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Masturbates Motel: "Crazy, crazy, crazy" - A boy and his father open a motel; the rest is all he came. Nathan Bates and his father, John Bates, lived in a small town in Arizona. After Nathans parents got a divorce they moved to White Pine Bay, Oregon.

John had gotten a good settlement plus inherence from his dead uncle.

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John won custody of Nathan after it was found Nathan's mother had an affair and sought only her new life with her rich lover. The two weren't only moving to get away from the past, but to start a motel that John had bought from a family that could no longer afford it. He had always dreamed of starting a business, and yet with taking care of his duties as a father and husband he never had the time to find a way. Now that the opportunity arose he took the chance.

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Nathan was a 15 year old shy boy who never really had many friends. He always considered family more important anyways. It was the reason why he was upset over the divorce and why he changed from being a well behaved son to now an aggressive one.

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He could only remember a hand full of people he really considered friends, but now that they had moved away there was little to no hope in keeping his friendships alive. He did manage to ask his crush Mandy if he could write her. He would eventually ask for her number so they could talk on the phone. He was into movies and considered being a film maker one day. He couldn't think of why, but there was nothing else that interested him, except for books.

Nathan and John began their long journey to starting a-new in a 1997 Buick Century Station Wagon and a small UHaul. Their belongings all crammed in and strapped to the car.

The drive would have only taken them a day, but with one driver John didn't want to chance it. They stopped off at a Days Inn motel. "Ahhh… this is nice Nathan isn't it?" John said as he leapt backwards on one of the beds.

"Just think we're going to own something like this, but better, and all to ourselves." "Isn't it nice?! I can hardly wait." "Sure. I'm hungry though." Nathan said as he plopped the bags on the floor. "Okay, well you stay here and I'll go see what I can find. What would you like?" "Anything really." Nathan said softly.

"Alright… I'll try to track down the best anything in town. It might take a while though." Nathan laughed, "Hush up dad." John just smiled.

Then he picked up the keys and walked out. "Don't forget to lock the door and no girls!" Nathan just laughed again. "I can't promise anything!" After locking the door and turning on the tv to HBO, Nathan got ready to take a shower.

He turned on the hot water for a while first. He always had trouble getting warm water at home. It was a habit.

Plus he had no idea who or what was in that shower before them. Then he got undressed and turned the cold water handle half way. He stepped in feeling the sensation of cool clean water on his skin. After packing up, being in a car for hours and stopping off for stuff in weird places you're bound to get dirty.

Nathan could feel a thin layer of muck on his hands and his eyes were somewhat irritated. It must have been some dust or something from boxes or air outside mixed with the sweat on his forehead. As he washed himself, he began day dreaming about Mandy. Her soft brown hair, and luscious, small, pink lips.

How he dreamed he could make sweet love to them. As he touched his side cleaning it he wished it was her. He then started to think of a song he thought of every time he thought of her. "Crazy, crazy, crazy just to think about you lately." He kept repeating in his daydream as he washed himself. Then he realized he had been in the shower a while, so he decided to hurry up. Maybe he could catch something good on tv. He got cleaned up and got out.

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Then all of a sudden there was a knock on the door. Nathan rushed to get a towel, put it on properly and ran to see who it was. He left the top lock on and opened the door a couple of inches. "Hey Steve." a voice said. Steve, who the hell was Steve?! Nathan saw a girl standing out from the doorway in the dim light. She had dirty streaked blonde hair, rich hazel blue eyes and slim cute appearance.

She wore a baby blue short sleeve shirt with a black top and black jean pants with some nice sandal shoes. "Uhhh… excuse me?" Nathan said. "It's me open up." The girl said. "Umm… you have the wrong room." "Funny Steve, come on let me in." "Sorry I'm not Steve!" Nathan said sternly "Sorry I'm late, but don't play games." "Seriously I'm not Steve.

There is no Steve here." "Look I got your message." She said. "I'm sorry to ask but are you drunk?" Nathan asked. The girl got an angry look on her face. "UHHH&hellip.NO! Are you drunk?" "No ma'am but I'm not Steve! You have the wrong room!" Nathan asserted "Hmmm…" She thought as she looked at the room number.

