Fourway teen pussyfucked by grandpas

Fourway teen pussyfucked by grandpas
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About the author, Bistander: I started writing because my regular life fell apart. I was already paralyzed, but the wheels came off the train because of a woman and I had to start over.

Unfortunately, I grew up with a severe learning disability that went untreated, so not only do I have a lot to learn, there's a limit to how much I can do. I hope you won't hold any of that against me, nor will you excuse poor writing because of it. I welcome and am motivated by your feed back. About the story, Potential: Not all of the events actually happened, many of them didn't happen the way they are portrayed, but all of them are based on true, real life events that I know about and or participated in.

All of the characters are based on actual people, none of them me, even if some of my personality shows up in them. That just happens. Potential by Bistander Chapter 11 Lines are Drawn to be Crossed Jason came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.

His shaved balls tingled. He was just as horny now as he'd been before losing his virginity, except now he was on the other side of the line he'd drawn—he'd done the one thing he told himself he'd never do. That was a lie he'd been telling himself. Once he was inside Becky, he knew he'd always expected it to happen. Of course he had, why else would he have pushed Evan so hard towards Deana?

One morsel of justification was all he needed, and Evan cumming in both of his sister's underwear was enough. You can't smell your sister's pussy while you're beating off and not want to fuck her. He knew under the right circumstances Evan would be inside Deana or Gloria just as fast as he would. Technically, he hadn't crossed that line; Becky had dragged him over it and there had been no decision for him to make. His decision making started when he got up that morning.

Don't do it again, or do it? He probably hadn't been born with morals, but if he had, they were licked off his balls by that dog.

Fear of being caught by his mother had been his only restraint. Where had that fear gone? When he sat down at the table with her, it had been there. He watched her and challenged her to see his guilt, but she didn't see any.

That's when he realized he hadn't been seeing clearly. His vision had been blurred by a guilty conscience. For years he hadn't even noticed his mother's body or the way she looked at him. Fucking Becky had opened his eyes. He thought about the look on his mother's face when she walked in on him and Becky. Horrified, yes, but not at first. Hadn't she waited until his cock stopped spurting cum before she said anything?

All those times he masturbated while she approached, he assumed he'd been amazingly lucky that he hadn't been caught. He thought about the times she had forgotten to lock the bathroom door. He had been so shocked and embarrassed, but his mother waited a long time to even cross her arms over her chest.

There were towels hanging at arms reach. No scream, no demand for him to close the door. Had she been trying to tell him something? Damn, Becky's room was still empty. He should have jerked off in the shower. How could his sister not be there the morning after they finally had sex?

The thought made him feel stupid. He couldn't start acting like she was his girlfriend or he'd ruin a great opportunity.

What could be better for two horny teenagers than living under the same roof? Only one thing in his mind, but he was trying not to think about that. He walked past his room and went out the back door onto the patio, still wearing a towel.

I've never beat off out here during the day, he thought, that might settle me down. His neighbors could see him, but only if they went far enough in their backyard to see around the tall hedges that lined both sides of the patio.

They were never home during the day, anyway. It was a rush thinking about getting caught. Jason sat down and placed his hands on his lap. He parted his legs enough to feel his dick under the towel. There was a chain link fence around their yard, but anybody could walk through the gate by the driveway.

It was probably even open. Maybe Becky would come home and catch him? His thoughts made his cock start to grow, but he kept it concealed. The idea of getting caught masturbating was exciting, but actually getting caught by almost anybody other than Becky would simply be humiliating. Even if it was Becky he'd still be embarrassed. The UPS guy or a kid from the neighborhood could walk back there. His dick got stiff, and he started to peel back the towel. Deana looked at Rebecca and said, "What?" "I said,—"Rebecca waited for the rumble from Cindy's car to fade—"it's hard to believe that you aren't sisters.

You look alike, act the same and even sound like each other. Oh, and she's gorgeous, too." "I used to spend a lot more time around her.when I was little, growing up, so I probably started acting like her. It's a little weird, though, when I see myself in her." "Did you notice the way she looked at me when she said, 'Ya'll have fun.lots of fun.'?" "No." "Yes you did and just like you, Cindy's face, her smirk, said a whole lot more." "It wasn't anything." Rebecca's grip on her arm reminded Deana how strong the pint-sized gymnast was.

