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Inside Me ----- 12 -- The next day started off fairly slow. Bentlee woke Montana and I up and we all somehow made our way into the kitchen and started throwing random breakfast foods together on the stove. In the end, we all, including Ean, sat around the table eating eggs, bacon, and waffles. The conversation of what to do that day eventually came up while eating.

Bentlee suggested the zoo. It was a good one I admit, but a bit extreme for no planning whatsoever. Montana, whether I should call her a genius of fun or a genius of deceit, suggested the place where we all quickly agreed to, Ean was a bit reluctant though. The city pool. The pool was what would be expected. Playful water battles and wasting so much energy. The highlight of us girls' day was obviously seeing Ean in his swimming trunks, or rather seeing everything that wasn't in his swimming trunks.

Bentlee started the day off in an overly seductive skirt, at least I thought, for a just barely maturing few day long thirteen year old. Her gloating over us as Ean couldn't stop peering at the skirt died quickly enough though when she came out from the locker room in a purple one piece swim suit.

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Montana and I both sported nice and revealing two piece suits which in no time had realigned Ean's eyes. Oh the teasing we did in the pool jumping on each other and 'accidently' rubbing against him. I could see that it was killing him, destroying Ean's mind that we did all that to him so selfishly. He about collapsed in my arms the other day and gave up his life to me in the biggest plea for someone to just love, and after I rejected him, I played with the next person on his list of falling in love with so casually and seductively playfully.

Beyond the emotions of his penis, I knew his heart was being torn in half. But I had to do it. I had to excel him to such a deprived level that he would just throw out caution and actually listen to me when I told him to just act and not plan. It was the waiting that was really killing him. He needed a release soon. "Do you like my skirt Ean?" Bentlee asked as we headed back from the pool to the car. We spent nearly the whole day there playing and basking.

It was pretty much dinner time and the packed lunch we brought had quickly worn off. Storm clouds looked to be moving in too. Ean looked down to Bentlee.

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"Yeah, it's cute." Ean looked amazing. He looked so happy despite the pain his eyes showed. I guess it was just from all the physical activity. Montana and I laughed to each other quietly for him calling it only cute. "It's the same on the inside too, real high quality," she said as she lifted it up showing the underside of it and splaying off the bottom of her swim suit tightly clinging to her privates.

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"Bentlee!" Montana roared. "What, it's just my swimsuit underneath; it's not underwear or anything." Ean uncomfortably looked away trying to look unphased. We all piled into the car and headed home. At home, with Ean's permission, I quickly acquired the phone and called in a few pizzas before retreating back to my room with the other girls. I walked into my bedroom and closed the door behind me.

I turned around and just noticed that Bentlee was in nothing but a pair of her underwear. Montana was in a pair of jeans and a bra with Bentlee's skirt in her hands. "Tssk Tssk, I guess you can't wear your skirt now since it's all wet from your swimsuit," she scoff as she threw it to her sister's duffle bag. Bentlee just sneered at her and reached for the smallest pair of cotton shorts I'd ever seen.

She pulled the dark blue fabric up to her hips and ended up not covering much more than her underwear. Montana looked at me. "And our mom would die if she saw me wearing something like that. But it's perfectly ok for my prepubescent little sister to wear them." "I'm not prepubescent," Bentlee defended. "No period, no puberty." "I got fuzz and judging with you and Crystal, I should get it soon enough." "You don't have fuzz, I just saw you; Maeghan has fuzz." Bentlee's eyes bugged out hugely as she turned to me.

"You only have-" "Bent!" Montana yelled catching her mistake. They both fell silent and put on their shirts, Montana over her bra, Bentlee over her flat bare chest. "Grab your socks; we'll let Maeghan change in privacy since you don't have any decency." All I could do was wish to die as the two girls walked past me and out the door barefoot with their socks in their hands.

I stripped myself of my clothes and bathing suit, and stood naked for awhile looking down at my body. Ean liked me, that's all that mattered.

Besides, in a few years, no one would ever have known how late I was. I picked up the towel draping over my dresser Montana must have used and dried my damp breasts and pelvis before putting on a fresh pair of clothes.