"f**** b******." She murmured under her breath. "Ummm… sorry… do you think I could use your phone." "Ahhh…" Nathan nervously looked around. "I don't&hellip." "Don't you have a cell phone?" he asked. "Um… No. I left it. Sorry to incontinence you, maybe I should… go…" She took a hard look at the boy standing in the door way.

The light glowed nicely on an average, but still impressive six pack abs. His one eye was rich and brown as deep with allurement. His soft skinned face moist and enchanting. His wet small lips and damp fresh streaming hair were a delightful sight. It all looked like a work of art to her, however, this was a stranger so it was just a thought to her. "Go… use the front desks phone. But I'm not sure where it…" She softly said. Nathan interrupted her.

"Oh, no that's okay. Uhh.Sorry, you can come in and use our phone if you don't mind me." "Hold on a second." He unlocked the door and opened it. "Uhh. Come on in.

Sorry I'm not proper." She walked in brushing her hair back. "Uhh.there's the phone." He pointed. "I'm sorry I'll go get dressed and leave you alone to call." "Ohh.Okay. Thanks!" He ran to the bathroom, shut the door and rushed to put on his clothes. When he came out she was about to talk to someone. "Hey.! It's Anna. …" She looked at Nathan as he emerged, trying not to smile. He smirked a small smile at her, looked down and went to turn the tv off.

"Hey, what room are you in? I came to the wrong room. Hey, don't laugh… Asshole! What room?! You're sure? Okay I'll be there in a minute." She put the phone down on the hook awkwardly.

"Hmmm… nice to see you with your clothes on." Nathan laughed, "LOL… sorry! But then again I'm not the one visiting strange rooms at 10 o'clock at night asking for Steve!" "About that… I must have mixed up the numbers, that or my date is being an asshole." "Date…?

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So you don't even know what Steve looks like or sounds like?" "Well yes and no… it's a long story… I don't really have time to get into." Nathan puffed a laugh, "Uhhh… sorry I'm Nathan." He reached to shake her hand. "Anna…I'm sorry." She gently shook his hand. "Nice to meet you Anna I'm sorry." "Haha… funny." "Look sorry for all this. Uhh. but I wonder. Could I use you mirror by any chance?" "First you want to use the phone now our mirror?" "Yeah… girls need touch ups." Nathan just shrugged with a smile.

"Sure!" She got up and walked to the mirror, smiled at him "Thanks so much!" Nathan plopped on the bed and put his hands behind his back in stretch form. "So this must be a big date, huh?" She didn't hear him as she was putting on her makeup. " What did you say?" "I said, so this must be some date, huh?" "Ehhh… So, so." "So, so? So what?" "I mean, well.


Well, I don't know what I mean. He sounded nice on the phone. We met before at a party, but besides that I don't know that much about him." "So how old are you guys?" "Well I'm seventeen and a half and Steve is nineteen." "So how come you don't have a car? I didn't hear you pull up." "Well that's because I don't have one." "How come?" "…uhh?" "uhh What?" "Uh… Maybe cause I'm 15." "Huh?" Nathan got off the bed and walked towards the mirror.

"Wait! I'm sorry to be cavalier, but why is a fifteen year old beautiful girl, who looks seventeen, going out to a motel to meet a nineteen year old at 10 o'clock at night, by herself nonetheless?" She stopped putting on her makeup and looked down and started to gather her things. She walked over to the bed past Nathan fumbling her things. She lightly slapped his cheek "Cavalier… nice." She sat on the bed.

"No… I'm serious. I'm not judging. I'm just saying what's up with that?" Nathan walked toward her folding his arms. She finished putting her things in her purse, "Well if you must know?

I don't care for my home life. Plus being home is boring and I wanted to get out. I met this guy Steve at some party, we kind of talked online and then I had him talk to me on the phone. I later found out he was nineteen and I didn't know what to think. Some of my friends think older guys are hot. I… I don't really care. I'm just looking for a nice, athletic, fun guy. These days many teens meet people online.

