Beautiful blue eyes and fantastic tits

Beautiful blue eyes and fantastic tits
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"Get dressed, Lil," Rose ordered me, grabbing my clothes. My heart was pumping, but suddenly the door just opened. "Lil, Rose, what the hell is going on in here?" Kate whined, looking at both us standing up. "Are you having sex with Lil, Rose?" She covered herself with both arms and took a deep breath. I was clueless about what to say, but the adrenaline coursing through my system made me hide behind Rose as Kate look mighty pissed off.

'I sss Rose shedding a couple of tears, but I'm still unsure what is going through her head exactly. No one has said a word for over three minutes, and I'm afraid to rock the boat. Please don't be upset, Kate. I'm also feeling my pussy leaking out juice too, so I have to stay hidden.

"I'm twenty, Mom, so if I want to get involved with Lil, then I will." "Really?" Kate asked, placing her hands on her hips. "You'll just have sex with anyone then? Is that what you are telling me right now?" she asked before a pause. "No, you are my daughter, and you will not whore yourself. Do you understand?!" Rose stood her ground, but her private parts remained unseen for the time being.

I couldn't help, but to feel my pussy again as I just stared at her backside and felt myself shaking somewhat too. 'I finally got to do it with Rose, and now she is standing naked in front of her mom defending herself on being with me. Oh, this is quite hot. Dare I wonder: is Kate checking out her daughter right now?' I thought, glanced at Kate's face. As that thought stayed on my mind, no one uttered a word, but I nonchalantly began rubbing my twat slowly, enough to please myself, but not enough to give myself away.

"She is my best friend, Rose. How dare you get involved with her. You should know better," Kate reminded Rose, pushing her somewhat. "She is the one person that has been in your life as much as your father and I," she mentioned before putting her hands up.

"So tell me, what was going through your mind?!" I stood frozen for a moment as there was dead silence. I couldn't imagine what Kate might say; I knew Rose wasn't just going to blab that she had a video on the internet, so it seemed like I watched a very close performance piece. As much as I wanted to give them their space, I made myself come out of hiding. The floor creaked, but I saw that neither Rose or Kate part their eyes from one another.

I came up in between them, but stayed a couple of feet from them for the time being. I peeked at both of their faces numerous times just going back and forth. Both of them had stern pissed off faces, while Rose crossed her arms and Kate just kept her hands on her hips too. With every passing second, I just thought of what everything meant, but I could only wait to find out. They held their positions for over five minutes as the only thing that could they heard was the rubbing of my slit.

'Holy shit, I'm about to take off like a rocket.' From one second to the next, I saw Rose step towards Kate. "Mom, why are you leaking down there?" "What are you talking about?" she questioned, backing away and putting her arms up. Rose, immediately began grinding her teeth and closed the gap again. "Are you attracted to me, Mom? Like in an incestuous way? Is that why you are checking me out?" "No, of course not, Rose!" she objected, shaking her head no. "How could you ask me such a thing?

I'm your mom, and I'm quite upset that you had with sex Lil, that's all. Are you just lashing out at me now?" she grumbled, starting to walk back and forth. "Did you think I'd frown upon this little sexual outing with Lil and let it go? No, not at all in fact. I want you to get dressed right now, and maybe you can explain to your father what you've done here. Do you like the sound of that?" "No, bitch.

Why don't you start treating me as the woman I am?" Rose inquired, poking her mom's chest. "I'm an adult, and I can and will fuck whoever I want. Whether it is Lil, an ex of yours or someone I just met. You can't deny me my rights or just get upset because I'm with someone you don't want me to screw," she explained before a pause where she leaned her head back.

"Wait a minute, is this a lesbian thing? Are you pissed off because I did it with a woman, and not a man? Can you tell me that's not true, Mom?" 'Wow, there are so many things I could say, but this seems like a mother/daughter thing.

I don't know why, but that thought never entered my mind. I can't imagine that would be an issue for Kate, but I can't be sure what her answer would be right now.' "No, this isn't a lesbian thing, you know me better than that!" Kate yelled, hitting the wall. "Are you just that desperate, that you'd sink that low to try to get out of this?

