Passando a ligua bem devagar na cabecinha da pica

Passando a ligua bem devagar na cabecinha da pica
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The Photographer Dillon was learning to speak Russian a little better after a week in Kiev, Ukraine. He found the people friendly and helpful, and a larger percentage of them spoke a bit of English than he had expected. Dillon took every opportunity to practice his Russian, freely starting conversations with the accommodating Ukrainians.

He focused his efforts on the beautiful young women of the city when possible. They seemed to find the tall and lean American with a camera slung over his shoulder interesting. He found the large city to be beautiful with its century's old architecture and plentiful parks. He spent most of his first week photographing cathedrals, statues and fountains of the remarkably clean city. He had rented a small furnished apartment overlooking the scenic Vostok River, and leased a spacious office in a modern industrial park.

He spent several hours a day fashioning the large two room office into a photography studio and darkroom. He was growing accustomed to the local food, and was pleased to find he could actually drink the water, something previous romps to Mexico from his hometown of La Jolla, California had caused him to be concerned about. The city's nightlife thrived seven nights a week, and Dillon was slowly making friends he met in some of the local pubs and clubs.

He took his camera everywhere he went, often using a dozen rolls of film a day. The day before his friend Sergei arrived, Dillon managed to hire a young man for some part time work he would need done at his new studio. Kiril was twenty two years old and had three years experience as an assistant stage-set technician. Hauling furniture and bags of supplies to the studio, Dillon and Kiril began to set up the furniture and supplies, and with Kiril's expertise, managed to create the illusion of a young teenage girl's dream bedroom.

Happy with his progress, Dillon let Kiril have the rest of the day off, and began to set up his photography lights and reflectors. That evening, as Dillon was finishing up his darkroom, Sergei called him from the airport. "Hey Dillon," Sergei said. "It's nice to be home my friend!

Let's meet for a drink." "You got it buddy," Dillon said. "Let's try to speak Russian this evening. I need the practice." "As you wish," Sergei said, switching to Russian. "My Russian isn't nearly as good as your English, but I am trying." Dillon admitted. "That's ok, my friend. We are meeting my brother tonight, and he speaks no English at all.

And I doubt either of the girls he has with him speak any either." Sergei gave Dillon directions to upscale nightclub on the edge of the city. "My brother owns a large chunk of the club," Sergei added.


Dillon's taxi left him in front of the brightly lit nightclub, but the bouncer at the front door refused to let him in with his camera. As Dillon tried in vain to argue in his limited Russian, he felt a strong hand on his shoulder.

"It's ok, comrade," Sergei said to the bouncer, and giving Dillon a quick wink. "We are here to meet my brother. This is his new photographer." The bouncer didn't apologize, but stood aside and let both men into the crowded nightclub.

When Dillon saw how the women in the club were dressed, he understood the bouncer's policy on no cameras. Scantily clad women and stylishly dressed men made Dillon feel very under-dressed. He followed Sergei through the dancing crowd to a locked door.

Sergei quickly produced a key from his pocket and opened the door, which led to a carpeted staircase. Another bouncer stood at the top of the stairs. "Sergei," the large man said. "Your brother is here and expecting you." He opened the door at the top of the steps, and the two men entered a large office, which overlooked the entire club through a large one way window.

"Brother!" said a man of about forty years old. "Mikhail!" Sergei said, opening his arms and hugging his brother, kissing him quickly on both cheeks.

"It is good to see you again!" Dillon looked quickly around the office. It was expensively decorated. Two young women sat on a comfortable looking sofa in the back of the office. And two very young looking women, girls actually, both blonde, approached Dillon from behind. One, who couldn't be more than thirteen or fourteen, took his camera, while the other girl, Dillon thought she was about the same age, took him by the hand and led him to the sofa where the two other women sat.

Dillon was admiring how the four women were dressed. None of them wore much, but what they did wear looked nicely enticing. As Sergei and his brother Mikhail warmly talked and caught up with one another, Dillon sat comfortably on the sofa and glanced quickly at the women on either side of him. They seemed a bit younger than Dillon's twenty-seven years. One was blonde with bright blue eyes, a slender dancer's body with small breasts.

The other, a brunette, had dark mischievous eyes and a fuller, rounder figure than the blond on his left. Both girls smiled at him. "This is Dillon, Mikhail," Said Sergei, finally, introducing the two men. Dillon stood to shake Mikhail's hand. "My American friend I made in Prague." Dillon had met Sergei in Czechoslovakia. Sergei had financed and produced more than a dozen high quality pornographic feature films.

He had hired Dillon to photograph the scenes, selling the results to several porno-web sites. The two had become quick and close friends. When the production had ended, Sergei had suggested that Dillon and he spend some time in Kiev, Sergei's hometown, working on an idea that Sergei and his brother had come up with. "Welcome Dillon," Mikhail said warmly in Russian. The three men gathered around Mikhail's desk and talked for nearly two hours. Dillon was pleased with his command of the Russian language, only rarely losing his way in the conversation taking place.

Dillon, Sergei, and Mikhail discussed their new business venture. The youngest girls often brought drinks for the men up from the bar downstairs. Finally, Mikhail rose from his desk and stood, as the two youngest girls helped him put on his expensive jacket. He gave the ass of one of the little blonde girls a squeeze, making her giggle and brush her hand across Mikhail's crotch.