I met him before so it's technically not like that." "And as for the motel?" "Well, it was his idea. He figured we'd want to be alone. He says his house isn't safe being that he's got brothers and his parents are strict. I had my friend drop me off and I told her I would call if I needed anything, so it's all good.

But now that I think about it a motel is kind of off." "Yeah I'd say so." "Look it's not a restaurant, but I'm not looking for a nice dine. I'm looking to get know someone" "Well, I guess nineteen is hot and seventeen is a nice secret number." "Hey… Whoa there. I'm not a slut if that's what you're implying." Nathan sat on the second bed next to her.

He spoke softly, "I'd never say that… I'm just saying you seem nice and you're beautiful~. I just met you and I don't know you, but I'm sure there are a lot of guys, you know closer to your age, who would find more proper ways to court you." Anna laughed, "I'm sure, but I'm not a nice sweet candy girl. I mean, I usually choose jocks and jerks anyway." "I didn't mean anything at all.

I'm just saying. Nineteen isn't the magic number, I'm sure you know that." "Yep." "Yeah. Well, I'm sure you got to get going. I don't want to keep you." "Yeah." Anna said kind of reluctant to leave.

She and Nathan both stood up. She started to walk towards the door then she slowed down and turned back. "Wait?

So what are you doing tonight?" She tried to lighten the mood, "Getting ready for your hot date." Nathan giggled and shrugged, "fstt…No, just having dinner with my dad." "Dinner with dad, I'm sure that will be fun." "Yeah, whatever, I guess." He walked her to the door. He opened it. She started out as they both kind of stared at each other for a moment as she walked out. She turned back and looked at him. Nathan said, "Well have a goo…" Anna stopped him. She lifted her finger to his lips.

"Don't go to sleep after dinner alright. I'll try and come by later." He smiled."O…kay!" She slid her finger down his shirt and then waved goodbye saying softly.

"See you later… Mr. Magic." He slowly closed the door wondering what just happened. Nathan turned the tv back on HBO. The Terminator 2 was on. Then as the Terminator said, "Come with me if you want to live." Nathan sat up and thought.

He turned off the tv and wrote a note. He put it on the front of the door and started to the front desk. He walked in as calm as possible. "Uhhh… I know you have a thing on confidentiality and everything, but I'm staying here and I know this girl who is meeting someone in one of the rooms. I need to know the room because she left something." The lady at the desk replied "Okay. Well, my boss wouldn't approve, but if you know the name I can tell you the room." "Well that's sort of a problem I only know the first name." he said.

"What is it?" "Steve." "Okay." "Uhh… huh. Steve Shanahan." "Is that the only Steve?" "Yes, I believe so." "Okay, what room?" "178." "Huh… that's weird." "What?!" "Oh, nothing. Uh, thanks!" "You're welcome." "Have a goodnight." He slowly made his way towards the room.

Then he heard talking. He moved in trying not to be seen by anyone. He crouched near the window. "Hey want some beer." "I don't know Steve." "Oh come on. Let's have fun." "Steve I thought we were going to eat and enjoy each others company." "Well yeah, what do you want to eat?" "I thought you ordered something already." Steve said, "Well I did. Baby look, I got some pizza, some wings and beer. What else do you want? You didn't specify over the phone." "Well you didn't specify you were going to get drunk and give me the wrong room number too." "Hey I relax when I have a couple of beers what's wrong with that baby?" "I guess nothing, but you promised a nice night together." "Okay, now I'm getting sick of this.

I rented a room, bought food and beer, what the hell else you want?" "I want your attention." "What?! I am giving you attention. See come on give me a kiss." "You know what the hell I mean." Kissing sounds were echoed. Nathan turned and put his head down. Then he heard a car coming as lights started to flash his way. He first thought hide behind the bushes, but they were too small. He saw a set of stairs nearby, so he walked up a few and tried to shield himself from view under the rest.

A guy got out of the car and knocked on the door. "WHAT NOW?!" Steve shouted. He opened the door. "Oh it's you, you asshole." "Hey baby wait here a second I just have to talk to Jim a second. Order something you want if you want something else." He shut the door walking with the guy he called Jim. "What the hell Jim?" "What Steve, you told me to stop by." "Yeah later on." Nathan creeps up the stairs for a better view.