You know damn well this is fucked up, and why I am not okay with this. Do you have any other theories?" Rose brought her hand to her chin and grinned for a moment. I found it riveting so to speak while watching her. I saw her calmly bring her right hand to her mom's left side pocket of her skirt. "What are you doing, Rose?" Kate inquired, failing to stop her. Rose pulled out her phone and immediately began looking at it. 'Could Kate already know?' Everyone stayed silent, but I peeked at Kate's face.

'Wow, she is tense now, she must know, and I think Rose figured it out. Oh, you weird skank, Kate, do you like your daughter in that way? Could you? Is it possible that you became swayed by the very same video?

Oh, if that is true, I'm witnessing an incest crush, how often does that happen?' "Oh, you and your lovely friend behind me have something else in common: you are visitors of Pornhub.

You know the site where you can watch porn for the low price of free? I can see that just from your history on your browser here," Rose pointed out before a pause. "You hussy, I can tell that you've seen my video, Mom," she mentioned, prior to holding the phone up to Kate. "You even have it saved on your favorites." No said let a single word out as the video played. I saw Rose gawking at her mom like never before, and I couldn't help, but to continue to pleasure myself.

It was like having an all-you-can-eat buffet, but I took it in small portions. I let my juice out like a fire hydrant and rubbed my pussy raw. I felt like I was about to collapse, but I fought all I could to stay up and watch the turn of events. I smiled widely and felt my entire body tingle as if I had hundreds of tiny vibrators implanted in my skin.

I could tell exactly what point the video was by the sounds, so I knew it had gotten to the point where Rose had gotten naked. Rose knew that too, so she calmly stepped towards Kate and brought the phone within only a few inches of her face. Rose laid a single kiss on Kate's cheek. "Dare I ask: do you like my video, considering that it is on your favorites tab, Mom?" she pondered before a gap. "You aren't upset that I fucked Lil, you are mad that I didn't get with you, isn't that right?

You have the same face that she did, I can recognize the lust and love coming together. So say the words then, Kate. It is alright to address you by your first name in this context, right? We are talking about you having the desire to have sex with me. I have noticed that you have taken advantage of seeing my bosoms, but why is that, Kate?

I'm your daughter, why are you checking me out?" Kate instantly began shuddering a bit, and she bit her bottom lip too. I loved everything at that point, and it seemed like the video was coming to life so to speak. Nothing and no one could spoil this scene. Rose suddenly reached over and set her phone on the dresser.

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Then their eyes met again, and Rose's hands lazily landed down on Kate's shoulders. No one uttered a word, but Rose brought her lips firmly to Kate's. 'Yes, get some incestuous mother/daughter action going, pretty please,' I thought, assaulting my cherry. They held their positions for a moment as neither of them moved, but I was sure that they both wanted to leap together.

My hand felt horrible, but it was indeed worth it. I felt the great desire to walk into this scene, but I stayed put. "Kiss me, Mom, or maybe I should kiss you." "Okay, Rose," Kate muttered before licking her lips. 'Oh, now they are kissing each other. Rose is kissing her mom right now, and not in a mother/daughter way either. Rose has her right hand on her mom's face.' Rose's lips lazily drifted off Kate's. "How was that, Mom?" Rose pondered, caressing Kate's face. She failed to speak, but her smile said everything.

Her eyes went down again, and she checked out Rose's sexy body. Rose smirked as well, and she slowly snatched her mom's hands. She calmly set Kate's palms on her knockers. She covered her mom's hands with hers. "Have you masturbated to my video, Mom?" "Maybe," Kate replied before slathering her lips again. "Why didn't you tell me you were in a porno? I'm your mom; I wouldn't have judged you." "Bullshit, did you forget already how you busted me with Lil?" she asked before a pause. "It was just one amateur shot scene, Mom," she reminded Kate, prior to kissing her again.

"Although, you could have told me you had a crush on me." Kate failed to answer, but then she lazily let her hand slip off Rose's tit, and her head went down to it. "Shit!" I roared, letting out a shit load of my lady juice out onto the floor. My whole body felt like I was in a sauna and my heart was about to go out too.

Although, my orgasm felt amazing as I just built up to it for so long. I just never actually let myself have a full orgasm, but once I did, I was on top of the earth. I noticed that they never actually started doing naughty because I stole their attention. Their eyes just stayed on me for a moment, but then I blew them both kisses, and they smiled.

