Fucking the cook in the back of the kitchen

Fucking the cook in the back of the kitchen
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Chapter 1 My story begins when my family visited my aunt and uncle's house over the summer. I was going into my senior year of high school and it was time for our family's annual visit to my Aunt April's house. She was my mom's sister and they had always been very close always making sure to keep in touch and visit.

It would most likely be my last family trip for awhile since I was going off to college the following year. I didn't mind going at all, we usually had a good visit and I always enjoyed using their pool and jacuzzi. I have a pretty cool family in the regard that they loved to drink, stay up late, go for late night swims, and generally let loose. I looked forward to these trips, because it was the only time my mom would really let me drink with the family.

Aunt April was married to Uncle Dan and they had two kids (a boy and girl). My cousin Josh was a few years older than me and my cousin Nicole was a year younger. I liked being able to hang out with them since I was an only child and thought of them as brother and sister. Josh and I got along pretty well since we had a lot of the same interests. Nicole was always pretty shy and really only talked when she needed to.

She was more of the sheltered type, which was weird since her mom was more social and outgoing. Aunt April was my mom's older sister and you could definitely see their resemblance. April had long black hair with a gorgeous face and unforgettable blue eyes.

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My mom has a really pretty face as well with short brown hair and brown eyes. We had a little Spanish in our gene pool so it gave them both just that perfect splash of tan on their skin year round.

Aunt April's physique was unreal. It was shocking to first see her and not think she was some sort of porn star or high dollar stripper.

Her body is absurdly curvaceous with remarkable broad hips that could only accompany the greatest ass I've ever seen. Her ass went to limit of almost being too big (if that's possible) and took a little step passed it while defying gravity and reason with no signs of sagging.

She had a 36dd rack that was equally amazing.


I never really thought of it and it was weird to think of, but I have to admit my mom sports a truly nice ass too. It wasn't quite as provocative and big (nobody's was) as my aunt's, but it was more firm and tight.

Mom carried slightly larger breasts with 38dd's that always made my friend's stare. They were both fitness freaks too which gave them flat stomachs.

This especially was impressive for two women in the early 40's (my mom being 41 and my aunt being 43). It wasn't until I got older that I began to notice that my Aunt April's appearance was really quite intimidating. She was the type of woman that if you caught a glimpse of her walking into a room that you would almost freeze.

I remember feeling almost afraid to a degree to look at her again in fear of not being able to control my eyes. Her body was so voluptuous and provoking to see that I would get an inevitable grin of excitement. I would play these games of self control techniques of keep tabs of where her and my mom's eyes where as to not get caught stealing mental photographs. It was the first day at their house as we arrived in the late afternoon.

We had left early and my dad had made great time on the interstate. At the halfway point of the three hour drive I knew I had to piss like a race horse. We unpacked the car and went into the house which seemed empty.

I went and threw my bags in the guest room I was staying in and paced toward the bathroom to finally get some relief.

Opening the door I was immediately paralyzed at the sight of Aunt April fully bent over bringing up her panties and jeans. It was the first time I had ever seen her bare ass and pussy. She had the hottest thong tan line that traced over her exotic hips. I could see her pussy lips pressing perfectly together. She pulled them up and buttoned her jeans as she turned and jumped at the sight of me.

"Mike! Oh honey, I didn't know you made it here already" she said as her startled look quickly vanished once she registered it was me.

"I uh.um.I'm so sorry Aunt April I just really had to use the restroom and honestly didn't know you were in here" "Oh Mikey please, it's no problem at all baby" [She was obviously not ashamed of her body and had such a calm about her as she washed her hands] That's when I noticed her eyebrows go up and eyes widen as she looked toward my shorts.

Without realizing it I had grown a legit semi in the basketball shorts I was wearing. I looked down and saw I was protruding out showing quite a good bulge of my half swollen cock. As I looked up she was drying her hands off looking away from me as she tried to hide a smile. I tried my best to hide my shame with my hands, but that was never easy for me. The growth spurt I had over the last couple years had left me with rather large and thick almost 9 1/2 inch cock.