As Dillon watched, he found himself mesmerized by the little blond girl. He had never seen this behavior from a girl her age before. He took her in with his keen photographer's eye. She was probably only five feet tall, and weighed less than ninety pounds. She wore a short skirt that showed off her young firm, tan and strong legs. As Mikhail groped her ass, Dillon noticed she wore little white thong underwear.

The snug fitting top she wore exposed her tight tummy and hid small breasts. She had bright and smiling blues eyes, perfect white teeth, and full pink lips. She wore no makeup at all.

She wore her golden blonde hair and twin pony tails. The other girl, a blond also, was even shorter and thinner than her counterpart.

She had a perky little ass also. Dillon watched her as she wrapped a thin arm around one of Mikhail's legs, very near his crotch. "Come Anastasia, come little Masha. Pappa will take you home now," Mikhail said. The two little blonde girls wiggled in excitement as Mikhail led them from the office.

The bouncer stood at the open office door, looking in at Sergei, Dillon and the two remaining women. "Let's go party, my friends," Sergei suggested. Standing, the two men left the office followed by the sexy blonde and brunette. The four danced and drank for another hour, while Dillon paid the blonde close attention, before Sergei led them across the street to a small restaurant.

The four found an open booth on the corner and dined on an excellent meal of lamb and vegetables, before Sergei said good night, leading the brunette out of the restaurant and hailed a cab. "Well, handsome American man, what shall we do with ourselves for the rest of the evening?" the young blonde woman asked him in a quiet and husky voice, moving over very close to him in the booth. "You can call me Dillon," He said. She had beautiful blue eyes and soft red lips. "Then you should call me Tanya, please.

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Are you a famous photographer?" "Hardly, more like infamous," he said hoping his poor Russian vocabulary made his point. He noticed her erect nipples pressing against her tight white cotton top. He felt himself becoming aroused. Each time he had looked at her, through out the night, the more he had admired her looks and behavior. "Have you photographed any famous people, Dillon?" she asked, placing her small hand on his leg, not far from his crotch. He shook his head, looking down at her hand.

She squeezed his leg lightly.

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"Have you been photographing my beautiful city, Dillon?" She asked. He nodded, watching her hand travel further up his leg. "How long have you been speaking Russian, Dillon?" "Seven days," he croaked as she softly grasped his erection. "I can teach you some dirty words, if you like, Dillon," She said quietly into his ear as she began to unzip his fly. "Would you like that, Dillon?" Dillon nodded, yes he would.

She brushed her breasts against his shoulder. He had grown very hard now, in his excitement. She leaned closer and kissed him on his ear, as she worked her small hand into his pants. He felt her wrap her thin fingers around the base of his erection. "You have a nice thick cock, Dillon," She said, lightly thrusting her tongue into his ear, causing him to shiver.

"And you have nice big hairy balls." Dillon was thoroughly enjoying Russian lessons in dirty words. "I would like to suck on your thick cock, Dillon. I'll massage your big balls for you," Tanya said. He looked into her blue eyes, which were half closed. With her free hand, she led his hand to her chest and held it firmly against one of her breasts.

She lightly bit her lower lip and smiled sexily at him as she massaged his balls. "Would you like that Dillon?" "Yes." He would like that a lot, he thought, as he watched her tongue travel around her soft lips. She released his hand, but he kept fondling her small firm breast, pinching her stiff nipple through her soft top. She grabbed his other hand and placed it between her legs.

He noticed immediately how warm it was between her firm thighs. "I have a very tight pussy, Dillon. Would you like to feel it?" Dillon did, in fact, want to feel her tight pussy. He fingered her through a pair of silky, wet panties. She twirled her tongue around his ear, arousing him more. "Feel my pussy Dillon." Dillon slid a finger under her thongs and gently rubbed her very wet pussy lips. Slowly, he inserted his finger into her. She indeed had a very tight and snug pussy.

It felt wet and warm as it clinched his finger tightly. His other fingers explored her pussy. It was completely shaved, and was very soft and smooth. She sighed heavily and began to massage his rock hard cock, rubbing her small thumb over the top of it, smearing some pre-cum fluid over the head of his dick. He moaned. "I am a married woman, Dillon." She admitted. "My husband is old man and he has a small, tiny dick.

He is rarely home to fuck me with it. So when he leaves town, I often work for Mikhail." Dillon looked into her beautiful face.

So she was a part time prostitute, he surmised. It figures, Dillon thought. It would explain why a young woman of her exceptional looks would be holding onto his cock on a restaurant. "Would you like to fuck my tight wet pussy with your thick cock, Dillon?" He nodded. Yes he would. He would like that very much. "Pay for our dinner, Dillon and I'll get us a taxi," Tanya said, pulling her hand from his pants and licking her thumb.

"Mm." Soon, Dillon and Tanya were back at his dark apartment. She led him to his bed and took off his shirt and helped him out of his pants and shoes. She gently pushed him down on the bed, naked. She stood at the end of his bed, and turned to look out his large window, taking in the lovely view of the river below.

Moonlight shown on her as she turned to him and began to slowly remove her clothes. She slipped off her shoes, and unzipped her short skirt, allowing it to drop to the floor. She slipped her thumbs under the straps of her thong underwear and smoothly slipped them off too.

She slowly ran her hands over her firm tummy before lifting her small white top over her head, and shaking her hair. As the moonlight illuminated the half of her body closest to the window, Dillon watched her hands roam over her lithe curves.