"Well, how is it going?" "Well this girl… I don't know. I get a room, food, beer. We're alone. I mean I don't know what else she wants. You know?" "Yep." "I need to get laid tonight. I've been waiting for a couple of weeks" "A couple of weeks, shit…" "Yea, I know this girl, but she acts like so tight assed now." "Tight ass is good." "Shut up, you know what I mean." "Well slip her something then." "Pffff…!

I thought she wanted some beer." "Well you know girls they want this and they mean that." "Man screw that." "So, did you get it from the guy." "Well yeah." "Well, when can you give me it," "Well you know not right now." "Okay, what about 1AM?" "Sure." "Fine see you then.

Fuck that bitch." "Hsshhhuu we'll see." Jim got in the car and Steve went back inside. Nathan just sat there looking up into the sky wondering what to do.

Then he walked slowly down stairs as he saw the drapes drawn. He thought he could either stay there and witness the whole thing or go back to the room. So he decided he would walk slowly back to the room. What the hell was going to happen?

He tried not to think about it. He walked back and found his dad setting up dinner. "Hey dad." Nathan said as he walked in. "Hey. Where were you?" "Oh I was just walking around." "Well it couldn't have been that fun." "Ahh… whatever." "Well hopefully your hungry. I bought chicken, some rise, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, and some green beans because we're trying to be healthy." "Haha…yeah." "I also got some fries just in case you wanted that instead of mashed.

Oh and the fines drink ever Sunkist. And while you were out I got ice." "Thanks dad." "Is there something the matter? I didn't know if I should get something from a restaurant.

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I thought were just roughing it through the night so it shouldn't matter." "No it's great. Really thanks." Nathan and John sat down to eat and talked about the future. "So what kind of rooms does the house have dad?" "Well really nice, big, furnished rooms. We won't keep everything, but you'll have your own bathroom. I mean it won't be connected to your room but I'll make sure you get your own." Then Nathan pulled a piece of chicken out of the bucket.

It was a breast, and all Nathan could think was ; what is happening to Anna's breast right now? It took them almost an hour to eat and get done talking.

Then John turned on the TV. "Hey Die hard is on. Whoa all three of them are on." "Oh really?" "Yeah!" Nathan decided to humor his dad and lay down to watch the marathon. It was more half way through Die Hard 2 when John fell asleep and Nathan was thinking of Anna.

He looked at the clock it was 12:20AM. He started to dream. He was trying to wonder who would he rather love more Mandy or Anna. He couldn't decide, so the dream was mixed with visions of Mandy and some of Anna. Then he woke up sweating a little. He got up went to the bathroom and washed his face.

Then all of a sudden he heard a slight knocking. He went to go to the door. It was 12:44AM. He looked out the peep hole but he couldn't see. He opened the door as quietly as possible. It was Anna. "Anna what are you doing it's almost 1 o'clock?" "I told you not to go to sleep after dinner." "I didn't.

I took a small nap, but that's it." Nathan whispered "Well, are you ready?" "Ready for what?" "Come on." Anna whispered. It was dark, but he followed her. "What are you doing?" "Come on." She said. They came to an area in the landscape behind the motel where there was a pond. Then there was a large rock. Anna had brought a blanket and a sheet to lie down. So they opened it up and laid it out. "So what are we doing here?" Nathan asked. "Well I thought we can lie underneath the stars and talk." She said.

"Sure." They both sat down looking out at the pond. Nathan looked at her in the blue lit night sky. "So what happened?" "What do you mean?" "What happened on your date?" "Oh, nothing really?" "Uhu." "Yeah it was stupid." "Anything you want to talk about?" "No not really." "Okay." She looked down.

"Well, why do you say it like that?" "What? I just asked if you wanted to talk about it." "Yeah, well, I don't." Nathan looked down and grabbed her hand. "I'll talk about whatever you want to talk about." She looked disappointed.