It made unwanted and untimely erections hell in school and now.awkward fam encounters. "I'll let you take care of that sweetie" she said with a smile as she gave me a hug. "I'm so happy you guys made it!" squeezing me tight and patting my back. Her immense breast pressed into my chest and that's when I sort blanked out still covering myself with one hand. I'm still not sure what I said after that, I don't know I guess I went on auto pilot or something.

She left and I pissed like a rocket, needing almost two hands to steady my dick which was still dealing with the Aunt April effect. [END Chapter 1] Chapter 2 Later that evening, after we had unpacked and settled in, we all ate dinner. After dinner, Mom and Aunt April opened up a bottle of wine getting the night started.

I was trying to avoid Aunt April after our incident earlier. I was hoping she wouldn't say anything to my Mom. I was sitting in the living room talking to Josh and Nicole when my aunt walked in and gave Josh a glass of wine. She walked over to me with another glass in her hand and huge smile on her face. I kept replaying the image of her bent over in the bathroom over and over again in my mind.

I couldn't even think straight. "Here you go Mikey, don't drink too fast now. It's going to be a long night. We're going to jump into the jacuzzi later. You brought your trunks right?" "Thanks Aunt April. Um." (Shit! I knew I left something.) "Actually I don't have mind. I left it at our house" "Oh no worries, you can borrow some of Josh's" "Yea no problem dude" Josh said as he went to get a pair for me.

The problem with this was that Josh is way smaller than me. I'm 6 foot 2 and way taller than him and I had really long legs.

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He brought me the pair of swim trunks and sure enough it might as well have been a speedo. I hid my look of disappointment and went to my guest room to get dressed. Holy shit…This was going to be bad. I took off my clothes and was trying to pull the trunks up my legs.

It was so tight around my cock that it literally started to feel numb. I untied the top and undid the zipper as cock jumped out as if it were trying to breathe. I just stood there for a second to let it relax. All the tension and pressure had started to get me semi hard again. I was staring down at my situation as I heard my door swing open. "Come on Mikey, everybody is getting in the pool and jacuz&hellip." I looked up to see Aunt April was at the doorway as she let out gasped and put her hand over her chest.

"Uh.I'm.um.just.uh" Once again, I was on auto pilot. Fuck. Those unbelievable blue eyes of hers were completely fixated on my cock with mouth wide open and eyes widen. The look of shock in her eyes started to turn into a long gaze of awe. I was frozen. "Oh my god Mikey, wow that is such a.I mean I'm so sorry. I didn't know your were still getting ready. I'll be in jacuzzi. Take your time sweetie." and she began to slowly close the door.

"Ah.wa.wait!" (what the hell was I doing?) She slightly opened the door again trying to play that game of self control attempting not to keep staring at my cock (she wasn't very good at it).

"I.um.These trunks are way too small and I'm having a little trouble with…um well getting all of myself in them." She looked up at me finally and I could see a big gulp travel down her throat as she subtly licked her lips.

"Well sweetie, let me see if I can help you" she said walking in and shutting the door behind her. When she walked in I got a full view of the small tight red bikini she was wearing (Obviously this didn't help my situation). I sat down on the bed and she slowly approached me and got on her knees. "Wow Mikey.I had NO idea. I mean like I had no idea you were having such trouble with Josh's trunks." Her words stumbled out of her as she moved her knees closer the bed.

We had now both abandoned any attempt of playing those self control games. My eyes were hooked on her ample mounds heaving breasts which rose and fell with each breathe. Her breathing rate started to slowly increase.

"Let me see if I can help get you in this sweetheart and you'll have to have the zipper ready to seal this thing in." She grabbed hold of my cock and it jolted at her touch making her head jump back and eyes widen. We didn't say anything. She licked her lips again and slightly bit her bottom lip (I don't even know if she was aware of doing it) She slowly pulled my cock down into the bathing suit and got the head in.

My hands gripped the bed sheets hard trying to keep it together. She started a stroking motion on my cock as she maneuvered it inside inch by inch. It was clearly in the trunks now but she continued to stroke it.

My grip on the bed sheets was now shaking. That's when we heard the backyard sliding door in the living room open. She quickly snapped out her trance and released her sensual grip from my now hard throbbing cock. I zipped it as fast as possible and we both stood up.

