Young swedish couple fucking stockholm

Young swedish couple fucking stockholm
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The following is a piece of fiction. The author does not condone any activities between non consenting individuals and reminds readers that prison is a real and scary place. So keep it in your imagination! Give your comments and votes below! Tina the Stripper Has an AWFUL Night ~Lana Lawrence~ The song ended and Tina walked off the stage to the back. The next girl, Lisa, a little petite Asian with titties the size of plums, walked on next and the drunk guys cheered.

Tina moved past all the other strippers. They put on make up and pasties in front of mirrors. One of them, Haley, was half dike so when Tina passed she turned and whistled.

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"Nice looking Jailbait." Jailbait was what Haley called Tina because she was in the room when Tina got hired. The manager, Luke, took one look at her id and laughed. "Aint dat cute? This thing's faker than Porsche's titties." But he hired her though. Tina pulled the dollar bills out of her garters and her panties. She almost had enough for rent. She switched into her blue skirt and shirt and put her money in her purse.

She was so tired. The guards here didn't care if the guys groped you as long as they were drinking up. Gazelle, a tall black girl with soft eyes and a big chest came up to Tina's mirror. "Hey girl. You coming out tonight?

Ladies night at Donkey's." "I'm going home." Tina put on her jacket. "I think I've been in strip clubs long enough." "Suit yourself girl. Im trying to see sausage tonight." Tina waved adios to Gazelle and walked out the back door. She walked through the back alley past all the garbage and beer cans pressing on the brick walls. So Tina moved through and wished she brought tennis shoes instead of her stripper heels.


It was really dark back there and it always creeped her out but she saw the street light up ahead and kept moving. Her heels clicked but there wasn't any other sound. But then, someone grabbed Tina's neck and she shrieked.

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He closed his hand on her throat and dragged her into a side alley. It was dark and Tina couldn't see much but she saw the knife blade the man pressed to her throat.

"Shut up. Stay quiet." "Please don't hurt me!" "I won't if you listen." The man said.

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"If you listen. I'll be your friend. Okay?" Tina nodded and water rolled from her eyelids. "Okay I will. I promise." He slid the purse off her arm and tossed it behind him before grabbing her neck with one arm and cutting through Tina's blue shirt with his knife before he snipped away her white bra.

All those clothes dropped on the dirty ground. Tina started whimpering as the knife slid down her skirt and then knicked away her panties. The man was breathing so hard and deep. Tina could feel his cock throbbing on her back. "I like brunette girls." "Mister please don't" begged Tina and she tried to pull away but he touched the cold knife to her neck and she froze up. "I like that. Keep calling me Mister girlie." He pushed Tina down on the ground and she hit the pebbles naked.

Mister undid his belt and pushed his pants down so they were bunched around his ankles. He didn't even bother taking his shirt off but instead he climbed on top of Tina and pushed her face down into the ground. She felt her legs spread apart. He was using his knees.

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Tina tried to pull away from him and when she did that Mister grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back. TIna felt his cock push inside her pussy and she screamed. Mister grunted and stuffed his cock deeper inside. He wasn't thick but his dick was real long and it filled TIna's tight pussy. "Shut up!" Mister shouted "Your not listening. If you dont listen I cant be your friend." When Tina didn't quiet down, Mister closed his fingers over her mouth and she felt him start ramming her pussy harder and making it hurt worst.

Tina screamed into his hand but Mister kept on going, pumping her cunt in and out until she finally started whimpering but quietly. That's when he said "That's right girlie. Quiet just like that." He raped her in the alley for fifteen more minutes. She would feel his cock tensing up to cum and Mister would start breathing real hard but then he'd just end up slowing down and resting his hard dick inside her pussy until he was ready to get started and thrusted his meat inside her again.

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Tina didn't have a choice. She had to lay there face in the dirt and take it. Every single inch and every single dirty word he whispered in her ear. "Thanks for the puss, you dirty skank" Mister said when he was done and he pulled up his pants and took Tina's purse. He didn't even run he just kind of walked off casually. Tina pulled her sore body off the ground and stumbled down the alleyway.

She thought about going back to the club. Luke definitely wasn't about to call the police. But he might not want her around either because it would bum out the other girls.

Tina walked home. Mister's cum dripped down her leg the entire way home. She kept jumping when she heard footsteps. She went through her front door and her mom was on the couch with a cigarette watching modern family.

"Got the rent money?" "I got robbed." Her mom spit on the floor. "No rent no room." "But!" Tina was going to tell her mom she was raped but remembered what happened last time that happened.

Her mom said not to date older men and come home crying about a sore pussy. Tina went upstairs to her room and grabbed her suitcase. She packed up her condoms, her diary, some cute clothes, her make up and hair products, her hairdryer, her curler, her flatiron, her lube, and the $100 she stashed under her dresser shelf. Before she left she said "Bye mom" ANd her mom said "Say hello to your sister for me." Tina ended up going back to the club and having a couple drinks with some girls she didn't know.

This guy Frank started buying her drinks and when she got drunk she said that she got kicked out of her place.

Frank said he had a spare couch free. It still hurt between Tina's legs and she told him she didn't want to have sex tonight. Frank smiled with pearly teeth. "It's fine honey. I'm as gay as it gets." Tina laughed hard. Finally she was having some good luck. He drove her to his apartment in a green Mercedes. She was so tired she almost passed out in the car. Frank woke her up when she got there. "Wake up sleepy head." He helped her into the apartment, up the elevator, and into the room.

Inside his three roommates were watching TV. When they saw her, they turned off the TV and Frank shut the door. That's when Tina realized that Frank wasn't really gay.


And he didn't really have a spare couch. The next thing she knew, Tina was on the floor screaming as the men tore her clothes off and held her down. She tried to kick and slap them with her arms moving like a hurricane but she was too small to fight off three grown men.

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"Bite me and see what happens cunt." One of them slid his cock into Tina's mouth and slid it really deep in her throat. She whined and started choking. Frank spread her legs open and slid his dick inside her sore pussy. She screamed but it was no use because they wouldn't stop. They just kept on grunting and taking turns fucking her. "Ready for the fun part slut?" Then Frank pushed into her asshole and Tina lost it, flailing around and stuff. But his roommates laughed and held her down.

Then Tina blacked out.