in my pants. We reached her place around 4. I knew what was coming. She couldn't refuse men. She was the queen of making the boys come. She had given her best friend Aldesh and me a BJ simultaneously just before our exams to relieve pressure. As I was seated on the chair, she winked at me before she kneeled on the floor and pulled my fly down and started kissing the bulge underneath the boxers.

Next she freed my penis off the boxers and she let the air blow over it.


I couldn't speak a word and time stood still even though it wasn't the first time she gave me the damned blowjob. She even had a fetish for that as her initials on her piggy banks were BJ in red.

Kritika started kissing the tip of my penis and then she started licking the pee hole rather intermittently that sent shocks to my entire body. She then whispered "you'll have to pay if you want a pole dance" and turned around and unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down just enough to expose her white panties that outlined her butt curves perfectly.

Next she started rubbing her butt cheeks against my erect six and half inch cock before she sat on my lap and whispered "I would have had your cock inside me if it were nine inch" Later she dropped off her pants and took off her bra. As Kritika grabbed my cock and held in her hand, the door opened and her roommate entered the room like it were a common day and added rather teasingly "I've seen your hand on bigger ones before" to which Kritika added "Have you brought home the big dick, Mani?" before she started stroking my hard penis with her right hand up and down before she stopped again when a guy entered the place smirking "Your hands would do better on me again" to which Mani added "Ashwin, leave her with her new pet called Yugal" before she pulled the guy away after taking the guitar and heading out.


Kritika started kissing my cock intermittently and then dropped her saliva on my already hard member. Next she teasingly pulled her face away from my pants and then winked before she held my cock tightly in her left hand and then started licking the balls rather lusciously. Next she started pulling her right palm back and forth against my cock for about five times before she guide her lips on the sack and moved towards the head. Next she started sucking the tip of my penis and then guiding the whole length along with the sack deep inside her throat.

All I could manage is to hold her by her hair before I exploded my cum inside her which she swallowed rather teasingly before I got the tissues to rub my Johnson free from her saliva. Soon we took leave of each other and decided to meet at the booze party. I headed to the party along with Kritika and her friends Ishan, Anobik and Arnab.

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Kritika, who wore those cats eye glasses was around 5 feet tall, quite fair and slim. Her breasts weren't that fully developed but had a butt that was rather large. Ishan, who wore a round golden frame glasses, was 6 feet tall, average build and a bit dark.

Anobik who stood 5 foot 2 inch was quite dark and muscular and wore red wayfarers. Arnab was around 6 feet, dark slim and was often regarded as sex maniac who also happened to be the best friend of Kritika. We four headed to the outskirts on Ishan's car where the room was booked as we wanted to stay away from the cops cause we knew there would be other things involved too. As soon as we reached the location, her friends Mani, Ashwin and Somesh welcomed us. Mani was short St 4 foot 6 inch, dark and wore black wayfarers.

Ashwin too was dark and about 5 foot 8 inch tall. Also Somesh was 5 foot, bit fair and hefty build unlike me who had a hefty build but my 6 foot 4 inch hid the heftiness. Ashwin walked to Kritika and welcomed her and soon slid his right hand inside her denim shorts and winked at her and then left with Mani and Somesh. At the party, the usual stuff went on with nothing special as this is India and Indians don't have fun in public.

There were no strippers, no pimps, no pot, no nothing except all the alcohol you could drink and be charged the next day. I, Kritika, Arnab, Anobik, Ishan and Arnab sat together as we gulped down all the alcohol we could bear until Ashwin, Mani and Somesh took us to the room they hired. Ashwin winked at Kritika and added "Let's have a bang." She smirked and pat on crotch and added "I've been there many times and it gets boring." Kritika held my right hand in her left and Arnab's left hand in her right as we headed to the room that her mates had in store for us.

Anobik and Ishan too followed. The room had two huge beds and I could see Mani, Ashwin and Somesh making out on the bed to the right already though they were yet to get rid of their clothings. Kritika started smooching Arbab and then looked at me.

Before I could say anything, Kritika's lips were on mine and we were smooching. Then she made Arnab join and we three were just touch each other's tongues. Meanwhile, Ishan and Anobik too had started kissing one another with their bulge already visible from their denims.

Kritika dropped her right hand on my crotch and her left on Arnab's and started faint touches before she unzipped both our denims and pulled our cocks out.

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Mine seemed to be the bigger one compared to Arnab and quite lighter compared to his darker one. Kritika then kissed our cocks simultaneously and Arnab moaned in Hindi "tum to havas ki Devi ho" which meant you're the sex goddess. She grabbed both our cocks and put in her mouth and wet it down with her saliva before she left us and went to Ishan and Anobik and joined the smooch they shared.

Anobik put his left hand on her right breast and Ishan his right hand on her left breast and started squeezing her breasts with her clothes on. She then unzipped their pants too and started kissing their cocks. Anobik had 4 inch cock but with a bigger diameter and Ishan had 5 with small diameter dark cock. As Kritika started licking their cocks, their already erect cocks were so aroused that Anobik's penis exploded within no time and his cum landed abruptly on Kritika's face.

