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Big titted Slim Babe amateur likes take giant hard on in wth lips till yoghurt
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Part 5 of the series, Todd has just walked into Nicole's bedroom to discover that his surprise is Nicole and her best friend Janet dressed up in schoolgirl outfits.

Todd was dumbstruck. "Uhhhhhh. Hello girls." The two girls had sexy pouts on their faces as Nicole spoke up. "I'm afraid that we've been naughty, Mr.

Chandler." "I see. And what exactly have you done?" The two girls turned to face each other, and shared a passionate, lingering kiss.

While they explored each other's mouths with their tongues, Nicole raised Janet's skirt to reveal a bald pussy, and began rubbing her hand up and down on it, before pushing two fingers inside, eliciting a whimper from Janet. As they broke their lingering kiss, Nicole took her fingers out of Janet's pussy, and held them in front of her face.

They glistened in the light, and Janet eagerly lapped her juices off of Nicole's fingers as Nicole pushed them in and out of her mouth. They turned to grin at Todd. "We've been very bad." They chorused. Todd felt himself go weak in the knees. They both turned away from him and perched on all fours, tilting their asses up in the air.

Neither girl was wearing panties, and they were both dripping wet, their outer labia's pink and swollen. Janet reached back and slapped Nicole's ass, causing her to squeal, then grabbed her ass cheek, pulling it wide and exposing her pussy. "We need a spanking." She said, before she leaned in and began kissing Nicole again. Todd had to stop and catch his breath.

The image before him would be seared in his brain forever: The two gorgeous girls, their asses sticking out of their plaid skirts, their glistening pussy's on display, their faces turned towards one another, their mouths open, and their tongues swirling against one another.


Oh yes, he'd remember this night for a long, long time. Todd walked up to the bed, and began rubbing a hand over each upturned ass, lightly tracing his fingertips along their skin, noticing the goosebumps that arose on each girl.

As he continued with his teasing motion, he noticed that both girls were shivering with excitement. "Keep kissing." He instructed them. "So whose idea was this?" He asked. "Mine." Replied Nicole.

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"But it was Janet's idea to dress up." "So you were both equally naughty. I guess that means I'll have to spank you both." "Yes, Mr.

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Chandler." They chorused again. "Since Janet is our guest, I'll do her first." Janet grinned at that, and Nicole pouted and reached over to pinch her breast, making her yelp.

"Now Nicole, none of that." Todd warned her. He stood behind Janet, and began running both his hands over her ass, making her moan and sway. Then he pulled back, and brought his hand down on her ass cheek, leaving a bright red mark, and making her cry out sharply. He continued for several swats, leaving her ass a bright red, before patting it gently and telling her to take a break. Janet sighed and put her head down on the bed. He turned his attention to Nicole, and saw the lust in her eyes as he began running his hands over her ass, repeating the same routine that he had with Janet.

As he began swatting her, she cried out, and Janet raised her face to meet Nicole's, kissing her and smothering her cries. After Todd had left both girls asses bright red, he knelt behind them and began licking their pussies while they continued making out. While he was behind Janet, Nicole sat up and took off her shirt and bra, and Janet soon joined her.

They reached for Todd and pulled him onto the bed, stripping him out of his clothes. As he lay flat on his back, the two girls knelt on either side of him, examining his cock.

Janet arched an eyebrow at it and turned to face him. "My goodness Mr. Chandler, this is even more impressive than I thought." And she took him in her mouth, swirling her tongue around his crown.

She popped it out of her mouth and offered it to Nicole, who gave it the same treatment before passing it back to her. They continued this for several minutes, while Todd lay back in a daze, unsure if this was really happening, before they got tired of sharing and began licking the sides of his cock at the same time, like it was a popsicle.

After a while, Nicole announced that she wanted to suck his cock, and she directed Janet to work on his balls. As Janet began sucking them into her mouth, Nicole scooted herself around and dropped her pussy in Todd's face as she began devouring his dick. Todd began licking her slit and wet his finger, dipping it into her snatch before pressing it into her ass.

Nicole gasped and took her mouth off of his cock. "Oh my God … his finger is in my ass." Janet glanced up at her with a grin. "Oooohhh, kinky. I like it." She said, before returning her attention to his balls. Todd tried to maintain his focus on eating Nicole's pussy, but the sensation of his cock and his balls being sucked simultaneously, plus the eroticism of this encounter made it hard for him to keep his concentration, and he was afraid that he would cum soon.

