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Dinnigata Mamando Gostoso o Pau de Don
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(Author's note: Please read Lost and Found first if you haven't. This chapter is a continuation of that story. For new comers, if you can't find Lost and Found in the home page, do click into my profile and you should be able to find it there. This part of the story doesn't have many sex scenes. Most of the story is dedicated to the introduction of new characters and expansion of the old.

Thank you) I woke up in the morning to a chorus of laughter coming from the dining room. I sat up and immediately regretted my choice of sleeping on the couch. While the cushion was decent, the length of the couch was nowhere near sufficient enough to fit my large frame. My back ached like a bitch. When I tried to move, I was rewarded with an excruciating cramp on my left leg.

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I must have groaned because Charlotte came out from the dining room looking all worried. It only took her a second to realize what happened. She rushed to my side and raised my leg. "Keep still." She scolded lightly when I tried to stop her from helping. "What's wrong?" I heard my mom asking.

"It's Brandon. He's having a cramp." Charlotte informed. "Oh dear." My mom uttered and came to my side. "Is it because of the couch?" I would have said yes on any other time. But I knew better. I knew it had something to do with what I had done to Charlotte and Melissa.

I must have stressed the muscle too much during the heated engagement and now I was paying the price. "Yeah. It's too short." Charlotte affirmed without losing a beat. As if that was what it really was. "I thought so." My mom sighed. "You're legs are too long. You should have slept in my bed." "Sorry." I apologized, though I wasn't sure what I was apologizing for. For getting a cramp and making her worry, or fucking her friends on my bed till the dead of night.

And looking at things, my mom obviously had no idea what went on yesterday. After all, Charlotte was still here. "You don't have to apologize, dear. I'm proud of you for letting the women to sleep on your bed yesterday." My mom smiled. "Yes. Brandon is such a gentleman." Charlotte added with a warm smile.

"What's wrong?" Melissa came up from behind my mom and looked at me. "Brandon's having a cramp." My mom informed with resignation, as if she was guilty for not being able to do anything else. "Oh, crap. Was it because…" Melissa clamped her mouth shut with her own hand as her face began to flush. Charlotte looked at me and the worry in her eyes reflected mine. "Yeah, it's because he gave us the bed and slept on the couch." Charlotte quickly interjected.

"Yeah. That. Right." Melissa began to let out a nervous laugh. "Thank you for letting us sleep on your bed." She said when she had calmed herself enough. "No problem." I said curtly. Before I could beat myself at the thought that I had just lied to my mom in front of her face, my mom had cheerfully told the three of us how proud and lucky she had such gentlemanly son.

The three of us, who all knew better, kept our lips shut while smiling in agreement. I kind of felt bad for my mom, for not telling her the true nature of the cause of my cramp. But then again, I didn't usually tell my mom about almost everything. Especially not this. "Well, I'll just leave Charlotte to take care of you." My mom sighed and then turned back to the dining room. "Melissa, could you help me bring out the champagne." My mom retreated back to the dining room and Melissa followed behind.

When the two disappeared into the corner, Charlotte twisted my ankle and my thigh twitched painfully. I winced and frowned at her. Instead of apologizing, the cheeky woman was smiling triumphantly. "That's for making me sore down there." She said and my cock woke up from its flaccid slumber and began to harden at the memory of our moments in the bathroom. "And this is for making me feel like a woman again." She cupped my face and then leaned in to kiss me on my lips.

She parted her lips and her tongue found mine. Our lips wrestled and our tongue danced as I inhaled her scent and tasted her mouth. My cramp by then had already become a distant past.

We didn't know how long we kissed, but we knew we needed to part soon. Charlotte was the one to break off the kiss. She let out a frustrated grunt when she did as if she hadn't had enough of my lips. "Thank you for last night." Charlotte said with a lovely smile on her face. I could really get used to seeing that smile every morning.

"I don't mind doing it again if you want." I blurted out the words before my brain was able to stop it. God, even as I listened to the words, I felt like a horny piece of cock desperate to find a hole to jam into. "I'm sure you do." She gave me a conspiratorial smile and fleetingly look at my crotch.

I didn't need to look down to know what she saw. "But some other time. My vag is a little sore." "Okay." I muttered, trying not to sound disappointed. I knew grown women hated men who only wanted sex from them and I didn't want to give her an impression that I was one.

Still, I would be lying if I said I didn't want to fuck her again the way I did in the bathroom. Charlotte, despite my effort, seemed to see into my mind as she teasingly patted my cock.

"We could do it sometime this week." She suggested with a naughty grin. The kind of grin on the face of girls at the cover of an adult magazine.

The grin that said come fuck me. "I won't have to go back to college till next Sunday." I said quickly. "If you can come to my house, say, tomorrow, I think we can do something about this erection." She rubbed her small hand along the thick hardened shaft. I squirmed on the couch with a need cum again. "I finish work at six and usually reach home at about seven. You can come by then." "Okay." I nodded.

I didn't want to seem desperate and overly giddy so I kept my expression stoic.

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"That's it then. I will cook for us both." She said and then headed for the dining room. Before she turned to the corner, she gave me a wink and then walked to the dining room to help out my mom.

The party soon started. Patrons, mostly divorced women and toddlers, began to fill up the tables.

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Cars began to clog the otherwise empty driveway and spilled out over to the curb. Soft classical music was playing in the background. Kids were running on the lawn chasing one another with hand pistol.

Caterers were already setting up the table with trays after trays of delicious delicacies. Chorus of laughter occasionally punctuated the already chaotic cacophony.

My mom was busy ushering the ever growing number of guests to their seats. She had the usual DWCT baseball hat on her head and made sure every guest had one on theirs as well. Why little girls were given the same hat to wear was really beyond me. It was almost like a sick joke on itself. Like the girls were already the members of this circumstanced group, destined to spend their entire adult life as divorced moms. I wish mom would spare them the white-blue cotton hat and gave them something more appropriate to put on the head.