I lazily made my way to the bed and sat down. I attempted to catch my breath, but then they followed me right to the bed. I was about to say something, but Rose and Kate both shook their heads no. Then they both peeked back at one another, and Rose lifted up her breasts.

"Now would you mind if I pleasured you, babe?" Kate asked Rose. "No, not at all, Mommy, I want you to make me feel good." Kate let a couple of fingers slither into her daughter's slit. "Do you promise you'll still love me after all is said and done?" she wondered, slowly angling her head down.

"I'd never want you to resent me." "Of course I wouldn't, Mom," Rose replied, enveloping her arms around Kate. "I love you." They held each other for a moment in silence, and I couldn't help, but to bring my hand back to my cherry. I didn't masturbate, but I felt the juice flowing out rather quickly.

Without uttering a word, they let go of each other, and Kate calmly lowered her head to Rose's left bosom. I watched Kate ever so carefully as she sucked on Rose's medium-sized nipple hard, but not too hard. I heard Rose mutter things over and over again, but nothing really I could make out.

I didn't speak because nothing needed to be said. I licked my lips frequently. 'Oh, the whole act here is beyond hot. A mother and daughter are getting sexually acquainted. What is going through Kate's head right now? I have no idea, but she knows I love this: she is sucking more and more of Rose's nipple and finger fucking her too. I had no idea I wanted to see this until right before they started, but now I love it more than ever.' "Oh, yes, suck on your daughter's nipple, Kate.

Make us both moan, but make sure she knows just how much you love her. You have a ravishing young woman here, and you better take advantage of her while you can.

She might not be so willing to do it again." "Shut up already, Lil. I'll let my mom get into my panties whenever she wants," Rose whined, placing her palms on Kate's head. "Shit, Mom, you certainly know how to lick and suck on a woman's nipple.

You have me shaking a bit now, you incestuous whore." "Hey," I snapped softly, gently slapping her butt. "Be nice." Kate peeked at me for a split second and had her eyebrows down. I just blew a kiss and then she brought both of her hands to Rose's breast.

She held it slightly tight, and she immediately began sucking on her nipple quite hard. "Oh. fuck yes, Mom," Rose let out, jiggling around somewhat and stomping her feet. "Just like that.

Make me feel excellent." I resisted the urge to touch her, but I just decided to smooch her cheek. "May I feel you while your mommy pleasures you, Rose?" "Yes, Lil. Just don't tell my dad about any of this." "Done," I answered before I positioned myself right behind her. I let my legs out on each side of her, pushed my hooters onto her back, let my hands slither to her stomach and then my chin landed on her left shoulder.

There I watched the sexy action and indeed saw the lust and love in Kate's eyes. "You do undoubtedly love your daughter, but enough for this? That is screwed up, but I do love it." We both just viewed Kate's beautiful face and studied every single square centimeter of it.

From the slight red cheeks, her eyes, and everything else. Her skin was not completely clear, but it did not take away from the beauty I saw. "You must love this, Lil," Rose pointed out, keeping her eyes on Kate's. "I feel like I have a river attacking my butt and back. Bring your hands to her head too." "Yes, my dear," I whispered, prior to fulfilling her request. I couldn't help, but to kiss Rose's neck and shoulder numerous times. We were both vibrating, and made each other shake even more.

I rubbed my knockers on her back as well, and I was sure between her mom and me, we made her feel like she was in heaven. The sexual nirvana was intoxicating, and I certainly felt like I was in my heaven too.

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Whether I knew it or not, I loved the incest thing for reasons I couldn't understand. The desires became unburied, and they were front and center. "Fuck me, that feels amazing, Mom, now I'm crying because I think I love you just a little more than a mom now. Would you mind if your best friend joins you now? To double the pleasure, so to speak?" "No, Rose, you are having an unbelievable intimate moment with your mom now. I assuredly wouldn't want to impose on you two more than I already have.

I'm watching her letting your nipple out now. She is licking it repeatedly and making you twitch a bit too. This is beyond wonderful, I feel like you could tell me I have cancer right now, and I wouldn't give a shit.

You two are committing incest at this moment." "At least give me a kiss, Lil." I couldn't resist that request, so I slowly leaned right to her and pressed my lips onto hers. I closed my eyes, and I was sure she did the same.