She was very perceptive, too.

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"Dee, you didn't?" It was impossible to lie to Rebecca. "No, I didn't, but I did.sort of." "You did or you didn't, and I know you did," Rebecca said. "We agreed—" "It's cool, I swear it is. She's going to be a psychologist, and she'd never tell and she told me she's done it.

I had to tell her, she knew anyway." "How could she know?" "She just did. She knew something was bothering me. It's like she was reading my mind and I had to." "So she's exactly like you, reading people's thoughts." "You write them on your face for me to read," Deana said. "I saw the way you were looking at Cindy, it was so obvious what you were thinking about." "I wasn't thinking anything, except how much sexier you'll be in three years." "Whatever. Oh, she said you're cute." "Really?" "Yup, and she said you're probably a real firecracker.

Don't worry, I didn't give her details." Rebecca got that naughty look in her eyes. "Maybe we can get some therapy from her.

Can you imagine doing it with her? I can, it would be like being with you in the future." "She's my cousin!" "Yeah, she is," Rebecca said with a shrug.

"Who'd she do it with?" "I didn't ask." "Why not? You told her who you did it with. Why not ask? Wonder if it's somebody we know." "I didn't tell her, she knew it was you. She said, it was Rebecca." "She smart, like you.

You should have asked her to stay a while. Ever thought about having a threesome?" "If I did, it wouldn't be with my cousin." I'd want to have her to myself, Deana thought. "Yeah, but maybe that's how we can get you that thing you've never had? I could—" "I told you, I'm not going to do some random guy just so I know what a dick feels like. Might as well just use a dildo if it's not someone I love." "Hmm, really." "Stop that." "Oh, shoot, all that Cindy stuff made me forget," Rebecca said.

"I've been waiting all day to show you this. It feels amazing!" Before Deana could say anything, Rebecca was pulling the front of her shorts down. "Look, I did it too, but I didn't want to be a copycat, so I did it different." Deana stared. Two thin lines of pubic hair formed the letter V, like an arrow pointing at the divot at the top of Rebecca's slit. "I don't think you want your neighbors or parents to see what I'm about to do to you, so you better put that away." It's a good thing Evan isn't here.

She had never wanted sex so bad. "Really?" Rebecca said, and ran the tip of her finger up her bald flesh as her waist band rose. "I don't think I've ever seen that look before.

What's got you so excited, anything I should know about?" "Please stop." Deana took a deep breath. As much as she wanted to, she couldn't tell Rebecca. "Stop looking at me like that while your parents are home." "Look at you," Rebecca said, and took hold of Deana's hands.

"You're shaking. Tell me! I know there's more." "I told you on the phone I was horny, and if you went for a ride in that car, you'd know why I'm shaking. It's the most terrifying excitement you'll ever have. It went from nothing to over a hundred miles an hour it the blink of an eye, and it vibrates." "It's Cindy, isn't it?" "Yeah, Cindy's crazy, a little crazy, and I got scared, but not like I should have. She has so much confidence and something I can't explain.

She makes me feel safe even when all my senses are telling me to be afraid." "Mm, that thing you can't explain, that's how you make me feel," Rebecca said.


"We better go in because I wanted you before, now I'm horny enough to go down on you right here in the front yard.

My neighbors can watch." "You better knock all that off until your parents leave," Deana said. She needed to get a grip on herself. Rebecca mimicked pushing a button. "I have a lock." "Do you have a sound proof door that you haven't told me about?" "You can bite your tongue," Rebecca said.

I'd have to bite it off, Deana thought. What was that? The sound was probably a squirrel or a twig falling from a tree, but Jason shoved his boner between his thighs and closed the towel over them.

He listened intently. There it was again, and the light coming through the bushes flickered. He'd never make it to the door. Please be Becky. "Jason?" It was a girl's voice, not Becky's. "Hi Ja—Ah, do you always wear a towel outside?" He was more shocked than embarrassed.