You know, like party hat or glittery paper tiaras. Melissa was busying herself with taking care of the kids. She followed everywhere the kids went to and cleaned up whatever mayhem the kids left in their wake. Discarded paper cups, broken plastic cutlery, crumpled tissue, Melissa had picked them all up without a fuzz. In fact, as I observed from afar, she almost looked like she's enjoying it.

Charlotte was the director of operations. She basically single-handedly managed the crew of waiters and waitresses and delegated tasks from sending out food to refilling condiments with exceptional mastery. I hadn't a shred of doubt that she was used to telling people what to do. There's an air of authority surrounding the lean and curvy frame of the lawyer which made it seemed all the more amazing.

I even saw the look of admiration on the crew's eyes, as if they hadn't been led with such efficiency before. I, on the other hand, tried to be the least conspicuous wallflower possible. I had placed myself at an unremarkable spot on the lawn, standing there to deliver the necessary pleasantries should it come my way. It was also the least crowded spot, which had spared me a great deal of 'you should take care of your mother' and 'don't cheat on your future wife' sentiments.

I got it, ladies. You don't have to remind me every freaking minute. While men were assholes at times, I didn't think all the divorces were the men's fault. Some, yes. But certainly not all. Women could be assholes too.

From their whinny complaints to their extensive choice of provoking vocabulary, even Gandhi would have had trouble keeping cool. With that said, I found a particular annoying woman among a group spewing out wretched gospel about how men are pigs and will never be enough for women. The fact that the other women surrounding her nodded their heads in agreement made me feel even more pissed off.

God, this woman needed a therapist. From the things she said, it was amazing that her husband beat the crap out of her with a baseball bat or something. "Hi, are you Halley's son?" I heard a feminine voice coming from behind me. Halley was my mom's name. When I turned around, I saw a tall lean woman with a head of black breast-length hair. She was wearing a long sleeveless black dress that accentuated the curves of her hips. She had an olive complexion that made her look athletic and wild.

Her face had a hint of Eastern European features, sharp nose, high cheekbones, smoky eyes. I didn't miss the fact that her irises were gray, which mean she's of a Russian descent since most Russians had gray irises. There's an air of command emanating from this woman and I could almost immediately feel the power dynamics between us. Obviously, I was on the lower end. "Yeah. I am." I smiled the usual 'nice to meet you' smile and held out a hand.

She shook my hand with grace and confidence. "You are?" I asked. "Nice to meet you, Brandon. I'm Paulina. I just moved into this neighborhood about a month ago." She said and I detected a hint of Russian-accent in her words. Or it could be Ukrainian. "I heard there is a party going on today, so I thought I should drop by and see what the party is all about." "Well." I gestured half-heartedly at the banner undulating in the light breeze hanging on the roof of one of the canopy.

"It's a party for divorced women." "Wow. It really is a party for divorced women. From where I came from, divorce is not something people would celebrate." She let out a light chuckle. "And where are you from, Paulina? If you don't mind me asking." I probed curiously. "I'm from the UK.

Before that, I was a Russian." She laughed. "But I'm not a spy." She remarked jokingly. "It doesn't matter, really. As long as you are divorced, you are welcomed here. The women here can be quite, as the English would put it, disagreeable if they know you aren't divorced. Which brings me the next question, are you divorced?" "Twice." "You are a member already then." I quipped and we both laughed.

"Anyways, I wanted to meet your mother and the women over there," she pointed at the group of women sitting around one of the tables, "told me that you will know where she is?" "She's probably in the house." I recalled seeing my mom walking back into the house after the last DWCT hat had been dispensed.

I would place my bet that's she getting more out from the room by the kitchen she used to store the DWCT stuff. "You should be able to find her in the kitchen." "Well then. It's a pleasure meeting you, Brandon." We gave each other another polite shake of hands before Paulina headed over to the house.

As I watched Paulina's retreating frame, my eyes casually ventured down along the length of her curvaceous body. She almost looked as good as Charlotte but a whole lot taller. She could certainly pass for a model and looking at the defined sway of her hips, she could very well be one.

After a while, Melissa came by with a bunch of children chasing behind her. She had her hair tied in a tight bun with a few stray strands of hair flowing down in front of her face. A sheen of sweat had formed on her forehead. She was having a blast with the children, whom she was playing catch with. I watched with amazement how much Melissa suddenly looked like a mother. I could really see her pregnant while holding another child in her arms. She cast me a bright grin as she approached me.

Then, she went behind me and held me out like a shield against the horde of excited toddlers. "Protect me, Brandon." She pretended to be in distress and the children giggled at her apparent helplessness.

Feeling like playing along, I spread out my arms and made a growl. The children squealed and then scattered off in every direction. "Those children certainly are a handful." Melissa chuckled while heaving breathlessly.

"That's children for you. They have a lot of energy." I sighed, remembering the terrible incident where I was forced to entertain a group of four year olds by my mother on the first DWCT party.

They had an unlimited capacity for fun and games. Something that even the fifteen year old me couldn't cope with. Still, Melissa didn't seem to be distressed by the children's endless demand for excitement. She looked like she enjoyed it tremendously.

"As if you have the room to say that?" her lips curved into a mischievous smirk. "You really think I didn't hear what you did to Charlotte last night?" I felt heat rising on my cheek. "It was that loud huh?" "God. Only your mom could sleep through that." She rolled her eyes.

"Sorry for the cramp though. And thank you." "Thank you?" I cocked an eye. "For doing what you did last night. I don't mean it in the 'thank you for the meal' kind of way. More like thank you for letting me experiencing life again." She explained. Her face softened into a wry smile. "I really needed that." Suddenly, I felt the urge to ask why she went through a divorce.