I walked from my room to meet Ean coming from his. I pulled myself into his body and just hugged him. My face pressed into his chest taking in the scent of chlorine and I just felt happy, happy for some reason; I guess because I just had someone to hug, someone who hugged back, someone who didn't care why I needed a hug and was always there when I wanted one.

I drug my eyes across his shirt to wipe away the wetness and pulled back. Ean let go his grip and stood still silently waiting on me. I wanted to take his hand and walk with him down the hallway to the living room but I didn't want Montana to see me holding it. I didn't want to intimidate her.

I needed her to help Ean. I walked on alone. Ean casually followed. The pizzas arrived and because Montana and Bentlee couldn't agree on one of our movies, we ended up just talking randomly as we ate. I wondered how hard it was for them not to talk about Crystal.

All three of them had her as a common subject but she never came up. They had to be avoiding her. I was the only one who didn't know her. It was something those three had in common, I was alone, but they never brought her up. The pizza boxes then turned into a board game. The sun went down and lightning lit up the distant sky as the windows became dotted with water droplets. It was so painful but also relieving to see those few inconspicuous glances I caught Ean and Montana giving each other.

I wondered what they were thinking. About past conversations? Nearly another hour passed before without warning, all the lights just shut off. Everything was off. The power went out. The storm outside did look bad but not too terrible. Most of the lightning seamed distant and the rain wasn't extreme.

The wind though was a bit much. Soon enough, beams from flashlights were zooming everywhere. That was one thing mom made sure we never ran low on, emergency equipment. Once the power went out and we all had flashlights, interest in the board game ceased. Bentlee's energy level also heightened quite a bit. She also started hanging closer and closer to Ean as if no one noticed in the dark. And it was pretty clear that he was becoming annoyed.

Then lightning struck pretty close to the house making all three of us girls jump. To give the girl some credit, Bentlee did look scared, but that still gave her no right to jump into Ean and hold onto him. We were all standing up then as we walked into the living room. Ean just kept walking trying to ignore Bentlee and sat down on the floor leaning his back against the couch. I guess he was hoping she couldn't sit next to him that way but she just took it as an opportunity to sit between his legs.

Montana and I sat on the floor across from them; Montana blatantly kept shining her flashlight directly into her sister's eyes.

I wanted Ean to speed up with Montana but for some reason, Bentlee felt it was her right to speed up whatever she thought she had going with him. Although, with the way she was playing around with him so teasingly, I could see Montana ready to pounce the first chance she got.

I wasn't sure on whom she would pounce though, her sister in retribution or Ean. Ean took everything Bentlee threw at him. If Montana was more aggressive than her sister, even if she did look snobbish and childish, she would be the one between Ean's legs, the one wrapped in his arms as he just longed for anything to hold at the time. It was a silent war between the two sisters. Neither one would call the other out because they each knew that they both wanted the same thing; they would only be tattling on themselves as well.

I had to step in. I didn't know Bentlee too well but I had to do something. I just hoped Montana wouldn't shun me for picking on her little sister. "So Bentlee, what game do you want to play next, you seem a bit restless there in my brother's arms." I peered over to Montana and caught an approving smile. "I'm not restless; I could stay here all night and even sleep like this. I'm just a little chilly, that's all.

Maybe if Ean held me tighter, I could get warm faster," she said triumphantly. From the facial expression on Montana's face, we were on the same page and that little girl was open game for me. Ean just held tighter as the girl in his arms dug deeper back into his body.

He looked a little chilly too and welcomed the comfort of a warm body. "Oh, I thought that you wanted to play that game you were ranting about earlier," I said coolly trying to pull out the lie, "you know, spin-the-bottle." Bentlee stared at me embarrassed not knowing what to do for a second. I could tell she was catching on to what was happening to her. "I don't want to play that, I might have to kiss you or my sister.