"Well I'm glad I could help you sweetie" she said as we fell back to reality. "I'll be outside with everyone, so just come out when you're ready." "Um.yea.

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Yea thanks again for the.uh.help big time. I'll be out there." She turned and swiftly left the room. [END Chapter 2] Chapter 3 By this time, everyone was outside presumably drinking, swimming, and if I stayed inside any longer my Mom would come find me. I opened my door and could hear the music from the backyard blaring and the sounds of everyone talking and laughing. Ok game time. It was time for me face the music (literally and figuratively), raging hard on and all. I took one last glance in a mirror.

Good lord. You could clearly see the massive bulge of my cock Aunt April gave me. If it got any worse I was confident the head of my dick would poke out the bottom of the bathing suit, ruining the evening and probably making little sheltered Nicole cry. I tried all my usually bag of tricks to slow it down with holding my breath for long periods, thinking of anything non sexual, and just trying to temporarily get that one image out of my head.

(Close my eyes. Ok. Furniture.

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A desk in the living room. Nothing sexual about that, there we go. Deep breathe. Deep breathe.) Suddenly… (A vision of me pounding my bent over Aunt from behind gripping and spreading her ass cheeks as she held onto the desk for support screaming at the top of her lungs) Fuck.

This isn't working. God it was so hot though, I felt powerless. I never thought of my Aunt like this before. I was always quite aware of how crazy hot she was, but nothing like this. I didn't know what was happening to me or when the line was crossed, but there was no going back. I had never been so turned on in my entire life.

I could still vividly see Aunt April's ample tits fighting to spill out of every side of her ridiculously small red bikini top as they elegantly flowed and bounced up and down with the rhythm of her hand stoking my cock. Did she feel the same? What about Uncle Dan? What about my Mom? Her k ids?…Fuck it. Too many questions and I decided to forget about it.

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It was nothing anyways right? She just helped me into my bathing suit. I'm thinking too much into it. I'm her nephew. I went outside and saw my Dad, Josh, and Nicole were down the steps of the patio in the swimming pool playing water basketball and drinking.

Up on the patio was a little outside bar they had and my favorite jacuzzi. Uncle Dan, my Mom, and Aunt April were in there. I quickly found a towel to strap around my waist and made a made a hard liquor drink at the bar. Then Mom called me over. "Come on Mikey! Come relax in the hot tub with us". "Yea sport! Get your ass in here already buddy!

Come join the fun." Uncle Dan shouted in a laughing drunken tone. I think they were all getting pretty buzzed and loose at this point. I apprehensively approached the tub taking a massive swig of my drink. Aunt April seemed nonchalant just holding her drink chatting with my Mom, which made me wonder if my last assessment was right.

Yea I'm her nephew and she just helped me out that's all. I tried to make a snappy entrance into the jacuzzi taking my towel off and getting inside with one fluid motion hoping for my swollen cock to go undetected. Once I was in and we all started talking I noticed Uncle Dan was pretty drunk and all over my Aunt April with lots of touching, massaging, and sexual references to her and even my Mom.

Saying how lucky he and Dad were to bang such hot women and how much they look alike. Throwing in a half hearted swinger joke every now then saying they're so similar they should swap and see how similar they really were.

To my shock my Mom was actually amused with his antics, egging him on for more. Aunt April had the same attitude however something was off. I would find her throwing me these deep looks with those blue eyes and little almost secret smiles.

It was like she was smiling at me to see if I thought Uncle Dan's jokes were funny using that as an excuse, but then end the look with a short passing stare of hunger at me. "Hey kidddooo!" Uncle Dan yelled. (the fuck?) I snapped out my fantasy. "Go put the jets on in this baby so we can get some bubbles and have a little privacy under the water" as he jokingly said as he grinned looking toward my Aunt and Mom's direction. "Uh yea sure, you got it." I jumped out real fast put the jets on and got another drink and was feeling loose.

Casually walking back toward them I felt something a little worried like I was letting my guard down or something, but didn't know why yet. I saw Aunt April was staring at me hard as my Uncle was telling another story to my Mom. There was no question now. Her eyes were consumed with a look of pure lust.