From the look of her melancholic face, I knew what I'd done last night must have reminded her of her divorce as it'd done to Charlotte. Charlotte told me her tragic story and I wanted to know Melissa's too. But I suppressed my prying curiosity since it would not be decent to ask. Instead, I focused on the matter at hand. A sneaking pack of children were congregating behind Melissa. Each of them had a smug grin on their face, like they relished in the idea of finally outsmarting their prey. "They are behind you." I informed Melissa.

The moroseness on her face vanished as her lips curved into a bright smile. "Well then, got to go now." Melissa whispered and then burst into a sprint. The children screamed with renewed animation as they chased after their escaping prey. It was almost eleven and my stomach began to growl in protest.


I went to the row of food. I grabbed some hor d'oeuvres with cream toppings, few strips of bacon, a piece of grilled steak, some steamed broccoli and some watermelon. I cramped every thing into one plate. I never liked to put my food in different plate like more of the guests. It didn't seem practical. Then, I went to into the house. I would never eat at the guests table anymore ever since the first party.

Apparently, some divorced women had a lot of resentment in them and I was not a particular fan in listening to those resentment all the time while I ate. When I got into the kitchen, I found Paulina and my mom chatting away by the kitchen counter.

They seemed to be having a very animated conversation from the way the two kept laughing and smiling at each other. I figured they didn't want to be disturbed so I headed out to the dining room instead. In the dining room was a bunch of women in tears seemingly crying their eyes out for the ill-fortune life had given them.

Well, I didn't need to be a part of that and decided to go to my room. Once I got behind the door, I locked it and ate at my desk. I sent a text to my mom telling her that I was eating in my room so that when she needed me for something, she could look for me there. My mom, especially at times like these, didn't like to play hide and seek when she wanted to look for me.

It made her nervous and jittery. Not that I hated her for that or anything. While downing the third bacon strip, my phone buzzed with a new message. My best friend Jason had just messaged me and asked me about my party. All my close friends knew about my mom and the DWCT party she organized. None of them ever attended though. Not that I would blame them. I mean, the party were filled to the brink with women at my mom's age. Not a single woman below the age of twenty could be found here.

Not even below the age of thirty as the matter of fact. Bro, rockin the party? his message read. He knew how the party was like because he came to the 2nd DWCT party out of a dare. He went home about fifteen minutes later, not after stealing some food for himself first, which was typical of him.

I couldn't help seeing him smiling while typing this. It's f'king awesome. U shud come. I typed sarcastically. Nice try. But no. Wanna hangout 2nite? Where? Bill wanna LOL. U good? Bill was another friend of mine that's addicted to League of Legends.

With that said, he was a sore loser too. If the game's winning, he would laugh and cheer. But if the numbers went against him, he would be all pissy and saying things that would get him punched in the face. Nah. I'll pass. I rather spend my time mowing the lawn. I typed. I didn't particularly hate Bill. But I never liked sore losers so there's that. Mowing the lawn would definitely be better than being on the other end of Bill's beratement. I get u. Can I chill in ur place then?

Bored af here. U come at 5. Cleanup will be over then. Great! Cya. Cya. After emptying my plate, I dropped onto my bed. I knew I was sleep-deprived and the ache reverberating through my body was a clear sign of that. Without much to do now other than to wait for the party to end, I decided to take a little nap. I pulled my pillow into a tight embrace and snuggled into the softness. There's a feminine scent clinging onto the sheets of the pillow that belonged to Melissa and Charlotte.

Suddenly, I wished they were here with me. Not to have sex, but just here lying next to me as we cuddled in warmth. I woke up some two hours later by the hot summer heat. My back was already sweating from the weak air-conditioning.

I went to the windows and looked out to the lawn. Evidently, the guests had thinned considerably. Charlotte was laid back on one of the lounge chair at the porch with a glass of champagne in her hand. Melissa was sitting by the table waving longingly at the leaving children. The crew of waiters and waitresses were now clearing the tables of dirty plates and cutlery.

My mom was standing by the mailbox sending off the leaving guests. About damn time, I muttered to myself. I went down stairs with the dirty plate in my hand and past the plate to the first waiter I saw. I went to my mom whom was standing by the curb and she quickly beamed me the lazy smile that I recognized. "Are you drinking again?" I frowned. I didn't particularly like my mom getting drunk. The fact that it was only two in the afternoon didn't help. "Only a few glasses of wine, dear." She defended.

"I was drinking with Paulina. It'd be impolite not to." "Well, as long as you don't pass out like you did last night, I'm fine with it." I grumbled. Not that I wouldn't be a little delighted if she did pass out. After all, whatever happened last night happened because my mom passed out. "Don't worry, dear. I'll control myself." She chuckled and then giddily added. "Or Paulina would." "What about her?" I raised an eye. "Oh dear, she's just so…" my mom sighed like a teenage girl admiring a rockstar.

"…sophisticated and empowered, you know. She's just so domineering it's ugh…I don't know how to describe it." My mom pouted. A shiver ran down my spine as the implication of what I had just witnessed hit me like a truck. If I didn't know better, I would have thought my mom just had a crush on another woman.

Which was impossible considering how my mom hated the whole gay pride movement thing. She wasn't particularly hateful towards homosexuals, but she certainly didn't go with the whole same sex marriage concept. In fact, she told me once she had a lesbian roommate and how much she hated the woman for bringing other woman into the room to have sex with. "Sounds like you like her a lot." I remarked casually. "Oh, I love the woman." She sighed with utter admiration. "She's a successful fashion designer and has five boutique in the UK under her name." "Wow." I would have thought Paulina was more of a trophy wife kind of girl than a businesswoman.