He pushed Nicole off of him and sat up, pulling his balls away from Janet. He laid Nicole back on the bed and placed his face between her thighs as he resumed his work on her pussy. Janet removed her skirt, and with a sultry look on her face, straddled Nicole's face, placing her pussy directly over her mouth.

"Get to work, slut." She directed her. Nicole eagerly went to work, and Janet was soon moaning in appreciation, while staring at Todd. Todd was steadily working on Nicole's pussy, while enjoying the view in front of him. Janet was slowly undulating her hips, gasping and moaning, while running her hands over her body, twisting and tugging on her nipples. Nicole's tongue could be seen darting in and out of her mouth, parting Janet's pussy lips, flicking her clit, and delving into her hole.

After a few minutes, Janet stopped moving her hips and her skin began to flush. "Ohshiohshitohshitohshitoshitohshhhiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt!!!!!!!!!" She wailed as she came. Todd grinned and sat back on his haunches, slapping Nicole's inner thigh.

"Are you ready?" She smiled and spun around, helping Janet get on all fours, before she did the same herself, positioning her ass towards Todd. Janet was still a bit shaky, and as Nicole draped her upper body across her ass and lowered her head towards the area between her legs, Janet began gasping. "Oh my God.

Nicole, what are you doing????" Nicole took a break from whatever it was and turned her head towards Janet. "I'm preparing your ass for his cock." Todd almost came right there, and Janet shuddered. "You're still an anal virgin, aren't you?" Nicole teased. "Tell Mr. Chandler the truth." Janet looked up at Todd with a doe-eyed expression, and in a little girl voice confirmed it.

"I'm still an anal virgin, Mr. Chandler. Will you be my first?" Todd reached down and lightly squeezed his balls, trying to keep from cumming on the spot. He was really starting to get into this. "Be your first what?" "Be the first to fuck my ass." Janet replied. Keeping a firm grip on his balls, Todd walked around to the other side of the bed to see what was going on. Janet was on all fours, and Nicole had laid her body diagonally across her, so her head was perched right above Janet's ass.

She was pulling her ass cheeks apart, and her tongue was busily swabbing Janet's asshole, getting it nice and wet.

Todd nodded his head approvingly, and walked back around the bed and climbed up behind Nicole. Tonight's activities had gotten her really excited, and Todd sank his cock into her with one thrust, sighing loudly. Nicole matched his sigh, and began rolling her hips back at him. Todd was trying hard to pace himself. Despite all the male fantasies about ménage a trois, he was finding it a bit difficult to keep track of everything, and make sure that both girls would be satisfied. Right now, his big concern was to get Nicole off without cumming himself, so that he could move on to Janet's ass.

Janet's ass &hellip. Todd was afraid that he'd cum just looking at it. Nicole looked back at him and smiled. "Don't worry, we have all night." And she turned her attention back to Janet's ass. Whatever she did, Janet certainly enjoyed it, throwing her head back and squealing in pleasure. Nicole was so wet she probably could have taken a baseball bat with no discomfort. As Todd pushed in and out of her, her little skirt fluttered up and down on her ass, fanning Todd's stomach.

He had to laugh at the absurdity of it. He looked over at Janet, and saw her biting her lower lip, her eyes squeezed shut in concentration. "Janet." Todd said, but she was lost to the world. "JANET." Todd spoke again, this time using the same voice he did in the classroom when snapping a day-dreaming student back to reality. "Yes Mr. Chandler?" She replied weakly.

Nicole snickered, earning her a slap on the ass from Todd. "Janet, will you please tell me what Nicole is doing to your ass?" Janet peered up at him, as if she couldn't comprehend what he was asking. "Wha??" She said, dazed. Todd smiled, as though he was dealing with a slow witted student who couldn't remember the quadratic formula.

"Please describe for me what Nicole is doing to you." Janet took a deep breath and began concentrating. "She, she has her tongue, her tongue. Her tongue, OH MY GOD. She's flicking her tongue up and down my asshole. Oh God, it feels so good!" Todd pushed hard into Nicole, and both she and Janet yelped.