"Well how is your dad?" "He's fine." "How was your dinner?" "You know, good." "So why are you guys here?" "Well, we are moving to White Pine Bay." "Oh." "Yeah, we're opening a motel there." "Funny and you dropped off to a motel." "Yep, Since I don't have a drivers permit yet." "Okay." "So why are you here?" "You know why I was here." "No I mean, do you live here what?" "Well yeah.

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My parents and I live just five miles from here." "So, do they always allow you out this late?" "Shhhh yeah right?! " "So then why are you?" "It's not like they mind like on the weekends like today, but I sneak out sometimes." "So do they know about, well, you know?" "No." "How come?" "Because parents are strict and it doesn't really matter." "It doesn't?" "NO.

What are you trying to get at?" "I'm just asking." "Well my dad is a hard ass." "Yeah?!" "Yep." "So what's you favorite color?" "Turquoise." "Wow really?" "Yep and blue." "So you must really love the sky." "You got it." "What else do you love." "My mom." Nathan Laughed.

"What else?" "I love my pets, my dog and cat." "Do you love ice cream?" "Nathan, you don't have to ask a girl that." Nathan laughed hard. "Okay, what else?" "I love music." "Yeah. So do I. What's one of your favorite songs?" Anna leaned on Nathan.

"I don't know I really love all music." "Yeah, so do I." "Sing something to me." "I don't know you'll laugh." "No I won't!" She clenched his hand. "Okay it's kind of old though." "Okay." "Hmmmm… hmmmm. Crazy, crazy, crazy, just to thinking about you baby." Anna tried not to laugh.

"Oh my gosh." "Hey, you said you wouldn't laugh." "Know I'm not laughing at you. I like that song too." "Really?!" "Really!" "well that's cool." "Yeah." Anna looked at him.

"Look at me and sing it to me." He looked deep into her eyes. "Crazy, crazy, crazy, just thinking about you lately." "I've been thinking about you lately too!" Anna tilted her head. Nathan leaned in "Crazy, crazy, crazy, just to thinking about you…" he touched her lips softly. "baby." He embraced her as she threw her arms around him. He grabbed her hips with one hand and her face with another kissing her deep and hard.

They moaned and wept. "Ohh Anna I'm crazy for you." She kissed him with tongue "I'm crazy about you too." Then the thoughts came rushing back. Nathan pulled back. "Wait, wait what about Steve?" Anna held him in her arms. "Nathan, it was a date, I don't have any feelings for Steve." "Really?" "Really." "No I mean it Anna, really?" She drew him close, holding him.

She looked deep in his eyes. "Look Nathan I know we just met, but I really am crazy about you&hellip. REALLY!" She kissed his forehead. He kissed her neck. Then they looked into each other's eyes and kissed each other as hard and long as they could. Next Anna took off her top jacket and undid her shirt.

Nathan kissed her face, her lips, down her neck, her collar bone and the middle of her breast. He then lied her down with him hovering over her. Then he stopped. "Wait I can't… I can't do this." "What, what's wrong?" He kissed her."Nothing's wrong.

I just can't go much further." "What is it?" "It's well, I'm a virgin, but it's not like that. I … I just can't do this right here, right now. And if it is with you I want it to be special." "Oh, Nathan!" She hugged and pulled him in.

She kissed him. "We don't have to Nathan, but I want you to do something with me." "What?" "Just trust me okay." "Okay what?" "Shhhh. Just follow my lead." She started to kiss him and then started to take her shirt off slowly. Her skin glowed in the night and Nathan watched her like it was an artistic movie.

She unbuttoned her shirt and slid it down her back. It was revealing more and more of her soft glamorous skin in the twilight. She undid her 80C bra and exposed her amazing round supple breasts. Nathan was so aroused by this he began to breathe excessively and lather his lips with his tongue. Anna saw his reaction and pressed him against her breast. He kissed and lick them hugging Anna. She caressed her fingers through his hair messaging his head. Next she lifted his head and kissed him. "Trust me." she whispered to him as they kissed.

