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Just damn pretty girl on webcam more videos on sexycamsorg
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It was a warm Saturday night and today it was my turn! My Name is Stan and I'm a member of our neigboorhood „Teeny Bangclub". What? You never heard of it? Almost all male citizens in our community are members of this club! Once a month one or two daddys bring their cutest little teenage daughters to the club. But there are three important rules for the choice of the girls: First, they have to be not older than 13 years old. Second, only the cutest little girls have the opportunity to participate.

They have to be slim or skinny and without any taboo willingly. The third rule is the most important one! The girls swear solemnly, that they take part by their one free choice and that therefor they shamelessly will do everything what they're told to do!

You think it's impossible to find such girls? No! The little cuties in our community scramble to get the opportunity to take part in our profligate events. All the daddys brag with their little cuties and every cutie wants to be the cutest.

And in this case, they want it with their whole bodys! Today therefor was my turn and I was proud for this opportunity for my girls! I'll bring my lovely two daugthers Cindy and Melissa with me.

Cindy is 9 and Melissa has just turned 12 years old. I can hear you say: „She is only nine years old and you want to take her to a gangbangclub? Sorry, but that wasn't my idea at all! After Cindy heared, that Melissa got the chance to show herself at the club the begging and craving began! „Why not me, I'm already a big girl, don't let me miss this opportunity … „ and so on. After almost four weeks of attacking my nerves Cindy convinced me, that she wanted to go to the club like nothing else in the world and so I agreed to let her participate with Melissa.

Quite a few times I heared that both of my daughters are supposed to be the cutest young girls in the vicinity and I think many of my friends and workmates wanted to fuck them, so everybody will be here tonight to take this chance to fullfill their dirtiest whishes. Before entering the club I hugged my two little sweetharts and told them that they don't have to do this, if they don't really want to.

„Are you kidding me, dad? I'm looking forward to participate in this evening since we both started having sex!" Melissa almoust shouted out. "Yes dad, it will be awsome and Melissa and I would be the stars in our neigborhood! And some pocketmoney will be in for us, too! Wouldn't it?", replied Cindy. „If both of you want to share our private fun with other men, than it'll be all right for me!" We went in the little locker room, where my two sweathearts changed their clothes.

If you want to call their dresses clothes! Melissa had a shiny white miniskirt without any panties on and Cindy had some kind of black domina dress with a widely open crotch.

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„Cindy, have you taken out the buttplug I shoved in your bum this morning?" „Yes, daddy! Now my poop is ready for the real fun!" she replied. My dick wanted to explode by this words so I quickly hugged my two babies for a last time and we went into the hall. The hall was an sleazy old bar with a little but heavey lighted stage in it.


Everything was very old and really dirty. Maybe also from our last excessive monthly gangbang party. When we went in, I couldn't believe my eyes! They were all there! My best friends and colleguess. The hole male part of the company! I couldn't believe it! And over there! All our neighboors with their teenage sons and their male friends, unbelievable! And our priest over there, wanking! No way! They all set around the stage with an expecting look in their grining faces.

All were naked, accordingly regarding the rules of our bangclub. And the most of them were wanking. They had placed three cameras in the room so the local TV company could make a nice little movie for the afterparty pleasure for all members of the club.

I was so arroused and honestly I was so proud of my little cuties! As they went in, a big round of applause began and almost everybody shouted the names of my two elves. Melissa and Cindy went through the rows and showed off a bit their delicious young bodies. They sneaked their hairless pussies and wanked some guys a little while the crowd whistled and applaused the hole time.

After their opening round, my two cuties entered the stage, where a little red ball, a blue cushion, a chair and a kind of a little bed, with a big black dildo on it, were waiting for them in the spotlights.

„Hello eyerybody! My name is Melissa and this is my younger sister Cindy. I'm 12 years old since last friday and Cindy is 9 since three weeks.

We are the daughters of Henry Mills, who stands there near the door. Hi daddy!" Melissa waved her hand in my direction and smiled her loveliest smile. A round of applause appeared and a strong light was held on me, so everybody could have seen the dumb face I certainly made from the coolness of my little princess. The applause calmed down and Melissa went on. „My sister and I are so proud to be here tonight and that all of you had chosen to join our little delayed „birthday party".

Everybody whistled and applaused, it was a real big noise. „Hello, my name is Cindy and I'm also very proud that we have the chance to show our bodies and hope all of you enjoy this evening!" Some music appeared and an enthusiastic applause filled the sticky room full of exitement.

Melissa and Cindy stepped from the stage and went again into the rows, but now the games would be a little nastier then at the beginning. Everyone in the room had his eyes on my two beautiful skinny girls.

Their puffy little nipples, shining through their dresses. Their cute little tiny asses and their faces like little angels that are send from heaven for the pleasure of all men in this district. Melissa was the first to go down on her knees and put her silky lips around a wonderful large cock.