I would only play if you made it so girls can't kiss girls," she said. Wow, she was thick, or just very arrogant. That would just end up in a giant kissing session with Ean and three girls. I could see Ean grin and shrug a little at how pointless her reasoning was. I didn't think though that he would be against it. "But I guess that would mean I could only kiss Ean, so the game would be pointless since we could do that without spinning a bottle." Clearly she had just thrown that sentence together from the top of her head, but she did get her point across as she turned her head to look up to Ean's face.

Montana was infuriated with her little sister and from Ean's face, I wasn't sure that he understood that all her anger was directed to the girl in his arms and not him. He was outnumbered with three battling girls over him and all he knew was that he was the center of attention and all three girls' tempers were rising.

I had to figure something out. I had to destroy Bentlee. Make her feel powerless. "Bentlee," I tossed out as indifferently as I could while shining my flashlight to her chest, "take off your shirt." Montana and Bentlee both gasped, Ean just looked at me.

"No," she almost yelled. "Ean wants you too; it'll make him happy. Or do you not care. If you don't care about my brother, then you can leave his arms." I couldn't believe I said that. I had to sound like the biggest bitch in the world.

But when it came down to it I guess, Montana was all that really mattered to me. I set my flashlight onto the floor, facing the ceiling like everybody else's, and crossed my arms. The room was lit with a very soft, warm light. Bentlee looked up to Ean with pleading eyes.

He looked down before moving his head, moving his mouth to her ear and whispering something into it. Immediately after he stopped whispering, he began lifting the shirt from her body. What was he doing? I wanted her to make a choice, her to feel the shame. Bentlee surprisingly lifted her arms up to let my brother fully remove the cloth.

I looked to Montana to see how she was taking it. Amazingly she seemed almost happy. Her eyes were watching Ean's face. I quickly followed her stare to find Ean fixed back at her. Bentlee's shirt fell to the ground and Ean wrapped his arms back around her. His arms hugged into her bare chest. She looked so happy. "Will it make you happy Ean," she said warmly in his grip, "if they remove their shirts too?" She smiled to me like she just won a prize that I deserved.

"No," he said quietly to her, "only you. Just you." He dropped his chin onto her scalp and removed his arms from around her. "You are you, if there were three of you, I wouldn't be giving you so much attention," he said running his fingers down the sides of her belly. Bentlee looked half excited, half scared. His fingers dropped further and further until I saw them lift a bit and his thumbs dip into her shortest of shorts.

She exhaled harshly. She was holding her breadth for his fingers' whole journey down her sides. Slowly, he pushed more and more, dropping her shorts and panties further down her hips. All I could do was bask in the indescribably scared shitless face on that little girl.

He pushed harder and harder until the fabric was forced under her sitting butt cheeks. After that, he had smooth access up her legs and past her socks to the ground. Bentlee was a doll in his arms as he pulled her feet back to slowly peel off her socks. Soon enough, she was completely naked. Bentlee wasn't the only one in complete shock. Montana and I were too. Both of us could step in anytime to defend the little girl he so casually undressed but we didn't.

I trusted Ean. He wouldn't do something bad, especially right there in front of me and that girl's older sister. Montana did nothing either. I knew she wasn't so mad at her sister to let that happen to her. She had to trust Ean as well, or at least trust me to control him. "Do you want me to kiss you now?" Ean asked Bentlee. She remained silent not looking to him but to Montana. "Do you like me? I like you. My sister, Maeghan, she likes me. I undress her like this when I'm about to have sex with her.

Do you want to have sex?" Bentlee was trembling as Ean slowly dropped his right hand down her body and cupped her vagina. Gently, he began pumping it. "I want to have sex right now," he continued, "I know you can feel my penis in your back.

Look at them. They won't say anything. They both trust me." Ean moved his head down to the side of her face as if about to kiss her cheek. "I can take off my clothes now; we can go right there to your sleeping bag, on top of it. I can have sex with you." Bentlee remained silent. "Will you cry?" One of Ean's fingers entered her slit and began slowly moving in and out. "I can smell you, you don't want to have sex, you don't want me touching you right now." He pulled her body tight into his with his free arm.

"I can have sex with your scared little body right here, right now, in front of my and your own sister, and no one will say a thing." His voice was so calm and calculating that it was scary.