I still heard the slurping sounds of Kate's tongue on Rose's nipple. I couldn't help, but to keep my fingers on my slit. Although, I felt another set of fingers calmly come onto it. I wasn't sure which lady brought their fingers there, but I seemed to love not knowing. Suddenly, our vibrations just went up a notch. 'Oh, I had no idea these two could be this kinky, and now Rose is even letting her tongue into my mouth.' We made out for a few minutes as Kate never stopped pleasuring her daughter.

I noticed that both of us were also breathing quite heavily too. With each passing second, I found myself even more turned on, even though I had juice plummeting out of my twat. After five minutes, my lips calmly parted from Rose's.

"Shit, I think I love you two now." "The feeling is mutual," Rose whispered before she peeked back at her mom. "You are one in a million, Mom." Kate rushed up to Rose and pasted their lips together. I just sat back and viewed the show: their eyes were closed, they made out passionately, encased their arms around another and let the love show like I had never seen before. Of course, I had to resume playing with my cherry, but I certainly enjoyed having the honors for the time being.

Even as Kate wasn't nude, she didn't need to be for the sight to hotter than hell. Between the incest thing and just being in sniffing distance of two women making out, I couldn't be happier. After fifteen minutes, Kate's lips lazily drifted off Rose's. "Damn, babe, you are stunning," Kate complemented her, leaning to her knees. "Well, I'm your daughter." "I've masturbated to your video well over two-hundred times." "You bitch," Rose attacked her, coming up with her.

"I think it was good enough to get over three-hundred, Mom." Their faces were only a few inches away, and they did smirk at one another somewhat. Kate brought her hands to Rose's melons and grabbed them firmly.

I shoved my fingers up into my pussy and groaned quite a bit. "I'll work on that, Rose, only because I love you more than a daughter." "May I see you now, Mom?" Kate's arms swiftly went up, and Rose wasted no time stripping her mom from her blue tank top. Kate stood up, and Rose couldn't resist, but to get her mom's jean shorts off as well.

"Damn, your body has just gotten sexier, Kate," I moaned, assaulting my snatch. "Even just in that bra and pair of panties, you are ravishing." "Do you have a crush on my mom, Lil?" "Maybe, now get her naked and do things with her that mothers and daughters aren't supposed to do together." Rose's hands made the trip right onto Kate's back, and a few seconds later, she pulled off her mom's bra and took a glance at her rack.

She instantly seemed stunned, and even a little bit of drool fell from her mouth too. "Maybe lesbian incest is in our blood," Kate pointed out, closing the gap. "I've never been with a woman, but I want to fuck your brains out, Rose. You are my beautiful daughter, and I want you. I know you want me, so can you do me a favor?" "What, Mom?" Kate kissed her daughter and placed her hands on Rose's shoulders.

"Take off my panties, and escort me to your bed. Then I want you to eat me out just as you did in your video. I want you to do it right in front of your horny Aunt Lil. Will you do that for me?" "Yes, mommy," Rose muttered, prior to lowering herself to her knees. "I love you." "I love you too." Rose slowly snagged Kate's dark green cotton panties and brought them down lazily. I immediately noticed the sexy patch of hair on her slit, and she even got me to shed a couple of tears.

Rose gradually rose up with her mom and brought their hands together. Without letting a word out, Rose had her mom lie down next to me, and she positioned herself down towards her wet cherry. My mouth opened up widely and sped my hand up even quicker.

The whole bed felt like it was in an earthquake, and Rose hadn't even started. "Oh, yes, kiss your mom's legs all over, you sexy young thing. This is like a live action magnificent painting, with a nice dose of incest.

Give your mom that great pleasure that you gave that other older woman in that video, Rose." "I will now keep my mom company," Rose ordered me, letting a couple of fingers into Kate's pussy. I placed my head on Kate's shoulder and let my left hand onto her left tit. I had to get a feel for her body as well, and Rose didn't seem to have a problem with that.

She watched us as she began thrusting her fingers. "Oh, that feels pretty damn good, sweetie, but don't tease me. I want to feel your tongue enter my cunt now, so please do it for your mommy." She blew Kate a kiss with her other hand and slowly brought her face down to her snatch. From one second to the next, I watched Rose's tongue take shelter inside her mom's slit.