It was Mikes cock! Mike is my boss! I begged Melissa to do me the favour to handle him with a special treatment, so I may have the opportunity to get some more money from him. Mike smiled and his head turned around in my direction. He raised his arm and showed me his thumb up. It seemed that he loved the smooth and warm mouth of my shameless little girl!

While Melissa went on pleasuring Mikes dick, Cindy went to our old priest, father John. Unbelievable that he is here, but I hope he's here to give us the absolution from his boss. Cindy gave father John a long nasty kiss with her tongue. They played with their dripping wet tongues and Cindy took his stiff dick and wanked it for a while.

After a few moments she stopped kissing and wanking him and took two steps backwards from him. She naughtyly played with her bald pussy and step by step she took of her tiny little domina dress.

And there she stood. Barely naked, her hairs in a cute pigtail. A bare young child pussy, tiny firm tits, a fine and firm ass cheeks and a shining face cute as sin. „As god made me, father John! And today I'm ready for a special treatment". She looked father John deeply in his eyes and slowly came closer to him. As she reached him, she pulled one leg up and with some help sat down on father Johns womb.

Without breaking the eyecontact she drove his big dick slowly in her viewable light wet childish pink. Nobody expected that, so the greater part of the audience began to applause, while several men disbelievingly shook their heads. Up and down little Cindy went with her beautiful firm ass, she drove as much as it was possible for her into her smooth kiddy cunt, up and down her heavenly silky labias. All accompagnied by whistles of admiration and „gogogo" calls from the horny audience.

By the time Cindy almost lovingly took care about our priest, my handsome girl Melissa went through the rows and kissed some pretty guys and took their rockhard pricks in her mouth as a short sensual teaser. After she finished the rows (and there were many of them), she strolled back onto the stage. After a short round along the edge of the stage, Melissa fired the mass on again, by provocatively taking off her shiny white skirt.

There she stood. Completely naked and cute as hell!

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Her young firm body covered with a light shine of oil. Only twelve years old but show-offy like an adultsex star! Melissa then, with a perky grin and beautiful glistening eyes, picked up the black dildo and sat provocativly down on the edge of the chair.

Then she lasciviously opened her slim legs wide apart so everybody could see her cute and tiny oiled snatch. First she slowly pleased the black toy with her circeling tongue. When she entered it into her smooth mouth, a small groaning sound from the audience appeared. After some sucking of her toy, she went down her body with one hand and opened up her outer pink and glossy labia, straightened her beautiful silky young body and opened her thighs a little more so everybody in the room could clearly see how she slowly took the black pleasuretoy down her body.

She looked straight into the eyes of the visitors, trying to make the innocenst face possible, just at that moment, when she shoved that big eight incher in her lightly shining pussy, accompanied by a heavenly soft moaning. She raised her head, closed her eyes an made a moaning sound that must have sounded like the trumpets of Jericho.

Tremendous! Thats the only matching word for her performance! After some strokes she reopened her eyes and took her second hand to trust the big black cock with both hands and really powerful strokes into her now aching teenage cunt. Her moaning has changed into a loud screaming. Screams of lust and pleasure left her mouth and after some furious hard strokes, while she was closing her eyes, after a tremenduous scream she suddenly went silent.

After a moment of time she reopened her eyes, then looked into the audience and her lusty and almost painful face turned back to a lovely smile. Then she slowly removed the big black dildo from her now very wet shining pussy.

„Gentlemen you have seen what my kinky little toy had done for me! Is anybody in this room who wants to replace my black silicon lover with his own „pleasuretoy"?" A sound like a starting jetfighter sounded through the room.

Everybody wanted to be the first to put his cock in my stunning beautiful grining daugther. „Gentlemen, please! Everybody will get his turn. Nobody has to fear he couldn't put his cock in my or Cindys little pussy or if he wants to, in my tiny little poop!" The mass almost exloded from excitement.

„Cindy, will you please come back on the stage and help me with the guys?" „I'm coming Melissa! Sorry father John not yet from you, maybe later". She smiled her cutest smile to father John kissed his mouth and, with his help, popped of his hard boner. Cindy came back on the stage and with every step she made, the boys made noises little horny pigs. „O.k.

guys,!", Melissa shouted. „Cindy and I have made our minds out how to be fair to everybody and so we decided to trow this red ball and everybody who catches the ball can come up the stairs and have some naughty time with our young bodys." Cindy took up the red ballon, that was near the chair, she went to the end of the stage and throw the ball to a man in the first row.

„Upps", she said. „What a pleasant surprise, the mathteacher of my big sister!". She giggled like a little child about her nasty and unfair trick. It was John Winter, our neighbor from down the road who was the first to catch the ball. As he entered the stage everybody shouted and the sound ended again in a big „gogogo!".

As he reached my daughters, Cindy suddenly dropped to her knees with a big grin on her face. She kneeled down on the big blue cushion and took Jeffs dick slowly in her sweet little mouth. While Cindy pleased his cock as good as she could, Melissa pushed her tong slowly in Johns mouth. He couldn't believe what was happening, two little girls for him, one on his dick, one in his mouth!

