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Cream Pie For Pornstar With Mammaries
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Something drew me to it. Something more than a hobbyist's love for electronics. I had pulled into the thrift store without thought on my way home from work. Coming off the night shift, the store had just opened. I got off work late and knew there was no way I could catch my wife to say goodbye before she left for school.

I quickly passed the clothes and games around which I normally would have loitered and stood before this spectacular machine. It was a large metal cube with buttons on the bottom of the front panel. The top half was consumed in a nineteen inch screen that was too old to call a monitor. There was no company name or logo. The only identifying characteristics were a few lines on the back in a language I did not recognize.

It could have been Cyrillic or Greek. A tag read: Home built computer Does not work $20 As the early morning light filtered through my blinds at home, my wallet was twenty dollars lighter and the machine sat on my desk.


I made myself breakfast/dinner and retrieved my screwdriver from the garage. I figured I could take a peek inside while the microwave warmed my meal. Halfway through removing the first screw from the side panel, it occurred to me that the old computer might still work. No harm giving it a try, I thought to myself.

Without even driving the screw, I plugged the machine into the surge protector under my desk and flipped the switch on the back. On a rational level, my mind did not think the device would turn on. Deeper down, instinctually, I knew it would.

The whir of the fan and steady electronic hum came as no surprise. After a few beeps and screens filled with the same language as was on the back, the computer loaded a black page with a green colon flashing in the top left corner. Whether from my use of modern computers or my instinctive familiarity with this old machine, I pressed the enter key. The monitor flooded with hundreds of lines of text. I recognized a few different languages, but had to scroll down to find the version with which I was most familiar.

Enter language. Beside the green, flashing colon, I entered English. Welcome Master! Type a command: My mind flashed with bdsm fantasies. The person who built this must have had a certain fetish.

I tried to remember any MSDOS-style commands I had learned decades ago but came up blank.


After a few minutes of staring, I entered Get me a better damn job. The logical part of my brain knew that this command would come back as invalid. The other part, the part that knew this computer would work, knew better.

The machine whirred louder as its ancient parts came under increased strain. My phone rang, which startled me. "Hello," I answered. "Is this Jake Smith?" I responded in the affirmative.

"Hi Jake, this is Cathleen from Ribald County High School." It was the school where I had graduated fifteen years earlier. What did I do? "How can I help you?" "You were recommended to us for an open English teacher position. Would you like to come in for an interview next Thursday?" I was shocked into silence. After half-regaining my composure, I mumbled to the woman, "Yes, teaching high school has always been my dream, but…" "We know you're not certified, but you are qualified to get state-certified through a new online program.

Are you interested?" "Absolutely," I nearly shouted. "Great. You can come in at four on Thursday for your interview. You will most likely start at the beginning of next month." "Thank you," I breathlessly mouthed as I hung up the phone. I was in absolute shock. My body was trembling. "Did you do this?" I asked the computer.

No response. I typed, Did you do this? Invalid command. Is this thing magic? Give me one hundred dollars. It responded: In which denominations? Twenties. Where? On my desk. The machine hummed louder and then stopped. Five twenty dollar bills had blinked into existence on the desk immediately in front of me. I cannot describe the euphoria and adulation I experienced.

I spent the next fifteen minutes jumping up and down, dancing around my empty house, screaming for joy, kicking my heels; nothing was enough to express my happiness at this magic machine sitting before me. I was filled with an inconceivable amount of energy that needed release.

With a big, stupid smile on my face, I sat back at the computer. I want a beautiful, naked woman on my bed who is dying to have sex with me. Age? My finger hovered between the one and two keys. I'm 32, so I don't think a teenager would want to have sex with me. Then again, this is my computer fantasy. The age of consent is sixteen in this state, but… To be safe, I typed in 21. A nice college-girl type. Nabokov wouldn't be happy, but he wasn't here. Body specifications? I typed out my dream girl.

5'9'', 140 pounds, brown hair, hazel eyes, long legs, 32/dd breasts, a nice sized butt. I keyed enter hoping for the computer to come to life. It didn't. Additional specifications?