My eyes widened as much as they could. "Holy shit, if this is a taste of heaven, then I'm gonna have a great afterlife. Yes, eat your mother out, you sexy young thing. Wrap your arms around her legs too, just like you did in the video." "I love you to death, Lil, but shut up already," Kate whined.

"Let me kiss you first," I muttered, getting up on my side facing her. She just let me kiss her, and she even placed one hand on the back of my head. Although, Kate's lips parted from mine after only thirty seconds. "Oh, fuck yes, babe," she cried, turning her head, placing both hands on her head and closing her eyes. "Holy shit, I can't believe my daughter is eating my cherry right now. Shit, I love you, sweetie. You are just one in a million, and that tongue is one sexy muscle that you know how to use," Kate sobbed, breathing heavily and scrubbing her head.

I smiled as much as I could and stayed close too. It was literally the best show I had ever seen, and I loved every second of it. From every movement, Kate made because of Rose, and everything that Rose did just to please her mom was amazing.

I didn't even need to masturbate at that point; they were just doing things to me that took my pussy completely out of control. My skin actually stayed on hers for the time being, because I couldn't bear to put a gap between us.

"Yes, tease mommy's clit now, babe. Take her lips into your mouth too, Rose. I will love you so much more if you do it for me now. Make this whore cum all over your face, and then I want to lick off all of my juice from your dazzling face." Rose's tongue calmly came out of Kate's twat.

"You are not a whore, Mom," Rose reminded her, shedding a tear. I got off Kate and let her rise to her daughter. "I can be your whore, sweetheart," Kate mentioned before she kissed her and placed her palms on Rose's butt too. "There is no need to make videos with some other MILF; you can make as many of them as you want with your MILF, Rose," she muttered, caressing her butt. "I love you." "I love you too, Mom," Rose replied before she shoved Kate back down.

"I'll let you know when I shoot my next one," she made clear, prior to diving right back to her mom's snatch. "Don't forget to invite me," I whispered, kissing Kate's shoulder and cheek. "Fuck, she will, horny wench. You can be the sexy aunt that gets on the mother/daughter action, happy?" "Yes," I answered before I made my way down with Rose.

I got an extra close look at the oddest, but important sexual element, known as incest. 'Wow, to see a woman go to town on her mom is just sexually thrilling and I don't think I am more in love with both of them right now. They are quite perfect for each other: Rose can use her tongue in ways I never thought possible, and Kate can take it like nobody's business,' I thought before I smooched Rose's cheek.

"Drink your mom's juice too." She was doing so much; it was next to impossible to tell what all she was doing. It didn't matter though, because even just the basic pussy eating style would have set me over the edge. I knew it was just a matter of time for both Kate and I before we had to explode, so just enjoyed the time until it happened.

"Seeing your tongue constantly moving all over your mom's pussy is a phenomenal sighting, so I certainly hope you let me see this many more times to come. I promise I'll do anything for you two; I'll give up cock if I just get to see this view in the future." I was sure I could have spouted off a dictionary's worth of stuff, and it wouldn't have phased Rose at all. She was in the zone of her incestuous affair, and nothing was about to slow her down.

"Fuck yes, babe," Kate moaned, twitching around nonstop. You are almost there. I'm sorry I couldn't last longer, but you are my daughter, and you are just doing things to me now.

I know this is shitty, but I've never loved you more than I do right now at this very second. Don't ever change, Rose, stay this sexy hussy that you are now. I love you more like this, but stay sweet too though." Kate couldn't last much longer to save her life; I saw it written all over her face even with her shut eyes. I couldn't even pick one thing to focus on: Rose or Kate. Both were worth seeing, but yet, I could only watch one. Although, then Kate covered her face.

"Shit, here it comes, angel, I love you," she mumbled ever so lightly. I glanced back at Rose as she backed away a few inches and let the miracle of having her mom splash her face come into motion.

I watched it as if it was a verdict getting ready to be read. I already knew what it would be in this case, but everything was built up to this. "Yes!" Kate hissed before she let her seed loose. It bolted out of her slit like a fire hydrant immediately going on full blast. Even as I had seen Rose make the same woman cum so many times before, I still found myself feeling like this was the best thing I was ever going to see.

