The stripper experience mindi mink and sexy vanessa fuck each other

The stripper experience mindi mink and sexy vanessa fuck each other
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The following is a work of fiction intended as an erotic fantasy. The author does not promote, condone, or in any way endorse actual rape, sexual assault, or any other violent, immoral, and/or illegal act described herein.

I leaned on the wall, a plastic cup full of beer held in my right hand. I was nervous and frustrated. Here I was, at a party at my own goddamn frat's house, and I was striking out with every chick who I spoke to. My fellow Chi Omicron, Adam, exited the kitchen and trudged glumly over to me.

"'Ey Chad, you had any luck, bro?" he asked. His voice made it clear he was having just as shitty a night as I was. He normally talked in a voice that told you he was always the class clown. Now he just sounded like he was ready to give a eulogy. "Nah, I don't know what's up with bitches tonight" I replied. "Yeah dude, bitches being bitches tonight" "Oh well. Guess we'll have to keep trying", I said, trying to maintain a positive attitude. "Right on, bro!" Adam said, looking a bit more enthused as he walked off, my words inspiring a second wind.

I figured I might as well do the same. I saw a little blonde thing I hadn't noticed earlier, leaning against a wall alone, sipping on a cup of beer.

I walked over. "Hey there, sexy!" I said, trying to sound endearingly cocky. "Uhh, do I know you?" she asked, giving me an icy bitch stare. "No, but I think you'd like to change that" I said, leaning on the wall. I had had a few beers and a couple shots of Jäger, so I was unintimidated by her icy bitch stare.

Plus she was about five feet tall and looked like she weighed under 100 pounds, which did not exactly make her wrath a concerning prospect.

If she wanted to get me to go away she was going to have to tell me to fuck off.

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"I think you're mistaken" she said, forcing a polite smile. "Hi, I'm Chad" I said, extending a hand. "I'm someone who tried to give a hint. Fuck off." She said. She did a bitchy heel-turn and stormed off to another room. What a cunt, I thought to myself, shaking my head in disgust.

I struck out with a few more women in the hour that followed, although none had been quite as bitchy as that little blonde cunt.


Seeing as it was looking like I wasn't going to get laid, I figured I'd head on up to my room. I walked in, and discovered a surprise. The diminutive blonde slut from earlier was on my bed, looking delirious. I think she'd had a bit too much to drink. I walked over. "You're in my bed" I said, authoritatively.

"Wha?" she said, looking at me with uncomprehending eyes. "You. Are. In. My. Bed." I said, enunciating each word to the maximum possible extent and pausing in between.

"Get out." "No!" she replied, as energetically as she could in her state of intoxication. At first I'd merely been exasperated with her presence, but her refusal on top of her earlier rudeness and failure to fuck me filled me with rage. I grabbed her shoulder-length hair and yanked it; she curled up and made a pathetic noise. "You want to sleep in my bed, bitch? Fine. But you got to do what bitches do in my bed." I growled. She looked scared. I don't really understand why the dumb slut has to know what happens when you pass out in a frat house.

She volunteered for what's about to happen. I slapped her in the face before grabbing her arms. I'm a big dude, 6' 3", and I work out a lot, so this short, thin girl had no chance of stopping me sober, let alone now.

I easily held her arms above her head with one hand while removing her shirt with the other. I look at her face and look into her icy blue eyes. Her make-up was beginning to run, since even in her drunken state the slap had hurt and she knew she didn't want this. Sucks for her. "No, no, no" she says softly, over and over again, trying pathetically to push me away as my hands caress her boobs over her bra.

After a moment of groping, I decide to take out the middleman. I grab the bra and rip it off, one of the metal fasteners flying across the room as it is torn from the fabric. She gives a little shout as this happens, and she looks even more miserable than she did before. I look at her pert C cup titties, capped with small, deliciously pink nipples which I tease with my fingers.

After a moment, I grab her tits and twist them. Her eyes practically pop out of her head as she screams, and her crying intensifies. I was afraid I was going to have whiskey dick, but watching the stupid cunt cry was making my cock so fucking hard. "This is what you get for rejecting me, you stupid whore" I said. "I'm sorry, sorry, I'm sorry" she slurred in drunken panic.

"Too late now, bitch. I'm going to make an example of you." On a whim, I decided to go further than I'd planned. "And I'm going to videotape it so that all the bitches know what happens when you say no to Chad Flynn".

I pulled out my phone and placed it on my dresser, so most of what happened in the room would be visible on video. I hit REC, then stood in the center of the room and addressed the camera.

