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Muscular guy straight porn Zack amp_ Ayden Piss Fuckin
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It was Friday night and, as usual, Julia had worked hard all day at being the virtuous wife. She had tried not to fantasise, as she did on most other mornings during the week, and had not fingered herself or even opened the drawer where she kept her vibrators, a dildo and a number of other kinky and exotic sexual devices buried under her stock of pretty lingerie.

She had avoided any contact with good-looking men and sweet young boys. She had worn slacks and flat shoes and had stayed indoors most of the day with no makeup on and her thick, dark, shoulder-length hair tied back with a plain black ribbon.

Still, she thought as she washed up the dinner dishes, one day of sexual abstinence was worth it for the freedom it gave her from Monday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday were the days when Henry, her almost paranoically jealous husband, 10 years older than she, exerted his conjugal rights over her.

On Friday in particular, he would be suspicious if she did not respond with her usual panting, squeaking, squealing and squirming. Cheating on Henry, especially when he was around, turned Julia on.

She had cuckolded him at least twice a week for as long as they had been married, but she had never been able to deceive him into thinking she was enjoying being shafted by his cock when she wasn't. She had tried it once early in her marriage when one of her regular lovers had fucked her to exhaustion one Friday afternoon. At night she had pretended to have an orgasm, but Henry knew she was having him on and there had been a huge row after he had accused her of getting it off with someone else, although he could prove nothing.

But Henry was like that prudey, self-centred, and jealous as hell, but also dull as dishwater. Julia peered into her Friday dishwater as if it were a crystal ball.

She could predict almost to the minute what would happen to her tonight. Henry would suddenly announce it was time for bed and switch off the television, his main evening occupation after his newspaper, whether or not she was watching it.

Upstairs, she would don one of her thin, sexy nightdresses, worn only on Fridays and Saturdays, and washed on Mondays for the next ritual performance. And instead of roughly plaiting her hair as usual, she would brush it till it shone and dab his favourite perfume behind her ears and between her tight little breasts.

The two had twin beds and she would be lying on hers, usually on her side with the covers down when he emerged from the bathroom, reeking of the cheap aftershave he always insisted on buying - probably, so Julia surmised, because some leggy young secretary at the office had told him it was "sexy". Her presents of other brands stood unused in the bathroom cabinet. She had taken back the one that turned her on the most and given it to another of her favourite young men but, typically, Henry did not even notice it had gone.

Then he would climb into her bed and take off his spectacles, fold them and lay them neatly by the bedside lamp. Turning to her he would start to feel over her slender body through her diaphanous nightdress. Always he would make some crass remark, such as "Real cock-stiffener that", and chuckle at himself for being so daring. It was when he put his arm round her and turned her towards him that it became vaguely interesting for Julia to speculate whether he was going to mount her "missionary" style or, as she much preferred, to turn her over and take her from behind.

But first there was the foreplay, Henry nuzzling her neck and saying what a turnon her perfume was - although it was always the same. Then he would kiss her and Julia would dutifully stick her tongue into his mouth. At this point she always closed her eyes and imagined she was being kissed by some man who had aroused her violently earlier in the week. This was essential in order to get her nipples stiff before Henry's programmed fondling reached her breasts. If there was any danger of her nipples not responding, she would get her hand down between their bodies and start to masturbate him sooner than usual, skilfully stripping back his foreskin so that his bare glans rubbed against the soft material of her nightdress while she jerked her little fist up and down his cock.

In extreme cases she would push him on to his back and go down on him immediately with her mouth. Julia was a compulsive cock-sucker.


Just the feel of a man's warm meat throbbing in her mouth excited her almost to orgasm. Henry loved the way she sucked, but he was too naive to realise that her skill must have been acquired from years of regular practice with many other cocks.

In fact, she had developed her technique with every boy she could lay hands on while still at school and since then she had sucked off scores and scores of men and boys. Before her marriage, when Henry lived in Barencester and had a landlady who did not allow visitors of the opposite sex, Julia had jerked and sucked him off on almost every date. Using her hand or her mouth to make him come in semi-public - in back-streets and doorways, in bus shelters and cinemas - turned her on tremendously and the egotistic Henry soon had the quite mistaken idea that she got her sole satisfaction masturbating him.

In fact, it merely aroused in her a sleeping serpent of insatiable lust, and after she had left him, her hot moist cunt itching for cock, she often picked up someone on the bus back to Innbury and fucked in wild lewd abandon in the local park or in the woods near her home. But Julia liked Henry's cock and loved to suck it.