"Amazing, right? And she told me all about the dresses she designed and how lovely I would be wearing them." My mom elaborated cheerfully. "Uh huh." I felt a weird sensation bubbling in my chest, as if it's trying to make me see the obvious.

"You should meet her more." "You think I should?" she whipped her head towards me so quickly I thought she's about to pounce on me. "Why not?" I shrugged. "I don't know. She seemed so busy you know.

She might not have time for me." "She has time for the party, surely she has time to meet you." I said, not entirely sure if I said that because it's the truth or because I thought that's what my mom needed to hear. "Hmm…" my mom contemplated. "Maybe I should." "Is she still here?" I asked as I looked for the lean Russian woman.

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"No. She went back. She said she has something to take care off. Do you think it will be weird if I send her some of the remaining grilled steak and bacons?

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There's quite a lot of it left and I want to give her some." I wasn't sure if someone as lean as Paulina would fancy a couple of pounds of American grill steak and greasy bacon strips. From the way her body looked, she obviously took care of what she put in her stomach. But that didn't seem important at the moment so I decided not to bring that up. "Do you know where she live?" I asked instead. "Yeah. She lives just two streets away." My mom said excitedly, like she couldn't believe Paulina was that near to our house.

"I'll should go and pack the food now." I watched my mom walked across the lawn, up the raised porch, and then into the house.


Even long after she had disappeared into the house, I still stood there dumbfounded. There's this ungainly sensation burning inside me that I couldn't quite place. Was it fear? Was it anxiousness? I felt my heart was racing as the obvious signs sank deep into my consciousness. Was my mom turning into a lesbian? "What's wrong?" Melissa came up to me with a frown. "Oh, nothing." I shook my head a little. "So, how's the party?" "It was amazing. I love the kids so much." She laughed softly.

"It's amazing seeing them running around so freely." "You really do like kids." I remarked the obvious. "Yeah. They are just so adorable." "You should get one for yourself, if you love them so much." Melissa closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

I noticed a hint of longing in her face as if her mind had wandered off into the past, a past she seemed to miss. You would know it too when you see it. The softening of her eyes, the thinly pressed cherubic lips, and the ticking of her jaw. When she opened her eyes, her lips curved into a catty smile. The wistful expression she had just now was completely gone. "I don't have a husband now and you do know that right?" she reminded coyly. "Unless of course you want to give me a baby yourself." She sultrily stressed the word baby while glancing down at my crotch.

My heart stopped beating for a moment. My cock stiffened with a need to release, as if my body was preparing me to take up her offer and make her a mommy. But who the hell was I kidding? I was just eighteen and nowhere near the maturity to father a child. Melissa seemed to have noticed my distress as she began to laugh. "I'm joking, Brandon." She teased. "I can't have your child. You are still too young.

Besides, I'm not ready to settle down yet." "Oh." I sighed with relief. Yet, for some reason, I was a little let down by her remark. I knew where she's coming from, that I was still too young and too early to have a child and a family.

God, I didn't even have a job yet. But still, her remark reminded me just how useless and incapable I was to take care the woman I wished to protect. Melissa noticed by apparent disappointment, but she attributed it to the wrong reason. "Oh Brandon, I didn't mean I don't want to have sex with you again." She looked around, probably checking if my mom was nearby.

"We can do it some other time, big guy." I didn't want her to know the real reason behind the disappointment, so I smiled instead. At least the woman trusted me enough to want to sleep with me again.

Still a hell of a lot better than her casting me away like a bad choice made after the third glass of cosmopolitan. "What about tomorrow night?" Melissa suggested.

"Uhm…" I stammered, not entirely sure if I should tell her that I was already meeting Charlotte tomorrow. I knew how women can get jealous if they know you are two-timing. Granted, Charlotte and Melissa might have both shared me yesterday, but it would be naïve on my part to think that they would want it to be like that forever.

"You busy tomorrow?" Melissa asked with a frown on her face. Her lips twisted sourly. "Yeah." I said. I knew Melissa trusted me and I had to reciprocate that trust by being honest. Still, there's a part of me afraid that my honesty might hurt her. After a considerable struggle between the two sides of the arguments, I finally decided to do the right thing. "I'm actually meeting Charlotte tomorrow." Instead of the look of anger and disappointment I expected to see on Melissa's face, the woman laughed.

"Oh Brandon, you are such a man-whore." She teased and jabbed a finger onto my chest. I wasn't sure if I could really be considered a man-whore since I only had sex in two occasion. The first one was a complete disaster then perpetuated my almost two year's long abstinence. The second one was yesterday, which completely blew my mind away.

But I wasn't going to argue the correct usage of terminology. So, I simply smiled while trying to keep my face from reddening up like a baboon's ass. "When are you going back to college?" Melissa asked. "Next Sunday." "Well then, can I have you on Tuesday evening?" "What?" I almost drop my jaw. "What do you mean what?" Melissa looked at me weirdly. "I mean, you don't mind me being with Charlotte?" "Of course not." Melissa rolled her eyes. "You are not my husband or boyfriend, I can't just keep you to myself.

But still, you might want to ask Charlotte and see if she minds." "Oh. Okay." I muttered as I looked at Charlotte whom was still sitting at the porch. She saw us both looking at her and raised her champagne glass at us. "I don't think she minds though, but we can never be too sure." Melissa giggled and hooked her arms around mine. Then, she dragged me towards Charlotte. I told Charlotte about Melissa's plan. I had thought Charlotte might flip out, or go to a corner and be worryingly calm, you know, the usual kind of reaction we see in soap operas and chick flicks.

But apparently Charlotte and Melissa were cut from the same cloth; that was they both had no problem sharing me.

We chatted a little more about last night's encounter and then a bit on the party. Melissa and I soon dragged a couple of chairs up from the lawn and sat there with Charlotte. As we talked, the caterers and crews began to leave by the bunch, carrying whatever equipment they brought with them to the party.