"I'm Chad Flynn" I said. I walked over to the bed and grabbed the blonde, holding her in a headlock with my left arm while pointing at her with my right finger, "is some cunt who thought she could say 'no' to me. She's going to show us what happens to bitches who say 'no' to Chad fuckin' Flynn.

What's your name, bitch?" She remained silent. I looked around for her purse. Finding it, I fished around until I found her ID. "This is Chelsea Miller, the bitch" I said, reading off the ID and then showing it to the camera. As I went through her wallet I also learned that she was 18 and apparently not a student at my school. In fact, she wasn't in college at all; she was a student at a nearby high school.

Probably a senior, or the bitch is even dumber than I expected, I thought, smirking slightly at my private joke. "Alright bitch, it's go time" I said with savage glee as I released her head from my grip while simultaneously winding up, backhanding her across the room and onto the bed as she tried to drunkenly regain her footing. I dived after and landed on top of her, hearing the wind getting knocked out of her lungs as I landed on her tiny frame.

I dragged myself up the bed until my crotch was in her face. "Let me show you what stupid blonde cunts like you were born to do" I tell her, as I undo my belt. Still tears run down her face and she begs me not too. I slap her and tell her to open her mouth before sliding my cock out of my boxers. I let it land on her face with a soft thud, and draw myself back so that I am lying on top of her with my cock poised above her mouth.

"Bite me and I'll pick you up and snap your spine over my knee, you weak little bitch" I say. "Open up that fucking gullet and take my cock".

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Chelsea hesitated for a second, before opening her mouth. Immediately she gagged loudly. I'd straight jammed my cock down her throat with little preamble, and I was using my body weight to slam it in, so my hips smashed into her face. A cruel grin spread over my face as I felt her throat contract me. I paused after I first drove it in, taking a moment to bathe in feeling the throat of the stupid bitch who tried to reject me.

Then I began to furiously thrust into her mouth, using her whore gullet like a fleshlight. My hips her slamming her head down into the mattress, where it depressed the fabric before being pushed back up by the springs. With some effort, I got a rhythm going where my pelvis was bashing into her at the moment the force from the mattress had accelerated her head most, so that she was hit as hard as possible and my cock was forced down her throat as much as possible.

I looked down at her. She looked miserable. The constant exercise of her gag reflex combined with the overall trauma of the situation had ensured the free flow of tears from her eyes. They'd mixed with her skanky-heavy mascara, and now there were rivulets of black staining her face. I love it when cunts look that way.

The sight turned me on immensely. "Yeah, that's right, suffer you fucking cunt!" I roared, as I began to pound her throathole even more furiously. Her gags and sobs grew even louder and more violent, which naturally only encouraged me. I could already feel a great deal of wetness on my cock from her saliva, but now I felt an even greater level of sloppiness on my cock.

I looked down as I pulled my cock out, and saw a trail of vomit trailing behind it. A split second later, a torrent of greenish-yellow liquid poured out of her mouth.


"You disgusting bitch!" I yelled. I lifted myself up off her enough to make room for my swinging hand, which hit Chelsea's mascara-stained face and carried her almost as far down into the mattress as my body weight had. Unfortunately, this caused even more vomit to run from her mouth and onto my sheets. "You're going to pay for that" I said threateningly.

Chelsea didn't even seem to register the remark, her world had already in shambles from the situation as a whole. The slap had shattered what little hope she had left inside her. Her psyche had been reduced to nothing but a feeling of worthlessness and emptiness, and god damn did that make my cock hard. Stupid fucking cunt never should've tried to say "no" to Chad fuckin' Flynn. She barely even resisted as I grabbed her blonde locks in one hand, the camera in the other, and dragged her to the bathroom.

It had gotten late, and all my brothers seemed to be asleep. Which was good, some of what you hear about frat culture is justified but there are definitely a few guys around here who would not take kindly to this kind of thing it's one thing to take advantage of some skank while she's drunk, but a lot of guys get antsy when it comes to out-and-out rape. Personally I think those guys are pussies. But whatever, different strokes for different folks and all that.

Reaching the bathroom, I shoved Chelsea in unceremoniously and shut the door. I set up the camera on the side of the bathtub, which was directly across the room from the toilet. Not the best spot to see the action, but I was sure the video would still make it clear what was going on. I grabbed her by her hair and sat down on the toilet, yanking her head over to me. She gave a little yelp at the abrupt pull. "Wait…wha…what're you doin'?" she mumbled. "You're gonna wash me, right?".