She splattered her mom's face even more than I could have ever imagined. She did it like a pro, and I could only guess that she regretted nothing. I couldn't see her, but I was confident that she closed her eyes. She went on for over thirty seconds, and I was sure that each of us loved every single second of it. I got incredibly hot just watching the spectacle, so I couldn't even imagine how Kate felt exactly, but I knew she loved the feelings overall.

Twenty seconds after Kate couldn't dole out anymore, Rose slowly climbed up on top of Kate and kissed her. After their lips drifted apart, Rose just put a six-inch gap between their faces. Neither of them uttered a word, but I saw Kate move some of Rose's hair. Kate played with it for a moment before she closed the gap. "I love you more I could ever tell you," she whispered before she began licking her daughter's face.

"I think sex does that to people, Mom." Everyone stayed silent as Kate cleaned off Rose's face. It took about two minutes as she did it rather slowly, but it was still quite pleasurable too. Then after the last lick, their eyes met again. "What, Mom, why are you crying?" Kate just shed several tears and grabbed onto Rose's hands. She brought her up with herself and kissed her again. I had no idea what to think, but my hand strayed away from my twat.

"Honey, why didn't you tell me you liked girls, or that you were in that video? I'm your mother and I love you more than anyone else in the world, so I deserved to know." Rose swallowed and shed a few tears herself. "Do you hate me, Mom?" "No, of course not." Rose angled her head down somewhat and stayed silent.

Kate encased her arms around Rose and held her tight. Again, it seemed like they needed some space, so I waited for over five minutes. "I love you, Rose," Kate made clear, letting go of Rose. "You are the best daughter I could ever ask for, simple as that. If my lovely daughter wants to be with women and fuck older women while being filmed, I support you." "Mom, I only did one, but thank you." Then they began pushing their melons together. "Rose, I saw your video over six months ago, and I've masturbated to it at least six-thousand times.

I've wanted to bring it up many times, but you didn't feel comfortable telling me then I certainly couldn't do it. I wanted you to get right between my legs just like the chick," she confessed before a pause. "I hope you think I just love you for your beauty." "No, it is alright, Mom.

Now you got me between your legs, how does it feel?" "Amazing, sweetheart," Kate whispered before she calmly peeked down at Rose's slit. She seemed to be frozen as she just eyeballed her daughter down there.


"May I try it on you please?" she pondered, bringing her head back up. "You want to eat out your own daughter, you sick witch?" "Yes." "Do you promise that you aren't mad at me?" "No, but I think you should practice first. Then you will be ready to get the pussy that you lust after," Rose muttered before placing her hands on Kate's face. She turned it to me, and they both checked my body out. "She is your best friend, but maybe you take her great snatch for a spin first.

Trust me; I know you'll love it. So, get down on your stomach and take her slit for a ride. I'll make sure you know what you are doing, and you'll get her off, so you'll make her have one powerful orgasm too." "You are a kinky chick, babe." "I know, now get your skanky ass down there and get her off." Kate stayed silent for a moment, but peeked down. I wasn't sure what she was thinking, but of course, I loved the feeling of actually feeling Kate's tongue inside my slit too.

I had to jiggle around somewhat just in the anticipation. "What, Mom?" She failed to speak for another moment, but she slowly came to Rose. "May I have another kiss, dear sexy daughter?" Without delay, Rose placed her hands on her mom's arms and pressed their lips together too.

Their melons came together, and I even saw a little tongue action between them too. I loved the sight even with them just kissing. They went at it for over three minutes before their lips parted. "You are the best daughter in the world, Rose." "I know, you are gaining a few points right now, but you'll score so much more when I see you eat out your best friend.

I'll watch you only a few inches away and make sure you know what are you doing." Kate kissed Rose's forehead and calmly got down on her stomach right in front of me. "Her pussy is wide open, so have your way with it, Mom," Rose suggested before she blew her mom a kiss.

Kate licked her lips for a few seconds and then she let her right hand come towards my snatch. Her fingers slipped in effortlessly and peeked at me. Nothing was said, but then her fingers suddenly began thrusting in and out. I had to vibrate a bit more, and I also started grinding my teeth.

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I found myself wanting it more and more by the second, and I just had Rose right there eyeballing us.