He wondered how she stayed in such marvelous shape. He thought perhaps it must be some sort of dancing, perhaps aerobics. "Do you find me attractive, Dillon?" She asked. "I find you very attractive, Tanya." She moved onto the bed with him, crawling up between his legs.

She knelt over his hips and stroked his hard cock, purring softly. Dillon reached for her and pulled her up to him. He hoped this part-time prostitute would kiss him. He desperately wanted to kiss her while his hands roamed her young body.

She lay down on him, her hard nipples and small firm breasts resting on his chest. She looked into his eyes, touched his face with her soft hand. "Would you like to kiss me, Dillon?" He nodded, taking her finger into his mouth and nibbling on it. "I will let you kiss me, handsome American," She said. "Tonight, you may kiss me." Dillon pulled her face down to his and found her lips. As he ran his fingers through her hair, she gently kissed him, stopped, and kissed him again.

Tanya stopped kissing him again and sighed deeply. Dillon ran his hands down her back, resting them on her firm butt. He squeezed her lightly. She kissed him again deeply now, her tongue working into his mouth. Her legs spread and he worked a hand between them.

Her bald pussy will still wet from the restaurant and frisky taxi ride home. Finally, Tanya broke her kiss, and began to slide down his body. She took his hard cock in her mouth, wrapping her lips around his swollen head and massaging it with her tongue. She wrapped one small hand around his cock, using her other to cradle his balls. She began to suck on the head of his cock while slowly jerking him off.

Dillon fluffed up his pillows and pulled them under his head, looking down and watching her suck his cock. She had her fine ass raised into the air catching some of the blue moonlight from the window, her legs spread slightly as she moaned on his cock, wiggling her ass slightly. Within a minute, she began to take more and more of his cock into her mouth.

He enjoyed the way she held his balls, cradled in one hand and lightly squeezing them occasionally. Her other hand diligently worked the shaft of his cock that she hadn't fit into her mouth yet.

Tanya had more than half his cock in her mouth and began to slide it in and out of her mouth, getting more and more saliva on him. Soon her saliva filled hand was gliding up and down his slick cock with her mouth.

She continued to keep her lips tightly wrapped around his cock and she was able to create considerable suction. As she took him deep into her mouth, her tongue caressed the underside of his cock. As she raised her head nearly off his cock, her tongue circled his swollen head, teasing it.

Dillon was loving Tanya's blow job. After several minutes of this, Dillon felt himself growing more excited, his cock swelling. Tanya's hand released his cock and she shifted her body to take more of him into her mouth now. Tanya had been taking more than half of him in, while working the rest of his slick cock with her saliva-covered hand.

Now she began to slowly take more of him into her mouth. Dillon watched her mouth traveling up and down his cock more quickly now, slowly getting her lips closer to the base of his cock each time. He felt the head of his cock touch the back of her mouth again and again. Her tongue kept working the underside of his cock and it felt wonderful. Suddenly he felt the head of his cock slip into her tight throat.

He watched with pleasure as his cock completely disappeared into her mouth. Saliva had covered his balls now, as she still used one hand to squeeze them lightly. Dillon's hips were thrusting an inch or two off the bed as she deep-throated him.

"Tanya, I'm going to come," Dillon said desperately, in English, his mind too occupied to try to translate his warning into Russian. Tanya moaned and kept sucking him into her warm wet mouth, gently milking his balls.

As he started to come in her mouth, she again began to jerk him off with her hand, urging him to come hard with her moans. Dillon cried out loudly as he pumped more and more sperm into her. Soon she was licking sperm and saliva off his sensitive, twitching rock-hard cock. "Mm," she said. "Delicious American come." Dillon sighed deeply, trying to recall if he ever had such a expertly engineered blow job.

It hadn't taken Tanya long to get him to come, perhaps four, maybe five minutes. He felt her crawl up his body to him again.

His hands found her thin body. His fingers tickled her along her ribs. "Mm." She said softly. "I liked holding your big hairy balls Dillon." He held her closely. She whispered her dirty thoughts into his ear as he recovered from his orgasm. She told him she could still feel the fat head of his cock in her throat.

Dillon was happy to learn more dirty Russian words. He rolled her over so he was lying on top of her and kissed her hard. He cock had grown a little soft, but he was still very aroused. He kissed her on her neck, and found her earlobe with his lips.

He nibbled it lightly, returning soon to her neck, throat, and traveling down to her shoulder. He found her hard nipples with his lips and massaged her breasts firmly with his hands.

He felt Tanya's body moving under him, he felt her shiver as he bit her nipple lightly. He trailed some kisses down to her sexy little belly button, sticking his tongue into the recess and teasing her. He felt her legs spread out wide, expecting him to move lower. Dillon would not disappoint her.

He hovered over her hips, grabbing her legs and spreading them wider, allowing the moonlight to reflect off her glistening bald pussy. She had long pussy lips, swollen with anticipation.

Dillon pushed her knees back toward her tummy as he lowered his head to suck on her pussy. Tanya responded to his mouth with a loud moan and her hips thrust toward his mouth. He tongued her pussy lips, clit and thighs and she squirmed and moaned. He pushed her legs further back and flicked his tongue over her little pink asshole. Tanya responded by grabbing his hair in her hands and holding his head tightly between her legs.