It was as if the computer knew I had left something out. She has a tight pussy, is amazing at sex, has daddy fantasies, and easily has multiple squirting orgasms. The machine roared, louder than it had before. After almost a minute of strenuous effort, it began to quiet and I heard a creaking sound behind me. I knew she would be there, but the gorgeous young girl spread eagle on the bed toying with her pussy still made me jump.

"Hey," I said stupidly. "Why don't you get over here and fuck me like the little slut I am," she demanded. The excited energy coursing through me carried my body from the old computer to the girl's side on the bed. I would like to think I felt a moment of guilt, but I didn't.

I would let my wife get me back later, I thought. "What's your name?" "Nina." I had already known. Her snatch drew my hand like a magnet. I worked her clit in a slow circular motion. She moaned with pleasure. "Nina…when I'm done playing with you, I'm going to get you up on your hands and knees and try to stuff my cock into your tight little pussy." Slipping two fingers in I could feel it was damn tight.

"Oh yes, daddy," she purred. "Now, I may not fit on the first try," I continued, alternating between stimulating her g-spot and clit, "but I'm going to keep pushing 'till it's all the way inside you." My dirty talk drove her crazy. "Daddy…" she gasped. "Fuck me daddy, please." "Not yet," increasing the pressure on her clit. "Please…" "Turn over," I commanded.

She shot up and rolled onto her hands and knees. "Yeah…fuck me." "Not yet," I said firmly. Putting one hand on her back, I pushed her onto her stomach and started fingered her hard from behind. The direct pressure on her erogenous zone made her scream in ecstasy. Face buried in the pillow, Nina's little cunt clenched around my fingers and she released a gush of fluid against the bed.

I gave her a minute to catch her breath while I stroked my cock to a full erection. "Get up and bend over." She did as I commanded, sticking her tight ass in the air. "Fuck me, daddy." My hard cock became a divining rod pulling me to water.

I'm not an exceptionally big man, but stuffing this slut's little pussy was a feat. She was screaming for mercy as I slowly worked my girth into her. Two inches in, she was begging for a break. "Please slow down…please wait…just give me a second…" she gasped.

"Sorry Nina, but once I get going I can't stop." I kept dishing out little thrusts until my entire cock was jammed inside her. I pulled out slowly and saw her pussy lips wrapped around my shaft, struggling to release it. "You're just too fucking big for me!" I glanced back at the computer: This really was a fantasy. I worked up a steady rhythm as Nina moaned with pleasure. She was so tight I got a little loud myself. After a few minutes playing with her big boobs as they bounced forward with each thrust, Nina's moans became wails.

"I need to cum again!" The combination of hard nipple pinches, my dick reaming her out, and her strumming her clit were too much for the poor girl.

She let loose another screaming, gushing orgasm. Her passion overcame me and I groaned as my balls contracted and then shot my load inside her. It was a heavy orgasm that filled her with my cum. "Thank you," was all she could mumble as we collapsed together on the bed.

When I woke in the afternoon, the attractive young woman sleeping in my arms who was not my wife gave me a real scare. It took me a few moments to remember what had happened. I snuck away to the computer and inputted the command The attractive girl on my bed is gone.

The machine hummed and just like that she had disappeared. I marveled at my good luck. I could use this device to play out any sexual fantasy I desired. My mind raced. I have the fulfillment of my every desire at my fingertips. What should I do with it? Maybe a test. My wife and I had been married for almost a decade. In that time, things in the bedroom had gotten a little stale. We had played out a few fantasies together to spice up our love lives, including the idea of her with other men.

Katie was never fully into it, but the thought of her cheating drove me crazy. We always talked about it but I had the feeling that she was playing along to get me off; she never actually wanted to cheat. Maybe I could create a little test to see if that was true. I thought back to the last time we had made love, over a week ago. It was pretty plain until she closed her eyes mid-way through and she started getting into it. What had she been thinking about? I checked the clock: 2:30. She would dismiss students at 3 and get home around 3:30.

I typed into the computer, After work, the fantasy that Katie was dreaming about the last time we had sex is going to come true. I hesitated. Maybe she would come right home and beg me to fuck her in the ass.