Todd repeated the motion several times, and directed Janet to keep talking. "She pushes her tongue into my asshole every time you do that." She said.

"Oh God. Now she's using her fingers on my ass." She squealed again. "And my pussy.

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Oh God, she has her fingers in my aaaaaassssssss &hellip. And my pussy. She's &hellip. She's pumping them in and out at the same time." Todd smiled as Janet fought to form coherent sentences.

"Do you like being double penetrated Janet?" Janet nodded vigorously. "I'm sorry Janet, I couldn't quite hear you." Janet let out a slow breath.


"I loooooovvvvvvve it." Todd grinned at her. "Perhaps we can get a strap on for Nicole to wear, then you can try double penetration with something more than fingers." Janet moaned and nodded while Nicole shivered in delight at the thought of using a strap-on on her friends' sexy body. Sure, the two of them and made out and even eaten each other's pussy's on occasion, but they had never tried any hard core lesbian action, as Nicole thought of it.

Todd turned his attention back to Nicole, and thrust in and out of her, enjoying Janet's whimpers and moans. He leaned forward and whispered in Nicole's ear. "I want you to make Janet cum again, can you do that?" She grinned back at him. "Of course. I've already done it once tonight." "Can you make her cum at the same time that you do?" Her smile widened. "Let's find out." She pushed her face back into the cleft of Janet's buttocks, and Todd slammed his cock forward, making her groan.

He wet his thumb, and began pushing it against her asshole, while reaching around her with his other hand to find her clit. Nicole started squirming about underneath him, overloaded by the sensations Todd was causing in her loins. His thumb popped through her sphincter, causing her to yelp, and he began pushing it in and out of her ass.

Todd found that this position was limiting his range somewhat, so he concentrated on making small circles inside Nicole with his thumb and with his dick. It wasn't long before Nicole could feel her orgasm approaching, and she went to work on Janet with a vengeance.

She hooked her left pointer finger inside her asshole, and took the first two fingers from her right hand and pushed them into her pussy and sought out her g-spot, while running her tongue up and down the perineum between Janet's two holes. When she located Janet's g-spot, she began pushing on it while forcing her finger in and out of her ass at a frantic pace.

Janet took a deep breath and began squirming, trying to get away from the onslaught. "Oh God, no, no, no!!! That's too much!!!! Oh shit, I'm &hellip. I'm &hellip. I'm cumming!!!! Oh, you fucking bitch, I'm ccccuuuuummmmmiiiiiiinnnnnngggggggg!!!!!!!" Janet collapsed on the bed, completely wiped out, and Todd thrust forward into Nicole, triggering her orgasm. She collapsed on top of Janet, shuddering and moaning. Todd grinned down at the sight of the two nubile young women, glistening with sweat, their skin flushed and glowing from their orgasms, writhing around on top of each other.

As he looked down between Nicole's legs, he could see the juices from her pussy running down her thighs. He absent mindedly squeezed his balls again, just to make sure he didn't cum, and headed into the bathroom to calm himself down. "I'll be back. You two relax." He told them. He looked into the bathroom mirror and grinned at his reflection. You lucky dog&hellip.

The memory of this night should be able to tide him over after Nicole left. When he returned to the bedroom, he found the two girls spooning, with Nicole in the outside position. Her hand was reaching around Janet's waist and in between her legs, and she was slowly stroking her pussy. Janet was moaning softly as Nicole was whispering to her. "It's great baby, you're gonna love it. Mr. Chandler knows how to do it right." Janet saw Todd approach the bed, and eyed his cock with apprehension.

"I don't know &hellip. He's kinda big." Nicole kissed her neck and gently stroked her hair. "But he's gentle. He'll treat you right. Even better than your old hair brush." Janet blushed deeply at that while Todd grinned at her.

She looked up at him shyly. "She wasn't supposed to tell you that&hellip." Todd smiled at Janet. "What happens in here, stays in here. Just like Vegas." Janet took a deep breath and smiled. "Okay. Let's do this." "We'll start nice and easy, and go slow, okay Janet?" She closed her eyes and nodded. "Okay, turn over and start kissing Nicole." She reluctantly turned her ass towards him and began kissing Nicole as she lay on her side.

Todd retrieved the bottle of lube and walked around behind Janet. Her ass was pushed towards him, and he could see how tiny her asshole was, obviously never having been used for sex before, and he was overcome with curiosity.

