Tributo de yoanmexicandick tube porn

Tributo de yoanmexicandick tube porn
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So I'm 15 years old and live in Florida USA. I'm a typical kid my age who's into sports and has one or two girls throwing themselves at me constantly.


I'm 6ft, muscular and have nice brown hair. I take the bus home from school most days. This year has been busy for me as I've been studying a lot trying to keep my grades up.

It's around 3:30 and school finally ends for the day, I had gym last period so I had a casual walk out to my bus stop. Soon my friend Peter comes out of school and joins me at the bus stop with seconds to spare before the bus came. He's about 5ft10" and muscular also. Peters sister is following behind him, Cathy, she's about 1 year and a half older than Peter and doesn't talk to us much.She has long black hair, a big ass and a nice pair of tits.

"Hey Cody" Cathy says as she reaches the bus stop. Although she never really talks to us she's always friendly to me. "Hey" I respond. I let her step on before me so I can get a look at her ass through her school uniform. Peter doesn't notice and I start chatting with him.

We get on the bus and start driving towards home. We talked about school and the upcoming track season in the school on the bus. Peters stop is about 20 mins from the school and he soon got off. I said bye to them both and began scrolling through my phone. About 5 minutes later we pull up at another stop and a girl I recognised got on with a friend. I knew I knew them from somewhere but couldn't remember.

It drove me mad but I soon forgot about it. When it was time for me to get off at my stop I got up and pressed the stop button.

I noticed both girls had gotten up to get off at the same stop. As I got closer to them I finally remembered who they were. They were my friends I had growing up. They lived across the street but went to another school so I haven't seen them in a while, also the fact that they've filled out hadn't helped me remember.

They were sisters, amy was the older one and she was about my age, she was around 5ft8" with long brown hair and huge assets, her sister, Laura, was about 2 years younger than her, she was basically a copy of her sister but smaller.

She was around 5ft5" with small tits and an ass u could hold with two hands. I began talking to them and they were equally surprised to see me. I remember their parents being really strict when I was younger which made them both stressed. As we walked we talked about what we had been up to in the past few years. Eventually we got to our houses and I realised my mum and dad were away on holidays and my two siblings were staying at a friends house so I quickly turned around and told them to come over.

They said they would love to but their parents wouldn't let them. Laura then came up with an idea and told me that they'd be over in 10 mins. I opened my house door and went straight in.

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I turned the tv on to kill time and had a bit of food. Soon enough the girls showed up. I asked them how they managed to persuade their parents to allow them and Laura said she told them that she has an art project to do on a natural landscape like a park that she already has done and amy said she'd go with her for the fresh air and a run.

This explains why Laura is still in her school uniform of a long grey skirt and a red school jumper with shirt and tie and Amy is in leggings a sports bra and a almost see through white running top. I offer them food and they decline. We go into my living room and start watching some bullshit chick flick movie on Netflix.

After about 20 minutes the two main characters start having sex and the woman lets out a loud moan. Amy then says "ohhh I would love for someone to make me moan like that" I then confidently look her at tell her "I could make u moan like that anyday" They both look at each other and smile they then both stand in front of me and take both my hands and lead me to my bedroom.

At this stage I know what's about to happen. I tell Laura to sit at my desk chair and watch. I'll get onto her in a while. I throw her sister Amy onto the bed and begin to kiss her passionately. As I'm doing this I start getting feels at her big ass and tits after about 5 minutes I decide it's time. I take off her see through running top and rip off her sports bra I patch my mouth onto one of her nipples and suck while I gently pinch my fingers on her other nipple.

I soon begin kissing her neck and shove my hands into her panties and start fingering her. After about a minute I can feel that she is about to cum. I pull of her leggings and see that she is wearing a white thong. I pull that off too and begin to lick her pussy. As I start licking her clit I can feel her orgasm coming so I quickly whip out my cock which was a decent size of 6 and half inches and positioned at her vagina.

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Just as I was about to push in she stopped me and told me it was her first time. I looked at her and smiled. I said "it's mine too just relax and enjoy it". I felt her relax and continued on I slid my dick in slowly and slowly worked into a rhythm. Her legs were wrapped around my body and I reached down and began feeling her tits. She enjoyed this and let out a loud moan. I then focused my attention on making her cum. I sped up my rhythm and started rubbing her clit as I fucked her. Within 30 seconds she reached an orgasm and came all Over me.

This then made me come inside her and she went limp. She looked at me and told me it was amazing and that she can't wait to do it again someday.

She gets up and asks if she could use the shower I show her where it is and help her turn it on. I then walk back into my room and her little sister Laura is still there. She looks nervous and she says to me "wow. you fucked her good" I reply "yeah and I'm about to fuck u better" She looks at me and I dive in and kiss her.

She kisses me back and after a minute or two the kiss breaks she tells me that I was her first kiss and I reply "I'm gonna be your first a lot today then" I pick her up easily and lay her on the bed.

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I lay next to her and tell her how badly I want to fuck her. I pull her on top of me and we resume kissing I begin feeling her ass. I squeeze hard and I begin feeling her getting wetter all on my legs. My dick begins to harden again and I see this as the time to begin taking off her clothes. I reach my hand up and pull off her red jumper I then begin to unbutton her shirt as she takes off her tie. She then starts kissing my neck as I pull her shirt off of her and undo her bra. As soon as her tits are loose I begin sucking on them.

I'm already in the nip from my previous fucking of her sister.


I roll her onto her back and stick my hands up her skirt and I pull off her black thong. I look at her and she tells me she changed especially for me. She then told me it was her mums and I quickly threw it away. I stick my head up her skirt to see that I'm dealing with a cleanly shaved tight pussy. I slide one finger in and begin to lick her vagina gently. She begins to reach an orgasm quicker than her sister does.

So I see this as the time to stop and pull off her skirt. I roll her back on top of me and she positions my dick into her vagina.


She begins to moan as soon as I penetrate her she begins to ride me taking only 2-3 inches of my dick. She moaning hard and it's getting me off quickly. But not quick enough. I start groping her ass and when she reached the top of my dick I pushed it up hard back into her hard. She lets out the loudest moan so far and I begin to fuck her. She cums a minute later but I still haven't I continue fucking her but after a while she says she's getting sore and wants me to stop. She came three times and I still haven't cum.

She stands up and pulls her black thong back in she thanks me for the sex and says she can't wait to fuck me again. I stopped her there and said we haven't finished she smiled and I grabbed her head and shoved my dick into her mouth. She was unsure on what to do at first but she soon got used to it.

I started face fucking her and soon my dick was in her throats she was gagging and I held my dick down her throat for as long as I could've after a while of getting blown by her I finally came down her young throats she got up hugged me and told me my cum was delicious.

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At that time her sister comes out of the shower and tells us she came all over herself in the shower after hearing her sister getting fucked so hard. I kiss them both and feel them up a bit.

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They then both get changed again and we head back downstairs after about 10 minutes they get a call from their mum and tell me they have to leave now. They individually come over to me and kiss me passionately. I then smack both their asses and tell them to cum by anytime they can before my parents come back from their holiday.

They told me they will definitely come over at some point and leave. Thanks for reading, this is my first one I've written so I hope u enjoyed. No negative comments( if u have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all)