What the hell was the fuckin' redhead doing in his backyard? "Darlene," he said. He had seen his sister with Darlene at school, but never anywhere else, especially not at his house. "Becky isn't here." "I know," Darlene said. "She went to the mall, but she told me it would be okay if I came over to talk to you." The shock tapered and his embarrassment grew. What if he had just shot a load on the cement? He looked Darlene up and down, then tried to focus on her face.

That wouldn't be easy. "Talk to me?" he said, then his eyes dropped again. Darlene's skirt was two feet shorter than his towel. The heels she was wearing made her creamy-white legs seem never ending, and her beefy thighs were four boners out of five, on his scale.

Her faded Paramore T-shirt squeezed her chest up into the sliced neckline. Was she wearing a bra? That deep trench between her huge melons needed a greased cock sliding through it, and he had one to volunteer. "Yes, talk to you. Becky said I should stop by, she thought you would be home." How could she be standing in front of him, smiling like she had a juicy secret she needed to share?

He'd never figure that out while she was oozing those pheromones that diverted all his brain power to his dick? "What about?" he asked. "What about the towel?" She sat down. "Do you normally wear that outside or did Becky tell you I was coming?" "No, no, I never wear a towel outside, normally. This is embarrassing. Let me go get some—" "No, don't, I like the towel," she said.

"It'll make it easier for me to tell you why I'm here. It's kinda embarrassing." "More embarrassing than wearing a towel outside?" "Yes," she said. "I probably shouldn't say anything." "Yes, yes you should," he said. "I gotta know now." "Alright, but you can never repeat it, seriously." He crossed his heart and said, "I swear." He would have said anything to keep her there. "Okay," she said, and crossed her arms under her tits, causing an eruption of freckled flesh to stretch the V-cut in her shirt.

"I keep having this dream and you're in it." "Really," he said. The fuckin' redhead is dreaming about me. "Yes, and part of the dream has to do with something that is really happening.or not happening, actually. That's the embarrassing part." "Hey, I'm wearing a towel outside.just a towel, you can tell me." "Here goes," she said. "In the dream you're the only one who can solve the problem I'm having. I come over here and we have sex and I have an orgasm. See, it's crazy.

I shouldn't have—" "No, it's not crazy." It wasn't crazy, it was insane. "Aren't you dating that guy with the Camaro?" Sex would be great, but he wasn't sure he wanted to get beat up. "Yes, that's why you can't ever mention this to anybody. Becky is the only person I've told. I trust her and she said I can trust you." "You can," he said. "You have the towel thing to hold over my head." "That's true." "So, the part about you not having orgasms is true and in your dream—" "In my dream we have sex and I finally have one.

Then the problem is solved," she said. "Do you think I'm nuts?" "No, not at all. Was I wearing a towel in your dream?" "No, you're naked." Play it cool, dumb ass, he told himself. "Good, that's good. You told Becky and she told you to come here?" "Yes," Darlene said. "She told me.talked me into it." The idea of his sister knowing, wanting him to fuck Darlene made his lust surge into a new dimension of depravity.

It would almost be like having Becky watch him have sex with Darlene. Ever since their mother caught them, being watched was one of his fantasies. "I'm guessing we're not on the patio in the dream?" "No, we're in your room.I guess it's your room," she said.

"We have to do it the way it is in the dream, I think, to make sure it works. I hope it works because I've never had this kind of problem, and it sucks." "You ready?" he asked.

He didn't want to seem too eager, but he was afraid he might wake up from a dream of his own. "Yes," she said, and stood up. "After you." He waved his arm in a sweeping motion, then got up and adjusted his towel so the overlapping ends weren't in the front.

No need to show her how ready I am, yet. He watched her butt until she reached the door. Guys actually stopped in the hallway to watch that ass. It had never looked so good.

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Her stretchy black skirt clung to her like skin and there was absolutely no allowance for bending without showing it all. He wished she would drop something, but she didn't have anything with her. Darlene walked towards his bedroom. Maybe she had been to his house. She stopped outside his door and asked, "Is this your room?" "Yes," he said, and went in ahead of her, hoping there weren't dirty underwear lying around. Darlene turned in a circle, then said, "Could be the room from my dream, hard to say.