Before long, all personnel my mom had hired for the party were gone. As Charlotte was retelling the story of a ridiculous client hers, which she did not reveal the name due to client confidentiality, my mom came out with paper bags filled with the leftovers. She passed one bag to each of the women, wishing them a good day before leaving for her car with a much larger bag in her arms. She also told me to keep the women accompanied while she was gone.

"You're drunk!" I called out. "No I'm not!" My mom shouted back. "And it's only a few streets away." "Drive carefully." "Where's she going?" Melissa asked. "To a friend's house." I said vaguely. The last thing I wanted was to speculate on my mom's changing sexual orientation in front of two of her friends. "Will she be gone long?" Melissa asked and I quickly noticed the anticipatory tone in her voice. It was clear as day what she wanted when she cast me a seductive look.

"Oh god Melissa." Charlotte choked on her champagne. "What?" the dirty blonde cried out defensively. "Unlike you, I have to wait till Tuesday." "At least wait till his mom actually get into the car." Charlotte sniggered in hushed voice. "Oh, really? Miss High and Mighty. You obviously want the same thing as I am." "I'm not." Charlotte retorted but I knew she was lying since her face began to blush. My cock twitched with pride as I realized how much these two women wanted me. "Liar." Melissa teased.

"I'm so not interested." The lawyer rolled her eyes dramatically all the while her face was as red as a tomato. "Your face is red." Melissa pointed out. "It's the champagne." Charlotte countered. "Well, if you say so." Melissa shrugged and then turned to me.

"So, do you think we can have a quickie before she comes back?" "I uh…" my voice thick with arousal. "I guess so." My cock was already hardened at the promise of sex with Melissa. I waved at my unsuspecting mom whom was backing up her second hand Ford sedan into the street. "I'm so going to hell." I muttered. Within five minutes, Melissa and I had shed our clothing by the time we made our way into the living room.

I pushed her onto the couch, spread her thighs apart and slid my hard throbbing cock into her wet feminine crevice. She didn't seem to mind the dirty dishes on the coffee table nor the pile of trash by the couch. I didn't too. All I cared was how quickly I could get off inside her before my mom comes back. The sense of urgency gave the whole situation more tense and exciting than it otherwise would.

"Oh, Brandon." The woman panted as my member slid sweetly in and out of her clenching hole. I let out a shuddering whimper at the delicious friction of her pussy lips around my cock. Her legs wrapped around my waists, drawing me closer to her. Her fingers dove into my hair as we kissed maddeningly on the couch. Our tongue danced in our mouth as we tasted each other. The familiar pressure began to form at the base of my cock.

The need to release grew larger and larger at every hard pounding. From the way Melissa looked, with her eyes drooping with ecstasy, I knew she hadn't got long. Thrust after thrust, her body writhed hard, her moans came out louder, and her grips on my hair tightened. I wrapped my hands around her hips and pulled her to me as I rammed into her pussy. All it took was one more final push and my cock spurted out volley after volley of thick cum inside Melissa's eager hole.

The blonde cried breathlessly as her vagina was filled up by the release of my orgasm. I held her tightly in place and pounded her pussy a few more times to coax more cum out of me. Her body returned the favor by clenching around me, tightening the walls of her womanhood to milk me harder. Once my cock no longer had any more cum to spare, I pulled myself out of her. I shivered as the head of my cock slid out of her gripping pussy.

We both stayed in place for a few minutes as we basked ourselves in the afterglow of our orgasms. Melissa's face softened with exhaustion. Her body trembled as aftershock of the hasty release rippled across her petite frame. "That was quick." She muttered before pulling me for a hot wet kiss.

"I'm sorry. My mom's going to be back soon and this is the living room." I said shyly. The last thing I wanted was for my mom to walk in to the house seeing my hard cock in her friend's pussy.

Hell, I would never be caught dead with my cock inside a woman, let alone letting my mom to witness such humiliating act. "Emm hmm." Melissa nuzzled herself against my neck. "You better get some towels or your cum is going to ruin your mother's couch." She had a point. I ran to the kitchen, got some kitchen towels and went back to the living room. That's when I saw Charlotte, as naked as Melissa and I, kneeling down between Melissa's spread legs.

In the heat of moment, I had forgotten that Charlotte had always been there, witnessing our carnal act. I stood there in utter shock as I watched her licking the cum off of Melissa's pussy. Melissa seemed to enjoy the little lesbian encounter as she grabbed Charlotte by her hair.

I could hear the suckling sound Charlotte made against Melissa's labia. The lawyer cast a side glance at me that oozed out sexiness that would make Freud cum in his pants. Two fingers were inserted into Melissa's pussy to draw out the creamy stuff trapped inside. Melissa undulated her hips as she enjoyed the penetration of her sex all the while calling Charlotte's name. I thought my cock could never get hard right after orgasm. I was never so wrong. As I watched the women indulged themselves, my member grew harder and harder until it stood poise once again.

Charlotte gave me a knowing look without stopping her teasing on Melissa. My body began to move on its own. My feet trudged forward, one step, and then another, until I was right behind Charlotte.

The lawyer arched her back slightly, angling her pussy upwards, wanting me to take her. I guided my cock until the head was pressed between two glistening lips of Charlotte's opening. Slowly but surely, her pussy widened and then swallowed the head of my cock. The lawyer mewled and pushed herself against me. I watched with shuddering excitement as my cock gradually disappeared between the crack of her butt cheeks.

The sensation of my cock and the friction between her wet hugging walls and my shaft were staggering. "Brandon, do it slowly. I'm still a little sore." Charlotte moaned. Heeding her plea, I undulated my hips in a sedated pace and I slowly fucked her.