Her eyes were wide and tongue moistening her bottom lip right before she softly bit it letting her teeth release her luscious lip gently back into place. I looked down and saw why. The water had literally let my minuscule bathing suit become engulfed by my cock. You could undoubtedly see my entire package and the trunks were practically an outline of my skin. Oh shit. Without thinking I hurried and bolted into the tub as fast as I could.

I didn't even realize I was now sitting right next Aunt April. The jets were on full force and bubbles were everywhere. Uncle Dan was to the right Aunt April, I was to her left, and Mom was leaning back with her eyes closed on the other end just listening to the music. She had her arms stretched out displaying her massive tits it seemed like for Uncle Dan who had been staring often during the night. Uncle Dan was talking softly to my Aunt now and I could make out movement under the water.

He put his head back with a relaxing groan. Holy shit. He was getting her to jerk him off right there in the hot tub in front of everyone.and right next me! As I began to put my hands up to lift out the pool I felt a hand stop me. She wasn't looking at me and was completely fixated on Uncle Dan, but Aunt April had her hand on my cock.

I couldn't believe it and froze. Her hand slowly cupped and traced my cock outside of my bathing suit moving back and forth gripping it and feeling it grow inch by inch in her hand. She still wasn't looking at me and I tried to act casual (auto pilot). Aunt April's hand found my straps and zipper we worked so hard on earlier to conceal. She ripped the straps off with one fierce swipe and then found my zipper and slowly brought it further and further down.

My cock was rock hard and still in the bathing suit even with everything undone. She strategically maneuvered her fingers around and gripped a piece of my constrained meat. She gradually pulled on it with a few tugs to get it out and then without warning it sprung free whipping up into the water causing a noticeable ripple on the surface. She wasted no time grabbing the very bottom base of my cock and waved it in the water to feel the weight of it.

I could see she was sweating heavily now. Without a thought I moved my hand through the water toward her and found her back. I made my way down her spine spreading my hand and slipping under her bikini bottom to finally grab that ass. It was so smooth and so damn big that I honestly thought I was going to lose it. I grabbed as much of her ass as physically possible and saw her jaw slowly open and quietly exhale a deep breath.

She started jerking my cock off faster and faster only slowing down to admire and caress the size of my head and balls then starting again. I followed lead and my fingers kept forward only to become consumed by her succulent ass cheeks.

I slid my hand toward an unmistakable heat radiating from her cunt. I found her protruding pussy lips waiting for me. The heat was unreal. Aunt April's lips were so swollen and wet that they had already started to naturally split open a bit begging for me. I started my hand over her clit at the front spreading her luscious thick pussy lips while I went all the way to the asshole tracing her path with my middle finger. Aunt April's shoulders went back as I started to fuck her tight pussy with my fingers.

I had one in at first, then two, and then another rubbing her asshole. She was visibly shaking now trying not to give us away while she bit her lip and continued jerking her nephew and drunken husband off at the same time with her sister only a couple feet away. God it felt so good. I wanted to fuck her right then there. Uncle Dan, completely oblivious to her side project, let out a moan.

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I assumed he must have came because Aunt April's pace quickened to a fever pitch pace. My thighs began to tense and I finally released a massive load. There was no telling how much it was because of the bumbles, but wave after wave erupted from my cock shooting out into only god knows what directions.

My thighs responded with rapid small shakes as Aunt April slowed her pace and tighten her grip milking my shaft for every drop ending with her thumb pressed against my head and rubbing out my last cum drop. I released my hand from Aunt April's pussy and out her bikini relishing every last moment my hand could feel that ass. [END Chapter 3] Chapter 4 After the hand job of a lifetime from my Aunt April I felt considerably relaxed sitting in the hot tub.

My cock was still pulsating as it slowly receded back to its normal semi flaccid state. Aunt April had yet to look at me and I wasn't sure if that was turning me on even more. She casually lifted her ahh.mazing body slowly out of the water.

Her ample breast stuck out in air displaying her large rock hard nipples from beneath her red bikini top.