You know how dreams are." "What happens first?" he asked. "I mean in your dream." "I don't know if we have to do it exactly the way it was, but we might as well try," she said. "Stand here next to your bed, facing me." Darlene's words were like sweet candy, melting in his mouth.

"We're already making out whenever the dream starts, so we should kiss." She ran a seductive finger down his chest, circled his belly and went back up to his neck. His cock pushed against the towel.

Was it possible he was really going to fuck Darlene? Evan would not be happy. Evan wasn't happy to see Deana's room empty. He had come home prepared to tell her they had to stop, had to make things right between them, again. Thanks to Miss Tonya, he'd be able to think with his head, the right one. After what happened the night before, how could Deana not be home waiting for him?

Where was she? He'd have to ask Gloria because he wasn't ready to see his mother. She might not know he fucked Miss Tonya, but she would see something on his face, she always knew when something was up. He went to Gloria's room. When he opened the door, Gloria's head spun toward him. "Hey, you're supposed to knock." She flipped her sketch pad shut and turned it over, then she got up from her desk.

"I could have been naked or something!" Of all the things she could have said, that was the last thing he wanted to hear. Thanks, Jayda. "Sorry." "Don't let it happen again." He rarely knocked, so why was she suddenly making a big deal about it? He pictured Jayda in her room, sitting on some girl's face. His sister was right, he needed to knock, even though he knew Gloria wasn't worried about him seeing her sitting on a girl's face. What was she hiding? "Knock-knock, can I come it?" "Mmhm." "Where's Deana?" "She's at Rebecca's," Gloria said.

"She's spending the night." That sucked. Tomorrow he'd be with Cindy at the race track and Thursday he'd have to go back to Miss Tonya's. That was going to be weird. "What are you drawing?" he asked. "Nothing," she said. "It's something and it's something you don't want me to see." "It's not finished." "So, I'm your biggest fan," he said.

"Give me a sneak preview." "I don't think you'll like it." "How will I know without seeing it?" "I'd rather not show anybody." "I'm not anybody, and now I really want to see it." Gloria sat on the desk, on top of her pad. "No, you can't," she said. "It's a secret." "It's a secret, I won't like it, it's not done, which is it?" She crossed her arms over her chest. "If I do, what are you gonna give me?" "Anything you want," he said. "Really?" "Yup, if it's possible.

I can't give you a million dollars or anything like that." "Okay, you promise?" she said, and held out her pinky finger. They locked fingers. "I promise. What do you want?" "I'm not sure now, I'll tell you later. If I show you, you can't laugh and you can't tell anybody, not even Deana.

Promise?" This had to be something good if Deana couldn't see it. "Yeah, yeah, just get your butt up and let me see." Gloria sat in her chair and Evan got on one knee beside her with his elbow on the desk.

She lifted the cover half an inch, then closed it. "Don't laugh." Evan didn't laugh or say anything. The drawing was of a female warrior with her feet widely planted and her arms above her head, wielding a large club. She was wearing boots that went up to her knees, and nothing else. "Don't you like it," Gloria said. Huge tits hung over six pack abs. A mat of hair formed a neat triangle above pussy lips that bulged between her legs.

The definition was incredible and arousing. He loved it, but didn't want to admit it. "Ah, she's nude," he said. "Yup." "Your imagination is incredible. Is that you when you grow up?" "Fat chance." If he could draw, and he was drawing what he imagined his mother looked like naked, that would be it. "You might be surprised. Got anymore?" Did asking make him sound like a pervert? "No." "Right." He grabbed the pad.

Gloria's cheeks flushed as he turned the page.


The next page had the same woman again, except now she was wearing a spiked bikini top that formed her tits into pointy cones. The club was at her side. Still naked below the waist, her legs were cut with bulging muscles. He was afraid to turned the page again, but he did anyway.

His breath caught in his throat. The woman was naked again except now she was on her hands and knees. A large musclebound guy was standing behind her with a massive erection jutting out from his groin. The detail suggested Gloria had studied the real thing very carefully. "Gloria, jeez—" What the hell was he supposed to say?

"I hope you have a good hiding spot for this pad. If dad ever sees it—" "I'm not stupid," Gloria said.