Dillon listened to her moans and studied her responses as her licked and sucked her. He worked a finger, and then two into her pussy, gauging her responses. Slowly, Dillon was able to build upon her excitement, gradually increasing her pleasure. She ran her fingers through his hair now and taught him more dirty Russian words, encouraging and begging him. Soon, Dillon found her rhythm, and began to tease her closer and closer to her orgasm.

Soon she wrapped her strong legs around his head tightly and pulled painfully on his hair. She screamed his name loudly, exotically, Dillon thought, in her thick Russian tongue,and pushed her pussy forcefully up into his face. Dillon worked her enlarged clit with his tongue quickly until she shivered powerfully and pulled his head away from her lap.

Dillon found her belly button again with his tongue and gave it a little attention as Tanya caught her breath and regained her senses. He felt proud of himself. He felt he had risen to the occasion and please her as well as she had pleased him. Soon, Tanya was breathing almost normally again and pulled him up toward her face. He kissed her deeply, as she spread her legs beneath him, offering her wide-open pussy to him.

Kissing her gently, holding her face between his hands, he shifted his hips to enter her. Tanya reached between them and grabbed his cock, leading it to her opening and guiding it in.

"Slowly Dillon," she pleaded. "Please go slowly." Dillon found her to be surprisingly tight. He slid the fat head of his cock in and out of her pussy, spreading her open and getting himself covered with her slickness. She raised her legs slightly, so Dillon slid a little further into her, while kissing her gently. She responded to his thrust by biting him softly on his lower lip and purring. He pulled back a bit. Her hips followed him, rising off the bed slightly.

He reached a hand under her ass then, and held her up off the bed as he slid a little further into her. She bit him on his lip again, moaning and grabbing the back of his head with one hand and his back with the other. Dillon held her up that way and waited for her to give him another sign she was ready for him to go thrust deeper into her. Tanya shivered lightly, then relaxed and thrust her hips up, pushing her tight pussy further up his cock.

"Oh Dillon," She moaned. "Oh." God! Dillon loved the way she said his name. Dillon held her tightly as she adjusted to his very hard cock. Her warm pussy felt wet and tight around him. She thrust again, and took him almost all the way in.

Tanya shivered again and turned her face to the side burying her head into the pillow and biting it hard. She growled. Dillon lowered her hips back to the bed, keeping his hand under her ass and began to slide in cock out off her pussy, as she wrapped her strong legs around him. Dillon was thankful Tanya had sucked him off into an orgasm previously.

Dillon knew he would have been too excited to last long if she had stopped sucking him off and had started fucking him earlier. Now, he felt under control, ready to give his little blond part-time prostitute a good old American fucking. As he started working his cock in and out of her, Tanya tossed her head from side to side.

Her pussy was grasping him tightly.

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Her pussy was slick, wet and very warm. Her hips rose to meet his thrust. He felt her pussy relax very slightly, allowing him to increase the power of his thrusts. Soon he was hammering into her. Each time his cock slammed into her a little chirping sound escaped her as she raked his back with her fingers.

With his shoulders, he pushed her legs further up, until her knees almost rested under her arm pits. She stopped tossing her head from side to side as he found an access that allowed him to travel more deeply into her.

She looked up at him with half-open eyes, mouth open, as her body broke out in a thin glistening sweat. He kissed her deeply, and she held his face as he pounded into her. Dillon thrust harder and harder, her little noises becoming louder, and quicker.

Dillon knew if he kept up this pace she would come soon. So he stopped while deep in her and found her nipple and lightly bit it. She removed her hands from his face and grabbed his hips, encouraging him to fuck her hard. Slowly, Dillon began to work his thrust into her back to the torrid pace that had her almost coming.

Soon, she was sounding very near an orgasm again. Dillon stopped again, teasing her. With her eyes, Tanya begged him to keep fucking her hard. "Fuck me hard, Dillon," She pleaded. So he did, this time not stopping until she was screaming that she was coming. He was learning more dirty Russian words for his efforts.

Tanya's body was convulsing beneath him, her head tossing side to side as his balls slapped against her ass. He felt her nails scraping his back, suspecting a hot shower later would cause the light scratches to burn. Finally, Tanya grabbed him tightly around his waist with her legs. "Stop," she pleaded. "Stop for a minute baby." He pulled his cock halfway out of her pussy, feeling her holding onto him tightly. Tanya began biting a little finger, moaning softly.

Her body felt slick with sweat beneath him. Dillon raised himself slightly and blew down on her breasts lightly, causing her nipples to grow even longer. She giggled and moaned when he did this again, sounding a little embarrassed. "Mm." "You have a wonderful little pussy," Dillon said in his best Russian. "You have a big fat magic cock," she told him. Tanya pushed a hand up into his chest, so Dillon rolled off her, and lay down beside her, hoping their love making wasn't over.

She turned over onto her side facing him, laying a long slender arm over his chest. She kissed him on his chin and fondled his cock with her free hand. Then she cupped his balls. "You have more sperm for me, Dillon," She commented, gently squeezing his ball sack.

Tanya climbed on top of him straddling him. He reached up for her small firm breast, massaging them and flicking her nipples. He admired her as she sat up on him, her body catching moonlight and glistening with a fine sweat. He poked her in her belly button and made her giggle. "I love how your hands feel on me American." "I can keep them on you for the next few months if you like." "That would be nice, Dillon, but not possible." "Why not, babe?" "I am a married woman." "How long is your husband out of town?" "Until Friday." Tanya said.

