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Black babe gets a good fuck by a thug
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Chapter 1: Blonde Twincest: The Beginnings Cody and Zack were walking to school together, holding hands. That morning they had announced their relationship to their mother and the rest of the Tipton staff and planned to do the same with all their friends at school. They had only confessed their feelings for each other a few days before and thought it would be a good thing to let everyone else know, so they wouldn't have to hide anything. As they entered the school grounds, two black cars pulled up in front of them.

A few men in black suits came out and grabbed the twins, pulling them apart from each other. As they were both put in separate cars, they screamed each others names. "Zack!" Cody cried and then woke up.

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Cody surveyed his surroundings and realized it had all been a nightmare. He was still in his bed, in his and Zack's room. Zack was in his bed snoring away, as always. Once Cody calmed down, he decided to get up and get in bed with his brother, like he did every time he had a nightmare.

As he snuggled up in front of his big brother, Cody started thinking about his strange feelings for his brother. For years, Cody had known that he loved his brother but always thought of it as a brotherly love, like all brothers feel towards each other.


But, when the twins and their mom moved to the Tipton, one year ago, Cody realized it was more than brotherly love, he loved his brother with all his heart. Sometimes he couldn't help but watch as his brother walked around and got completely lost in a lust for his body. He wished he could tell Zack but was afraid of what would happen if he did.

So, Cody fell asleep thinking about how much he loved his brother. One hour later, Zack awoke in a cold sweat. He wasn't sure why but he felt as if Cody needed him. Then, he looked in front of him and saw Cody lying there, before him.

Zack wasn't surprised at all; Cody always did this whenever he woke up from a nightmare. He said he felt safe with Zack. Even though Cody was his younger brother, Zack knew he felt something for Cody, something stronger than brotherly love. Zack had known that he was gay for a year or so now and the only boy he ever wanted was his baby brother. Anyone who ever saw Zack near the ladies, though, would never guess that he was gay.

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Zack was always going up to girls and telling them how hot and sexy they were and asking if they wanted to go out with him. That was all just acting though, Zack never wanted to be with any of them, he did it just so no one would think he was gay.

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Now, as Zack stared at his brother's form, he felt a little tingling between his legs. Then, Zack thought of something he never would have wanted to do until now.

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There was his little brother, the boy he had wanted ever since he realized his sexuality, vulnerable and asleep right next to him. The two were sharing body warmth, for God's sake. So, he decided to do it. Carefully, he took his right hand and slid it over Cody's hip. Next, he inched it up, little by little, till he reached the elastic of his brother's pajama pants.

Quickly, he took a couple fingers and lifted up the elastic of his brother's pants and underwear and felt his brother's skin. Zack then stopped and took a breath. He could not believe what he was doing.


After about a minute, Cody was still not up and he continued. He lowered his fingers until he felt the growth on his brother's body. It was surrounded by tiny hairs, which he knew were blonde, because his were and below the growth was a sac with two big balls. Zack began to fondle his brother's penis and balls. He pulled the foreskin up and down, as if he were masturbating his brother.

Both Zack and Cody were uncircumcised, which, as he found out this year in Health class, most boys were not. When the teacher, Mrs.

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Highlander, explained to the class about circumcision, Zack felt pity for all the boys who had that done to them and were glad that he did not have to experience that. Half an hour passed and Zack got bored. His eyes were getting heavy but he was still massaging the now erect penis and saggy balls on his brother's body.

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Two minutes later, Zack fell asleep, drifting into La La land. Then, at 3:00, almost two hours after Zack had stopped caressing his brother's private area; Cody woke up in a cold sweat, from another nightmare.

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In this one though, Cody was being chased by a horrible monster that ate perfect students, like him. He was all ready to get up and get in his brother's bed, when he realized he was already there, right next to Zack. He turned to face his cute look-alike, but something in his mid-section stopped him. Cody looked down and saw that his brother's arm was down his pants. "Zack, you sick-o!" Cody said. Zack just kept snoring. "Zack, wake up, you pervert!" Cody repeated over and over, while pushing his brother, but Zack did not wake.

"I guess I'll have to do it myself," Cody quietly said to himself. So, he took one of his own hands, reached down his pants and grabbed his brother's wrist, which was lying on his erection. He pulled the wrist up, but as the hand brushed over his dick, Cody felt a nice sensation. He then decided against getting his brother's hand out of his pants and thought this would be fun. For the next hour, Cody used his twin's hand to pleasure himself.

During that time period, he came four times and enjoyed each one. Finally, at 4am, Cody got tired again, took his brother's hand out of his pants, kissed his brother on the cheek, and fell asleep. As he dozed off, he knew that the two of them would have a lot of talking to do the next day, because they were obviously both gay and had a passion for each other. "This should be interesting," were Cody's last thoughts before drifting off into a pleasurable dream about him and his brother having fun.