I couldn't even begin to imagine what Bentlee was feeling. "My finger is inside of you. We have three days left. I can have sex with you every day several times. Over and over and over, my hard penis deep inside your little body. My cum inside you." Bentlee seemed stuck between emotions. I'm sure she was scared half to death, but Ean, he sounded like he knew everything, he was in complete control and even though he could do whatever he wanted to her, something said it was okay.

Beyond that, I'm sure the finger penetrating her girl organ stimulated her mind a bit. "But when we have sex, I do think that you will cry. You want to cry now but can't. I thought you liked me. The way you moved in my arms earlier, they way you ground you butt into my crotch. The way you dressed up for me, flashed your skirt for me. You're not too little.

You're a few days past twelve; thirteen years old." Bentlee moaned as her hips quivered. Was she about to have an orgasm? I couldn't believe it. I was sure she wasn't enjoying it but I guess beyond the psychological torture, her physical body was building from my brother's experienced fingers. Ean stopped speaking and moved his mouth to her ear and inaudibly whispered. Bentlee's back began arching outward as her head fell back to my brother's chest.

Her eyes closed. I could see her rib cage as she was nearly panting. I looked to Montana. She looked at the two with an expression I couldn't read.

Almost as an observer but with a mix of pain and pleasure. Then I heard Bentlee yelp and turned to watch her flip into orgasm. I was watching for the first time ever, another girl go into an orgasm. Her pelvis shook as her legs tightened. Her arched spine seemed to want to compress in on itself as her face looked as if she were going through tremendous pain.

It was all scrunched up with every muscle pulled tight. Moans and cries poured from her mouth. I watched as her toes curled and knees locked. Ean's hand stopped pumping her skin but I could still make out the knuckle from the penetrating finger moving. I thought it was a bit harsh for just a bit of teasing, being brought into orgasm completely naked in front of her older sister and her friend; but he had to know what he was doing. Was he done with her too or did he actually plan on doing more like masturbating on her or actual sex?

Bentlee looked to be becoming exhausted and her moans started becoming more high pitched as her arched back straightened and then curled forward to hold off against the over stimulation Ean kept putting her through. She never did say to stop. She only cried more pathetically in her moans to stop.

Without warning, I guess he quit because she released the air in her lungs and ceased movement. Ean pushed up, almost standing and scooted back onto the couch. Pulling Bentlee up with him, he curled her up and angled her body slightly sideways before pulling her tightly into his chest.


He waved for Montana and I to come up and sit with him. We curiously obeyed. I sat to his left and Montana to his right. He then let loose Bentlee and draped her naked body over all three of our laps, her head resting on her older sister's legs.

Bentlee immediately tried to cover up but Ean held her hands down. He then put a hand on her belly to get her attention away from Montana and back to him. "I'll be in your debt for a very long time for this, but if you ever need or want anything from me in the future, I'll be here for you. Just make sure that it is really what you want, you might get more than you thought you would," he smiled.

Bentlee showed little emotion to him and retreated back to Montana. I thought that Ean might have overestimated her. He might have accidently messed things completely up. What if she told her parents what happened? "Bentlee," Montana broke the silence, "you have no idea how jealous I am of you right now." Bentlee smiled a little and quickly reached her arms up to her sister.

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Montana pulled her into a hug and Bentlee's body quickly muscled away from Ean and I, and onto her sister. I was getting seriously scared. Bentlee looked quite shaken up from what just happened. Montana just held onto her protecting her. Ean peered over to me looking a little scared as well. I just watched as the two sisters started whispering into each other's ears. After about a minute of their growing smiles and whispers, Bentlee spoke. "I think, that after that, you owe me that kiss we were talking about earlier." Ean smiled.

Bentlee moved forward toward him and he followed suit. Ean went in and kissed her on the lips for about two seconds. It was a childish kiss, a first kiss for her probably and one any thirteen year old girl should receive if it was from an honorable guy. When he pulled back from the kiss, Bentlee let out a single laugh. "If you're going to kiss a naked girl like that, then you really are all show. I guess I'm going to have to take control now and show you how a naked girl kisses the man of her dreams." Bentlee reached her arms around his neck and pulled him in to her mouth.