Three more days. He ran his hands over her remarkably feminine body, noticing thousands of tiny blonde hairs covering her everywhere. He thought he should try to touch each one. "Do you have to work for Mikhail again before your husband comes home?" Dillon asked her.

Tanya reached behind her and found his hard cock. She grasped it, massaging it. "Only if something good comes up," She explained, winking at him and tickling his hard cock. "He called my yesterday and told me about his brother and his American friend coming to town. I told him I would like to the opportunity to work. The price was right. Mikhail is a very generous man, with me. But I don't really need the money.

I like the excitement and the sex." Tanya said. She leaned forward to kiss him and he felt her slide down his body, as she guided her pussy toward his cock. She broke her kiss. "Working for Mikhail can be better than having an affair. I make extra money and don't become emotionally attached. I can control things a lot better this way, for the most part," Tanya explained as she slid her pussy onto the head of his cock.

Dillon reached a hand toward her breast and lightly twisted her nipple. "Oh," she moaned. "My husband doesn't even try to attempt to satisfy me." She slid further down his cock. Her pussy was still tight, warm and wet. "Oh," she moaned again. "His cock is small and thin." Dillon reached his other hand to her other nipple and twisted it lightly too. She slid further down his cock, her hand releasing his cock and grabbing his balls.

"Oh," she moaned. "His balls aren't big and hairy and full of sperm." Dillon lay back on his pillows as Tanya, straddling him, taking him all the way inside of her. She put her hands on his chest and sat straight up. She began to work her hips forward and backward, slowly. Soon she began to work her hips side to side. "Oh Dillon," She moaned, as his cock filled her. Tanya ground her pussy down into his pubic bone as her hips churned and bucked atop of him. He massaged her breasts, often pinching and flicking her erect nipples.

But mostly he lay back, relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of her pussy wrapped around his cock. He watched her wiggle around on his lap, enjoying herself, as he marveled at her glistening body. She started working her hips faster, as he felt the head of his cock brushing against the walls deep in her pussy.

Soon her movements became more urgent, as she ground down on him. "Oh Dillon," She moaned. "I'm going to come again." Her legs squeezed his hips powerfully as she rode back and forth on his rock hard cock.

She raised her hands to his, holding her breasts. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly, losing herself in another orgasm. Dillon watched her, wishing he could photograph this somehow. He found himself wondering how much this would have cost him if he had to pay for it.

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It would probably be a lot, he thought, as she screamed loudly, now wiggling out of control atop of him. He could afford it. He had been making a lot of money this year, working six and seven days a week, selling thousands of pornographic photos each month. Tanya gasped loudly and fell forward, limp. Dillon stopped her easily before she slumped into him, and lowered her to his body as her pussy quivered around his cock. "Oh Dillon." He caressed her sweaty back as she shivered and shook.

His cock was still buried in her tight and now soaking wet pussy. Tanya began to slowly rock up and down on his cock now. She turned her face toward his and he held it, finding her lips with his.

He let his hand travel down her back and hold her tight to him. Her hips began to raise up and down now. Her pussy had a tight grip on his cock, but its wetness allowed to travel smoothly from the head to the base. Her pussy felt marvelous traveling up on down his cock now, as he lay back, kissing her and enjoying the feeling. "Do you like my tight pussy, Dillon?" Tanya asked. He nodded and grabbed her ass with one hand.

It was firm and strong, with little if any fat. It was nice and rounded with strong muscle, which was helping her ride up and down on his rock hard cock. "I like riding up and down your long thick cock, Dillon." Soon she picked up the pace as they continued to kiss. She twirled his tongue in and out of his mouth, and touching his face.

Her hips worked feverishly to ride him up and down. A slick film of sweat formed between their upper bodies where they touched. She bit his lip again and purred. Dillon moaned, her pussy feeling heavenly riding his cock. Dillon stopped her and lifted her off of him. This caused Tanya to whine a little, so Dillon spanked her lightly on her tight butt. He spun her around and flipped her over on her stomach, pulling her ass into the air.

He knelt behind her and entered her, driving his cock straight into her tight pussy as she groaned in pleasure. She raised herself on her arms and looked back at him as he drove into her. She looked at him with hunger in her eyes.

"Fuck my little pussy hard, Dillon, please." Dillon did as he was told. He slammed the length of his cock into her again and again. Her arms seemed to give out and her head and shoulders dropped to the bed again. He kept slamming into her as she began to grunt with the force of his thrusts. Dillon rose slowly from his kneeling position behind her and drove his rock-hard cock down into her now, standing behind her, his knees slightly bent.

In this way he was able to drive very deeply into her. He looked down and watched his cock slamming into her tight young pussy. He liked the look of her little pink asshole. With his index finger, Dillon wiped a bit of the juice from Tanya's soaked pussy and rubbed it around her tight little butt hole, getting it nice ands slick. As he slammed his cock into her pussy over and over, he began to work his finger into her ass.

Tanya howled in pleasure. "Oh god!" He had his finger buried only to the first knuckled, as he felt her pussy spasm around his cock. His slid his finger out a bit, then shoved it into her ass to the second, middle knuckle. "Oh god Dillon!" He began to slide his finger slowly in and out of her ass as he pounded her pussy. "Fuck I'm coming again!" He buried his finger into her ass and spun it around a little, causing her pussy to release a flood of fluids.

The little blond screamed loudly, and began to tremble and shake. Dillon felt his own excitement growing, as he watched his finger sliding in and out of her ass.