I began to laugh loudly. I could not believe this stupid cunt did not get it. Oh well, she'd figure out soon enough. I adjusted my position on the toilet slightly, so my legs were spread and there was a sizable gap between my cock and the toilet seat. I grabbed her head and pulled it on my cock. Chelsea kept her lips closed. I slapped her in the face again. "Open your mouth!" I screamed. She whimpered momentarily before opening her mouth. I jammed her down, her gag reflex fighting for every inch but still unable to stop the inexorable press of my cock down her throat.

I made an appreciative moan as I felt her lips touch my nuts. I drank in the sound of her retching. I looked down and saw her beginning to tremble due to lack of oxygen. After she emitted a particularly loud gag, I felt the wetness again and knew I'd made her puke. This time, however, I saw no reason to pull out.

My new position made it so the booze she'd had earlier just trickled down my cock and onto my balls, a sensation I enjoyed immensely. It then dripped into the toilet, and my sheets were safe from further harm. "That's right, you little blonde cunt, gag on it. You deserve this. You came to this party and got way too wasted. You were gonna puke one way or another anyways.

Fucking retard" I said, watching the vomit continue to trickle out of her mouth. I could not believe how good this was feeling. Between the sensation of her throat and the incredible feeling of power abusing Chelsea gave me, I was about ready to cum, and figured it was late and there was no point in fighting it.

I began to hammer Chelsea's face with renewed fury, her vomit and spit having provided excellent lube for her throat, enabling me to slam her head on and off my cock what must have been three times per second. The booze was making cumming a bit difficult, but I was almost there.

Then the door opened. I feared for a split second I was about to get in serious trouble, but thankfully it was just Adam. "Gimme a second" I said, as Adam processed what was happening.

The polite thing to do would be to leave, but Adam looked transfixed, staring at the object I had created in just a few short minutes. I was too horny to care about modesty now, and I yanked my cock out of Chelsea's throat, letting it hit her in the face as she slumped, right cheek resting on the toilet bowl, panting hysterically. I gave my dick a few enthusiastic tugs, then came on her left cheek, which was level to the ground and so served as a perfect platter to blow my load on.

I moaned as my jizz spurted out and ran down her face. She made a halfhearted attempt at a shriek as she felt some of it run down into her eye. After a moment, I recovered from my orgasm enough to grab her by her hair, pull her upright onto her knees, and backhand her.

The impact sent her sprawling across the room and onto her ass, right next to the bathtub. "What the fuck?" said Adam, his face still communicating little more than shock at the situation. But his shock was fading.

He was beginning to look a little aroused. Good, I thought. Hopefully this won't be the end of the bitch's suffering. It was, however, the end of my involvement, at least for a while. Adam could make his own video if he wanted to. I had to finish mine. I reached one hand around and grabbed Chelsea's face so her chin was cradled by my thumb and index finger, which I then pushed down to squeeze her cheeks together, forcing her into a pseudo-duckface.

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I made sure the camera got a long look at her face, streaked with tears, filled with misery, and drenched in vomit and jizz. Both of her eyes were pink from the booze and rough treatment, but her left eye was an angry red from the cum that I'd dumped into it.

She looked absolutely pathetic. "That's what bitches who say 'no' to Chad Flynn get" I said, with satisfaction. "Isn't that right, bitch?" "Wha-?" she said.

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"Say yes or I'm going to beat you bloody, you stupid fucking cunt" I growled. "Yes!" she shrieked. I turned off the camera. I was pleased that the last moment in the video would be her terror-filled face. She realized I was done and allowed herself to collapse into a sobbing, heaving mess on the bathroom floor. "What the fuck?" Adam repeated. "Fuck this ho, fucking bitch told me to fuck off." I replied.


"Wait…so…you…?" Adam said. I couldn't tell if he was even surprised or had just drank himself stupid and was having trouble piecing together the thought.

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"I just finished raping this slut, yeah. You want to have a go?" I asked, gesturing to her. "I don't know man, this is like, wrong, or something" Adam replied.

I stared at him. He busted out laughing. "I'm just fuckin' with you, bro. Yeah, this bitch was rude to me, too. I'd love to take her down a peg. Although it looks like you just finished taking her down several pegs" he said. "Eh, fucking blonde trash like this one can always be taken down another peg." I said, dismissively.

Adam began to remove his clothes. Chelsea managed to lift her face momentarily to stare in horror as she realized the implications of his actions.

She realized her night was only just beginning. She realized that tonight would be the night she would learn her place.