She then slowly unbuttoned his top shirt. He kissed her neck as she did. She touched her finger to his chest and ran it down his shirt. Then she lifted it above his head and took it off. He hugged her body to his. Kissing him, Anna, touched his hand and lead it to her pants. He untied the lace around it and then unfastened her button from her pants and then slowly and erotically unzipped them.

When they opened, she placed his hand on her polyester panties, and then skimmed his hand down to feel her on top. Next they both slid her pants amorously off. She then motioned him to take her panties.

He gently rubbed them and put his thumbs through the brim before sensually sliding them down her yielding smooth Legs. He raised them off her foot, and then began to kiss her heel, her leg and then her thigh. He touched her thighs and legs giving her sensational chills up her legs and spine. He saw her small lustrous vagina appear in the twilight. He slowly ran his fingers across its edge brushing his hand against it and feeling its sleek skin.

Then he hovered and stroked two of his fingers against it barely touching its surface sending her more euphoric sensations through her.

"Ohhh… Nathan yes." She caressed his head once more as he continued. After he had aroused her enough she lifted his head towards her kissed him and then ran her fingers down the sides of his torso and to his pants.

Nathan was now shaking with adrenaline, breathing excessively and trying to keep his mouth and lips moist. She guided his pants down by a couple of inches then massaging his waist back to front. She unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and guided them down and off him. Like him, she patted her fingers against his cotton underwear and sent him into arousal with his penis bulging from the underwear.

She skimmed her fingers down it sending sensational pulses through him. Next she slid his briefs down his slim legs and off as he step over them. She looked him deep in his eyes while they embraced one another as they stood in the accentuating twilight upon their skin.

She grasped his hand pulling him towards her way. She led him down to the pond and into the water. She waited until they were neck deep before she turned around and tied her arms around his neck and kissed him. Nathan Laughed "So is this your plan?" She smiled back at him, "What plan?" He put his arms around her as she said, "I just want to be here with you.

Nothing in-between us." and she rested her head on his chest. He kissed her head as he enjoyed the rippling emotions between them. They embraced the euphoria in the air and in their sensitive bodies. He stroked her arms and then her face.

She tilted her head upwards as they kissed. They continued for as long as they felt each other. Then at one point they tried floating on the water together. Nathan pushed to get them swaying through the water. Then when he got tired he swam them toward the crest. They both grasped each other's hands as together they got out to lie down on the blanket. She draped her head, arm and body across his chest.

He held her gently in his arms cuddling her. They laid in the sheet together just breathing, feeling each other's heart beat and warming each other. Nathan then whispered "Is this all the magic you want tonight lily? " She inhaled deeply and whispered, "I kissed a frog and got a prince. I have all the magic I need.

Yet, if my prince wants to ravish me more all he has to do is indulge my lily." Nathan did not know what exactly what that meant at first, but then he smiled and kissed her. "As my lily princess asks." He massaged her arm, held her hand and kissed it, touched her breast, slid his hand down her abdomen and down to her clit.


He fondled her lips and massaged her slit. He brushed it sensitively, but vibrated his fingers as erotically as he could over it. She moaned and wept embracing him while she responded to his passionate touch. Anna kissed his body as he pleased her.

After a while she began to climb in her sensation. He sensed it coming as she wept for him and clenched him closer moaning with exhilaration. He started to move his fingers in and out of her vagina pleasing her more vigorously. She began to orgasm and clench her body up and hug him hard.

"Ohhh… Nathan." She whimpered for him. "I want you. Ohhh!" Anna in her last moment grasped Nathan's penis. Then she spammed euphorically as they kissed and he stimulated her to climax. After she had calmed down and they kissed over and over, He led her to the pond once more. Nathan followed with washing out her pussy under the water as they again were immersed in it.

She just whimpered in pleasure clutching his body. He then courteously carried her back to the rock. He made her comfortable and then kissed her as deep as he could. He lied next to her on his side facing her, his face in front of hers and his lips in front of hers.

They occasionally kissed each other over and over. Nathan whispered "Crazy, crazy, crazy, just to hold you to…night." She kissed him one last time. Then draping their arms around one another they drifted off to sleep together breathing the same air.