It was thick and just long enough to reach her throat, so that it filled her mouth completely. The only problem was that, at the moment of ejaculation, he always grabbed her head and unloaded his sperm into her mouth.

It wasn't a big problem, because Julia was a sperm freak - "spunk hungry", the boys at school used to call her - and the more she got the more she wanted. She didn't mind swallowing a boy's spunk if it really turned him on - she adored the silky feel of it in her mouth - and, in any case, when Henry was ready to come, she was usually so hot and eager for it she didn't really care.

But what she really wanted when she jerked or sucked someone off was to watch him coming, to see all the spunk he had made for her spurting out of his cock all over her. She loved the feel of it on her face and once when she had been sucking Henry and had fingered herself to a frenzy, she asked him hopefully if he wouldn't like to come in her face for a change, but he had told her not be so "dirty" and, as usual, he had pulled her head into his groin and squirted into her mouth.

Julia knew then she need never ask him to do anything really dirty to her, in particular to fulfil one of her kinkiest fantasies - to make someone squirt come all over her best black cocktail dress. That, she knew, was really perverse, but she had always been violently aroused by the sight of sperm on her clothes, ever since her schooldays, when some boys had tied her up and abused her in the boys' toilet while they jerked their come off on her black gymn slip and stockings.

She shivered as she recalled the mixture of disgust and intense excitement she had experienced then and ever since when it happened by accident or on purpose. Her wandering thoughts returned to the evening ahead. In bed Julia was always thankful if Henry took her from behind, because it was easier for her to imagine she was being fucked by someone dishy and dirty like her sister's husband Jules, who could always shag her into hysterical multiple orgasms. When Henry's cock finally slid into her and he began to do it to her, Julia would close her eyes again - initially at least - imagining the prick of someone else.

And, if she could make the fantasy real enough, she would eventually come in the kind of squealing, writhing orgasm Henry always expected of her. With a smug smile of self-congratulation, he would then continue pumping his prick in and out of her until, gripping her firm little buttocks, he would squirt his spunk deep inside her, where she could see nothing and feel nothing.

Finally satisfied, he would abandon her and climb into his own bed, rolling over and falling asleep almost immediately. When he was snoring, Julia would get up and in the toilet she would indulge in the fantasies she had denied herself all day - fantasies about tall handsome men whose cocks were stiff and aching with lust for her and whose balls were bursting with spunk, or about smooth, naked young boys trembling with desire as she watched them masturbate for her. Panting with excitement, she would finger herself off to a gasping climax before returning to bed.

As she began to scrub the last pot of the evening, Julia suddenly thought "Why shouldn't I have a little fun before I go to bed with this dull, jealous tortoise!

If I could only see a sexy man and watch him get stiff for me, it would make it all so much easier to bear." And so, as she dried the dishes and looked at Henry ensconced in "his" chair reading his infernal newspaper, Julia decided on a bid for Friday freedom, however limited. "Is there anything good on television?" she asked innocently, knowing full well that he had already scanned the programmes and found nothing to his taste - football or Westerns or films with girls in flimsies.

He responded in the negative and carefully, with an air of naivety, she said, "Why don't we go down to 'The Stick' then for a drink." And she added, in as seductive a tone as she could manage, ".before we go to bed?" "The Stick Inn" - so named because of its famous pub lunches - was Julia's favourite bar.

It was the haunt of airmen from the U.S. airbase and young soldiers from the army training camp nearby, and it was always full. She often met her girl friends, the "Valkyries", there and one day, after they had "entertained" some Americans in turn in the toilet, they had renamed the bar the "Stick It Inn".

To Julia's surprise Henry agreed to her proposal, presumably thinking he would be there to keep her eye from roving. By the time she had made up, changed into a smart blue suit and thin white blouse that barely concealed her bra, and had smoothed on to her slim, graceful legs a pair of enticingly frail, honey-coloured stockings, it was getting on for nine o'clock.

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When they finally arrived, the bar was smoky and crowded as usual. They sat down beside another couple at the only table they could see with free chairs. After a few drinks the four fell into conversation and Julia could see that the woman, who was a little tipsy, fancied Henry a lot.

Her husband was in his early forties and quite good-looking. If there had been any chance of a swap, Julia would have opened her legs for him readily - but she knew Henry was far too much of a prude to let him screw her, however much he wanted the woman. The man fancied her all right, she was sure of that.