He cautious stroked Melissas slim and silky body. He played with her puffy nipples and soon his hand went at her little clit. In the blink of an eye his finger went in her soaking wet little pussy stroking her pink labias. She groaned and because she was wearing a headset eyerybody in the room could hear her groaning. „Take me, Mister Winter, please make love to my demanding little wet pink, right here in front of this audience!" The sound in the room was filled with exitement, but the noise was very low, because everybody wanted to listen, what Melissa will say or how she sounds.

Mister Winter took Melissa and Cindy to the little bed and Melissa lay down and opened her legs. „Please Mister Winter put your cock in my innocent schoolgirl pussy.


I know, that's what you also wanted since you are my mathteacher! Am I right?" Saying that to her teacher, she made the most innocent face that she could. John nodded his head with a big horny smile on his face. Cindy took the opportunity and threw the ball a second time to the audience, this time she first turned around and threw the ballon without looking behind her. So the next man could enter the stage. Marc Stewart stood up, a fuck buddy of my wife. They have their fun, when I have to work late!

So what? When he already fucks my wife, why he shouldn't fuck my little elves, too? Meanwhile Mister Winter has placed his head between the opened legs of Melissa and his tongue played with her delicious sweet tasting pussylips.

Melissa seemed to get more and more aroused, so he mounted my little babydoll and placed his dick at her almost soaking wet pussylips. Then, with a big grin on his face, he slowly shoved his seven incher in my sweat honeypie. A big moaning filled the room. The amplifier reinforced the sounds of pleasure from my daughter so much, that the people in the room winced for a moment from the unexpected sounds. Than the applause increased and it was a feeling like a big basketballgame and our team has made the final score.

Mister Stewart has entered the stage and Cindy had took her planned part by pleasuring his dick with her warm and lovely mouth. While she pleased his manhood, Melissa gasped at every stroke of her teachers dick in her pussy. „Am I the little bitch that you hoped me to be, Mister Winter?" „Yes, you are wonderful, Melissa! And your tiny pussy is so wonderful wet!", he replied.

He pushed his dick up her little narrow cunt and her soft groan that everybody in the room enjoyed sounded like a satified purring cat. Cindy stopped her blowjob with Marcs virility and stood up. „What Melissa forgot to say is, that eyerybody here has the choice, whom of us he wants, if in our peepees or in our hineys and where he wants to put his spunk!" The mass raised from their chairs, applauding and the sound was like the winning of a superbowl championship.

Everybody was aroused to get the opportunity to fuck my little honeys the way they dreamed about, and maybe my little girls felt equaly. Marc instandly took the opportunity and took Cindy to the chair, where he took his place and, with his kindly help, Cindy slowly mounted his womb, face to the audience, so everybody and especially the cameras, could see Marcs really big cock vanishing in her sweet, now clearly visibly lubricated soft kiddy cunt.

I couldn't believe it! She is only nine years old, but she acts like an absolute pro! She smiled in the audience, searched eyecontact with the men she knew and as she feeled the camera zooming on her face, she gave all of us the cutest smile a little girl can give, when she's really happy!

She uttered a finger and played with it with her tongue! Totaly unashamed! What a wonderful girl! Mister Winter meanwhile shoved his dick powerfully into Melissas little tiny lubricated asshole.

Now, I was really happy, that we had trained some anal this morning, because she isn't so familiar with it. And now she looked as if she also was really lucky for our last training lesson! Mister Long started grunting and after a few heavy strokes he pulled his dick out of my little cuties ass and Melissa instantly knew what to do. In the blink of an eye she closed her lips around her teachers cock and after a few strokes she was rewarded for her efforts with a huge stream of manmilk.

Mister Winter fired several huge loads down her willingly waiting juvenile throat. Maybe she would have been able to manage the amount of cum with her mouth, but she knew, that she now was in the focus of the cameras, so she opened her mouth so everybody could follow the squirts on the big monitors everywhere in the room.

Everybody in the room was breathless how she managed his heavy loads of sperm like a pro, useless to say, that I'm training her with my loads for several month now! This is the price for my effort. A wonderful sucking girl, that can handle load for load. Who else can say this from his 12 yo girl?

„I hope my next mathtest will be a little better, wouldn't it be so?" Melissa grined and with her the whole audience. She graceful stood up, her cute face covered with some drops of sperm and Mister Long left the stage. „Is there anybody who wants to give me a quick load down my throat before my little pussy goes back to work?" The audience almost exploded in a big „Here, I will" and so on.

„O.k. guys, we make a quick game, Cindy and I will swallow every load that is in our mouths in the next fifteen minutes. Afterwards we will continue the fucking, O.k.? A big „O.k." sounded through the room. Marc was a little disappointed, because he just had started trying to enter sweet Cindys little bum, but with the promise, that he can go on there, Cindy stood up with her lovely innocent smile and a little „upps", as the cock plopped from her tiny greasy asshole.