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"Good," he said. "How, um, how do you—Oh never mind." He didn't want to know anymore than he already knew. "You're incredibly talented. You should consider a career in graphic design for video games, but I think you'll have to learn to draw more clothes." "I know how to draw clothes, but—" "Never mind, I gotta take a shower." "Yeah, you do," she said.

"You smell weird, kinda like nuts or something." Almonds and sex, he thought, and headed for the bathroom. Darlene wasn't a normal high school girl. Her tits pressed against Jason's chest. He stared at her luscious lips. Her pink tongue wet them as they moved towards his. He put his arms around her lower back and she pressed her mouth to his. Jason never knew kissing could be so erotic, but Darlene was showing him.

If she could make him want to cum with a kiss, what the hell would happen if she got those lips around his cock? Darlene's fingernails dragged from his shoulders down to the towel. He shivered when a coolness swept his freshly shaved balls. His freed dick lifted and brushed silky smooth skin. "Oh, my, is that what I think it is?" She stepped back. "Ooh, it is and it looks happy to see me." Was it all scripted from her dream or was she ad-libbing?

Darlene grabbed his cock with both hands and tugged on it, then stepped in and started kissing him again, still pulling on his dick. "It's growing," she said.

Jason knew there wasn't any part of Darlene that didn't exude sexuality, but the way she went down his body to her knees raised the bar on what he would consider exciting. His dick jumped when her face got near it, then Darlene proved to him that there wasn't an end to the ways she could blow his mind.

She ducked her head between his legs and rested his balls on her head, then she tilted it back. His sack stretched until his nuts were on her forehead. Slowly his testicles separated and rolled into her eye sockets. He felt her lids twitching under them. The base of his cock was pressed against the bridge of her nose and draped her forehead. He pressed his hands into his waist and watched the redhead use his cock and balls like she was applying facial cream with them.

Who does that? Darlene laid his boner across her face and licked his balls, then stuffed her nose between them and inhaled deeply. "Mmm." What he had previously thought of as a long, oddly shaped freckle face, was beauty under his balls. Darlene smiled up at him, then opened her mouth.

That odd shape created a large opening.

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She took both of his balls in, closed her lips around his stretched sack and batted his testicles with her tongue. "Mmmmm." She started humming and the vibration moved up into his groin. His knees went slack when she let one nut pop out and sucked the other into her throat, then alternated from one to the next in rapid succession. "Ah, shit!" "Does it hurt?" she asked. "No, hell no, it feels good, just intense." "Glad you like it." She pulled his cock head to her lips, kissed it, then licked the slit.

"In the dream I try and take all of you, but I can't, which surprises me. That's never happened before." Jason didn't doubt it after seeing her mouth open for his balls, but his dreams would come true one way or the other.

"Okay." He gulped in sympathy for her throat when she consumed a large portion of his cock. His sister had given him the best head he'd ever gotten, until now. Darlene's lips clung to his shaft as she pulled back. The suction made his dick head tingle. He didn't know about chrome off a bumper, but she would definitely suck the cum out of him.

With lewd slurping sounds his dick went into Darlene's face. She must have taught my sister how to do that, he thought. They both gave head like it was a life or death mission. She pulled him out and took an exasperated gasp of air. Her blue eyes sparkled with tears. She wiped her mouth on her forearm. "That's the biggest cock I've ever sucked. I can't believe—" He didn't know or care what she couldn't believe because holding back his load was the only thing on his mind.

With Darlene bobbing on his dick head, jerking him and playing with his balls, that would be almost impossible. With a loud pop, Darlene's mouth came off his dick knob. Her tongue made a big circle around her lips. "It's just like in the dream, I can't do it. We have to get on the bed. Me on top, sixty-nine. This might actually work." Sixty-nine! Jason got on the bed, fast. He couldn't wait to see the fuckin' redhead take off her clothes and sit on his face.

He needed to see that ass, uncovered and close up. "Not yet," Darlene said. "It has to happen the way it's supposed to happen. Get up and lean over with your hands on the bed. Spread your feet out, like you're leaning on the hood of a car being frisked by a cop." Jason suspected that might be something Darlene was familiar with.