But she avoided the eye contact he was constantly trying to make with her. In the meantime there was more than eye contact going on between his blonde wife and Henry. From the way she was sitting and shifting about in her seat, Julia knew from experience that, under the table, she was rubbing her high- heeled shoe between Henry's thighs.

But Julia didn't care. She had come out for some excitement before the weekly boredom of being fucked by her husband - and already she had a good idea of where to find it. When they had come in she had noticed a bunch of young soldiers crowded round the door leading to the telephone and the toilets.

They kept turning to look in her direction and she knew instinctively they were talking about her, appraising her body and probably her sexual potential. The idea excited her tremendously and, knowing she would have to push past them to reach the door, she decided to go to the toilet.

She was sure they would try to chat her up and, who knows, maybe give her a surreptitious feel as she squeezed past them.

So the next time Henry got up to fetch some drinks, she excused herself and pushed towards the door through the crowd. As she expected, the soldiers jostled round her when she got there. "Hi, foxy lady, what's your name?" said one, while another made kissing noises at her.

She laughed breathlessly. "My name's Julia and I want to go to the toilet. Let me through. please." "Want any company?" another asked. Julia's soft hair, freshly shampooed as usual for Henry's weekly screw, swung easily round her shoulders as she twisted her head round to look at the questioner. He was about 20 and very good-looking. Her eyes flashed and flirted boldly with him, as if to say she wouldn't mind his company any day in a toilet. "Thanks all the same.

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I think I can manage myself - this time," she said as saucily as she could. There was general admiring laughter which drowned out something the soldier said to her about "the next time".

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He was standing between her and the door now, and he spread his arms to stop her getting through. One of his mates pulled him away.

"Let her go, Joe. Or d'you want her to wet her knickers for you?" They all laughed again and parted just enough to let her pass. As she walked down the corridor to the toilets she felt their eyes on her. She looked back and laughed, for they all had their heads poked round the door to watch her progress. She pushed her hair back provocatively and continued down the narrow passageway, adding a soft seductive swing to her slim hips that made her buttocks move suggestively under her blue skirt.

"Sexy bitch!" one of the boys groaned. "Just look at those fabulous legs! I could lick them all the way up to her cunt." "Bet she's got a really tight little hole," another speculated as Julia disappeared into the toilet with a last teasing glance back at them.

She had already begun to fantasise that they would follow her and abuse her sexually in the ladies' room. As she sat on the toilet seat she squirmed at the thought of them crowding round her, offering their stiff, quivering cocks to her mouth and hands. She began to circle her middle finger on her throbbing clit as she decided she wanted to jerk Joe's spunk off first.

They were waiting for her when she came back. This time, when they crowded round her, obscuring her slender little body from general view, she felt hands groping secretly on her thighs and buttocks. "Oh, don't touch me. please!" she gasped, squirming more from pleasure than protest.

"You're making me randy." Joe slipped his hand round her and pulled her against him. "How about a little kiss, Julia?" He was a whole head taller than she was and reluctantly she twisted her head away as he bent his down to nuzzle her perfumed throat with his mouth.

Someone was behind her now rubbing his crotch on her buttocks. Through her skirt she could feel his erection lengthen and stiffen and, panting softly, she instinctively circled her tight little ass against it.

Her assailant gripped her trembling thighs and bent his head down to her ear. "Ever been fucked in your pretty arse?" he whispered hoarsely into her hair. "Oh, don't.," Julia moaned in despair.

"My husband's over there!" Joe took her hand and tugged it down between their bodies to his crotch and rubbed it over his erection. "Is his as big as that?" he whispered. She felt herself being carried away on an irresistible tide of lust rising swiftly inside her. Desperate to stay in control of herself, she tried to free her hand, turning as she did so to where Henry was sitting.

Suddenly her heart stopped. In a brief gap between the jostling bodies she saw him looking directly at her. An icy shiver of excitement crawled up her legs and through her body to the roots of her hair. Impulsively, still looking at Henry, she began to fondle Joe's cock. "Hey! That's it," he breathed. The bodies shifted briefly and another thrill went through her as she saw Henry again. The idea that he would look at her while she was jerking off a total stranger excited her enormously.

With a little stifled moan of arousal, she tugged down Joe's zipper, worming her hand into his trousers to extract his throbbing erection. He stiffened in surprise. "Give me it," she panted. "I want to jerk it." "Jesus Christ!" he gasped as it unfurled into the coolness of her hand.

