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Oral sex stimulation and vaginal fuck
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James wood and Peter hunter had been best friends since high school they both graduated from Cambridge and with law degrees. With the financial backing from peters family he and James created a private law firm in which the two friends could be business partners.

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The firm was very successful and both James and Peter were considered to be very wealthy men. Peter is 43 years old and is 6"0 he has green eyes and perfectly groomed light brown hair that falls perfectly.

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He looks like the perfect English gentleman. Peter married his childhood sweetheart that he met whilst at Cambridge Amelia.

Amelia truly was beautiful she was 40 years old, 5"2 and had blonde curly hair down past her waist, she had the most piercing brown eyes that peter had ever seen. Amelia and Peter had a child quite early on in their marriage whom they called Elizabeth. Elizabeth is 18 years old with finery red hair she is truly stunning an amazing 5"8 with long slim tan legs and a perfectly tight tucked ass. Elizabeth's boobs were a good C cup and she had the most amazing bright emerald eyes.

James on the other hand had focused on the business whilst Peter created his beautiful family so James married later on in life and had 2 beautiful children Hannah and Benjamin.

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James married Claire in his late 30's and although Claire was a beautiful woman James knew that he was more attracted to his money than she was to him. James was 43 years old and even with his 6"2 muscular physique and charming brown eyes he knew that he wouldn't find anyone who didn't just want him for the money. James and Claire were always welcome at the hunter house and when Elizabeth had been younger James would babysit Elizabeth. Now don't think that he ever touched Elizabeth.

In fact he never had a single thought about her until she was 16 and he caught her masturbating in her room. But more of that later.

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James would babysit Elizabeth so that her parents could get away for a romantic weekend and now Claire had Elizabeth do this for her and James. As for the two families Claire and Amelia were great friend sand would often go on days out together whilst James and Peter took business meetings in the study at the hunter house.

This story focuses on Elizabeth and her love life and most importantly the man that changes her life forever. Elizabeth fell in love with Matthew whilst in high school. They were bright eyed lovers but it wasn't to be as Mathew was offered a football scholarship in the US and Elizabeth wanted to stay in the Uk and attend Cambridge university to follow in her fathers footsteps.


She had met Matthew at the mere age of 11 and by her 15th birthday Elizabeth had decided that she wanted to share herself with Matt. It wasn't a very eventful sex experience and Elizabeth had been hurt by Matts larger than average cock but it left Elizabeth sex hungry and she started to have sex with Matt at least once a week. The two of them stayed together for another 2 years until they realised that they would be separated for the next four years and so decided to end the relationship on good terms.

Elizabeth had been upset and then spent a lot of time alone in her room trying to relieve some of the pain that she felt for matt breaking her heart and leaving her. She couldn't understand why they couldn't make long distance relationships work.

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She had enough money to fly to the US and meet up with him each weekend. She had to realise that matt no longer loved her.

It was around this time that James had started to realise that Claire had only married him for his money. He knew that their children had been accidents and that they hadn't planned them. He didn't want to be a dad and although he loved both his children he knew that was the only reason he was staying with Claire but he thought to himself that if he ever found the perfect woman he would give Claire everything and would be a happy poor man instead of a miserable rich man.

He was envy of the perfect family that Peter had got himself and it was this envy that made him grab the car keys from the office and drive up to the hunter estate.


When James arrived Elizabeth greeted him at the door and explained that all the staff had the weekend off. She hugged James and conversed politely with him about his life, wife and children whilst explaining her exam stress and friends troubles to James before her father joined them in the lounge.

He thanked Elizabeth and she said it wasn't a bother stood and returned to her room. Peter spoke to James and explained that he had planned to go away at the weekend but he was worried about Elizabeth because she had been acting differently recently. James knew what his friend was referring to as he had noticed a difference also and offered that he stay on the estate in the guesthouse near the fields and keep an eye on Elizabeth until the staff returned on Tuesday.

Peter thanked James and agreed that it was a great proposition. Peter told James to help himself to anything in the house and that he and Amelia would be home on Friday the following week.


Little did Peter know what would happen in the week that he and his wife were away. James himself had also not thought about what would happen it never crossed his mind.

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He grabbed his phone and rang Claire letting her know that he was staying at the hunter estate for a few days to do a favour for Peter. She asked if he wanted her to bring the kids and herself up there but James told her not to bother and that he would be home soon.

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He wanted to clear his head anyways.