She dropped down beside Melissa who laid down on the little bed. Both have their cutest smile in their faces and they looked straigth into the camera which was brougth on the stage for this spectacle. It seemed to be the whole audience that tried to enter the stage, so the sound was tremendous. „Please be gentle with us guys, we are only innocent little teenygirls!", Melissa grined. „Don't drown us! We swallow every drop, but please not everybody at he same time." And then real hell broke loose!

Almost everybody has entered the stage, boys, men, grandpas, everybody who was able to climb the stairs. Everybody had his hardon in his hand and wanked like crazy. My two girls lay down like they were expecting a light summerwind to tickle their bodys, but then the storm came up.

The first guy in the first row soon reached his point of no return and positioned himself right before Melissa and Cindy. The first loads were easy to handle for my girls, because they have trained it for a long time with me.

The loads exploded in their lovely little mouthes and sloshed in their pretty nubile faces and the groaning of both, that was multiplied from the amplifier, sounded like really big fun for my little girls!

I almost couldn't believe my eyes how Cindy emptied the bastards balls. Her technique was to hold her mouth right before their cocks at the moment someone wanted to shoot his load into her face. To assure that no drop was lost, she formed her little mouth like a small O and at he moment the first shoot hit her, she went a little closer to the cock so no drop would get lost.

And I liked the moments so much, when their pricks and balls were emptied and my little cutie took her tong to slurp the last drop of cum from their toys and with a cute smile in the donors face, she swallowed every drop she could get. And she got much of it! Stream after stream went down her throath.

I have never seen her drinking such an amount in real life! It really was tremendous! She slurped the goo like icecream, she chewed it and then willingly gulped it down with visible fun.

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She obviously is a cum lover, there is no doubt! And do you want to know what is the best? After every load she got, she said „ Thank you, sir!".

Isn't that cute? She thanks the men for putting their sticky fuckcream into her childish mouth! And she loved it and always giggled when she got a smack on her butt and a „good girl!" from the „gracious" donor for her „special" service. That's really gorgeous, isn't it? And to be honest, she really became a lot of opportunities to thank the guys for this evening!

O.K., now she is really a big girl, I admit it! Cindy and Melissa swallowed like long trained pros and they apparently had the fun of their young lives. The loads that missed their goal were licked of from one another girl. Smile and fun, that's what makes me happy to see at the faces of my pretty little nasty daughters! Everybody in the room saw on the monitors how much fun my little cuties have had with eagerly gobbling load after load with their silky lips.

It was nearly a massacre, but Melissa and Cindy luckily survived it and swallowed every drop that left the spurting cocks. One cock after another penetrated their little teenage mouths, unloading seemingly gallons of sperm down their little throats.

The squirting and sloshing sounds, the grunting and moans of pleasure from my friends, neighboors and I think especially my workmates seemed to be endless and with every minute the grin in my face got bigger!

It was about half an hour when the last wanker, Lance our paperboy, pushed his cock in Cindys mouth and gave her his youthful squirted giant load of semen. „Thank you, Lance", Cindy said with a lovely smile. „I wondered for a while, how your cum might taste! Now I know it. It tastes wonderful!" „You can get as many as you want from it", Lance replied with a big smile.

I thougth I couldn't believe my ears! My nine year old, normaly really shy daughter, tells in front of dozens of men that she has wondered how the cum of the paperboy migth taste? That's unbelievable nasty, isn't it?! After Lance quitted the stage only Melissa and Cindy were left on the stage. Excepting the cameraman, who couldn't take his eyes and luckily his camera too, from my two cuties. They loved to feel the lens of the camera on their heavily wet bodies.

So they decided to give a little extra for the visitors of the club DVD. Melissa slurped the soaking wet body of little Cindy, and with a big smile she exposed every drop into the camera before she gulped it in her tiny cum thirsty stomach. They kissed for a long time while snowballing with the cum and after somebody gave them two spoons they ate the sperm from their bodies like cheesecake.

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They giggled and laughed like girls of their age normally does. But normally they don't mutually eat loads of goo from their young and sprightly bodys in front of a big astonished audience! Melissa went down on Cindys slim, completly cum coated body and reached her heavily wet pussy. All the audience had their eyes on the monitors, as Melissa entered Cindies privat zone with her spunky little tongue. It was priceless so see such horny and beautiful, completely unashamed girls exploring their young bodies in front of such an thankful watching (and wanking!) audience!

Mellissa slurped at Cindys little cunt and then shoved one finger in her tiny slit. Cindy sighed while the whole audience was looking expectantly onto the monitors. Suddenly the sigh turned into a loud groaning as Melissa shoved her thumb additionally in Cindys pokey bum. The whole audience whistled as Melissa only seconds later brought her little sister to a tremendous wet orgasm with her fingers.

