Cute Brunette Teen Anal In Der Turnhalle

Cute Brunette Teen Anal In Der Turnhalle
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One vice I'll never get over is the intoxicating aroma of a woman's asshole.


Hi, my name is Johnny and I'm a 27 year old malayali guy working in Bangalore. For those of you who don't know, that's a city in India. I'm 5' 7" and I've got an average sized dick. I've never measured it but it looks big enough and the girls haven't complained so I'm good with that. I workout 4-5 times a week and maintain a good diet so I look pretty fit.

I've also been told I'm above average good looking which means I guess even though I'm not a showstopper I can still turn a few heads when I'm out and about. The girl in this story is Teena. I'm not sure about her sizes but she's around 5' 4", slim but got more than palm sized firm boobs and a juicy tight ass.

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The tight ass is because she plays football in college. She also smokes up a lot which keeps her slim and most of the time horny. So I used to stay alone in this 1BHK flat (1 bedroom house with a hall and kitchen. Standard bachelor student flats in India) near college even after graduating and a lot of friends used to come over and get stoned at my house. We used to call our hot friends and junior girls over to the house and they used to love getting stoned, listen to music and rub themselves against the guys after the lights were dimmed and everyone was bombed.

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Teena used to be one of these girls that I used to call over but I was never able to move things forward with her. Since she was quite hot and fuckable, there would be too many people around her so we never got our privacy.

I used to fuck her friend during the same time and I knew that she used to talk to Teena about our fucking sessions after getting stoned. This one day in the noon around 2.30, Teena calls and asks me where I am and what I'm up to. No one else was at home that time and I was just taking a few hits from the bong and checking out hot girls on Instagram and I was feeling quite horny. Since she was my junior she was still in college and she told me her classes were done for the day and she didn't feel like going back to her place 'cos she was having a fight with her roommates and wanted to know if she could come over to my house to hang out.


I told her sure and quickly got the place cleaned up. I had kept these mattresses on the floor in the living room for people to sit when they came over. Its also good to relax on after getting stoned. Teena came and knocked on the door and I opened it and she looked so fucking hot! She was wearing her football jersey and tight shorts and it was hugging her frame perfectly showing her cute tight ass and round boobs.

I hugged her but it was just a quick hi hug so we were mostly touching only top but I got to smell her hair and that itself made my dick get hard. She came in, dropped her bag and sat on the floor. I sat next to her and got the stuff for smoking ready and filled the bong and gave it to her.

A big smile came on her face and she told me I always knew exactly what she wants. I winked and told her that there are other things I think that she might like and she asks what it is and I told her it'll all happen at the right time.

She laughs and takes a nice hit from the bong, taking the whole shot in one go and letting the smoke out in a nice big cloud.

I could see she was quite stoned from the shot and I had felt the pot I had got this time used to make me really horny. We took a few bong hits like that and was watching some stupid show on TV, which was kept on mostly so that there would be some noise and it wouldn't get awkward if there was silence.

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She and I were quite bombed and she slowly lied down on the mattress so I adjusted moving towards the side of her legs so she could still watch TV. Her legs were touching my back and her feet would sometimes touch the side of my ass and thigh.

After taking two more hits I turned around and saw that Teena had dozed off and I knew from experience she could really get knocked out cold after a few bong shots. I was looking at her juicy lips and round boobs going up and down with her slow deep breaths. I kept looking down her body and saw that the jersey had moved up and her slim tummy and her ass could be seen.

My dick slowly started growing again and I wanted to touch her so bad but was scared how she would react if she woke up. So I got up and went to the bathroom to pee and came back. With her lying in the middle of all the mattresses, there was enough space on both sides of her.

With her legs slightly hunched, her ass was sticking out.

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I took one more bong shot and lied down next to her carefully without causing too much disturbance. She was facing the other side and I was slowly tracing my finger along her body and imagining pressing and feeling her body but I was going to take things slow.