She winked at him and turned towards licking Ishan's.

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She started torturing his balls which was evident from his groans. As soon as Anobik wiped off his penis with a tissue, even Ishan ejaculated on Kritika and soon Anobik wiped off the cum on Kritika's face.

It all happened so fast that I didn't know there were moans coming from Mani, Ashwin and Somesh. As I turned around, I could see Mani sandwiched in between Ashwin and Somesh. Somesh lay down on the bed with his penis buried deep inside Mani's anus and she laid on top with Ashwin on top of her with his cock buried in Mani's vagina.

Both of them were thrusting in and out of Mani. Anobik, with his semi erected cock stripped himself and ran to guide his cock in Mani's mouth. As she pouted her lips, Anobik's dark cock was deep inside her throat. She was shared by 3 men who were in heaven and next to me stood Kritika who couldn't digest the fact that I was virgin. I could only stare more at the live foursome before Kritika pulled off my clothes.

As I turned around, Ishan and Arnab were already in their birthday suits.

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Kritika kissed my neck before she pulled off my shirt and started smooching me. I freed myself from my pants and boxers before I pulled off her shirt and unclasped her bra.Arnab started kissing her left breast while Ishan kissed her right.

Her brown nipples started to get erect and stood out on her tiny tits. I slid my right hand in her skirt and started caressing her crotch and soon freed her of her panties and skirt.

Her brown pubic hair covered her vagina. Slowly I knelt and started kissing her crotch and then started biting her clit which she rather liked. Next I started drooling all over her vagina and I couldn't get the g spot of hers.

Soon she slid ice cube on my penis outta nowhere that made me feel like I was up on cloud nine. As I saw Arnab and Ishan too play with ice cubes and one another's genitals, I too took the ice and rolled it across Kritika's thighs and soon over her clit. Arnab and Ishan too slid ice cubes over her nipples taking turns till she was wet. Ishan jumped on the bed and Kritika kissed his penis before putting on small condom.


Next she took a lube and applied it over her genitals before she put it on my hard cock. She then jumped over Ishan and laid on top of him with his cock buried in her anus. Then Arnab stood near the bed and guided his cock inside her vagina and both started thrusting her. She then smirked "Join in Yugal". I jumped on the bed and tried to guide my hard penis inside her. I too was able to guide my cock inside her vagina such that mine and Arnab's cocks touched each others inside her vagina.

I too started thrusting in and out and at times all three cocks were inside her and she moaned the names of everyone in the room. Listening to the moans, Ashwin joined us by guiding his cock along with his sack inside Kritika's mouth and then choking her up to her throat. His hands laid on his penis that went in and out Kritika's mouth.

Soon Anobik too joined with his cock inside Kritika's mouth and anyone who could see five guys sharing her would've ejaculated instantly. But not her gang. Two penises without condom thrusting her vagina, two deep throating her and one thrusting her anus and she was just beginning to get wet.

Soon Ishan came in his condom and pulled off from her butt and before he could leave, even Ashwin and Anobik ejaculated a little in her mouth which she spit and smirked "too less content" Soon it was Arnab and Kritika alone with me with others passed out from booze and ejaculations.

Next I stood opposite to Kritika with my eyes meeting hers and Arnab stood behind her. Then he started licking her butt and started sucking it. I started biting her clit and slid my right index and middle finger in her vagina and started licking her clit. Soon Arnab held his penis in his hands and guide it inside Kritika's rectum and within two thrusts he came inside her and his cum dripped from her butt over my fingers.

She then smirked "I know you like BDSM, Yugal. Fuck me like you hate me." I was already so angry on her for having sex with so many guys in a single night and her words were fuel to the fire.

I angrily pushed her up against the wall and started sucking on her left nipple till it was red while I squeezed her right nipple till her tiny breasts turned red and the pain had turned her on.

Being a masochist, she loved the humiliation but all others had passed out and she was still horny. She wanted someone to make her squirt. Soon I made her face the wall with her tits squeezed to the wall and she grabbed my cock and guide it inside her vagina.

I didn't thrust; I just started spanking her butt black and blue until fluids started dripping from her vagina. Soon I lifted her in my arms with the wall support. Soon our lips locked one another's and my cock soon slid inside her penis and I slid it in and out and perhaps,I found out her g spot that she moaned quite loudly. I too joined her in moans taking one another's name with my cock sliding in and out of her wet vagina. Within ten to twelve strokes, I came inside her and to my surprise even her fluids started covering my cock that began to shrink after exploding semen inside Kritika.

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She then pinched my penis with her index and thumb and smirked "Mr Mines gave me great pleasure." and then licked off the cum that remained.

Without much energy left, we both passed out with her mouth yet on my cock and mine next to her vagina as we wanted to try 69.