Oh my gosh! Have you ever seen an nine year old girl climax so hard, that her squirts hit the spectators almost six feet away? What a marvellous and arousing sight! Two young beautiful sisters unashamed exploring their intimate juvenile parts in front of such an appreciative audience.

After my little beloved daugthers had finished their little extragame, they stood up and simultaniously with them the whole applauding (and wanking!) audience. Everybody shouted and applaused for the wonderful show this two nasty cuties give them tonight.

Melissa and Cindy took a bow and after a while Melissa began to speak with sparkeling eyes. „This was our little extra for the ones who couldn't wait for their turn to pleasure our pussies." Cindy smiled like a honeypie. She seamed to have so much fun and the evening wasn't over yet. „Now we will continue the exiting part of the evening. To hurry up a bit I want six man or boys come on the stage and take their places besides us".

In a short moment six guys, three of them collegues of me, took their places beside the propably two cutest little whores on this planet. „To save a little time, Cindy and me will take two guys at the same time, while a third can play with our mouth, after a while we change, o.k.?" The guys placed themself around and in the bed and after a few seconds my beloved daugthers had dicks in their pussies, their asses and in their mouthes.

What a fun for everyone. Now Melissa and Cindy started acting like real pros. It was unbelievable how cocks of almost eight inches were pushed into these firm little bums! No sound of pain! Only laughing, groaning and pleased smiling, it was like I was in heaven!

After a while both girls were able to manage even the biggest cocks in their poky pussies. I think that's remarkable, because some of the cock were almost as long as Cindys forearm. There were several men with about ten inch cocks. It was a wonderful sight to see Cindy with two monsterpeckers in her quite young under-developed pussy and real narrow and very unexperienced stink.

She squeaked with fun from her pleasure and it seemed like she wanted to go on for the rest of her life with two enormous dicks in her wonderful silky glimmering body. It was a great delight for me to see, that everybody enjoyed my daugthers and after a while, everything here in this room seemed so normal, that it almost was hard for me to realize.

All men in my social and neighbourly environement are fucking now with my two little daughters! There are two young and innocent looking girls in a big room with dozens of men, fat ones, thin ones, young, old, and everybody fucks their little narrow pinks and almost virginal teen bottoms!

No condoms, pure teenage flesh fucked by man in their 40's and 50's. Juvenile girls gangfucked, consecutively analy poked by wrinkled grandpas and simultaniously penetrated by boys of my daugthers age.

And as a deserved little protein containing treat, my two cuties earned a reward in form of a never ending stream of goo for their obviously very swallow happy mouths and bellys! Even the men who doesn't liked us are here to get rid of their testicle ooze! Some of the dumb guys really grinned at me after they had finished their sticky loads in my two honeypies and their lovely slurping cumdumpsters.

I delibareated soon to make a little gangbang party for my wife, so maybe our foes will turn in our friends, when they got a good fuck from my two little and my one big fuckhappy girls! But if my wife knew something about what happened here, she would have killed me right away! But I know that she fucked with almoust half of the men in this room, so isn't it retributive justice, if her dearly beloved daughters together have the permission from me to fuck all of them?

And have the fun of their young lives? I think so! They knew, what was going to happen here and they looked forward to this evening with exitement, so what should be wrong? Amanda, my wife already knows that I have some fun with the girls from time to time (o.k., honestly almoust every day, but they really love it so much!) and for her, it seems to be no problem. „As long as it stays in the family!", she always said. So what? A cock is a cock and as long as nobody get hurt, everybody should have his or her fun, isn't it that simple?

And that my little girls have fun is for sure. And if anybody is another opinion I'll have the DVD to give evidence of my words! My two girls enjoyed their great deal of attention and slowly the rows on the stage emptied out, because almost everybody has had a little fun with the my two beauties and took back his place in the audience room.

It was a very long and nasty night. Melissa and Cindy took care of every man in the room, including a short but really dirty quickie with the three cameramen and the several boys who delivered pizzas for the hungry audience. They had been tremendous with their innocent silky and cum sticky bodies. As the last man, again father John, shoot his load in the two expectant mouths before he gave his forgiveness over what has happened to the little (hopefuly not black) sheeps of his church.

Cindy and Melissa stood up with a grin in their faces and it was a wonderful view. Their little small cum covered glossy bodies, their hairless pussies and after they turned around and pulled apart their tiny little ass cheeks a little to prove how red their asses were fucked, everybody could have seen how much fun they must have had!

Melissa broke the applause and said: „Thank you guys, it was a wonderful evening! I had the fun of my life!" „Whatever that means, your only 12 years old!", somebody shouted from the audience.

„Thats right and Cindy is only 9, but look in her face, everybody can see there that she had the best and sure for a long time the naughtiest experience of her young life!" „Yes, I had much fun with your peepees, too!" Cindy added with a big, dirty childish smile. „Give us some more!" the audience shouted out loud.

That was the moment they have waited for the whole evening. Melissa and Cindy had considered long ago what to do if they had the luck that the spectators wanted more. So they asked me to talk with Hank, our dark-skinned postman.