He did what he was told and immediately felt vulnerable. Darlene's hands were on his ass, pushing his cheeks apart. He jerked when her hot tongue probed his asshole. What she did to his balls was the most intense pleasure he'd ever experienced, this was the most awkward intense pleasure. The girl was massaging his balls in her soft palms while her tongue soaked his asshole. He pushed back against her face. She was violating his masculinity in the most wonderful way.

She had him, he'd let her do anything to him now. He hoped it wouldn't be something he'd regret later. Who puts their finger in your butt while sucking your balls? Darlene knew more about sex than he'd imagined. She was fingering his asshole, sucking his balls and jerking his cock. Girls were definitely better at multitasking. "Now you have to get on the bed," Darlene said, and got up. The girl must of had vivid dreams because she knew exactly how she wanted his body on the bed. "Sit right there, at the edge of the bed, almost hanging off." He followed her directions.

"Now I'll get undressed." It's about time, he thought. Darlene faced him and grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt. He watched her fingers lift it with the calculated, seductive movements of a stripper.

Something else he suspected she knew about. Her melons hung up in the shirt, she twisted and pulled. One glorious tit dropped out. It bounced as the other one popped out and performed the same slow motion bobblelhead routine. They separated and the large buttons at the center of the huge reddish-brown tit beanies expanded.

He reached, but she stepped back. "I'm not finished," she said with a wagging index finger. Jason dropped his hand to his thigh, and waited. Darlene tucked her thumbs into the front of her skirt. Her hands circled her hips and nudged the waist down, then her middle rotated and her hands looped back. A tuft of strawberry hair appeared. He stared like she was going to pull a rabbit from a hat. Darlene continued, but no rabbit appeared. He might have gasped when she pushed the skirt down her legs and stepped out of it.

She turned in a circle, pausing with her back to him. Her butt was shaped like that black girl's ass on Deana's volley ball team. He didn't think an ass could maintain that form without the help of those wonderful black shorts. She faced him, took a wider stance and put her hands on her hips. Darlene's body was like an animated woman from one of his video games. The fuckin' redhead's mound swelled between her wide hips.

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There was a deep slit that started above her pubic bone and clearly divided her bulging pussy lips. Unlike her perfectly trimmed and edged triangle, her lips were bald.

Her strawberry bush didn't match the red hair on her head and he could imagine how pretty she would be if they did. He liked that color hair. Darlene put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him down, then she stepped up on the bed. She took two wobbly steps and stood with her feet at his shoulders.

He must have died and was looking up into heaven—from hell most likely. The new perspective magnified his appreciation of Darlene's body. The weight of her tits created a gap between them just wide enough to see her peering down at him.

She had that same, I got a secret, grin she had outside. There wasn't a freckle to be seen on an ass so white it seemed to shine.

Unlike her breast, its hefty girth caused her rounded cheeks to come together and kiss just behind that unbelievable pussy. Her pussy lips weren't narrow swells of flesh divided by a thin, tight slit, like Becky's. They were fat, like someone had punched her pussy in the mouth, and there wasn't any tight seal between them. Her inflamed inner meat was poking out.

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He couldn't wait to touch it, kiss it, lick it, worship it. How the hell had he gotten so lucky? Thank you, Becky. Her leg muscles flexed, the tendons at her groin stretched tight and her knees bent.

Finally, he thought, and lifted his face. She sat on his chest, her crotch out of the reach of his tongue. "I hope you're as good as you are in my dreams." Me too, he thought. "I have to turn around or it won't be the same as it was." "Okay." He didn't care if she stood on her head as long as he got to fuck her, soon. A new and improved view of her ass was quickly approaching, then his nose was in that deep chasm between the two halves of her butt.

He couldn't see her pussy but he stuck out his tongue and tasted it. It tasted good, so he thrust his tongue into it. "Mmmm, just like my dream." She started moving like one of those playground horses on a spring, back-and-forth. Her fat pussy hit his face, soaking it with her wetness, then she went forward and his dick went into her mouth. She gagged and blew out spit on his balls, then she rocked the other way. Her trench of succulent flesh crushed his mouth and wet his face like a juicy peach.