Her pussy was quivering very pleasurably around his cock. He pulled his finger all the way out of her ass and then shoved two fingers into her. Tanya responded with a howl as her orgasm peaked. He learned a slew of new and dirty Russian words.

A small tremor shook through Dillon's balls, he knew he would come soon as he continued to penetrate Tanya's pussy and ass forcefully. "I'm gonna come soon baby." "Come in my mouth. . please!" Dillon gave her a couple dozen more thrusts and then yanked his cock and fingers out of the little beauty. She quickly spun around and eagerly swallowed his pulsing hard-on. She grabbed his shaft and began to jerk him off into her mouth and she again cupped his balls, to milk the come out of them.

He came in long powerful spurts, feeding his little part-time whore a healthy man's sized portion of sperm. Tanya swallowed it greedily, slurping hard on his spasming cock. He held the back of her head as she milked the last drops of come from him. Dillon felt peacefully drained. He fell back onto his pillows, his head swimming. With his eyes half open, he watched Tanya reach for his cock again, to lick the last drops of come that had dripped out. His dick was sensitive, and she handled it gently, like a pro.

"Mm." Tanya commented.


She purred quietly while holding his softening erection. "You fuck like a wild stallion, you American stud. I loved it. I wish I could get this kind of attention everyday." "I can do my best, Tanya." Dillon promised. "I don't know how long I could afford it, but I would work fourteen hours a day so I could hire you." "I wish, baby," she purred. "I'll fuck you for free as often as I can get away with it." She crawled up to him and curled up in his arms.

Dillon held her close to him, pulling her back tight into his chest. "So are you going to be taking photos of all those young girls, Dillon?

Is that what i heard tonight?" "That's the plan," Dillon admitted. "Is there much of a demand for them?" "Apparently." "Mikhail can get his hands on dozens of girls." "Hm.

That's quite sad." Dillon said. He reflected on what he was going to do. It would certainly be lucrative. But it caused him to feel morally bankrupt. He had traveled the world as a photographer. He had seen beautiful sights and horrible scenes. He had photographed near miracles, and bloody disasters.

He had seen how cruel this world could be to children, even when he didn't contribute to their misery. He sighed deeply. Tanya seemed to since his anxiety. "Kiev is home to many photographers, Dillon. If it wasn't you, Mikhail and Sergei would hire another." Dillon kissed her on her ear and lay his head back down on his pillow, pulling a blanket up over both of them. Chapter 2 Dillon arrived at his new studio early the next morning. Mikhail and Sergei were bringing the first model he would photograph in at ten and he wanted to be ready.

He unloaded three cases of 38mm film and stocked his darkroom with chemicals and paper. He brought in a small refrigerator he had purchased, and stocked it with some soft drinks and some Corona he had found in neighborhood liquor store. At nine thirty, he turned on his powerful lights, to let them slowly warm up. The bedroom set he and Kiril had designed needed a bit of touching up. Once done, he used his spectrometer to measure the range of light the bed was receiving.


He was making some adjustments to his lighting when Sergei and Mikhail entered with the first model. Dillon recognized her as one of the young blondes that had left with Mikhail last night. She looked very cute, in a little school girl outfit.

She wore make up, which Dillon thought looked kind of amateurish. Dillon greeted everyone warmly. "Sergei, are you this morning," Dillon said, shaking both men's hands. He wasn't quite comfortable with the Ukranian habit of greeting, which included kissing on both cheeks. Both men beamed friendly smiles at Dillon and remarked how good his studio and little bedroom set looked.

Mikhail introduced Dillon to the young girl. "I don't think I introduced you to Masha last night, Dillon," Mikhail said. "She insisted on being your first model. I, grudgingly, agreed. It seems I can never say no to her, and if I do, she doesn't listen." Masha smiled innocently at Mikhail and then at Dillon. "It's nice to meet you sir," Masha said sweetly. "I am so excited." "Wonderful Masha.

Call me Dillon, please." He examined her closely. He led her over to the bed and she sat down. "I'll be right back and we can get start, Masha. Did you bring any make-up with you?" "Yes Dillon," She said. "I think I have everything I need in my bag." "Ok.

Let me get Sergei and Mikhail situated and I'll be right back." Dillon got a small chair from behind his desk, and retrieved another from his dark room for the two men. He opened a closet and retrieved a small director's chair he liked to have handy during his shoots. "Make yourself comfortable men, it's going to be a little while before we start." Dillon explained. "There are some drinks in the refrigerator if you get thirsty." Dillon had them sit well away from bedroom set, much closer to his desk than the bed.

He didn't want either man distracting him or Masha while they were working. "Anastasia would like to be your second model," Mikhail mentioned to Dillon while he took a seat. "Perhaps this afternoon?" Dillon wondered if Mkhail was referring to the other young teen in his presense last night. He hoped Mikhail was. "Perhaps, Mikhail," Dillon answered. "We can't rush these shoots.

Never know how long they will take." In fact, Dillon didn't know how long it would take. Dillon had been debating with himself what kind of photo shoot this would be. He had studied a bit of this type of child, or young teen, pornography and knew there were more than several genres. He supposed, looking at Masha, that he would strive to produce some innocent looking photographs, nothing really too exposing and certainly nothing hard core.

He had to be creative and perhaps a style would emerge as the shoot unfolded. He really hoped that Mikhail and Sergei didn't try to give him too much input.