He's not a member of our community, but my little girls have often fantasized about him, when they saw him, how big his cock might be. So I decided to ask him carefuly if he would have been interested to be the bonus of our show.

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He quick showed an interest and after some sniff at each other he agreed to be a part of our show. I asked him for the size of his cock, and when he told me what size it has I nearly wanted to cancel our agreement. He calmed me with the statement that he has an daughter of Cindys age too and that there would be no problems fucking with her.

So we made an appointment and I had called him 20 minutes ago, so he would be here, in case anybody wants to see a little extra. Melissa and Cindy stood on the stage, Melissa was nodding her head in my direction and so I left the room for a short moment to get Hank from the locker room. A minute later, I opened the door and as Melissa saw me coming back she took the words and said.

„Dear audience, Cindy and I hoped that you wanted some extra and her it is! A round of applause for our postman Hank!" In this moment Hank entered the room, completly naked, his hands crossed in front of his manhood to keep the suspence.

Everybody in this room knew Hank, not like this, but they knew him from his daily deliveries. Hank went through the rows heading to the little stage.

He entered the stage and not until then he took his hands from his boner. A whispering started in the room, because nobody has expected what he saw!

Melissa and Cindy had some pain in their eyes as they saw his manhood. I haven't told them how long his dick is, so it was the same surprise for them! He had more than 12 inches and was about 2 and a half inches thick. „Hello everybody!" Hank waved into the audience. Than he turned to Melissa and Cindy and said: „You don't have to worry about the size, I'll be cautious with you!" I saw in Melissas and Cindys eyes, that they wondered if it had been a good idea to invite Hank, but now with so many expecting eyes on them they couldn't make a drawback.

„We wanted to know how it feels to have his cock now, we'll try it out, or what do you think, Cindy?" „I'll try it" Cindy said with a wonderful cheeky smile on her face. The audience applaused and Hank and my two girls changed some words how to handle with the situation.

Hank with his wonderful athletic body sat down on the chair and Melissa and Cindy kneeled down in front of him. The audience could have seen their tiny little ashole but to see the whole story the cameraman entered the stage again, so everybody could follow the bonusround on the TV Screens.

Melissa was the first to take Hanks enormous dick in her hand. She feeled a bit his hardness and wanted to enjoy every moment of her show. Suddenly she came aware of the camera and quick she took Hanks cock in her hungry mouth. It was not very much in her mouth, but it was a tremendous sight! Cindy touched Hank's cock very cautious.

She had never seen such a big dick before. After Melissa took some strokes of his wiener in her mouth she released it from there and held it in front of her younger sister. Cindy tried to get his pecker in her mouth, but there was no chance! The audience was a mix of giggling, astonishing and excitement, what will come next. After some minutes Melissa decided to start the real hide and seek game with hanks cock.

She got up and with her little Cindy. Hank sat on his chair his full erect twelve incher up to the sky. In front of him my two little daughters and soon his big peace of manmeat will vanish in Melissas graceful belly. She took a turn to Hank and gave him a long and passionate kiss with her tongue. Hank responded with his big black hands that went over Melissas entire little body and ended in her little, today very streched, pink pussy. Melissa knew, that the audience wanted some show, so she turned around to the audience and fondlet her little nipples and her yummy pink with her hands.

All eyes on her! I knew, she loved this situation. After a few moments she got back to Hank and Face to the audience slowly sank on his wonderful stiff monsterdick. The sound of the audience was wonderful, everybody in the room had his eyes om my little cuties pussy.

What a wonderful feeling. Everybody wanted, what I have every day! Melissa tried her best and sank down on Hank for about five inches. Everybody saw, that today she had some cock before, otherwise it had been impossible for a girl of her age to get five inches of such big manmeat in her delicious little belly.


The cameraman zoomed as far as possible and everyone looked on the TV Screens. Everybody, including me, wanted to take the part of Hank! Melissa relaxed a little bit and so Hanks cock went in for another half inch. Cindy stood nearby and wanted some fun too.

Then she had an idea. She went to the front of the stage and spoke to the audience. "I am a little freightened about Hanks dick but as compensation I offer you my daddys cock!" What has she said? Her daddys cock? „If anybody wants to see me doing my daddy please give him some applause!" The crowd clamored and it was impossible not to follow the wish of the raging crowd.

So I entered the stage, nervous as hell. „What are you doing, Cindy?" I whispered in her ear. „It's o.k.

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Dad, most of the men in the audience know that we have sex!" „What? Why?". „I put it on my social network accout „In love with my daddy", and almost everybody understood what I wanted to say with that!" Meanwhile Melissa has changed her position to face Hank but still having his shaft going up and down her petite little labias.

Cindy dropped to my feet and suddenly she took my swelling dick in her mouth. What a moment! My little sweety sucks me in front of an applauding audience! Thats better than even in my dreams! Soon my cock was rock hard and my seven inches went into my „mommys darlings" mouth. Cindy was heavyly breathing while pleasuring her daddys throbbing hard dick.