She went into a full blown make out. It was pretty dark in the room and I'm sure it wasn't actually all that great of a kiss but with the shadows and the passion that girl put into it, it looked amazing. Her body, her naked body then crawled from her older sister and back onto Ean.

She stood on her knees over him and kissed down into his mouth. It began to almost look provocative.

"Okay Bent, I think that's enough," Montana called out. At that, I saw Bentlee's tongue leave her mouth and press onto my brother's lips. Montana must have seen it too because she reached over and began pulling her off of him.

Once she pulled Bentlee back into her lap, she suggested that we all go to bed. I think she just wanted Ean out of the room so us girls could talk things over. "Okay," Bentlee said, "but I'm sleeping in Ean's bed since he said he owes me." "No you're not," Montana said angrily, "I'm your sister and I'm not letting you do anything to him.


He doesn't really want to have sex with you; he was just saying that so you would get scared." "I don't want sex, just kissing and holding. Ean owes me, he has to let me and defend me from you." I spoke up then. "Okay, but since Ean owes me too, then I say he has to let Montana and I sleep with him too." Montana looked to me brightly. Ean just looked exhausted. Bentlee happily agreed, apparently surprised that she actually was going to get away with it and we all headed off.

Ean left to his room and us girls went to mine to change into our nightgowns. Bentlee didn't even bother picking up her clothes. In my flashlight lit room, Bentlee quickly pulled on a pair of panties and threw on her nightgown before she left to Ean's, probably trying to catch him in the middle of changing.

Alone with Montana, I slowly stripped down to my underwear. She did the same. As she bent over away from me to get her nightgown, I stared over her body. I took it all in. Her breasts, her bulge, her entire frame.


She looked so much more mature than me but was only one year older. She pulled back up and I kept looking. Her breasts were probably a B-cup easily. Mine were barely and A. Quickly I turned away as I caught her looking to find me sizing her up. "Do you think Ean will like it?" she asked to my embarrassment.

"Yeah," I responded uneasily. "Do you think he likes my sister, you know…" "He respects her, but I don't think he actually likes her the way she thinks he does." "When he said that he wanted to have sex, I think he really meant it.

He kind of glanced at you when he said it, like he wanted a release from my sister." "I think it's more from being around three teasing girls than that," I consoled. "A naked girl in his arms, his submissive little sister watching along side of you, and I stress you; frankly, I would worry if he didn't get horny." Montana smiled contortedly as she pulled on her nightgown.

I followed, pulling mine on. We picked up our flashlights and headed out to Ean's room. We walked in and Montana immediately shown her flashlight on Bentlee in the center of the bed under the covers as I shown my on Ean in his boxers and a t-shirt getting ready to get in bed.

"I'm sleeping next to my brother, then Montana, and then you Bentlee," I said as Ean settled in next to Bentlee trying to avoid her roaming hands. Montana was intent on enforcing my word and walked over to pull her sister away to the other edge of the bed, opposite of Ean. I climbed down the middle as Montana crawled over her disgruntled sister.

We all got settled in and turned the flashlights off. Soon enough, I fell asleep as uncomfortably as everyone else. Well, I guess though in that situation, I was the most comfortable. I was the center, the pivot point for Ean and Montana, Bentlee was just a little girl; in that dark cramped bed; I held the most power and knowledge. I woke up to the hall light flicking on. The light broke through the slightly ajar bedroom door.

I heard people sleeping but wasn't sure who or how many. From the deep low breathing, I guessed Ean. Montana whispered to me. The other then had to be Bentlee.

"Maeghan?" "What?" I asked back softly in a kind voice. "Can you really do anything to your brother?" "Yeah. Why?" "Can you have sex with him right now and he would let you?" "Probably." "Will you do it?" "What?" "Have sex with him now, right here.