The concept of having the hot MILF that Rose came from just made me feel in the highest part of heaven. 'The most severe, yet pleasurable form of taboo. What can I even say?' I thought before I suddenly lied flat on my back. "And your tongue is in my cherry now, Kate," I pointed out, placing my palms over my boobs. "Kate we love you to death, but please try to silence yourself while this goes down.

I want my mom to learn how to eat pussy properly, so suppress the urge to talk." I closed my eyes and rubbed my bosoms rather slowly. I immediately felt tingles soaring throughout my body, and I did my best to hold still. Although, it seemed nearly pointless for Rose to guide or teach her mom. I felt her tongue instantly gently massaging my pussy walls.

She wasn't shy about pleasuring me at all, but I didn't look at them or speak. As I was positive their mother/daughter thing just kept going between them; I took Rose's words under advisement. "Holy shit, Mom, have you eaten a woman out before?" "No," Kate moaned, failing to halt her pleasuring. I heard both Rose and Kate making sounds down there.

I had no problem envisioning the sexy action taking place: Kate going to town on my slit with no experience and Rose enjoying the show while scrubbing her pussy raw. I scoured the carpeted floor as much as I could and of course got a little rug burn to go along with it, but I loved it. After only a moment, I even had to shed a few tears. Whether or not I would ever be able to speak, I already knew loved Kate's tongue better. I could only guess that it was because I had no much history with Kate.

Either way, I also resisted the desire to touch Kate's head. I wanted to place my hands on her head, but I decided not to for the time being. "Yes, eat that sweet snatch, Mom. I swear you are swaying me to love more and more with each passing second. I'm masturbating to you now and letting out all of my juice. Please keep going and make her feel so damn good that she loves you the way I do." I finally peeked over at Rose, but to my surprise, she happened to glance my way.

She blew me a kiss, so I returned the favor.

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I was unsure what this all meant, but I loved the possibilities. "Mom, let me show you something," Rose offered, leaning down towards my crotch. "What, babe?" Kate pondered, backing away. Rose came towards to my slit. "Suck these juicy lips into your mouth too, and angle your head up and down a few times too," she explained before she demonstrated for her Kate. "Damn," I let out, placing my hands on her head. "You have some daughter here, Kate." "Shut up; I'm trying to learn so I can make her feel like a whole new woman." I failed to talk more, but I still moaned while trying to deal with the pleasure.

Although, Rose cut that short as her mouth suddenly came off my cherry. Neither of them talked, but they did exchange rather lusty looks. The mother/daughters connections seemed to be ironclad. It was even more evident when Rose grabbed Kate's right hand and positioned it right on my twat. It looked like they were eye-fucking each other, but then Rose calmly leaned towards Kate.

With Kate's hand remaining in the same place, they made out, and I assaulted my slit like never before. Even as I had my juice flowing out already, I couldn't stop. With each passing second, I found myself a little closer to the edge, but I wasn't going to stop no matter what. Kate's lips calmly parted from Rose's. "I love you, babe. Don't ever think I don't. Even though we've had our disputes, I certainly hope you'll never ever stop loving me." "No, of course not, Mom.

Now that we've gotten into each other's panties, I think we're bonded for life now." "Good to know," Kate whispered before she kissed Rose again and dropped back down to my pussy. She immediately went to town on my cunt, wrapped her arms around my leg and looked right into my eyes. I looked right back at her, but unfortunately, I couldn't stay upright. I lied flat back down on the floor, and the intense and great luxury took ahold of me.

Her tongue flung around like a damn pinball just going everywhere possible. I placed my hands back on my breasts, and my entire body twitched all around.

I felt like it was Christmas morning, but only Mrs.

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Clause and her hot daughter showed up. My entire body felt to be as hot as hell, but of course, my twat seemed to be feeling like it was on a stove with the flames burning it. Kate's tongue was, and it was the most delightful pleasure I could have imagined. "Fuck me, Mom. You seem like a pussy eating queen now: you are rubbing her lips down there, I'm sure you are teasing her clit and looking right at her. She isn't looking back, but we both know she loves the thrill right now.

Damn, you are one hell of a mom." "She knows that, whore." Kate's lips directly rose up. "Be nice to my girlfriend, she might be whorish, but she has feelings, hussy." "Shut the fuck up, Kate and eat my pussy right in front of her. Let her see me cum all over your face." "Fuck, that is hot, tart," Kate moaned, shoving her fingers deeper into my slit. "Don't stop loving me either," she ordered me before she dove right back into my twat.