Darlene gasped. "Ah, don't cum, you can't cum yet." That wasn't going to be easy. He wrapped his arms around her, held on and buried his face in her ass cleavage. Hopefully, tongue fucking her butt-hole would keep her mouth off his dick and buy him some time. Darlene was so pleased that she sat halfway up and started riding his face.

"Oh, fuck yeah. That's good." Jason thought good for her might mean suffocation for him, but at least he wouldn't blow his load before he got to fuck her. Getting off was getting off, and it would be good doing it in her mouth, but he wanted to be the one to fucked the redhead, even if he couldn't tell Evan. Darlene cried out, "Yes, oh yes, that's perfect." "That's perfect," was Becky's signal. She'd had her face where Jason's was enough times to know he couldn't see anything, but Darlene's ass wasn't covering his ears, so she carefully eased the closet door open.

Darlene motioned her to hurry up. She did. Darlene's idea was ridiculous, and she'd resisted, but now that it might actually happen, it seemed ingenious.

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She loved secretly being watched, but fucking her brother right in front of Darlene, performing for her, would be much better. This is going to be the best thing I'll ever do, she thought, that is until my threesome with Jason and Evan. Jason was in the best possible position for the sneak attack, but stuffing that porn cock in her before he realized it was happening would be a challenge.

Both of Darlene's hands were on his dick, clamped down on the base. It was dripping wet with Darlene's throat juice. She turned around and started backing up. She had fingered herself violently with lube while Darlene sucked Jason's dick, so she was ready. She leaned over and looked back. Darlene's outstretched arms were pushing Jason's cock towards her.

All she had to do was hold herself open, drop down and trust Darlene to aim Jason's dick head exactly where it needed to be. The memory of the first few seconds after he plunged into her last night, frightened her like a cold swimming pool.

There wouldn't be any easing in, she'd hold her breath and jump. Darlene squeezed the trunk of Jason's cock with both hands and pointed the head at Becky's spread pussy, then she held her breath. Jason couldn't believe how wet Darlene's pussy was getting.

He hoped he wasn't doing her so well that he'd satisfy the dream's requirements before they fucked. At least she stopped sucking me for a minute, he thought. Wait, if that isn't her mouth it can only be one thing. He pretended he hadn't noticed and held his breath. "Holy shit," Darlene said, "that's incredible!

You're fucking your sister!


I've never seen anybody fuck their sister." I'm inside Becky, again. It felt too good to care about Darlene knowing.

Actually, Darlene watching made it better. It was the last possible scenario he could have imagined, but it was still his three favorite words—threesome.

He was being fucked by his sister while the redhead sat on his face. Darlene's quivering cunt exploded in climax.

Her cum filled his mouth and spilled over on his chin and cheeks. "Becky, I'm going to kill you." "You're already killing me, but I love it." "Nobody better die yet," Darlene said, and got off of his face. "I need a closer look." He looked down his body at Becky's little ass moving up and down. It was an awesome sight, but he was disappointed he couldn't see her face. Darlene stood in front of Becky and said, "I swear, I have never been this excited." Neither had he and he proved it by thrusting up into Becky's body.

She grunted. Darlene smiled at him, then started making out with his sister. That was hot!

Cogiendome a mi amiga culona

Darlene disappeared and he imagined her sucking on Becky's erect nipples, but her hot tongue licked his balls instead, then she said, "Becky, when I saw his dick, I thought you lied to me. This is amazing. You're so stretched, mm, your clit is popping out." Becky moaned and rode him faster and harder than she had the night before. He was going to cum. "Oh, fuck, Becky, I'm, ahh—Stop, I'm gonna cum!" "I can't, not now, I'ah.I'um, oh-yeah, yes, yes, I'm cumming, I'm cumming." "This is unbelievable, you're shooting a load inside your own sister!" It only took one sperm and that was already in there, so he let Becky keep bouncing on his dick.

His load eased the way and Becky took more of him than he thought there was room for inside her body. Their hot juices drooled onto his balls. "You little definitely made it up to me," Darlene said, and licked Jason's balls.

"Sibling cum, yummy."