Maybe she'd hook up with some stranger in a parking lot. Both ideas got me excited. I pressed enter. Additional specifications? She won't feel guilty about whatever she does today. She will have an amazing time and tell me about it as soon as she gets home. Enter. The computer roared into life.

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After a minute it was silent and my wait began. The minutes ticked off the clock like hours. Maybe she would walk in the door at 3:20 and spill out the nastiest, most embarrassing fetish. She wants me to piss on her or something equally wild. 3:20 came and went, along with that hope. Maybe she is stuck in traffic. By 4:30, I realized that probably wasn't the case. She is with another guy right now, I thought.

At this very moment, a man is sticking is filthy dick inside my wife's cute pussy. What did I do? It was what I had wanted. Didn't I just fuck some hot stranger myself? It is what I deserve. The nervousness mixed with excitement. What was she doing? I started getting short clips in my head. My wife wearing nothing but boots and a cowboy hat riding a well hung man in a hotel room. Her thighs grinding against his sides, working his cock up and down in her hole. I got hard at the thought.

Katie in some dingy back alley on her knees sucking a guy off. What had she been fantasizing about that night? Katie didn't get home until after 6. I waited expectantly at the computer and was almost horrified when she walked into the bedroom.

She looked like she had come out of a fight on the losing end. Her hair was disheveled. Her nice dress was torn down the back and she had to keep hold of it to prevent it from falling to the floor.

Her leggings were equally destroyed and when she sat on the bed I could see a giant hole torn in the crotch. Her underwear was missing and her crotch was covered in a crusty white fluid. After the surprise of seeing her like this had started to subside, I noticed the rope burns on her arms and the dog collar around her neck.

"What the hell happened?" A small, exhausted smile creased her face. "I had the time of my life." It was the first time I had ever seen someone literally pass out. She simply fell back on the bed and started a gentle snore. My cock was throbbing; I needed to know what had happened. I needed to get some relief.

Instead, I undressed and got in the bed next to her. She woke me an hour later. "Help me out of these clothes." I sat up and helped her remove her tattered dress and leggings. In the dimming afternoon light, I could see handprints across her ass that still burned bright red.

Her breasts were bruised in several places. "What happened?" "You're going to be mad, but for some reason I don't care," she whispered. "I won't be mad." I slid closer to her and took her beaten body in my arms. "Just tell me." "I feel like I can't even explain it…I don't know how it happened. One minute I was doing a little work in my room after school and when I went to the bathroom, the hallways were deserted.

I mean, every teacher and student and custodian had just disappeared. It was like everybody had decided to go home at once." At least she wasn't going to get fired because of my little test, I thought.

"I was getting kinda creeped out, so I went back to my room to start packing to home when I heard footsteps and voices down the hall. It was pretty scary until I recognized the voices. They were three dads of kids in my class who just happened to come at the same time to discuss last marking period's report cards." "Pretty strange that they all came at the same time." "Yeah, I know." "Do these dads just so happen to be the most attractive men you deal with on a daily basis?" She looked away.

"Don't feel guilty. Just be honest." A smile sprouted on her face. "Yeah, they're all really sexy. Tall, handsome, in good shape." "What happened next?" "They told me they needed to discuss their kids' performance in the class.

I said that I would get the work and went over to the filing cabinet next to my desk. I was bent over going through my files when suddenly I could feel their eyes on me. Normally I would think that was weird, but it was a total turn on for me. I couldn't even concentrate on the files I had gotten so wet." "Did you find the files?" Katie laughed.

"No…I'm a little embarrassed about what happened next, but I felt like I couldn't control myself. It was like I had to do it." "What did you do?" "I stuck my butt out a little further and hiked up my dress." "How far?" "Over my butt. I mean, I was wearing leggings but everything was on full display." "So what did they do?" "They surrounded me and started kissing me and touching my body.

Then…" she paused for a moment, trying to make sense of what happened. "It was almost like it was choreographed. Maybe they planned it out beforehand, I don't know. It was like things happened because they had to happen.

Are you mad?" "No, Katie." I guided her hand towards my hard cock. "Does this feel like I'm mad to you?" She gave me a long kiss. "Tell me what happened next." "Well, it all happened really fast.