The ring of bodies tightened around the couple as the others realised what she was doing. "Christ! She's really cock- happy!" someone said. "Let's take her to the john!" "Want that?" Joe asked her. "No." Julia whispered breathlessly. "I want to do it here. like this." She slid his foreskin back and twisted her slender fingers round the root of his prick. Slowly she began to masturbate him.

"My God, the sexy bitch is wanking him off!" someone whispered to his mate at the back, and they craned forward, hoping to catch a glimpse of Julia's little hand as it picked up speed, pumping swiftly up and down Joe's rigid, rippling muscle with a screwing, twisting motion that showed she had done this countless times before.

"Hey, boys, she's a left-hander!" one laughed nervously, sliding his hand up under her blue jacket, fingering the ridge of her bra strap through her thin nylon blouse as her left elbow jerked back and forth, brushing his tunic. The soldier directly behind Julia moved round to her other side. "If you're a left-hander, then put your right one round that," he grunted, catching her free hand and trying to bring it to the bulge in his trousers.

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She pulled her hand away and used it to push him to one side a little. "One at a time," she panted. "Let me see. over there. I want to keep an eye on my husband." Thinking she was afraid of being caught and might stop before someone else had a turn, the soldiers stood where Julia wanted them to be in order to catch an occasional glimpse of Henry's head.

Each time she saw him she stopped and quickly licked her palm, making Joe gasp as she screwed it briefly round his slippery knob, sliding it slowly through her forked knuckles before she began to jerk her fist on him again.

Finally she squinted up at him expectantly. "Like it?" she panted softly. "Making spunk?. Uhh?" "God, yes!" he gasped.

"Don't stop. I'm going to come in a minute." Julia shivered violently as her hole contracted and oozed into her knickers in her excitement. Her fragile stockings began to rasp softly as she rubbed one leg up and down the other to soothe the hot, pulsing itch in her cunt.

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Warm bodies and groping hands were supporting her now as she swayed precariously on one slender high heel, clenching her thighs feverishly while she masturbated the handsome young soldier relentlessly, eager for his spunk. She turned her head again to squint at the gap the boys had left for her, desperately trying to refocus her eyes on the spot where Henry's head kept appearing.

Now more than ever she wanted him to look at her, when the cock she held began squirting warm slime into her hand. She looked up at Joe again. "Come on then. spunk me!" she hissed, gritting her teeth as she pumped his erection frantically towards ejaculation.

It passed briefly through her mind that his sperm might squirt through her hand on to her skirt. The idea excited her even more.

"God, give it to me." she whimpered. "Give me a lot. It. it turns me on.!" "Yeah, give it to her Joe! Give her a real handful," someone groaned. Her wrist was aching but now she could feel the muscle twitching violently in her grasp and knew the spunk was on its way. Suddenly Henry's head came into view again. Julia sobbed. "Look at me, you bastard!" she whispered to herself. "Look what I'm doing to him!" Joe's head fell back and his body stiffened and quivered.

With a gasp of triumph as she felt his cock spasm uncontrollably, Julia gripped him underhand between forked fingers ready to receive his sperm and, rubbing her thumb from side to side over his glans, she slowly and firmly pulled him off. "Awwhh, Jesus Christ!" he croaked. Henry turned his eyes towards his wife again. As they met hers, Julia felt the soldier's warm spunk squirt up over her wrist.

"Awwhh, yesss!" she whimpered, hooking one leg up and clenching herself in a squirming paroxysm of lust.

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The slime continued to pulse warmly into her upturned hand while Henry watched. He was mouthing words at her but Julia didn't care what they were.

She slid Joe's slippery cock slowly to and fro between her tight knuckles, milking the last of his load into her palm. In a moment it was over. Henry's face disappeared. She looked down at her hand. The spunk that had squirted up her wrist had spilled thickly over the gold armband he had bought her. "Oooo-er, dirty!," she crooned with a perverse shudder of pleasure. Joe watched as he tucked his cock away again. "Like it?" he grinned.

Julia laughed breathlessly.


"Uh-huh. Love it!" she breathed, eyes flirting with his. "Thick. mmm. sexy stuff. the kind I like.!" She had been on the very verge of an orgasm and she was still hot and trembling with arousal. She became aware of the soldiers jostling around her. Everyone was trying to touch her, talk to her.