I then moved down so that my face was close to her ass and slowly picked up her jersey bottom and moved it to the side so that her tight ass in those shorts was now clearly in front of me. I moved in a bit closer and my nose was now really close to her ass and I took a nice lil whiff. Oh man it was one of the most intoxicating asshole smells that I've gotten and my dick started throbbing.

I was now hooked and I was starting to lose fear of getting caught. I slowly pulled her shorts down and I carefully rocked her to get it below her hip and now her panty clad ass was now open to me.

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My heart was pounding with the excitement of getting caught and at the same time getting to smell more of her ass. I got up and took one more hit of the bong to get more high and heighten the senses.

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I took the bong hit and removed my shorts, only wearing my boxers and t-shirt now. My dick had made a nice tent and was straining to come out. I lied down next to her once more and spooned her carefully and rested my hard dick on her panties.

I wanted more and pulled down my boxers and my dick sprang out and hit her ass. She let out a slight moan and moved her ass a bit pushing it onto my dick. I was both scared that she had woken up but also hard as a rock especially after hearing her moan.

Once her breathing fell into a slow pattern, I kept my hands on her hips and started humping her but I started losing control and I think I rocked her a bit too much and I noticed she was waking up. I quickly moved back a bit while pulling my boxers up and acted as if I'm passed out. I had kept my eyes open a bit and could see her noticing her shorts were pulled down and she looked over to me. I wasn't sure that time but it looked like she had a small smile on her lips.

She pulled her shorts a little bit up but not fully and got up to go pee. Once she came back she filled and took a hit from the bong. She then lied down again facing away from me but I noticed she had pushed her ass a bit more outward towards me. I waited for like the longest 10-15 min for her breathing pattern to resemble a person sleeping and I moved in close again. With the way she had pulled her shorts back up, it was quite easy to pull them down again and I could continue from where I left off.

And this time when I pulled her shorts down I noticed that the part of her panty near the pussy was slightly wet. I moved in close to her pussy area and could smell the musky smell of horny women's pee. I don't know if this is a thing but girls smell different when horny, maybe we guys do too. Its the pherohormones in a woman's smell that just short circuits my brain and the only thing on my mind is pushing my hard dick deep into her.

I thought anyway things had gotten to this point and if I get caught now it wouldn't matter in which position I would be in, so might as well do whatever I wanted. I came up to her ass and slowly pulled her panties down. They were quite tight but I carefully pulled them down too. My heart was beating with excitement of finally getting to do naughty things to her. I bent down and moved my nose against her ass cheeks, kissing it here and there. I then moved my left hand to her left ass cheek and moved it apart and finally got to see, my personal favourite part of a woman's body, her cute lil asshole pink and puckered up.

I moved closer and got that godly head spinning orgamsic smell of her dirty lil ass. She had football practice before she came over so she would've been running around and sweat would've coated those heavenly ass cheeks and her asshole. Even though I prefer clean assholes just out of the bath, there are some girls whose assholes you will lick, eat and worship however sweaty and musky smelling they are 'cos the more you smell it the harder your dick becomes.

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I moved my tongue closer to her asshole and licked that sweet lil sweaty puckered hole and it had the sweetest tangiest tastes with that head spinning smell. I got quite into it and started to lick more and more of her asshole and coating it in my saliva.

She was starting to moan and I was getting more and more aggressive with my licking.

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Her trimmed pussy was starting to get really wet and suddenly she moved one hand back and pushed my head deeper into her ass. Her pussy juice was flowing down her pussy coating my face. I was now a mad man who couldn't get enough of her asshole and her pussy juice and was licking her hard and deep.

She then shuddered and grabbed a fistful of my hair and almost crushed my head between her legs and I knew she was having an orgasm. After a min or so, she let go of my hair and turned around with a naughty smile on her face. I moved up and kissed those juicy lips and she licked her juices off my face and we had a laugh. Apparently she too had a lust crush on me and had imagined doing some really crazy naughty stuff when we all used to get high on pot.

We sat up on the mattress and took a hit each from the bong. What happens next comes in the next story depending on the response I get. Email me at [email protected] I'm also open to meetups with girls wanting their asses licked