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They dragged me to the middle of my classroom and one guy pulled a rope out of nowhere and tied it around my wrists. Another flipped it over a crossbeam on the ceiling and tied the other end to my desk so I was fully stretched out and had to stand on my tiptoes.

It got painful after a while but it was amazingly sexual." Without my knowledge, my hips were thrusting along with the story. "Keep going." "They were all around touching me. One ripped off my dress and another tore a hole in my leggings. It was like a rape, but…" she looked away thoughtfully. "It wasn't." I think I caught a trace of a smile on her face. When had I started stroking myself?

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She continued, "so there I was, arms in the air, feet barely on the ground, in nothing but my bra and ripped leggings. The bra disappeared about as fast as you could imagine. They pulled my panties off so hard that the poor things pretty much disintegrated. After that, they did whatever they wanted with me. I felt like a steak surrounded by three hungry dogs." I was harder than I had ever been.

"I need to have sex with you right now." "I'm sorry Jake. I'm in too much pain right now." She saw the disappointment on my face. "I want to; you just don't understand what they did to me." "Alright," I responded, "you tell me while I jerk off." I held her with my left arm, stimulating myself with my right.

"Ok, just don't get mad at me. It was about what you would expect at first. Two guys held my legs, one each, while the other took me down the middle." "How was it?" "It was incredible. I haven't ever had a hard pounding like that before. One would go for a few minutes and then take a rest holding my leg and let another guy have a turn. They were big, too.

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It was…good. " "I'm glad you liked it." That sounded more sarcastic than I had intended. "But how did you get so," I searched for the right term, "disheveled?" "You mean beaten up?" I nodded. "Well, they fucked me like that for a long time. It must have been at least half an hour.

I was getting sore and expected them to cum, but then they untied the rope from the ceiling and told me to get on my hands and knees.

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They slipped this on me," she grabbed at the dog collar, "with a leash and made me crawl around on the floor while they smacked my ass and yanked on my boobs. They took pictures of it on their cell phones. It was humiliating." "But you loved it?" "Yes." "What happened next?" Katie's face turned scarlet and she stammered, "I don't know…" "Just tell me." "I can't believe I even agreed to do it.

But…it was like I didn't have a choice." I could feel my orgasm coming but had to hold it back. "Do what?" "They led me out the door, down the hall, and outside onto the playground. Mind you I was still totally nude and crawling like a dog." "Wow." This was even better than I thought. "I know. Somebody from the neighboring houses or driving by must have seen. I don't know how we didn't all go to jail." "I'm glad you didn't.

What did they do to you outside?" Still a little ashen, she admitted that they pulled her into the big grass field and "relieved themselves" on her. "So they just jerked off on you?" "Um," she mumbled, "no." "So…oh!" "Yeah.

Don't bring this up again." "Ok," I laughed. "Then what?" "After they were done and I was soaking wet, they made me towel off and squat down. I thought they were going to make me do it on myself, but then one of the dads produced a bottle of lube and told me to get my asshole ready." "Did you want to?

I know you hate anal sex." " I hate anal sex normally," she corrected, "but this time was different." Katie went on to describe how she applied the lubricant to her fingers and slipped them inside her lesser-used hole.

It was difficult at first, but after a few minutes of work she had expanded the opening just enough to accommodate a male organ. As she described her experience for me, my eyes were closed and I was picturing everything in my mind. Her long legs were parted; sex juices from her pussy covered her inner-thighs.

Long fingers plunged into her asshole while three handsome men stood around her, cocks in hand, waiting for their opportunity.

I was shocked I didn't cum right there. "How did they finish?" "Once I was ready, one of the guys sat on the ground behind me and told me to back up onto him. Two fingers really don't prepare you for something like that inside you. I went slow, up and down, working it in my ass. Once I was comfortable and started bouncing on it a little, the next guy spread my legs and pushed me backwards against my new butt buddy.

He started fucking my pussy." "How was the DP?" "The what?" I forgot how innocent she was (or used to be). "Double penetration." "Do you know how thin the wall is between my vagina and my rectum?" I shook my head.