The water droplets were rolling off her tits and cascading back into the tub. She turned her back to me to step out as if to taunt me with her ridiculously robust ass. The bikini bottom had become entwined into her pussy by my doings and now showed even more of her round tan ass. She left the jacuzzi and walked inside seductively. I was transfixed watching her bounding ass cheeks slowly gliding against each other in perfect harmony up and down.

It was as if they were calling for me to follow and to bring my cock to it. Her ass had the same effect as looking at me with a finger pointing and curling it back toward her (secretly saying get over here). I was beside myself as my mind raced a mile a minute. I wanted her so bad. I needed more. After only having a taste, I wanted the real thing. Fuck, I just wanted an actual taste.

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The power that her body had over me was scary (she was in full control). The excitement of all the possibilities made my stomach fill with butterflies. My desire for her was so strong though, that I didn't even have time to allow myself to be nervous or think of consequences. I quickly got out of the jacuzzi (like a puppet on a string) wrapping a towel around my waist. I headed inside leaving my poor unsuspecting mom still sitting and soaking in her son and brother in laws cum remnants.

I glanced around to get a quick account of everyone's condition. My dad, Josh, and Nicole were still in the pool playing around. I saw Nicole acting extremely out of character talking and giggling rather loud and her voice seemed slurred. I had never seen her drunk before and honestly didn't even know she drank.

I was a man on a mission though, so I quickly disregarded the atypical behavior and moved towards the door. I opened the sliding door to an empty living room and heard movement in the kitchen.

My heart was pounding and my cock was already starting to reawaken. I tried to act calm strolling into the kitchen where I found Aunt April cutting some limes for drinks. She knew I was there, yet didn't saying anything. I cleared my throat and tried to stick my chest out a bit. Still nothing. Fuck. My confidence was wavering as I rubbed the back of my neck deciding how to approach this.

"Hey Aunt April, what a…whatcha doing?." She looked over at me with a coy look as if nothing had happened in the hot tub, yet seemingly enjoying the act she was playing with an innocent smile.

"Oh hey there Mikey, I didn't see you come" she said with a sexy smirk. "Oh my god Aunt April, I definitely came all ove." She quickly cut me off finishing her sentence after a purposeful pause which I could only assume was to fuck with my head.

"Inside the house sweetie…" She said with another innocent expression and tone as to ask what I wanted. "You need something baby? I'll be back outside in a moment." I needed to bend her over right then and there and finally squeeze my cock in that ass.

"Um…" I was confused and somewhat embarrassed now. The hell was she doing to me? "No its ok I'll just see you later then." I said with a tone only described as ???? I walked out of the kitchen into living room and then the door rapidly slid open. Nicole bolted into the room as if she was searching for something.

Her face lit up when she saw me. "Mikey! Oh my god! Where have you been??" "Hey yea, I was coming inside to, uh, use the restroom. What are you up to?" "Just having a great time and wanted to see you. I have to use the restroom to, but I'll let you go first." She said with a mischievous grin as her eyes stared into mine.

The kitchen was dead quiet and I could feel my Aunt April listening to our every exchange. "Ok cool yea sure, sounds good Nicole." (even though there was obviously more than one bathroom in the house) Damn this was strange.

I had never seen Nicole act like this before (actually I had never seen her drink before either). The drinks had evidently shattered her walls on shyness. Her flirtatious attitude toward me caught me off guard making me look at her in a new light. Nicole had soft blonde hair rolled into pigtails with little blue ribbons. She sported a small petite body with very large B cup tits (almost C's now as she was still developing and slowly shaping more and more like her mother each year) and an ass indisputably inherited from her mom that was extremely bubbly and perky, yet not as big as her mom's (once again.nobody's was).

It had great shape though. I was pretty sure I could place a beer bottle on her ass with confidence that it would hold it upright.

She had a very cute face with just a few freckles on each cheek bone with braces and big blue eyes like her mother's.

She wasn't quite as tan as my aunt and mom, with smooth milky skin (we use to joke that she was adopted when we were little). Overall, she was still very attractive in her own right.

I went into the bathroom to take a piss. Nicole walked into my guest room directly across the hall and sat on my bed with the door open. I wasn't sure what she had in mind. Even if she really was trying to come onto to me, was it purely out of curiosity or was she just too shy before to express herself.