"Wow!" "What a wank!" "Show us what he did, Julia!" In the background she heard someone mutter "Spunk-hungry bitch! Bet she sucks like a vacuum too!" Someone was crouching on the floor beside her legs and she shuddered violently as she felt his fingers crawling over her stocking. With a sob and a scrape of her high heels, she moved her feet apart, knowing the hand would soon move up under her skirt.

The soldier who had wanted her to do it with her right hand, pushed in front of her. "Come on, sweetheart, me now!" he panted urgently. Something nudged her thigh and she looked down.

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He had exposed his huge curved erection already and it was jerking to and fro against her skirt. A trail of clear slime glistened on the blue material. "Awwggh. my skirt!" Julia groaned, pulling back suddenly and almost falling over the soldier who was fondling her legs. "Give me a hankie first." He produced one and, shivering with arousal, she wiped first her skirt and then her wrist and hand. Then she returned it and willingly reached down for him. His cock was hotter and thicker than Joe's.

"Mmmm, big hot dick." she murmured as she worked the silky skin up and down the hard muscular core, sliding her fingers occasionally over the slippery glans. Her wrist began to ache again but he had been masturbating while she worked on Joe and she knew from the convulsive spasms in his cock that it would not take her long to make him come. The soldier on the floor had his hand up her skirt now, and with a sob of pleasure she began to circle her hips wantonly as she felt his fingers touch the moist slippery crotch of her panties.

Panting she turned her lust-drugged eyes in Henry's direction, clenching the groping hand between her thighs. This time she knew she would come if her husband looked at her while the spunk was spurting in her hand. He appeared in view again and with a whimpering moan Julia rotated her hips faster, clutching the cock convulsively and jerking it eagerly in short rapid bursts. Suddenly her heart froze in panic. He was not watching her.

He was getting up. As she saw him pushing through the crowd towards the ring of soldiers surrounding her. Julia released the cock she was masturbating as if it had burnt her. "Put it away. quick." she gasped. "My husband's coming!" The soldiers gathered round her even more closely to screen her and the ring of uniforms did not open up for Henry when he arrived.

Inside Julia hastily wiped her hand on her skirt and pushed her damp hair back into place. She was trembling all over, not with fear but with excitement.

"Julia, come on. We're going home," Henry shouted to her between the soldiers' burly shoulders. "All right," she answered. "Just a minute." Henry thrust his hand between the uniformed bodies and grasped her slender arm. "Not in a minute. We're going. Now!" he said yanking her out. There were cries of protest and threats from her bodyguard but Julia calmed them down. "It's all right," she laughed easily, shaking back her hair and continuing to flirt with her eyes.

"He's always like this.

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Bye-bye, boys! Hope you all get what you want. See you again sometime." Henry half-dragged her to the front door and Julia stumbled after him as best she could on her high heels. "You won't be seeing them again - ever," he muttered as he pulled her outside.

"Let me go, Henry," Julia wailed. "You're hurting my arm." "I'll hurt more than your arm when I get you home!" Suddenly she had had enough. She pulled her arm free. "You're not getting me anywhere! What the hell am I supposed to have done?" "You were up to something with them. What were you doing? What were you doing in the toilet?" "I was doing what everyone does in the toilet - alone.

They were nice boys and they were just having a bit of fun." Henry quivered with anger. "Having a feel at you, more like, and you were letting them, dirty slut!" "Don't you call me a slut! The slut was that bitch at our table." Henry flushed. "Oh yes! You needn't think I didn't notice her rubbing her foot on your dick under the table!" Henry defended himself hastily.

"She tried to but I didn't let her." "You mean she stopped when she saw she couldn't get you up," Julia taunted. Henry suddenly saw red and struck her across the face with his open hand. Julia clutched at her cheek and burst into tears. "You bastard!" she sobbed. He realised he had gone too far. Maybe she had just been flirting. "I. I'm sorry, Julia. I didn't mean it." "Fuck you!" she hissed viciously.

"Get out of my sight! Go and get yourself some whore to fuck tonight, because you're not having me!" "Look I've said I'm sorry. Now just come home quietly and we'll forget it." But Julia wasn't having any. She suddenly saw she had the chance of being fucked out of her mind by nine horny young soldiers and she wasn't going to miss it. "I'm not going anywhere with you. So just fuck off and leave me alone or I'll tell these soldiers what you did to me." Henry knew it was useless.

Reluctantly he walked to the car and after a last attempt at reconciliation he drove off.