Fat dick and good cumshot

Fat dick and good cumshot
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My name is David Johnson I'm a junior at Memorial High School. I use to try and get out of this school the second the last bell rang. But that all changed after one afternoon. I had usually been working out in the school weight room before school. I just had got the brace off my ankle after I broke it in our last football game of the year. My car was being repaired over night so I could go in for my morning workout. The school seems so huge and empty after everyone goes home. I walked in the locker room weaving past all the basketball players getting ready for practice when to get to my locker to slip into some workout close.

Before I opened the door to the weight room I pulled on my tank top that was clinging to my skin and tied my shorts. I was relived when I saw that I wouldn't be the only one in the weight room. There three linemen bench pressing and then there was Anna and Shelby. I have had a crush on Shelby since my sophomore year. They were the two hottest girls in the school.


Shelby had jet black hair, brown eyes, and the best rack I've ever seen-her ass wasn't bad either. Anna had dirty blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and curves that could wow any man.

They jogging on the treadmills in their skimpy volleyball booty shorts an tops. I couldn't look away from their beautiful tits. I figured I'd try and flirt with Shelby, after all how many chances would I get to talk to her one on one. I hopped on the treadmill next to her and started to jog as the treadmill started up. "Hey" I muttered to Shelby "Hey.

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Your Dave right?" she asked. "Yep, that's me" "So watchu doing in here?" "I usually workout in the mourning but I couldn't today.

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Why are you girls in here don't you have get on the bus in like ten minutes?" "Yeah, were just tryin to stay loose before the game. I have to say you look fine in that tank top" "Thank you look pretty sexy yourself" "Your sweet Dave.

Are you doing anything tomorrow night?" "Nope. I was just gonna hang out at my place." "We should do something, you know together" Shelby said as she bit on her lower lip.

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"That be nice" I replied. "Oh shit sorry Dave we've got to head to practice" Both the girls giggled as the left the room looking back at me before they exited. I figured I'd run another twenty minutes before I started lifting. By then I was the only one still in the weight room.

I got about half way through all my lifts when the door started to crack open. All I thought is who the hell was still in the school beside the janitors. All the practice finished nearly a half hour ago.

To my surprise it was our gym teacher Ms. Smith. She was one of the few hot teachers in our school. She was wearing a dark blue sports bra and matching sweat pants. She glanced around the room and saw me benching.

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She ran to behind my head. "You know you really should have some spot your doing this" she said. "Yeah but not to many people don't wanna hang around the school this long" I replied as I gazed at her breasts and her short light brown hair as I pumped the weight to my chest.

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"Yeah I'd imagine" she laughed I placed the bar on the rack after I finished. I noticed Ms.


Smith glance at my cock as got off the bench. I turned away from her to adjust myself. I began to turn around to say thanks for spotting me but before I say anything her tongue was in my mouth.

I couldn't help myself from kissing her back. "Did you like that?" she asked me.


"You bet I did Ms. Smith" "Were both pretty sweaty we should clean ourselves up." Ms. Smith tapped me on the ass as I followed her to the girls locker room.

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Ms. Smith threw her clothes to the ground revealing her shaved pussy as she entered the shower and turned on the water. I watched her beautiful body shined as the water hit her body.


"Don't just stand there get that cute ass in here" Ms. Smith seductively exclaimed. I got out of my clothes and threw them next to hers. As I got into the shower Ms. Smith positioned herself behind me wrapping her arms around my neck. She gently kissed my neck send shivers down my whole body. Make cock got harder as she kept kiss my neck and began to sway her fingers on my chest. "Ms. Smith that feels so good!" I whispered "You can call me Lindsay sexy" She moved one of her hands down my chest and began to massage my balls gingerly.

Then she moved her hand onto my cock and slowly began to jack me off. "Oh Lindsay don't stop!" She started to stroke faster as she did so her other hand squeezed my ass hand occasionally giving it a nice slap.

"Oh god I think I'm gonna cum" "Okay babe just hold on a sec" I nodded in agreement as she got down on her knees and positioned her self in front of me as the warm shower water hit my back. I moaned as she wrapped her lips around my cock and spun her tongue around the tip of my cock. I shot my warm cum into her mouth. She stuck out her tongue showing all my cum. "Mmm, your cum is so taste. You wanna taste?" Before I could finish saying yes she kissed me moving my juices in to my mouth off her tongue.

I swallowed all the cum she had put in my mouth then playfully licked my lips afterward. "You were right it tasted good." "Plus that means we both got some post workout protein" she said with a smile. We dried each other off and kissed each other. Lindsay grabbed out a piece off paper and pen from her pocket. "Here's my number Dave so we can do this again, call me anytime you wanna have some fun." "Sound good" I replied The two of us kissed one more time before we both left.

All I could think about was what just happened all night and how I couldn't wait till the next time. TO BE CONTINUED