I wasn't even sure she had seen a cock before. I couldn't even imagine how deep her presumably air tight pussy would have to stretch to take me in. Whatever, I was getting way ahead of myself and after Aunt April I could only think with my dick.

Jesus I wanted her more than ever. Why did she blow me off in the kitchen? I wondered how she felt hearing her daughter flirt with me. Maybe two could play these head games, now contemplating if I could get to her through Nicole. Fuck it was driving me crazy. My mind was all over the place.

My brainstorm session suddenly came to a halt as I heard moaning from my room. "Nicole?" I called out. My cock began to rise. This night is getting crazier by the second. "Um I can't hold it any longer. Do you mind if I come in? I promise I won't look." "Uh sure, yea I guess. The door opened and Nicole stepped in with her finger tip in her mouth as I once again battled with my soaking wet bathing suit to get my cock in. I pushed and prodded my shaft quickly into the twisted trunks then turned to wash my hands at the sink.

Her eyes were fixed on my bathing suit as she walked over toward the toilet. She faced the shower with her back to me and slowly slipped turn her bikini bottom to her feet taunting me while exposing her ass and pussy. I could see goose bumps all over her body dealing with the cold air on her wet skin. She slightly glared back with lustful look to watch my expression.

My head was facing the sink, but my eyes were busy exploring her ass. Nicole kicked her removed bikini bottom to the side with a victorious smile and sat on the toilet. She let out a short sexy giggle as she pointed toward my bathing suit. Bewildered, I looked down to see the head of my cock poking out the bottom.

"Mmmm…well hello there cuz" she giggled again. "Oh shit ha, sorry about that Nicole" as I jostled to hide it. " Mmmm ha ha please Mikey, don't be. Wow you've got quite the problem there. Let me help you with that." She leaned over grabbing the head of my cock gripping it tight and held it her small palm. She started to gradually squeeze it, clenching it firm then releasing and repeating. My cock started to grow in her grasp as my large thick shaft continued to progress more and more out of the leg of my bathing suit exposing itself inch by inch.

Her eyes widened larger with every inch. Like I was to Aunt April's ass, I could feel her powerless to my hard throbbing cock. Possessing her. Calling her to come to it. "Ooooh cuz, I had no idea you were soooo HUGE. This is biggest cock I've ever seen" looking into my eyes now (almost with a wonderment of why I've hidden it from her for all these years) as she got on her knees. I was speechless. Just breathing heavily, watching what my dick would command her to do next.

She put her hand on my stomach and guided me to stand back against the sink. "I'm sorry Mikey, you can't blame me. I just want to taste it for a second that's all" she said reasoning with me as she slipped my bathing suit off freeing my shaft to fly through the air striking her chin. She jerked her head back in amazement which accompanied a pleasant surprising smile. She started to rub her hand on the underside of my cock almost petting it.

She was panting heavily with her mouth watering. "I just.I just need to taste it for a bit Mikey, you can't blame me. Please don't be mad at me. I know I'm your cousin, but.but." she positioned her grip the base of my cock and directed it down to the entrance of her mouth as she talked.


A tip a pre-cum or a remnant of cum from her mom glistened my tip. Still talking and unnecessarily pleading with me, she cut herself off by wrapping her lips around my head. She moaned as her eyes closed and began lick the tip cum off with her tongue. I felt a wave of ecstasy shoot through my body.

She kissed and licked the tip as she began to literally make out with my cock moving her jaw and mouth rhythmically. Her hands moved to both of my ass cheeks as she positioned them there for more support and to gain more control over my cock. I moaned and looked toward the ceiling as she squeezed more and more of me inside her small mouth stretching her cheeks out when she swayed her head. She looked determined to conquer my cock whole.

I could see her eyes burning with desire as they started to water now as she pushed her mouth and reflexes to the limit.

She continued her impressive progress with four inches, then five, then seven, and now struggling to reach eight inches I could feel the back of her throat. Tears elegantly streamed from her soft big blue eyes streaking down the sides of her face as she clenched my ass cheeks harder. She pushed me further toward her while her tits pressed against my knees.