"Come here, Rose." She failed to waste any time, so she immediately dropped down. She pasted her lips onto mine, and we both encased our arms around each other too.

Again, the whole mood seemed to be getting more magical. 'Oh, what a fantasy: getting eaten out by a ravishing woman while her daughter has her lips on mine too. If I could get them together again, I'd consider joining the other team. A mother/daughter team doesn't come around often, and this one is extra special.' "Oh, fuck," I groaned while kissing Rose.

"Damn, Rose, your mother is excellent." I did my best not to break the intimacy, but of course, that was next to impossible. 'Shit, why did I even invite Rose down here with me.


I can't last much longer as it was, then I had her come to me, and she glued her lips to mine. Damn, I love these two broads. They are gorgeous and swaying me to be their bitch.' After five minutes, Rose's lips calmly came off mine. "If you fucking tell my dad about any of this, I will mother fucking bust you up, wench." "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth, cunt?" "I do now, Lil. Make sure you splatter her face like a bitching fire hydrant." "Only if you invite me in with you two again." "Fine, skank," Rose whined before she kissed me again.

Oddly enough, as Rose made out with me again, I found my nerves calming down. I couldn't comprehend it, but it was happening. I began slowing down my breathing, and I was sure my heart rate lazily started to go down. As time went on, Rose also gradually let more and more of her body onto mine.

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I could only imagine that maybe the love was flowing out onto me from her as well. I loved the theory, but of course, all bets were off. 'This hussy is helping her mom commit adultery, that is hot, only because is it morally wrong. It is a mom and daughter, but I can't stop this. Does it make me bad?' I thought before a gap. 'If it does, fuck it; I never really liked Chase anyway.' I felt Kate tease my clit several times over ten minutes, all the while I had Rose's lips on mine too.

Although, then I knew that ever so sexy best friend went for my labia with her incredibly slick tongue. I pushed Rose's lips off mine.

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"Son of a bitch, Kate, I have to shoot now, you fucking hot witch," I cried, closing my eyes. I felt Rose keeping her body on mine, but of course, that didn't stop me from twitching around like a mechanical robot. "Oh, fuck yes," I whined, kicking the bed with my heels numerous times. My pussy unleashed my juice just as the bitching fire hydrant that Rose wanted. I had no idea how much I let out, but it was beyond amazing. I was already quite hot, but as I needed to let out that seed, the temperature rose up beyond belief.

Despite the slight displeasure, I still loved the taboo aspect of everything. The incest was great, but also knowing about the adultery was terrific too.

To top it all off, I got to give my best friend probably the most personal gift one woman could give another. After the orgasm that seemed to last forever in my mind anyway, I just let out an intense breath. Then my heartfelt to be going into the darkness as if it was just going black and dying at an exceptional rate. "Fuck, I can barely breathe now," I whispered, shedding a few tears. I just stayed down, but I felt the mattress moving somewhat. "I love you, Mom," I heard Rose say. "Trust me; words can not express how much I love you, Rose.

Oh, that tickles." After thirty seconds or so, I glanced at them. 'How sweet, Rose is cleaning off her mom's face with her tongue.' I had to close my eyes again and try to relax.

My whole figure felt as if I just got done running a marathon, but I still wouldn't trade it for anything. The experience was undeniably terrific, and nothing could compare to it.

After five minutes or so, I felt them lie next to me.


I opened my eyes to see them still making out, so I just waited them out. They certainly had to run out of steam at some point, so I just relaxed and felt my pussy many times too. "Rose, could you give us some privacy so I can pleasure my daughter properly?

I want to be alone with her right now." "No, Mom. If you want to have sex again, you are going have to take me out to dinner first," Rose corrected her, rising up on her butt.

"Really?" Kate questioned, coming up with her. "Yes, you don't have a problem with that, do you, Mom?" "You are guaranteeing me you are you going to put out?" She nodded and turned to me.

"If you let my dad get any sort idea about us, then you are dead. You got that, dead," she warned me slowly getting closer to me. "I understand." "Good, could I go another round with you before you head out?" "Yes." "But then, you are all mine, babe," Kate pointed out, wrapping her arms around Rose.