As I did her pussy, my hands explored the softness of her velvety skin. I leaned forward until my chest was leaning against her warm back. My hand continued their venture, seeking out untouched region and making sure every inch of her body was thoroughly felt up.

My palms soon resided beneath the substantial weight of her breasts, my fingers toying her erected nipples. "Ahhh…Brandon." Charlotte cried.

My cock twitched at the cries of pleasure. It needed more stimulation, it ached to pummel and ravage the hole it was in. My hips began to move faster, my cock eliciting more pleasure from the friction against her moist walls. When Charlotte did not protest, I increased the pace a little more. I continued to do so, increasing the speed bit by bit at Charlotte's perpetual complacency. Before long, I was humping against her round ass as fast as I did when I fucked Melissa.

Charlotte was no longer paying attention to Melissa. Her attention had shifted. She leaned her face against the soft cushion of the couch while crying out my name in sexual ecstasy.

Her pussy gripped against my cock hard, bringing me closer and closer to my release. Then, as if possessed, I pounded against her pussy hard, disregarding her prior request completely. Charlotte did not protest, instead, she arched her back and angled her pussy to better receive my merciless assault. "Oh yes, Brandon." Charlotte squealed and her body rocked violently.

Her pussy clenched around my cock tightly, demanding for my release. I grabbed her hips and yanked her onto me. I placed my lips against her shoulder blade and sucked hard as I continued my pounding against her opening. My balls tensed up, forcing the cum through the narrow space of my urethra before unleashing out hot ropes of cum out of my cock and into Charlotte's pussy. "Brandon." She moaned as orgasm ripped through her body. She had, perhaps instinctually, tried to lunge forward to remove herself from the impalement of my cock.

I, perhaps instinctually as well, held her in place while my throbbing cock gradually filled her up. I peppered her back with kisses, especially on the hickey that had formed, as we waited for the aftershock of our release to wither down. Once we regained sufficient senses, I began to dress up and so did the two women. I couldn't say I didn't enjoy looking at the two women struggling to stay on their feet as they put on their pants.

I wondered if this was what male pride feel like, to realize that you've made to women so satisfied they couldn't think straight enough to keep their feet under themselves. When I saw Charlotte and Melissa struggled to hook their bras, I went to help them out. They were appreciative of my help and both of them kissed me on my cheek before putting on their tops. To our relief, my mom did not walk in on me fucking her friends.

Nevertheless, I didn't think we all would have stopped anyway until our release so there's that. Melissa and Charlotte, once their strength returned, went up to the bathroom to take a quick shower. While I was exhausted from the two orgasms, I forced myself to start cleaning the house.

My mom could never do it alone and I knew exhaustion from sex shouldn't be an excuse to skip out on house chores. Charlotte was the first one to come down. When she saw me cleaning up the mess, she volunteered to join in. I told her that she didn't have to since she was a guest, but Charlotte insisted. Melissa soon joined when she too had taken her shower. I took care of the kitchen and dining room, which was littered with used paper plates and dirty dishes, while the two took care of the living room and the porch.

I first brought the stacks of dirty plates to the kitchen sink and placed them into the dishwasher. Once that's done, I went to clear up the kitchen counter and dining table. I even gave the floor a quick vacuum before mopping it with plain water. It wasn't as decent a job as my mom would have done, but still the kitchen and dining room were much presentable than before.

Time passed so quickly that I didn't even know how long I'd been cleaning until my best friend showed up.

"Dude." I heard a familiar voice calling me as I was tying the last bag of trash. "Who are those girls at your porch?" "You're early." I turned to see my best friend Jason standing at the doorway. Obviously, the women had let him in the house. "And I wouldn't call them girls.


They are my mom's friends." I said, insinuating the age of the women. "Holy shit man. They look hot." Jason exclaimed while leaning out the doorway perhaps in an attempt to check out Charlotte and Melissa. I didn't know why but I found his untimely presence a little annoying despite the fact that Jason always dropped by my house in similar fashion. "A little help would be nice, you know." I said through gritted teeth. "How old are they?" Jason asked as he helped me took two large bags of trash.

"How the hell would I know?" I lied. I didn't feel like telling him since women never liked their age being known. "They must be around their late twenties." He speculated.

I was pretty sure his speculation would make the two women really happy. Well, be that as it might, I wasn't planning to correct him anytime soon. We went out to the general waste bin located behind the house. Charlotte and Melissa were picking up whatever trash on the lawn that the crew had missed.

I cast a side glance at my friend, whom didn't seem to be showing any attempt to hide the fact that he's checking them out. I couldn't really blame him, really. The women weren't exactly conservative with their choice of attire. Melissa was wearing a one piece sleeveless sundress with a very low cut design that revealed a generous amount of her substantial cleavage.

The dress was white with repeating floral pattern in bright primary colors that beckoned to be noticed. The fact that her dress only reached to her mid-thigh certainly added to the attraction she had on my friend. With her petite stature coupled with the innocent look she had, she looked like someone you would want to kiss on the head every time you see her.

Charlotte was a little more sophisticated with her wardrobe choices. She had on a white see-through blouse with a beige camisole underneath. While the blouse covered the entire length of her upper body, her camisole didn't, which left a sliver of her olive skin around her abdomen for the world to see.

She was wearing an orange skirt with pleats that swiveled fluidly whenever she walked. The skirt was, perhaps to my friend's disappointment, only a couple of inches away from knees and destroyed any hope of an accidental panty-shot. Thought not very alluring in the Penthouse kind of way, she looked marvelously professional. Very elegant. Very alluring in the 'hot teacher in high school everyone wants to sleep with' kind of way.

Although I might have been overthinking it, something told me that they wore those clothes to show to me. If that's the case, I would have to admit that it made me feel kind of proud in the oddest sense of the word to see my friend being attracted to them. Thank god they had their bras on or Jason might go into an epileptic fit. "Dude, they are so checking me out." Jason exclaimed excitedly as we walked across the lawn.

