Bare Deception Sexy Nude Blonde Sex Scene

Bare Deception  Sexy Nude Blonde Sex Scene
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Out Clubbing The beat was very intense. It throbbed like a living thing and mesmerized the dancers. The people just swayed and moved to it, like a snake when the charmer plays the flute. They looked like a huge throng of people fucking in their clothes as Amy watched them.

She could feel the sexuality, the pure animal lust that flowed from person to person on the dance floor. She had her hand on Bill's leg. Just an innocent place to lay it as they watched the people dance below them.

Soon however, she became very aware of his leg, began to gently stroke it and then squeeze it as her own state of arousal grew. All those bodies.


. All those people. . All that lust. It was definitely getting to her. It was getting to Bill too. He closed his legs slightly so his hard cock, which was tucked down his other pant leg, rubbed the back of her knuckles. She smiled and told him to switch seats with her. He smiled and they swapped seats so that now, her hand was squeezing his eight inch cock through his pants.


She knew enough to not squeeze to hard or fast or he would shoot his load right then and there. She had magic hands, he always told her. He rested his hand casually on her leg for a while but, it was too much for her as well. She slid down the seat so that his hand was pressed under her skirt and against the silk of her panties.

The crotch was soaking wet when his hands first touched it and the juices were literally almost dripping from her within seconds of starting to play with her. They normally left at this point.

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So turned on they had to go fuck but, when he tried to stand she pulled him back down. She was beyond wanting to leave. She wanted it now. She didn't care if they were in public or not.

She was so fucking horny, she needed it now. Bill looked around and saw a table back in the corner with no one around it.

Alone in the shadows, it was far enough from the main walk way to be semi-private. Grabbing her hand he pulled her there. They sat down and started making out immediately. There tongues intertwined and tasting each others breath. Soon their hands began to reach out and explore each other.

He brazenly slid his hand directly under her skirt and began to rub her clit through the sopping wet silk. He wanted to make her cum. He rubbed and pinched her but, she shook her head no. She had his cock in her hands through his pant's fabric. His nice hard cock throbbing in her hands.

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Being rubbed off through her panties wasn't enough. Not tonight. She needed that cock. She wanted it. And she wanted it now. Bill was getting nervous when she unzipped him and pulled his hard cock out and began to stroke it. He didn't want to go to jail or get caught but her magic hands soon soothed away any thoughts of stopping.

It felt so good to have her stroking him. Felt so dirty knowing they could get caught at any second.

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She stood and turned around and sat in front of his cock on his lap. There was no stopping now. They had to finish. He pulled her skirt up so that the bottom of her panties could be seen.

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She leaned forward slightly so her pussy was presented to him to take. God, she thought, just take me and fuck me now, please.

Bill's fingers slid under the elastic of each leg and her pulled the fabric tight. What is he doing? She thought, Just push them to the side.

But not tonight. Bill pulled hard as he could and she felt the silk rip and tear from the top of her ass crack to in front of her clit. The feel of the silk ripping away, the feel of his effort, and the feel of the cold air rushing against her wet pussy sent shudders through her and she had no control left.

She reached down between her legs and grabbed his cock and held it straight out and impaled herself on it. She began bouncing, trying to do it to the beat as if that would fool anyone.

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She didn't care about fooling anyone really. She slid up it's length slowly and then fucked down onto hard. The entire length of his cock filling her to the point of a twinge of pain from it's size. The twinge, though, didn't slow her down, only made her want it more.

She began to bounce wildly on his cock. Her breasts bounced as she rode him. Swinging and swaying one slipped free of her bra and the stiff nipple rubbed on the silk of her blouse. She looked up and saw the bartender, a cute little brunette watching them. She was trying to decide if she should call the bouncers or not but, she could also see that the bartender was enjoying the show too. She bounced harder and harder, it wouldn't be long, they were both too close.

Bill forgot where he was and reached around and began to grab at her breasts, squeezing them and pinching her free nipple. She didn't care anymore, She let him slid his hand under her top and expose her breast and grab it's soft flesh. The bartender was obviously going to call the bouncers, she could tell that. They were out of control. She fucked Bill hard and fast, wanting to cum, wanting him to cum, before they got caught. The bartender put down her hand rag she had been wiping with and turned to go get the bouncers.

She didn't care. She knew they would be done in time. Bill's cock was throbbing, he was moaning and grabbing her tit so hard it hurt. He would cum soon. A great geyser of cum shooting into her pussy. Filling her up with his hot cum. Filling her. . That was the last thought she had as her own orgasm shot through her.

Her body bounced and ground on automatic now, doing what ever felt best to it. She screamed out and it was lost in the music as she threw her head back and clawed at her own breast with her long nails.

She felt Bill shooting cum in her, felt his cock throb and unload as she came. The sensations blended and the music and lights made everything seem too intense for a second. She leaned on the table as the last shudder shot through her.

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Bill was already out of her and pulling his zipper back up. He reached over and pulled her skirt back down and tried to look casual with sweat dripping down his flushed face. They saw the bartender returning and stood up. They needed to get out quickly. Grabbing each others hands they both walked on wobbly legs as they weaved into the crowd on the dance floor.

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They knew it was the best place to loose the bouncer and it would give them a chance to get out. The emerged on the other side and made for the door. The door man gave them a funny look as they passed and Bill began to worry they had their description. They hurried past the man and he didn't move to stop them.

Walking into the parking lot they both started laughing. They realized why the man had such a funny look on his face. She laughed and they walked on to their car, his cum dripping down her legs over the black fishnet thigh highs she was wearing, the contrast was quite breath taking. END Thanks to Sara