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It started out just like any other weekend. Not sure of what to do. Not sure how it would end up. Friends called up with an offer to go watch a hockey game. Sure, why not, I wasn't doing anything else. We got warmed up in the parking lot, tailgating, drinking a few beers. I decide it might be a good night after all.


We get inside and head to our seats. Floor level, diagonal from the home team goal. Spend the warm-up time chatting, laughing, having an overall good time. The team begins to circle around, stretching, warming up. My, aren't hockey players flexible. They've gotten my interest now. A few hotties in the group. My, my. I watch with interest as they skate around. I lean forward in my seat now, the deep v in my shirt showing a bit more of my breasts.

This has garnered some interest from some of the players. Nice. The period begins and the play starts. Fast action, sweaty men, nasty brawls. All this has the heat in my panties rising. The goalie skated by and caught my eye. Did he just look at me? I think he did. I swivel in my seat to get a better look at him.

Nice eyes. Unfortunately I can't see much more of him due to all of the pads and gear. Ah well, the eyes say enough. Play moves to this end of the ice and the men grunt as sticks knock together. Then the play is back down at the other end and his eyes are on me again. There's a fire in his eyes. This really is going to be a good night.

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I sit in my seat getting more and more uncomfortable. My panties are soaked, my pussy is aching. His eyes bore into me. My god, what gorgeous eyes.

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I need this man, now. I tell my friends that I'm going to stay after the game to get some autographs. Hugs, drive safe, see you later. I can barely stand it now. He and some other players are a few feet away. A gaggle of girls are oooohing and ahhhing over them as they sign autographs. The goalie skates over to me and asks if I would like an autograph. I smile warmly and tell him I would like one, made out to me, personally.

Eyes locked. The heat between us could have melted the entire rink. Wait right here he tells me. He skates back to the giggling girls and finishes signing autographs. The house lights are starting to be turned off and the security guard has made his way to the front to usher the last remaining fans out of the building. He beckons to me to exit but the goalie speaks up and says that I'm with him and it's ok if I stay.

The security guard shrugs, whatever, and makes his way to the exit as well. The rest of the players head off to the locker room leaving just myself and the goalie in the arena. I'm shivering now.

The cold from the ice has seeped it's way into my bones or maybe it's just the anticipation of what is about to happen. He skates back to where I am. His eyes penetrate me. God, those gorgeous eyes. He reaches out and pulls me closer to the boards.

His hand drifts up and cups my breast, his thumb flicking over my rock hard nipple. I gasp. "Are you cold?" he asks. "Not anymore," I say. I reach up under his shirt and run my hands across his abs.

I love a hard athletic body. My hands wander up to his chest, so muscular, so firm.

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My mouth is watering and my pussy is on fire. His other hand reaches up to my face, stroking it gently. I arch my back into him to feel his hand on my breast better. He motions for me to climb over the boards. I do so, stepping onto the ice.

Slipping a little, he grabs my hands to keep me from falling.


"Just hold on," he tells me. I reach up and put my hands over his shoulders, desperately wanting to kiss him, but strangely don't want him to remove his mask. I instead lean my head to his neck, tracing warm circles with my tongue. I hear him groan. His hand is back on my nipple, flicking it, rubbing it. His other hand has reached down to the crotch of my jeans. I feel like they must be soaked through with my juices.

He rubs his hand roughly against them, I can feel the pressure through to my clit. oh god. My hands reach under his shirt again, clutching him tighter as I feel my knees going weak. His hand moves back up to my waistband and pops open the top button, then the second, the third. his hand slips easily past the other buttons and into my panties.


His hand feels heavenly. Two fingers slide down the length of my slit, parting my lips and dipping inside. My hips move forward involuntarily forcing his fingers deeper. They slide in easily. I moan and feel my breath quicken. His fingers are stroking me, in and out. The feelings are incredible. His thumb moves up to find my clit. Finding my hard little nub, he begins to circles it. My knees start to buckles. Sensing my need, he skates us over the the net and puts my arms up so I can hold on to it for support.

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Our eyes meet again and I can tell that he is smiling wickedly at me through his mask. Then his head dips down and he works his way down to his knees, tracing my form with his hands as he does.

He returns his focus to my jeans and unhooks the last of the buttons. Looping his thumbs thorough my belt loops, he helps me shimmy out of them.

The cold air is a shock to my hot, ready body. I shiver. He pushes his mask up and starts to kiss and lick his way up my legs. Taking his time. Torturing me. My pussy is aching for him. Please I moan. His finger reaches out and pulls my panties to one side. I can feel his hot breath as he admires my pussy. I try to resist the urge to grab his head and push his face into it. It's then that I feel his soft wet tongue tentatively lick the length of my slit.


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So exquisite. He tongues me again, slightly more forceful this time. I shudder. He grabs the sides of my panties and roughly pulls them down. Totally exposed to him, he stops briefly to look up at me. My head is back, my back is arched. He returns his focus to my pussy and licks me again and again.

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He pulls my lips open with his fingers so that he can have better access to my cunt. He dips his tongue into my hole, fucking me with it while his finger rubs my clit. I can feel my pussy start to pulse as he brings me closer to an orgasm. He replaces his tongue with two fingers and drags the flat of his tongue across my clit. Flicking it, sucking it, tonguing it. I cry out. White hot sparks are shooting through me. Just as I reach the edge he stops.

I gasp at the sudden loss of contact. The force of him standing up makes his mask fall over his face again. His eyes are burning. He spins me around and leans me over the top of the net. His cock is out now and I can feel his head at the entrance to my cunt. With a growl, he pushes his full length into me in one move. I gasp at the intrusion and groan at the pleasure. Grabbing my hips, he moves me into him.

fucking me slowly, grinding into me each time he pulls me back. I am completely filled. His long hard shaft strokes me deep and slowly. I reach behind and gently cup his balls, massaging them with my hand. He returns the favor by reaching around and placing his fingers on my clit again.

His other hand reaches up to my nipples and pinches them. His hands work in rhythm with his cock. Slow and hard. I feel myself coming closer again. I start to move my hips faster, encouraging him to fuck me faster.

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I need to feel him harder, deeper, I want more. I gasp for breath. The sensations are building. My pussy is clenching him.

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I want to come, I need to come. His fingers push me over the edge. I come hard, convulsing on his cock, my juices flooding over him. My pussy is pulsing and I need him to ram his cock into me. Help me ride out the wave. He pulls my hands up and places them on the cross bar of the net and then places his hands on top of mine.

Using the leverage, he pounds his cock into me, I push back hard into him with each thrust. Faster. Harder. "I'm going to come," he moans. I pull myself off of him and spin around on my knees to catch the first spurt of cum in my open mouth. He groans and shoots the rest of his cum on my lips and tongue.

I greedily lap it up, savoring his taste. Breathing hard, he looks down at me and our eyes meet again. Oh yes, I think hockey is my new favorite sport.