Stepdad Spends Some Quality Time With His Teen Stepdaughter Sally Squirt

Stepdad Spends Some Quality Time With His Teen Stepdaughter Sally Squirt
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It had been awhile since I had been to Tony and Steve place, the last orgy there was pretty good, so when they invited me to a all night orgy this time, of course I said yes.

I got there around 6 pm, the spa was full of guys already and after saying hello to Tony and Steve, I jumped in ready for some fun, I had met some of the guys from the last orgy, they soon had me pinned up against he side and hands began to rub over my body and ass.

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My ass was opened up by a finger or two, these were quickly replaced by a hard cock, no messing around just one hard push and he was in balls deep, my cock sprung up, as another guy grabbed it and wanked me off, soon the cock in my ass set of my first anal orgasm for the night, waves of pure lust raced though my body as the guys set about using me. Soon I was rewarded by my first cum load, his cock slipped out was replaced by a thicker cock, he too pounded my cummy ass for all he was worth, my anal orgasm now let the guys know I was enjoying thier attention.

I took several more loads in the spa, then moved over to the mattress layed out in the big room, all to soon my ass was filled by two cocks, while I sucked a third one, the night was warming up as another guy next to me took on two guys, I let the guys fucking me finish, both cum together, before moving over to find Jack, he was laying down watching the guys, Tony saw me go down and wank his cock, a few guys moved nearer watching as his cock grew bigger with each stoke.

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As his cock grew more, I sucked the tip into my mouth, a few guys gasped seeing me sucking this large cock deeper and deeper, then Jack began to move, he was horny now, so I knelt against the bench, he jumped up, his front paws next to my shoulders, as he probed around trying to find my ass. With all the cum for lube, once he found the right spot his cock shot straight in, I jumped as he began to fuck me hard, the heat building up inside my full ass, as Jack worked his magic on me, now it seemed all eyes were on me, as the guys cheered Jack on to fuck me harder, his knot hit home, going in, filling with blood swelled to lock his cock inside me, I knew soon he would let fly, filling me like before with gallons of hot cum.

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Jack growled, leting us know he was cumming, my body shook as he let his doggy seed loose, the feeling of the cum flooding my bowels, and the heat set off another good orgasm, we both grunted loudly, I flopped down, his knot held firm keeping his cum inside me. Jack pulled back a few times, each time his knot hit my g spot sending me into another orgasm, I told one of the guy to grab a glass, and collect his cum when he pulled free.

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As I felt his knot begin to soften, I told them to put the glass under my ass, then with one good pull Jack was free, I held my ass cheeks tight, then when I knew the glass was in place pushed out all his cum and what was left of the guys cum too, the wine glass was half full, as I moved it to my mouth the guys looked on, as I took the first mouth full, I let them see it, then swollowed it all, then laying took the rest and poured it over my face and into my mouth.

On seeing this one guy shoved his cock in my mouth and blew a huge load of cum deep down my throut, I sucked the last drops out to the roar of approval from them. I asked Tony if he was ok with more kink, he said yes, so walking out side, I knelt down, and told them to empty thier bladders over me and wash the dog cum from me, most stood in silence, but one moved in, his piss washing over me, I moved to drink some, then a second stream, followed quickly by more, soon I was soaked in urine, as they all joined in, Tony also let fly his piss going over my face and mouth, another way for us to have fun.

After a quick shower we got back to fucking, the guys took turns using my mouth and ass, as load after load was dumped inside me, I also took a turn fucking the other bottom guy,to give my cock some relive from the cum building in my balls.

I took Jack again, this time with me laying on my back and guys using my mouth as he fucked me, I watched as he slammed his tennis ball sized knot into my hole, it felt so good, and seeing him pump me full of his seed, and feel the heat from his cum was so good, I asked the guys who wanted to fist me as soon as his cock came out, two guys said yes.

As his knot let go I held my ass as tight as possible, keeping his cum inside me, then I told them both to fist me, the first one to put his fist in just past the wrist then the second one should go in too, they did that and my ass opened up enought for them both, my orgasm run riot as they both worked away inside my body.


Dog cum was running out around thier arms as I had more orgasms, each time I told them to catch some and bring it to me to eat, then I got them to lay down and hold both arms up, sittng back down onto thier fists gave me more control, once my ass got used to their arms, I got 3 guys to lift me, one at my feet, the other two under my arms, then lift and lower me onto the fists, working me deeper each time.

I must have blacked out for a second or two after so many orgasms, but my ass was still full, so being more couragouse now told them to lift and drop me harder, a shot of pain raced though me as more arm went deep inside my abused hole, again they lifter me, this time I was to exhausted to say anything, they dropped me fully, my ass screamed in pain, I'm not sure how much went in me, but I was left sitting there.


For what seemed like ages, my ass was stuck on thier arms, now a orgasm like never before ripped me apart, I wriggled around, my mind crazy with mixed feeling, pain and pleassure in my butt, then blank, I passed out, to wake with them laying me down, my ass empty but happy, then I saw them standing above me, cocks in hand as they took turns pissing over me again, this time they sprayed me from head to toe, loving every second of it all. When they had all finished with me, I got them to help me stand, and wash me off some, then I lay down, quickly more cocks began to fuck my butt, soon my orgasm started and I got back up to speed, ramming my ass onto thier cocks milking them for cum.


By the end of the night all the guys had filled me more than once with thier cum, and Jack got to fuck me a third time, from what I was told around 15 guys had turned up, so not a bad effort, I had been double fisted and double fucked more than a few times too. I fell asleep around 4 am with a guy still fucking my ass, Tony wanted me to stay over for more fun tomorrow with some more guys, I wasn't going to argue, my ass might be sore but I wanted more too.

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