But quietly so Bentlee doesn't wake up." What was she getting at? Did she really want to watch me and my brother have sex? "He wanted to have sex earlier. I don't want him to have to sleep the whole night not having a release from us," she said too seriously. "He can masturbate himself in the morning if he really wants it." "No," she said in a harsh whisper, "you shouldn't just let him hold everything in. Sometimes you have to pull it from him, make him rely on you to be happy.

Otherwise, you'll become dispensable." "What are you talking about?" "I would do anything to make him happy. I want him all to myself, I always did but my sister had him. Then you came and you had him. You want to give him to me now. But he needs you, even if he wants me, he needs you. I need you too.

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You saw what he did to my sister. Do him now with me watching, bring me into your relationship. I don't want to be the sister of Bentlee in his relationship with her." "What?" I asked confusingly thinking that I might be understanding what she was saying. "Bentlee and him, you and him, those are two relationships, I can either start a third or join in and modify one of the two existing ones.

I don't want a third separate one because I might lose you and I don't want to be with my sister because nothing more will happen with it. I want to be with you and him. That's the only way for me to keep you and you keep him." Wow she was weird. She made a very valid point though. She also proved herself to be amazingly perfect for my brother. I didn't know how to respond to what she just said so I just said something stupid.

"You just want to see his penis." Montana started laughing quietly. "Of course there's always those added bonuses that come with the journey." I smiled and reached over to Ean. I turned over and got on my knees under the sheet. Slowly, I pulled at his boxers. They popped free from under his butt as he laid on his back.

He mumbled slightly and I looked up.

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"What are you doing?" he whispered very very lightly. "Giving you relief." I answered as I looked over to Montana pretending to be asleep. "I don't need it." "Well, your little sister does. Are you going to deny me?" "Well, then let's move to the living room for it, not here." "But it's so much more exciting here," I said pulling the boxers from his ankles and dropping them to the floor from under the sheet. I sat up and removed my nightgown. "Take off your shirt," I whispered.

As I unhooked my bra, Ean's shirt was pulled up and dropped to the floor. With me standing on my knees just under his growing crotch, the sheet was fallen back over my calves and revealing my brother's naked body to Montana's peeping eyes. As I dropped my bra, I came to just realized that I didn't need to be naked to have sex.

But there I was getting completely naked in front of my best friend. It was too late then, I only had one piece of clothing left and that was the only thing that needed to be removed in the first place. Coyly, I pushed my panties down to Ean's legs. One leg at a time, I lifted and stretched the thin material past my supporting knees.

Then I slipped it from my legs and dropped them to the ground. Ean's penis was as hard as it could get. I moved forward and grabbed at the large shaft with my small hand. I picked it up and glided it under my slit. Slowly, I dropped my weight onto it. It felt like the first time. The first time done right. And I knew Montana was just one foot away watching the whole thing. Ean just released a jet of air feeling his sex organ being enveloped by my vagina.

My body hit his. I smiled to him so big. He smiled back looking a bit worried or scared. I started lifting back up. After about a minute, I finally reached a steady speed of pumping.

Ean stared only at me as if he was afraid of what he might find if he looked to the other occupants of his bed. Montana's eyes slowly opened more and more to take the whole sight in. What felt weirdest about her was that she didn't just scale Ean's body. I knew she was at a bad angle to see him anyways, but a lot, or at least more than I figured was necessary, of her attention was scaling my body as well.

My naked body bouncing up and down onto my brother. But I could tell easily, that Ean was her main focal point. I decided I would help things progress faster as I could feel my insides tingle more and more.

Ean's eyes followed my arm as I reached over to Montana and took a hold of hers. He looked up her body and to her face and I about laughed at his expression when he saw her eyes open. I just pulled at her hand though and rested it on his chest. Then I whispered to them. "Since Bentlee got to kiss you Ean, I think it's only fair that her older sister gets to also." Both Ean and Montana stared at me as if I just betrayed them.

"Ean, I want you to kiss Montana," I whispered more firmly, "it'll make me happy." Ean looked to Montana scared as if she wouldn't let him, as if she would reject him. For a while, I didn't think she would let him.