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"Janet, how is it that you never had anal sex? I always thought that you were more … adventurous than Nicole." Janet stopped kissing Nicole and looked back at him, raising an eyebrow. "What's that supposed to mean?" Todd realized that he had committed a faux paus. "Well, I mean … ummmm." "Are you saying that I was a slut?" She asked crossly.

"No, no." Todd said hurriedly, wondering how he would get out of this one. "It just seemed &hellip. Everything that Nicole did, you did first. You had a boyfriend first, you were dressing more … ummm, sexy first." Shit.

He had totally killed the mood now. At least I got a blow job from her. He thought to himself despondently. Thankfully, Janet rekindled the fire. "Well I was a slut." She replied with a grin. "A great big slut. Did you know that I sucked off the starting quarterback under the bleachers during a pep rally when I was just a Freshman?" "Ummmm, no." "Oh yeah, I was having sex as soon as I could figure out what it was." She was absent mindedly rubbing her clit as she spoke.

"But this little angel" she turned to Nicole and kissed her sweetly. "She wanted to stay a virgin. So she would only take it up her ass until I convinced her of how much fun she was missing out on." "Really?" Todd looked at Nicole as she blushed and lowered her eyes. "Oh yeah. But I wasn't worried about 'technically' being a virgin, so I never bothered with anal." Todd smiled. He popped open the bottle of lube and squirted it directly onto Janet's asshole.

"Nicole, I need you to spread Janet's ass for me, please." Nicole reached around and grabbed Janet's ass cheek, pulling it wide while the two of them continued kissing. Todd began running his finger along the outside of Janet's asshole, just to see how she would respond.

She inhaled sharply, and he could see her asshole involuntarily clench. He continued running his finger around it until she relaxed a bit, then he began lightly pushing on it, not really trying to break through, just getting her used to the pressure. "Don't stop." Janet gasped between kisses.

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Todd took his pinky, and slowly began trying to breach Janet's sphincter. She gasped as he pushed through, and Nicole held her close, kissing her up and down her neck as she adjusted to the digital intrusion.

Her skin flushed and her breathing quickened as Todd began pushing his pinky in and out of her ass, gently fucking her with the tiny digit. She began mewling, and Todd replaced his pinky with his middle finger. He had loosened her up a bit, so the larger finger was able to push in with little resistance.

Nicole let go of her ass and began playing with her pussy, and Janet was soon moaning and humping her hips back and forth, impaling both her pussy and her ass on Todd and Nicole's fingers as she moved. As Nicole pushed into her pussy, Janet would reflexively tilt her hips back, impaling Todd's finger deeper into her ass. She would recoil from that, and in an effort to get away, force herself back onto Nicole's invading fingers. The double stimulation was driving her wild, and she began begging Todd to put his cock in her ass.

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Todd's eyes widened in surprise, then delight. He pulled her so that her ass was right at the edge of the bed, and placed a condom on his cock before he began rubbing the head on her sphincter.

Nicole kept playing with her pussy and gently stroked her hair, whispering comforting words to her. Janet took a deep breath and nodded her head, and Todd began pushing his cock into her ass. Janet cried out, and Nicole grabbed her tight, running her hand up and down her back as Todd held still, letting her get used to the penetration. Janet took several deep breaths before looking up at Nicole.

"Jesus Christ, how do you do this?" Nicole smiled at her. "My first time was with Ryan, remember how little his dick was?" Janet grimaced. "He was an asshole." Nicole smiled and pulled Janet's' ass cheek wide while looking up at Todd. "Give her some more." She instructed him. Todd pushed another inch in, and Janet whimpered.

Nicole kissed her full on the lips. "You're doing great baby. Remember how you told me my first time would be like? Janet nodded as Nicole wiped a tear from her cheek. "I said it would hurt at first, but then it would be the best feeling in the world." "That's right baby, the best feeling in the world." "It hurts so bad!" Janet blurted.

Nicole gently kissed her forehead and stroked her hair. "I know it does baby, just a little bit longer, and it starts to feel great." She nodded at Todd, and he gently pressed forward a little farther. Janet's ass seemed to be accepting his intrusion now, and she was relaxing under Nicole's loving touches.