I wouldn't know if from exitement or because of my cock taking her breath. After some minutes of blowjob I decided to punish Cindy for her impertinence to constrain me to come on the stage. I picked her up from her knees and gently pushed her to the bed. She was a little astounded from my attack and to push her further to her limits, with one impact I splitted her cheeks and entered her little slippery stink. But to my surprise there was no protest!

Au contraire, a big moaning came from my little honey! I stroked again and again and there came one moaning sound after the other from my sweet cutie! So I took the opportunity to take care of Cindys cute ass because normally this wasn't her favored hole. The cameramam went from Melissas glancing, lustering pussy to Cindys firm ass and back.

The spectators were delighted from our show. From the corner of my eye I say Melissa whispering something in Hanks ear. He nodded his head and immediately Melissa stood up from Hanks cock and then he came over to Cindy and me. „Cindy, you now the third rule of this club?" he asked Cindy. „Yes sir. I have to do what I've been told!" „Right, so Cindy I tell you to sit on my cockI wanted to try your pussy for such a long time".

„But I'm afraid you will hurt me or even worse, my pussy will be destroyed from your monster!" "Don't panic Cindy, my daughter Alishia is at the same age like you! And I take care for her pussy since two years. Nothing happened! So you don't have to be afraid!" „O.K. Hank, than let's try!" she said with some fear in her eyes. I took my cock out of Cindys slippery cute bum and got away from her so that she was able to raise up from her knees.

Hank took her by the hand and sat down on his chair again. The camera operator quickly followed them to get the best angle and sight of her tiny little girls labias eating such a big burrito! Under the support of an overwhelming applause Cindy lowered her litte body on this monstercock, to tell the truth Hank lifted her up with his strong arms and lowered her slowly on his enormous manhood.

Cindy heavily touched her smooth little pussy to guide Hank into her pink. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain for her. After a few moments she relaxed a bit and Hank was able to put almost three inches of his pleasurestick in my little babydoll.

More than three dark-skinned inches of manmeat in „mommys little darling"! Unbelievable! The audience applaused and everybody was arroused by the view. „Henry, we want to see you fucking with Melissa!" a common voice shouted through the room. It was Mike, my boss. „Yes Henry, fuck your cute little bitch like we all in here have fucked her!" That was Ron, our local assurance agent. „Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her", the crowd repeated.

And Melissa came over to me as the audience wanted her and so it took her only second to bring me to the ground and mount me with her litte kinky today yet well used pussy. Cindy curiously watched us, like she usually does. But now she turned to Hank and whispered something in his ear. He nodded again and after a few moments le liftet Cindy from his cock and placed himself behind Melissa on the floor. She was to busy with me to take care of him, so he lowered himself on her and slowly he pushed his monsterdick in her today really naughty little asshole.

She squeaked out for a moment, but after a few seconds of relaxing it seamed to me, that she had the best ride of her young life. Her beloved dad in her oily streched pussy and Hank with his jackhammer in her little slimy ass.

It was heaven on earth and time stood still for a moment. Hank pumped my little whore like a pro and she acted like a pro too. It was heavenly wonderful. And Cindy sat down on my face so I had the opportunity to lick her tiny salty slit.

After some endless moments of pleasuring double penetration for my litte honeypie Hank turned his face to Cindy. "Cindy, do you want to have my black mans cream in your mouth?" „Of course, I want to taste your cum!" It only took seconds and Hank pulled his cock out of Melissas lovely bum and directly in Cindys expectantly opened mouth.

After a few strokes he came in my little beloved babys mouth, but so hard that she nearly choked. But she wanted to be a big girl and so she took load after load and sucked hanks dick completly dry.

The sight of my litte baby swallowing gallons of manmilk brougth me to the edge to. „Melissa, should I cum in your mouth?" I asked her. „Sure dad, I want to swallow everything like this morning after we got up!" „Then come here with your seductive little mouth!" I directed her mouth at my dick and she lowered her head willingly on my cock and swallowed every little drop of my cum with heavenly shining eyes.

„I love you Melissa!". „And I love you too, dad" she replied. Then she turned her head towards the camera, which was right in front of her face to record her swallowing every hot drop of her daddys manmilk. Then she happily said directly into the camera: „And mom, if you see this on DVD. I feel here like I'm part of a big nasty family, so everything what happened today stays in this familie, right? I love you mom!" After a tremendous not ending applause Melissa and Cindy went of the stage and came over to me.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As appointed I stood beside the door, where everybody who left the room could congratulate me for my two wonderful shameless daughters. And Melissa and Cindy were giggling all the time as they emptied eyery mans testicles for a second time as the participants passed their daddy by to congratulate him and his cute daughters for this special evening.