They had promised him all the artistic creativity he had asked for, and while Sergei knew how to produce slutty porno films, and Mikhail could certainly run a successful nightclub and prostitution business, Dillon suspected neither new much about photography or how to get a model to perform to her best abilities.

He approached a smiling and patient Masha, who sat quietly on the bed, her legs crossed and hands on her lap. He sat next to her on the bed. "I would like to re-do your make-up, Masha," Dillon stated. "It looks nice, but I have something else in mind, ok?" She looked up at him sweetly and nodded. "I will be soft clay in your strong and able hands, Dillon," She said. Dillon looked at her with a smile, slowly translating her words in his head.

She certainly seemed to understand her role in this photo shoot, Dillon thought to himself. I hope her well spoken promise is true, he thought. He held out his hand and led her from the studio, grabbing her bag on the way out. They walked across the hallway and went into the rest room, where he sat on the counter, while she stood over the sink, water running, and scrubbed her pretty little face. Dillon watched her. She was tiny, only five feet tall and he guessed she weighed roughly ninety pounds, or less.

He felt himself looking forward to this shoot. It was ground breaking work for him, and he always looked forward to that. He had a lot to learn about child pornography, and while the thought of it made him uncomfortable, he promised himself to do the best work he could. To strive to create artistic work. As he watched Masha, he hoped that she knew what she was getting into and that she wasn't being forced into this by Mikhail.

He hoped she was looking forward to more intrepidly than he was. "Masha?" Dillon asked her.

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"Do you really want to be photographed by me.nude?" She looked up at him, drying her face with some paper towels. She thought about what he asked her. Dillon watched her eyes closely. "Yes sir," Masha said. "I listened to the three of you talking in the office last night. I knew I had to be involved. I wanted to be first. I have been begging Mikhail since we left the office last night." "I see," Dillon said.

"I like my body. I think I am very pretty." "I think so too." she was a fucking little hottie, he thought. "Thank you," the proud teenager said. "I enjoy exposing myself to Mikhail. I know I have quite an effect on him." She finished drying her face and looked up at Dillon, smiling and continued.

"I want to think that I will have that effect on others." "You and I will do our best, Masha," Dillon promised. "How old are you?" "Fourteen." "Ok, lets go back to the studio." Dillon took Masha by the hand and led her back into the studio and had her sit on the bed, facing one of the powerful lights and set her bag down next to her, searching it for her make-up.

As he worked, he allowed himself to forget about Mikhail and Sergei, while he focused on Masha. He used the make up sparingly, hardly enough that it would be difficult to tell she had any on. He dabbed some here and there, adding just hints of color and blush, to counter the glare of lights. He combed her eye lashes until the were very curly. Then he focused on her short blonde hair, which she had tied in a bow.

He untied the bow and ran his fingers through her hair, reaching for a brush in her bag. Together, Masha and Dillon fashioned her hair, combing teasing and brushing, into two cute pony tails. And then he combed her short bangs down nearly over her eyes. He was happy with the look of her face and hair now. He looked into her boue, lively eyes. "Stand up, babe," Dillon said. "Let's work on your outfit." She was wearing a simple white button down shirt, which she tucked into a green and blue plaid skirt that came down to almost her knees.

She wore long white socks, and little blue deck shoes with white shoe strings. He lifted her skirt, without a protest from Masha, and examined her underwear. He had to lift her shirt tails to find it. She wore a pair of thin white thongs. That wouldn't do, Dillon thought, and looked into her bag. Fortunately, she had brought another pair of underwear.

He fished them out of the bag and examined them. He liked them much better for this shoot. They were much more conservative, something a fourteen year-old would more likely wear. They were white with little teddy bears and trimmed in pretty red lace. He held them up to her. "Switch," Dillon said in English. Masha looked at him, puzzled, but quickly and without a hint of modesty, slipped out of her thongs. As Dillon watched her, he got a nice look at her pubic hair, which was thin and blonde, hardly grown in at all, but it looked a little wild and unkempt.

She reached for the teddy-bear underwear. "Wait.Sit here on the bed," Dillon ordered her. She popped up onto the bed, crossing her legs, as Dillon stood and walked to his desk, ignoring the two men. He reached into the drawer of his desk, and finding a piece of paper and a pen, began making a quick list of items he had already began working on in his head as he and Masha had been preparing for work. He jotted down some bathroom supplies, a professional make-up kit, etc.

Leaving the list on his desk, he reached into the drawer and grabbed a pair of scissors he hoped would work for the time being, and three safety pins. "Bored yet?" Dillon asked Sergei as he returned to Masha. "Yes, my friend." Sergei answered. Without stopping to talk, Dillon returned to Masha. He asked her to remove her top. "Ok," She said without a hint of resistance. He watched her unbutton her shirt and lay it on the bed. He examined her bra, and decided it was fine for this shoot.

It was a small training bra, and it looked conservative as he hoped it would. He signaled for her to turn around. He reached for her bra strap and unfastened it. Until he increased his Russian vocabulary, he would have to use a lot of direct means to get what he wanted. Masha quickly removed her bra. She was nicely tanned, Dillon noticed, and her skin had a healthy look.

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He could clearly make out her tan lines, and could see she owned a revealing bikini that she liked to sun in. He would find a way for her tan lines to work in his favor, but made a mental note to ask this little beauty to tan in the nude from now on. Her skin was smooth and nearly flawless, only a few freckles sprinkled her shoulders. He placed his hands on her hips, and gently turned her to face him.