After several minutes of pushing in an inch at a time and waiting for her to relax, Todd had managed to get almost three quarters of his cock into Janet's ass. She was breathing hard and gasping, and Todd figured that he had gone as far as he could for her first time. "Okay Janet, here we go." He warned her. She nodded in assent and Nicole held her tight.

Todd began slowly pushing in and out of her tight ass. He poured some more lube along his cock to facilitate his movement. He started with short strokes, just an inch each way, until her moans turned from pain to pleasure, at which point he began to pull out even farther. Nicole was still working her pussy, and Janet started to turn bright red. "Nicole, slow down." Todd instructed her. "We don't want her to cum yet." He slowly pulled his cock out of Janet's grasping ass, and replaced it with his middle finger.

He rolled her over onto her back until her breathing returned to normal, then pushed her legs up in the air as he placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her ass again.

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He pushed gently, and the head slipped right in, making Janet moan with pleasure. Nicole leaned over to watch the entry and grinned at Todd. "I think she's getting used to it." She moved her head back up and kissed Janet full on the lips. "You're doing great baby, I'm so proud of you." Janet moaned and muttered something unintelligible as Todd pushed deeper into her. When he felt her start to get tighter, he stopped pushing and looked down.

About an inch or two of his cock was still outside of her ass. Not bad for her first attempt at anal. He lowered one of her legs to the bed, and with her legs splayed open, he slowly began pushing in and out of her. "Nicole, play with her pussy." He instructed his step-daughter.

Nicole lowered her face to Janet's pussy, and began to gently lick at it while fingering her at the same time. Janet began moaning, and before long, Todd could feel her asshole start to clench and unclench on his cock. She started to flush, and he instructed Nicole to speed up. As Nicole began finger fucking her, Todd increased his speed as he pushed in and out of her. Janet began gasping and moaning, and letting out little yelps when Todd got to going too fast for her liking.

Nicole continued her oral assault on her pussy, and between the stimulation the two of them were providing, Janet was pushed over the edge. Todd could tell it was coming when her asshole clamped down on his dick and didn't let go.

As she began screaming, her asshole began spasming, milking his cock, and he came. Todd fell back, exhausted and out of breath. "Oh my God &hellip.

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" He and Nicole laughed weakly as Janet rolled on her side and moaned. Nicole crawled over to where Janet was and tenderly stroked the side of her face. "Baby? Are you okay?" Janet exhaled. "Wow. That was … wow." Nicole smiled at Todd. "I think she and I can keep each other company tonight, why don't you go to bed?" Todd looked at her. "Are you sure?" Nicole smiled and nodded. "We need some alone time." She said with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

"Now you two get to sleep, you need your rest." He sternly admonished her. Nicole grinned at that, and Todd headed to his bedroom. Michelle was sitting up in bed reading, and looked up at him as soon as he entered.

"Well? What did you think?" She asked him with a gleam in her eye. Todd laughed weakly in response. "That was amazing. I won't be able to walk tomorrow." Michelle sniffed the air. "I can still smell them on you." "Oh, sorry. I'll go shower." "It's okay." Michelle smiled shyly.

"It's actually kind of sexy." That remark caught Todd's attention. Was Michelle starting to get back to normal? He walked to her and bent over to kiss her, and some sweat fell on her face as he did so. She made a face at that, and Todd settled for a quick peck and headed to the shower to clean up. When he came out of the shower, their bed was empty, with Michelle nowhere to be seen. The bedroom door was open, so he walked to it and peered down the hall.

"Michelle?" He called. She was crouched down outside Nicole's door, listening intently. She frantically motioned at him to be quiet. Todd crept down the hallway and listened at the door with her. Although the sound was muffled, you could make out the moans of the two girls from inside.

Todd grinned and pounded on the door. "I told you two to go to sleep!!!" There was the sound of giggling, then "Yes, Mr. Chandler." in a pair of little-girl voices.

Todd laughed, and took Michelle by the hand, leading her back to their bedroom. She slapped him on the shoulder. "What did you do that for?!?" She asked crossly. "Just having some fun with them." He replied. "Well you already had your fun with them, then you ruined theirs." She huffed as she climbed into bed. Todd stared at her, then climbed into bed and fell asleep.

As he was drifting off, he noticed the aroma of something lingering in the air, but he couldn't quite place it.