I was in a state of disbelief as my cousin ignored her periodic natural gag reflexes fighting for more. Her lips stretched and slowly marched their way the base of my cock consuming my entire nine and a half inch shaft.

She careened her tongue out now methodically lapping my balls up and down while she wiggled the head of cock inside her throat. Inspired by her lustful desire I grabbed my hands around each pigtail and began to sway back in forth inside her mouth and throat.

Face fucking my cousin, as she aggressively nodded at me to continue. Again and again and again I relaxed and flexed my ass and hips in a humping motion pounding her throat. She loved every second of it. Now she pulled back her mouth back bit by bit until reaching my tip and gave me a glare as if to tell she wasn't through with me.

She quickly impaled my cock again deep into her throat licking every passing inch with her tongue. Over and over again she cocked her head all the way back and all the way forward with ease now that she had formed her path. Her neck continued to flow seamlessly backwards and forward deepthroating my shaft with ease. Plunging me inside again and again to her welcoming throat. Pulling me out from her mouth finally she wasted no time rubbing the underside of my hard throbbing cock with her right hand.

She panted deeply as her breathing rate tried its best to keep up with her unquenchable drive. Her hand glided vertically up and down my dick easily over the coat of my pre-cum and her saliva. Then she gripped the middle of my dick with her tiny hand (it could hardly wrap around the full circumference of my member) and started jerking it toward her face.

Her left hand undid the straps of her bikini top behind her neck letting it fall down exposing her perky tits. She had unbelievably nice large pink tits and nipples that stood out. She had chills all over her body obsessively consumed with my cock pumping it faster and faster. She became visibly ecstatic when my thighs tighten and balls flexed preparing to drench her eager face with cum.

I took hold of her face with my fingers on each side of her head behind her ears and thumbs in front of them. I didn't want her to move anywhere, knowing once my load commenced that she may feel overwhelmed. "Fuuuck…oooh shit Nicole…" I moaned in a tone that was almost apologetic for what I was about to do to her face.

Her mouth open as wide as her eyes and displayed her tongue inviting me.imploring me to let her taste my cum.

She now had both hands pumping my hard cock as it twitched and she pushed her elbows out to each side to create an open air field for me to strike her with. "Mmmm…fuck!" I blasted my first load of creamy cum out of my cock flying through the air and spewing onto her forehead and hair. She instinctively jolted back in shock, but I steadied her face for the loads yet to come. Craving for more she continually pumped my cock and in flawless unison I propelled shot after shot onto her with each pump.

A second and third string of cum quickly followed by landing and splattering on her right eyebrow and cheek. Another splashed upon her open mouth and tongue dripping down her chin. Two more heaps of rich pearly white cum exploded outward spraying wildly over her neck and chest spilling down to her tits. Small drops oozed out now as my legs shook uncontrollably.

Like a cum crazed slut she leapt forward carefully placing her lips barely around the tip of my cock and sucked out each dribble of cum. She now jerked it with just her right hand sucking my tip like a baby bottle while her left hand smeared and spread my juices all over her tits, neck, and body. Seemingly satisfied that she had milked everything I had she gradually stopped and gave me a fulfilled smile showing me her cum plastered braces licking cleaning them off with her tongue.

She released my cock allowing it to finally succumb to gravity as it fell and swayed left and right a bit like a pendulum still twitching sporadically.

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She wiped and cupped the globs of cum off her face shoving every morsel deep in mouth tasting and savoring every salty bead. I couldn't remember the last time I had a load of that magnitude. It would have made Peter North proud. "Oooh Mikey, you covered me" she said with such a pleased smile. "Oh my god Nicole, that was.that was.just…holy shit Nicole." I was flabbergasted.

She giggled with a sexy demeanor of glee that I enjoyed it. "I'll just be outside and let you clean up." "Sounds like a plan. I'll see you later on" she said with a wink tying her top back on. She stood up to grab a towel and started the shower to clean off.

I pulled my bathing suit up and then that's when I noticed it. The fucking door was half open the whole time. Fear and paranoia took over my body as I opened the door to leave.

And there she was. Directly across the hallway in my guest room sitting back on my bed… Aunt April. [END Chapter 4]