Amigo coje a mi esposa

Amigo coje a mi esposa
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Okay this is my first story about me and a friend we will call Dylan for now. All the events that happen in this story are 100% true at all times they happened when I was 9 and Dylan was 14. If you have any comments about my story please feel free to tell me so I can know how I am doing.

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The first story I will tell is the first experience I had with Dylan. It was a nice summer day in early July it was not long after the 4th of July and we were all hanging out the weekend after the 4th.


All of us that were there was me, Dylan, Dave who was 10, And my best friend Brianna that was 9 also. Brianna and Dave were two other kids that lived on our road.

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We were spending the day swimming, playing tag and other things that we always did. When the sun started to go down and we had to go home we had the idea to spend the night at my house. My mom said we could but Dave's parents wouldn't let him so it was me, Dylan and Brianna.

If your wondering why my mom let two boys and a girl stay at the same house and in the same room it is because we were so young my mom never thought about us having sex.


After we were at my house for we did the usual little kid games we played hide and seek, boardgames, video games, and watched TV and Movies. After we were tired we decided to go to bed Brianna got my bed and Dylan and me got the floor. After we made our bed and were lying on the floor we were watching TV and a commercial can on about Girls gone Wild. I was watching the commercial not thinking anything of it because of my age. But I looked over at Dylan noticed that he was moving a lot ( at that time I had never jacked off before and I didn't know what he was doing ) and I asked him what he was doing.

He looked over at me without stopping and said "making myself feel good". I asked him how that made him feel good. He said "rubbing yourself like that makes you feel good". And after a couple of questions I had a small understanding about masturbation. And when I knew about what it was he told me to join him so I pulled my small 3 ½ dick out and started rubbing it.

It was already hard when I started rubbing it and doing the really did feel just how he said. After a while of rubbing my dick I remembered that one time I had walked in on my mom and dad without them noticing me and I watched as my mom was rubbing my dads dick then she put in her mouth. With remembering what I had seen my mom do to my dad I went down under the covers and on top of Dylan. At first he wasn't expecting me and I jumped him but after he knew I was there he stopped rubbing himself.

I quickly grabbed him with my hand and then took him in my mouth.

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His dick was much longer than mine from what I can tell it was 6 ½ long and it took me a while to be able to keep him in my mouth. After sucking him for a while I got used to it and I really started to enjoy it. I loved the taste and how my tongue rolled around the head and down the shaft.

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After a while he stood up and had me suck him on my knees which I liked this way better it felt easier. After about five minuets of us in this position I heard a noise come from behind me and before we could stop Brianna was next to me and Dylan.


I instantly stopped and looked at her she had a huge expression of surprise on her face and she couldn't even talk. She asked what we were doing and I couldn't find any words to say but after a second I noticed she didn't have any pants or panties on and I went right for her private area ( at this point you may be a little confused about how I knew abut pussies and not masturbation well that is all thanks to my parents and their idea that I could wait for masturbation but I should learn about sex.

) Before she knew what to do I had her on the ground and I used my tongue to please her as well after about four minuets of eating her pussy I stopped and she had stopped freaking out. She calmly got up and asked what I was doing to Dylan. I told her about what had happened to us earlier and how we got to that and then I remembered she wasn't wearing pants or panties so I then asked her about it and she had told me she had a crush on Dylan and had hoped he would get in bed with her.

Suddenly my innocent best friend wasn't so innocent anymore. Then I thought of something that maybe our fun night didn't have to stop. I said "well if you want Dylan so bad he is right there.

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She quickly blushed and her face got bright red. "Well" I said. "Shut up" she said. "Okay I'll do it" She said in a sexy tone.

I led her over in front of Dylan and got her on her knees I was also on my knees. I grabbed his dick and started sucking it gently. I then took my mouth off it and let Brianna try she tried sucking it to fast and chocked on it.

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I had to walk her through how to suck it without chocking. After that she was sucking like a pro. We then tried a new position where I got on one side of his dick and she got on the other side. When I would go down one side she sucked the head when I came back up she went down and I sucked the head. We were doing this for about ten minuets until Dylan said he was gonna cum I had no idea what he meant but Brianna must of because she pulled off her top and showed she wasn't wearing a bra her boobs weren't very big but she got them prematurely and when she pressed them together they stuck out and made good looking breasts.

She pulled me close to her and told me to open my mouth and the Dylan cam soaking me and Brianna with his cum all over. After about two minuets of exhausted breathing he asked both of us if we wanted to have sex.

I was curious about it but Brianna was saying no. Finally I said "sure" he looked at me and smiled saying "great, can't wait".after he went and got some cream from the bathroom and told me to get on all fours he then put a layer of cream on my ass and on my hole he then had me suck his cock. He turned me around and began to insert himself into me. The first push hurt like hell but I soon found the pain replaced by pleasure.

He continued fucking my ass for what seemed like forever but was around ten minuets. Brianna had moved down to my ass where Dylan's cock was going in an out of my ass and began pushing and pulling my ass cheeks. She eventually pulled out his cock and started rubbing it until Dylan said he was gonna cum again she got his cock back in my ass as he started cumming. He filled my ass up with his cum up to the point that it started to come out.

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He pulled his dick out and Brianna sucked it clean. I could tell I was going to have a great summer. Hope you liked it please tell me if you want more of my stories because I do have many more.