Unusual czech teen spreads her soft snatch to the unusual

Unusual czech teen spreads her soft snatch to the unusual
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Her name was Jess. She was your typical average 16 year old girl. Beautiful waist length brunette hair, piercing blue eyes and a golden tan. Her tits a lot more then a handful and ass that were just as beautiful. I never thought myself as a lesbian, but I would often stare at her and wonder what her beautiful body looked like naked.

What she would taste like, what her smooth skin felt like against mine. I myself was a 15 year old geeky girl, mouth full of metal, nerdy thick rimmed glasses. Flat chest, petite body, dirty blonde hair. But my ass was a big head turner and I often wore cut off jeans a size too small to accentuate my butt that little bit more.

It was the day before my 16th birthday, was the middle of summer and stifling hot. Rolling over the silk skin against my shaven pussy sent tingles all over my body. I loved to sleep naked during the summer, but what I loved more was to feel the silk between my legs, rubbing against my pussy through the night. Usually waking up with a soaked pussy that needed immediate attention. Today was no different. I reached down between my legs and found that my love button was already hard and yearning to be touched.


I ran my finger from the top to bottom. Pushing my finger dip into my dripping hole and letting out a quiet moan. Using the other hand I started to tease and pull at my hard nipples, caressing my little bumps, hoping that when I turned 16 they would grow.

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My hand travelled down my body, sending more tingles to my pussy. I continued to finger fuck myself adding another finger then another. By now my pussy was so wet and I was so aroused that I was in dire need of a dildo. Reaching over ad grabbing my favourite one. I got on my knees, positioned a pillow between my legs and then the dildo on top. Running the tip along my slit, then pushing it just a little Into my wet pussy, I started to moan even more.

I slammed down onto it letting out a guttural moan.


I loved how it filled my hole. Starting to grind myself down more, I rubbed my clit at the same time. Fucking the dildo like it was a real cock. Quickening my pace, my pussy started to grip the dildo even more. Rubbing faster and grinding even harder. My pussy started to squirt and I let out the loudest scream.

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"Aww fuck yes" "Leila, Leila! Its time to get ready for school dear" "Yeh, okay mum. Thanks" I continued rocking until my orgasm subsided. I really loved my morning plays. Although today I didn't want to stop, rolling onto my back. I started to fuck myself again. Rubbing my clit more and more leading to a very quick orgasm, and letting out another guttural moan.

"Leila honey, hurry up your gonna be late" Usually I have a shower. Looking at the clock though, I really was going to be late. Throwing on a tee and some jeans I decided to skip the panties I was feeling very naughty today.

School went quickly I handed out invitations to my party tomorrow. Made sure that Jess would be coming. Just another uneventful Friday I thought as I left the grounds. When I got home mum was standing there with a big smile on her face. "Hay Mum" "Hay Lei, how was ya day?" "Fine nothing happened, got all my invitations out.

So is everything ready for tomorrow?" "Yes Lei, everythings set" Heading up stairs my mind started to wonder how the events of tomorrow would play out.

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If Jess would actually come, if I would get a cock to fuck for my birthday present. The evening was spent talking to my best friend about the party and doing some finishing touches on my outfit and decorations.

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"Happy Birthday Lei." Still half asleep the first thing I saw was a pair of keys dangling in my face. Sitting up the sheet slipped down my body. "Thanks Dad. What's the keys for?" "Look out the window" It was a beauty. Black mustang old school styles. Jumping for joy and then jumping at dad to hug him.

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It suddenly hit me that I was naked. "Oh shit, sorry dad. You should've said something" I knew he didn't mind because his hands immediately went to my ass, rubbing and caressing. Pulling my cheeks apart and running his fingers around my ass hole.

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I started to coo in approval, I loved my dad and often thought what it would be like to have his fat cock deep in my pussy. Maybe today would be the day, I was really hoping so.

Grinding on his lap I felt his wood through his boxers. Looking into his eyes I looked for approval as I released his stiff fat cock and started to rub and stroke it gently.

Closing his eyes and rolling his head back was all the approval I needed. I started to rub faster as the pre cum began to leak, using it as lube I quickened my pace and kept it steady. He started to squeeze my ass tighter, bringing one hand to my now dripping pussy. Pushing two fingers deep into my hole. It was heaven, but I really wanted his cock in me. I lifted my self up and sat just above the tip of his cock. Smiling and kissing me. "Do it baby girl, I want to feel your pussy all around me" I was so hot and horny, but he was still finger fucking me.

Removing his fingers and licking and sucking each one clean. I lowered some taking in half of his 8 inch cock, letting out a whimper.

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He then surprised me and thrusted up while pushing me down allowing the rest of his stiff rod to enter me. Starting to ride him he continued to thrust upwards. I knew that I wouldn't last long if this kept up, but I loved having a cock in me finally. As I was opening my eyes I noticed he was sucking one of his fingers, and without warning I felt it enter my asshole, I started to moan and scream and buck my hips as my pussy was squirting all over his hard cock. "Cum for me Daddy.

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I want to feel you cum in my pussy" I knew that would set him off because I often heard him and mum fucking and he always came after she said that. As I was coming down from my orgasm, I felt his cock get bigger and harder, then he let out a deep groan. He was cumming and my pussy was taking every spurt he was giving. It felt so good.

My pussy loved it and I was milking him for everything he had. "Mmmmmm Daddy, thanks for the birthday prezzies. I'll never forget this birthday" "Your welcome baby girl" "Oh shit!

Where's mum?" "She's gone out to get some more stuff, wont be back for a couple of hours" I smiled " Well I was wondering why this happened." To Be Continued