Strapped fellow smothered by a couple of coarse dominas

Strapped fellow smothered by a couple of coarse dominas
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So here is a story I found that I wrote when I was seven years old. Apparently I was just as perverted then. The writing isn't very good, so I fixed some grammar, but most of it is exactly as it was! I hope you enjoy the story! Also there were drawings to go with it. Private message me if you want them.

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___________________________________________________________________________________ Suzy Franklin was twenty years old. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was short and skinny. She lived with her mother. She did not have a husband or a boyfriend. One day she felt pain in her stomach. She went to the doctor and he told her to sit on the table. He felt her stomach with his hands and felt a bump inside.

"Suzy," the doctor said, "I have to operate." He took a large needle and stuck it into her arm. She fell asleep right away.


He put her on a table and took off all her clothes. The doctor took a knife and cut into her belly.

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He took out her kidneys and her liver and her intestines and her stomach. He took out her lungs and her heart and put in fake ones.

When everything was out of her he filled her with cotton and sewed her back up. Then he tied her to the table. An hour later she woke up and was scared. Her stomach felt very strange. She called the doctor and he came into the room. The doctor told her that he had made her better and her stomach would never hurt again. He told her she would not be able to eat anymore, and would never have to go to the bathroom.

Suzy was still confused but she listened to the doctor. She went home and her mother made dinner. She told her mother she wasn't hungry and then went upstairs to bed. When she woke up in the morning her arms hurt a lot. She didn't know why so she went back to the doctor.

He told her he had to do another operation.

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He put her to sleep and took a saw from the shelf. He cut off her arms and threw them away. He sewed up the holes. Then he did a surgery to make her breasts very big.

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They were so big they couldn't fit in her shirt. He left her naked on the table. Suzy woke up and realized she had no arms and that she was naked. She saw that her breasts were very large. She asked what the doctor did to her. He said that he was making her better. Now her arms didn't hurt and her breasts were bigger so she was prettier. Suzy listened to the doctor and went home. Her mother saw her breasts and was very happy. Her daughter was pretty now.

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Suzy woke up the next morning and her legs hurt. She went to the doctor again.

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He put her to sleep and cut off her legs and sewed the holes. Then he tied her to the table. When she woke up she saw the doctor naked. She was very scared. He took his penis and put in into her vagina. "You are so pretty Suzy," he said. Suzy screamed. The doctor stuffed cotton in her mouth and sewed her mouth shut.

Then he took her back to his house. She had no arms or legs so she couldn't move. He put her in a chair. Then he had sex with her again. Every day he had sex with her until one day she was pregnant. This was weird because she had no uterus. Her stomach got very big. The doctor put her on the bed.

He stuffed cotton in her vagina. She could not move or open her mouth. Nine months later she had the baby. But it was not just one baby, it was eight babies. Five were girls and 3 were boys. Two of the girls were Siamese twins.


They were attached by their stomachs. She named them Mandi and Candi. The other three girls were Lola, Nikki and Serena. The boys were Alex, Jake, and Danny. The babies all drank milk from Suzy's huge breasts. The next day Suzy was pregnant again. This time she had ten babies. Her stomach was giant. When the babies were born they were all blind and deaf.

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Suzy's stomach was stretched too much and would not get small again. The doctor thought she was ugly now, so he took her back to her mother. Then he took all the babies and cut off their arms and legs.

He sewed up the holes and put the babies in chairs where they stayed for their whole lives. Suzy died when she was twenty-five.

Her mother was very sad. She buried her in a grave that said "Here lies Suzy. She was a pretty daughter and a good mother. RIP". ___________________________________________________________________________________ So that was my story.

I honest to god wrote that when I was seven. I am a little concerned as to how I knew about all these things… Guess it explains why I am so perverted and horny now.

Review and tell me how old you were when you first became a pervert.