"Thin enough that I could feel them rubbing against each other inside me. Thin enough that they could feel each other inside me." I must have looked suitably impressed, because she continued. "Further, are you aware that when a woman receives a big dick in her pussy, the vagina expands to accommodate it, which limits the room available in the rectum.

The same thing happens in reverse if a woman takes a big dick in her ass. Do you see where I'm going with this?" I did. "Those two big mother-fuckers stretched me out like I have never experienced. I had a pounding orgasm after less than two minutes. I never get an orgasm from sex.

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It was amazing!" I was so close. "What about the third guy? Didn't he feel left out?" "Oh no. Once we got situated and I stopped screaming and could catch my breath, he came in on the side and stuck that big rod right in my mouth.

I started screaming again, but at least it was muffled." "Did you finish like that?" "It was weird, almost like they timed it.

After I came, they fucked me for a while and then the guy in my ass had a really powerful orgasm. I could feel his dick pumping cum inside of me. Just after he finished, the guy in front came in my pussy. It was almost like he was waiting so I could fully enjoy both. Once he was done, the third guy came in my mouth.

I swallowed most of it, but a little dribbled onto my chin," she giggled.

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"After that, we kinda went our separate ways." "That was an amazing story," I gasped, releasing my own flow of semen. "I know, I still can't believe it actually happened. The whole time we were doing it, I felt like I was inside a dream. Are you sure you aren't mad at me?" "Would I have jerked off to your story if I was angry about it?" "I guess not." Katie motioned towards the computer on the desk, "I saw that when I came in but had other things on my mind.

What is that thing? I had a choice. I could have told her it was just an old piece of junk I was trying to fix and she would have ignored it. I could have gone on playing this game indefinitely, or at least until I got bored. Stupidly, I decided to tell the truth. "That is the reason for what happened to you today." My wife looked at me skeptically.

"What are you talking about?" "I found it at the thrift store and brought it home. I told it to get me a better job as a joke and out of the blue a woman called offering me a high school teaching position." "Are you serious? That's amazing!" "I know. I told it to give me cash and a hundred bucks appeared on the table. Do you remember the last time we had sex." "I guess, why?" "I could tell you weren't into it and I knew you were thinking about something to get you going.

I told the computer to make whatever you were thinking about come true." The confused skepticism was gone from her face but the frown remained. It was fantastical but it was the only explanation that made sense.

"So," she paused, thinking out her next words carefully, "so you made me have sex with those guys?" "I didn't make you," I defended. "It was straight out of your fantasy." Katie's voice started to rise. "Just because I wanted it in my head doesn't mean I really want it. What's the matter with you?" "I just…" She had reached a crescendo of anger and disgust.

"You are sick." Tears rolled down her cheeks. "Leave me alone." "But…" "You forced me to fuck a group of men when I NEVER would have done that in real life! GET OUT!" I had no choice. I made myself something to eat while she cried herself to sleep.

When I left for work at seven she was still locked in our bedroom. She would get over it, I consoled myself. This isn't the end of the world. I put in my two weeks' notice just before the end of my shift that night. Angry wife or no angry wife, I was getting my dream job.

The boss was angry that he needed to find a replacement, but I believe he understood. I got the teaching position and finished out my time on the loading dock. Katie still refused to talk to me. I hardly saw her during those two weeks and I certainly left the computer alone.

On my last day of work at the shipping company, my coworkers threw me a small party after our shift. I was glad to move on, but it was bitter knowing I would lose contact with the friends I had made loading trucks night after night. After almost everyone had left, my boss called me into his private office. He sat behind his desk; my shift supervisor and someone from the corporate office were on the faded couch near the entryway.

A strange feeling came over me, like something had carried me into the room. "Go ahead and strip naked," my boss commanded.


On any other day, under any other circumstance, I would have walked out and not looked back. I would have left that creepy little gathering without a second thought. Not that day. I had a feeling that whatever was about to happen needed to happen. I had no choice in the matter. While removing my work shirt and pants, I glanced from the bottle of lubricant on my boss's desk to the thick rope in my supervisor's lap.

I realized that by using the computer to inflict such pain and embarrassment on my wife, I had opened a karmic tab. As my underwear fell to the floor and the man with the rope approached me, I realized that I was about to pay it in full.