Even Mr. Stone, the owner of this old bar with his 78 years old balls got a really nice second blowjob and he came with such a lucky smile on his lips into Cindys mouth. And with also a lovely smile she swallowed his cum and gave him an extra kiss on his wrinkled balls and cock. She heavily waved him goodbye with a grin in her face. She really loves old mans spunk so much! Why? I really don't know! She told me last week that, when she's grown up, she will make an education as a geriatric nurse and work in an retirement home, so she can pleasure the old men and have some fun for herself!

Sounds stupid, doesn't it? But she is just nine, so what! Every man in the room has emptied his balls at least twice this evening into my two „mommys little darlings" and so Melissa and Cindy both had got at least one shot from every participant of this sleazy party in their willingly swallowing mouthes.

And to be honest: They delightfuly slurped it up like sweet jellycream. What a sight! After finishing the last participant of the evening with their mouthes, father John, Melissa and Cindy stood up from their knees. After our priest confirmed that what he saw this evening sure was made in heaven and not in hell, Melissa and Cindy thanked him for his heavenly permission and finally we took our things and went to the locker room.

My daugthers were like wild overexcited puppies. They were so turned on from this experience that there was a not ending laughing and giggling in the whole room.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After my two babies had taken an extensive shower and put on their innocent clothes I asked them the importanst question of the evening!

„Sweetys, do you actually know how many boys and men both of you have shamelessly satisfied and swallowed their dirty hot cum down your little bellys tonight?" „No dad, but how can you know it?" Melissa asked innocently. „Have you counted them?" „Think of your tipboxes! Normaly there has to be the same amount of money in both of them. I opened them while you two were showering and counted what you have earned!" „How much is it?

Melissa asked me curiously with a develish smile in her face. „That's a little enigma for me!" „Why, daddy?" Cindy asked disbelievingly. „So, Melissa you have 127 bucks in your box and Cindy, you have 132 bucks in your box! Why is there a difference? Everybody knew, that the tip for the both of you has to be exactly one dollar each!" „Daddy, I can explain it!", Cindy said with a little blush in her face, "but please don't get angry!" „Why angry?" I asked her with a rigorous voice.

„The five extrabucks are from father John. Last sunday after the church, you know, when father John asked you if it will be o.k.

for me to stay after the divine service for a little talk about what we planned for today." „And he gave you five bucks for a little talking?" „Sorry dad, but it was a little more than talking!" „How much more?" „In three words?

O.K.! Mouth, pussy, ass!" „What? What does that mean, Cindy?" „Father John said he isn't sure, if it's o.k.

what we have planned, and he wanted me to show him what Melissa and I had planned to do today and so I showed it to him!" „You showed him what?" „I took his cock out of his pants and after a while he fucked my little pussy and my petty bum!" „You nasty little bitch! You fucked him without my permission?" „Not only fucking, I swallowed his sperm afterwards too! Sorry dad!" „O.k. my dear, that's a little unexpected!

But five bucks for a quicky is a fair price for an eleven year old girl! And I already knew that you really love old mans spunk.

But thats o.k., honey!" „Again, sorry dad, but it was only one Dollar from father John!" „Only one? And from whom are the other four bucks?" „While father John had his cock in my petite stink the four altar boys came back to the priests room.

And as they saw us, there was no other possibility then to let them take part in our little test!" „The whole programm for them, too?" „Yes daddy, the whole program including a complete dry sucking of all their balls!" „How many loads you have swallowed?" I asked her curiously.

„Must I say this?" She asked me with a pinched mouth. „How many?" I repeated. „About 25 loads, daddy!" „What? Four boys and about 25 loads? How is this possible?" „They took me with them into their changing room. And after some short phone calls, several of their friends stood in the room and I had to serve all of them!" „How many, which ways?" „11 boys and father John, all my holes, some double penetration and at the end I had to swallow like mad to prevent them of drowning me." „O.k., Cindy you were so unbelievable tonight, so I can't be jealous with you, but the next time, you take at least five bucks from each of them, o.k.?

And one buck from each guy is for me for your further training, o.k.?" I joked with a grin in my face. „O.k., daddy!

Next sunday I'll take five bucks each, I'll promise! Daddy, I love you so much!" „And I love both of you!" „What do we tell mommy where we come from?" Melissa suddenly asked. „We were at the bowling hall, o.k.? By the way, have you brushed your teeth and gargled really good, so your mom can't smeel the cum out of your bitchy mouthes?" „Yes dad!" „Me too" said Cindy.

"And girls, you know from now on you have my permission to earn your spending money with some extra shows. I know that from tomorrow on you will have many new friends on your dance cards. But please girls, not for only one buck. O.k., Cindy?" „O.k., dad!" she replied with a wonderful loving smile. And so we went back home and I was the happiest man on the world with, for the moment, the really happiest teens in the world, too! Just before getting to sleep today, right after she has emptied my balls for the last time this day with her lascivious mouth, Cindy revealed to me, that she plans to give away her DVD copy of her „special birthday party" to her mom, as a mother's day gift in two weeks!

I'm not sure if this would be a real good idea!

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