"They are not." I said pointedly. I might not be able to exactly pinpoint where the women were looking at, but I had all reason to believe they were looking at me. When I reached the waste bin I tossed the trash into it.

"Whatever." Jason brushed my remark off. "The blonde is really cute, man. And that tall one, I'd let her walk me over any time. She's got that hot lawyer kind of look, you know what I mean." "Just shut up and help me with the trash." I said and tossed him the bag of trash.

He caught it before it hit the ground and hauled it into the waste bin. "Shit, man. What's up in your ass." Jason cast me a frown. "What?" I asked with feigned ignorance. "You're kind of a douche." Jason said.

I wanted to say something clever like 'I learn from the best' or something equally snarky until a rational part of me kicked in and kept those words from leaving my lips. "Just tired." I gave a shitty excuse. Not that I wasn't, but I knew my acute irritation had nothing to do with the lack of sleep.

"The party ain't cutting it for you, isn't it?" Jason gave me a knowing smile. "You should come again and stay till the end the next time." I crossed him a look. "You know what, I think I might." He said thoughtfully while nodding.

"I doubt it." I scoffed. "No, oh no. I will. You are my friend, so I guess I have to help you out." If he had said it on any other time, I would have believed his sincere words. With his eyes glued to the two women on the lawn, however, it's obviously more than just friendship he's trying to invest into.

"Stop staring at them. They are my mom's friends." I hissed. An inner voice ranged in my head telling me what a hypocrite I was. (You fucked them for Christ's sake.) "I can't help it.

They are hot" he said. "Oh God, the blonde's coming here." Jason turned to me and began running his fingers through his hair. "How do I look?" "Spectacular." I groaned sarcastically. "Hey, Brandon" Melissa popped her head from the corner. "Charlotte and I are done with the lawn, you need any more help?" "No." I said curtly. "You sure?" "Yeah." I nodded. "Well then, care to introduce your friend?" Melissa cocked an eye. "Uhm…this is Jason Packard.

My best friend since elementary school." "Hi, I'm Jason." Jason went into his pseudo-chivalry mode and held out a hand. "I'm Melissa." "Nice to meet you." Jason shook her hand with eccentricity bordered on a creep. Or at least that's what it felt like to me. Apparently, Melissa didn't seem to share my sentiment. "Nice to meet you too, Jason." She replied. "So, if there's nothing else, Charlotte and I are going to go now." "Yeah." I croaked.

Words didn't seem to cooperate with my lips so well all of the sudden. "See you on Tuesday then." Melissa, amused by my acute embarrassment, gave me a wink before leaving the two of us.

"See you on Tuesday?" Jason cocked a suspicious look at me as he repeated her words. "She and my mom have something to discuss about the donation collection." I lied and brushed him off and went around back to the lawn.

I could see the sashaying frames of the two women as they walked to Charlotte's red Mustang. "Look at their ass." Jason remarked lecherously. "Cut it out. That's my mom's friends." The words flew out of me so quickly it almost sounded like a pathetic display of jealousy than an actual concern for the women.

"What's wrong with you?" Jason stared at me weirdly. Granted, we always talked about the opposite sex, especially if the latter were really pretty. Like Charlotte and Melissa kind of pretty.

"Nothing." I said and walked away from him. As I headed for the porch, I saw Charlotte and Melissa gave me a wave goodbye before the Mustang roared down the street. I gave them a wave back but I supposed they didn't really see it. To my annoyance, Jason was waving back at them too. We went back into the house and Jason darted across the living room, straight to the kitchen and pulled out a can of coke from the refrigerator.

He tossed the can to me and I caught it. Then, he got another can for himself. We cracked the cans open as we went to the couch. "Where's your mom?" Jason asked while he picked up the remote from the coffee table. "At a neighbor's house." I said vaguely and gave a glance at the clock on the wall. It was reading five fifteen and a bitter taste of bile formed at the base of my mouth.

It had been over an hour since my mom had gone out. While I should have expected her to be chatting with her new found friend, I was a little bit worried since she was quite tipsy on her way out.

"I'm gonna give her a call." I pulled my cellphone out and headed for the kitchen. On the third rang, a distantly familiar voice came through. "Hi Brandon." It had a Russian accent to it and it took me a second to realize that it was Paulina on the line. "Hi Paulina. Uhm…why are you picking up my mom's phone?" "Oh, she's…" there's a deliberate pause as if Pauline had turned her head or something, "…currently busy right now." "Okay." I frowned as I wondered what my mom could be busy with at a neighbor's house.

"Can I speak with her?" "Hold on." There's some shuffling sound and some other weird noise that sounded like moans. I might have heard wrong though. Then, my mom was on the line.

"Oh hi, dear." She sounded breathless. "What are you doing there?" I asked. "And what's that sound?" I could hear a faint buzzing noise that hummed incessantly through the phone. "Uh…ahhh…I'm just…you know…talking with Paulina." She stuttered like a Marathon winner who had just finished the race giving an interview. "Why do you sound so breathless?" "Paulina…is showing…me how to…ahh…use a machine." "A machine?" my forehead crumbled with disbelief.

"A treadmill…yeah…she's showing me…how to use…a treadmill." "A treadmill?" Then, I shook my head to clear out the frustration. "Well, whatever. So when are you coming back?" "I'm not sure…ahhh…that depends.

Don't wait up for me." "Okay. You…uh…put Paulina back on." "Da, Brandon." Paulina voice came back. "What's my mom really doing?" I asked again. "Running on my treadmill." She answered without losing a beat. "Ugh…really? I'm sorry for that. You really shouldn't put up with her too much. She sometimes doesn't know how to control herself." I shook my head dejectedly.