Her breasts were small and firm looking. He guessed them to be A cup size. Her areolas were quarter sized and soft pink in color. Her nipples were not erect, but he promised himself they would be when the time was right. He motioned for her to put her bra back on and handed her the shirt. Masha was quickly redressed.

Dillon grabbed his chair, he set it next to the bed in front of the small white vanity set he and Kiril had bought to use in this bedroom set. He asked Masha to kick off her little shoes and remove her skirt. As she stood in front of him, he grabbed her shirttails and rolled them up a bit, until the shirt hung down to her slim curvy waist.

He watched for any signs of discomfort or embarrassmentt from the young model as he worked, pinning her shirttails in place, and he saw none. The safety pins would not hinder her from unbuttoning and removing her shirt. He asked her to sit in front of him now, on the vanity, he was going to trim him pubic hairs. "Ok?" he asked. Masha nodded enthusiastically, hopping up on the vanity and sitting down. She spread her legs for him. Her legs were hanging off the front of the vanity, so he grabbed one of her ankles and gently lifted her leg until he could set her foot on the vanity too.

She lifted her other leg, quickly, and set that foot on the vanity also. Soon Dillon was looking right at her pretty little blonde pussy. To Dillon, it looked extremely inviting. Her pussy lips weren't fully developed, certainly not like Tanya's, Dillon thought, fondly recalling the sexy blonde that had woken up in his arms earlier this morning.

Her pussy looked very tight, and it appeared, as she say in front of him, her legs wide and her pussy fully exposed, that she was still a virgin. He had assumed she wasn't, but she still had her hymen in place. He looked back over his shoulder at Mikhail. And then returned his gaze to Masha, he was looking down at him smiling at him. "You're still a." Dillon began. He had no clue how to say virgin in Russian. "Katyaina? Yes I am, Dillon, surprised?" Masha said quietly, with a little giggle.

"Yes," Dillon admitted, whispering and looking into the pretty girls eyes. "I assumed you and Mikhail." "I have asked him to wait." She stated. "He has shown me many ways to please a man." "I see." Dillon lied. "Anastasia, the other girl with us last night." Masha began. ".is not so innocent as I.

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She loves it when Mikhail takes her. I just am glad to that Mikhail is not hurrying me." "That's nice," Dillon said quietly. He returned his gaze to between her legs. He placed his hands gently on her inner thighs, and spread her legs a little more open. He carefully ran the comb through her pubic hair, watching it carefully. It was very short and fine, and much of her little pussy was still bare.

Using the cheap office scissors, he was able to have her looking much less wild than when he had first seen her. She still hadn't shown the least bit of modesty, so he asked her to hop down, and face away from him, so he could inspect her from behind. She soon stood in front of him, exposing her bare and sexy little teenage butt.

Dillon found it delightful, with out a pimple, mole or freckle. It seemed very firm. "Lean forward, please," Dillon ordered her. "And spread your legs apart." Dillon examined her closely, and found himself growing excited at her nakedness. She had a very sexy little body that aroused him, and she wasn't even full nude yet.

He saw her looking up at him, her little head hanging between her legs. She smiled at him. Dillon winked at her and tried to remain professional. He examined her closely, finally grabbing her by her slim soft hips and turning her slightly, to illuminate her better. He thought she looked about as perfect as he could hope.

He heard a cell phone ring behind him as Masha was redressing. It was Mikhail's phone. He spoke into it quickly, and Dillon couldn't understand most of what he said. As Dillon removed his chair from the set, Mikhail spoke with anger into the phone and hung up. "Come Sergei!" He said. "We must go." Sergei looked at the photographer. Dillon shrugged at his friend and smiled.

"You won't be missing much at all, Sergei. This is just a lot of work for me and Masha," Dillon explained. Mikhail approached the set and looked down at little Masha. "You are in good hands, little one," Mikhail said. "Call me if you need anything.

Anything!" "I will Mikhail, but don't worry about me." Masha said. "I'll call Anastasia if Dillon has time this afternoon for her." Dillon was pleased the men were leaving. He preferred to be alone with his models, to have their undivided attention, and to work without interruption. He would be starting the shoot soon and the timing was perfect.

The men had seen just enough to know how boring this job could be at times. He hoped it would discourage the men from joining him during future shoots. He said goodbye to the men as they hurriedly left the studio. He locked the door behind him. Masha had put on her shoes and socks, and Dillon fiddled with her clothes a bit.

He lifted her skirt and was glad to see he had pinned the shirttails up just the right amount so they wouldn't hang down and block the camera's view of her little underwear. He sat Masha down and held her hand as he explained what they would do next. He told her how he expected her to act, and what directions she could expect of him. He tried to describe the type of photo shoot he had envisioned, and explained it would take some acting skills on her part to pull it off.

"You have no model training, Masha," Dillon explained, looking her in the eyes. "But I feel that you have endured everything wonderfully so far and think you will naturally do well." Dillon tried to sound inspiring.

She smiled sweetly at him. "You are very pretty and I find your body very sexy. I will photograph you to capture your beauty and innocense. I think you will be very pleased with the results." "Ok Dillon," Masha said. "I hope so." "Now you and I must work as a team," Dillon explained.

"My Russian is not good." Dillon fondly recalled Tanya teaching him many dirty words last night, many he knew would not apply here. "Let's get started." To be continued.