She looked from him to me trying to figure out the situation. I thought she was going to back down in fear but apparently, she figured enough out to very shyly scoot in to my brother for a kiss. My impending orgasm was fluctuating. I wasn't really sure if I would orgasm. Almost all the times I went to have sex with Ean, I originally never thought I would orgasm, my primary goal in sex with him was to get him off inside me.

That was all I wanted from him then. Right then, I wanted him to orgasm. I picked up my pace as I watched their lips meet for the first time. They both looked incredibly embarrassed and shy about it. I reached down as I pumped faster and faster and moved Montana's hand from my brother's chest to around his neck.

She just left it there motionless when I pulled away, not moving a muscle in it. My own orgasm was then beginning to build again. The fast hard movements were getting to me. The bed was bouncing quite a bit and I hoped Bentlee wouldn't wake up.

Montana had assured me she was a deep sleeper and the night before showed how out she actually could get when she fell into sleep. Their lips broke for a second and then returned. They clearly liked it. Unlike Bentlee's make out session with him, this soft kissing moment was two sided. Then Ean pulled away from Montana. I thought he became offended by something.

Montana seemed to think the same thing at his jerk away from her. Then quickly enough, I realized why he pulled away. The pole inside of me flared in heat. He was getting ready to blow. Montana was staring at him wandering what was happening. I knew exactly what she would be seeing. His eyes pull back and glaze over as his face looked like he had just been shot.

He would be a scared, lost puppy to her eyes right then. And then I felt him explode inside me. I felt the hot thick liquid fill deep inside me. Montana would then see his face remold. She would see the amazing pleasures a male goes through in the middle of his orgasm. She would see it only two inches away.

I wasn't in orgasm but I still couldn't help but moan as I felt myself filling up with his sperm. That liquid pumping from his body into mine. The sensation of sitting on his naked body, his penis stuck inside my vagina, after so much pounding up and down onto him.

We just had sex, real sex and he was cumming inside me. It felt so good. The physical pleasure was all there but not that amazing wave of orgasm. I was kind of glad too. I was conscious enough to watch every detail of what was happening. I could feel those little juts as Ean's body subconsciously fought to get deeper into my vagina and inseminate me, impregnate me. And then it all struck me. For the first time ever, I felt different inside. Down there, the feeling felt physical but my mind was probably just playing a trick; either way, I felt different.

Something new, something good but bad. I was so close to my next period. Cum, sperm, semen, my brother, he was leaking slowly into me now, the last of his juice.

I was in my most fertile point of the month. A week away from starting birth control. Why did I have to feel something down there? Why was there a lingering feeling just between my vagina and stomach? In my womb. It would be impossible for an egg inside me to be fertilized already, but I had that feeling. I might have had time to clean myself out. I could get most of the cum out of me. But I would have to tell. I would have to tell Ean the truth.

Ean. He was locked in a gaze with Montana. They stared into each other's eyes, her hand still around his neck. They both were smiling hugely and then they turned to me. The buck naked girl sitting on the cock. The fourteen year old girl who was probably just about to get pregnant. Trust Ean. He said to do anything and he would fix my mistakes. I was fourteen. I wanted to take responsibility for my actions so badly but it was so much easier to trust Ean.

If I did get pregnant, it would be his. His baby. I had to trust him. It was the easiest way. I had to suppress everything, hope for the best and if it was the worst, then I would cry and ask for forgiveness. I was fourteen. Just a little girl. I smiled to them and gently fell forward to my brother's chest. Bentlee seemed to still be asleep. I couldn't hear her breathing over Ean, Montana, and I's but there was no screaming and taunting.

She was asleep then. All three of our heads were less than a foot apart in a triangle, all eyeing each other before letting out hushed giggles or laughs. I pushed the feeling inside me down and only focused on us three. As the penis deep inside me slowly shrank, I knew that everything just had to work out. It had to.

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I didn't want to think of any alternatives. Montana looked deep into my eyes smiling. I looked back into hers. They were so pretty, she was so pretty. We both turned away from each other right then trying to cover our embarrassed grins at each other.

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