"I understand what you mean." Paulina chuckled. "Don't worry, your mother is in good hands." "Well, thank you for taking care of her. And don't let her drink any alcohol if you can. I don't want her to get drunk again?" "Again?" there's a hint of surprise in her voice.

"She got drunk last night already. So…" "I see. So, your mother has gotten herself drunk last night as well, huh." Paulina said it in the way that it didn't feel like the words were for me to hear. "Yeah, till she passed out. Anyways, when she's done, just give me a call. I'll walk over to your place and take her home." "Don't bother Brandon. I believe your mom is going to stay here for quite a while.

I'll send her back when she's done." I couldn't help but to notice the threatening nature of her tone. "I really don't want to trouble you, Paulina." I insisted. "It's of no trouble, Brandon.

I love your mother's company anyways. Bye bye." The call ended abruptly. I stared at the screen of the phone wandering what the hell had just happened. The conversation with Paulina felt really strange yet I had no idea why. My train of thoughts were shattered when Jason called out from the living room announcing to me about the reshowing of Batman, the Dark Knight Rises.

I shoved my phone back into my pocket and headed back to the living room. As the movie credits started to roll, Jason and I talked a little bit more about my university life. There wasn't really much to talk about really. Pursuing a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering wasn't the pinnacle of social happenings in the university. And as always, our conversation quickly boiled down to the girls I met there.

Although I was taller than him by about 5 inches, he had a much bulkier physique. He liked to go to the gym and worked out at least five times a week. He looked like a younger version of Tom Cruise, with the short messy golden brown hair and a looks that most girls would find hot. And I sometimes did find myself being jealous of him being able to get laid so easily.

While the college had a lot of girls, some really pretty too, but they were almost always exclusively in the social sciences. With that said, the only girls in my course were those nerdy looking kind that wore sweatshirts and straight jeans to class. Not the kind of girls that Jason would consider as hot so I said no. I turned the question to him and as expected, he'd set his sight on yet another girl that was way out of his league. Jason, how should I put it, wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

He and I was sort of the Yin and Yang symbol. While I was smart and introverted, Jason was stupid and couldn't stop getting himself the attention of the people around him.

While I was rational with my actions, Jason was the one that lived on the edge of chaos. I didn't particularly liked his personalities at times but our decade long friendship had straightened out our differences that we didn't bother leaving one another. Besides, if I had a dead hooker in my bed, who else was going to bury her if not Jason, though I did have to add that his stupidity might mean getting me caught anyways.

So when I heard he had wanted to go after Charlie Yates our high school beauty, I let out a laugh. Charlie was smart and rich and completely way the fuck out of Jason's league. Hell, she wouldn't even bat an eye to me even if I had the largest yacht under my feet. She was not the kind of girl that would waste her times on guys like us.

Still, I believed that a guy should dream big and gave my buddy some encouragement to draw her a heart on her Starbucks coffee cup should she ever ordered from him again. And yes, Jason worked as a Starbucks checkout. And he also unbelievably loyal and perhaps that might be the virtue enough to sway the beautiful rich girl. "She recently dyed her hair to dark brown." Jason supplied. "Show me." I said and Jason began browsing through Instagram.

One thing rich beautiful girls can't stop doing was posting their fabulous photos online on basically everything they did. Eating, shopping, walking, jogging, working, leaving the house, watering the plant, at the gym, especially at the gym, and many other daily routine that no one really give a damn about. Unless of course if you are pretty, then everyone gives a damn. When Jason showed me the image of a brown haired girl looking dreamily into the snow covered Alps under the glory of the brimming sun, I felt my jaws fell open.

Her eyes were glistening with a sense of hope as it reflected the warmth of the sun. The light complexion of her round face, reddened at the cheeks by the frigid temperature of the highland, made her looked all the more alluring against the white backdrop. A few tresses of her hair hung haphazardly down one side of her face made her looked all the more wild and sexy and I felt the usual attraction that I experienced when looking at really pretty girls.

"Cute right." Jason said triumphantly as if he was showing off a prized pet or something. "Yeah. I guess she is." I said nonchalantly, not wanting to display any signs that I was into the girl. Besides, I already had two beautiful women and I didn't need another one. "Man, I wish I can be her boyfriend." Wish was the right terminology used. Wish implied impossibility, which was exactly what it was. An impossibility. But I didn't want to kill his mood so I let him dreamed on.

He would soon come to learn the cold hard truth of rejection. And I would be there to take care of him should that day come. After the not so enlightening conversation, we went and reheated the leftover food for our dinner. We worked our way through a quarter of them. By then, we were already stuffed to the brink. We spent a little more time talking about random stuff until Jason decided it was time to call it a night. After Jason had left, I called my mom again. It was already ten and I didn't particularly not knowing where she was and what she's doing.

The terrible months of constant self-destructive tendencies in her right after the divorce made me very a vigilant person especially when it came to her well-being. "Hi, Brandon." My mom's voice came through. She sounded like she had just woken up. "Were you sleeping there?" "Oh. Yeah. I just dozed off." She let out a yawn. "It's already ten. Are you coming back any time soon?" I asked irritably.

"You shouldn't bother Paulina too much." "Hi Brandon." Paulina was speaking now. "She's not bothering me. And no, she's not coming back tonight. Halley and I have something to uh… discuss. She will be back tomorrow." "Oh. But-" "Good night Brandon." "Wait-" There was a chorus of girly giggles before the line went dead. I looked at the phone as I wondered what had just happened.

And why was Paulina right by my mom's side when my mom said she had just woken up? Where was my mom even sleeping in? It didn't take long for me to realize the obvious but some part of me still couldn't accept that though.

It was just too absurd to even consider it, let alone to accept. I guessed I would find out from her once she's back. (PS: Please vote the story "positive" if you find it interesting. Thank you very much.)