Slim brunette facefucked by a BBC

Slim brunette facefucked by a BBC
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First Meeting A Novel By: S. Stevenson This is a reproduction of the first story I have ever written. It was written especial for the woman that has inspired the character of Angel.

I hope you enjoy it. As always, I encourage you to vote and I invite your comments. So please take the time and let me know what you like and dislike. Thank You, S.S. ***** Seated in her foyer waiting, with all the patients that Angel's nerves would allow her to muster, for her daughter to take her to the airport.

Repeatedly she would rise and walk over to the hall mirror just to check her appearance. Angel must have repeated this checking process 20 times and each time she finds that her makeup, hair and clothing is just as she would desire.

While everything was not perfect they were as perfect as her features would permit. Logan Airport was about a 35 miles away by car and Angel's daughter was taking off of work to drive her there in time to catch her flight west. Master had sent her a first-class ticket. He was summoning her to his side. To meet in person for the first time. It had been months since they met on line.

They would talk almost everyday on their computers, and then they would sneak into the privacy of a phone call. Again Angel walked over to the mirror to make sure everything was perfect. As she looked into the mirror she wondered how Master would feel about her being taller than he is. She did not hide this fact from him. Nor did he hide the fact that it was on his mind for a time when they first met. As these things were running through her mind Angel lightly fingered the necklace Master had sent her.

He had not ordered her to wear it today, but she thought the silver would go well with her skirt and blouse. Besides, to Angel it looked like a collar. There are two metal pieces that snap together behind her neck and lay on top of her collarbone. The rest of the necklace is made up of over two hundred silver strands that wrap around her neck as they lay flat on her upper chest. In this day of permanent press her white blouse is ironed to perfection. The open collar allows the necklace to show, but it is only open enough to give off just a hint of the cleavage of her more than ample breast.

A smile came to her face as she noticed how clearly she could see her nipples through the material of the blouse. Angel had purchased a new cutout bra for this special meeting that left her nipples exposed. As she looked into the mirror Angel lifted, and lowered, each breast with her hands, and as if she was talking to the mirror she said. "I know he will like these." The pleated skirt was a very dark blue and had a matching suit jacket.

Angel was counting on the jacket to hide her nipples from the rest of the world. The hemline rested just above her knees. Angel smiled to herself as she noticed the flat of her stomach. Remembering all the hard work it took to get her stomach to be flat again after having her third child. That baby is now the daughter that she is waiting for, and has two babies of her own. A close look at her red hair Angel found every strand in place. Although her hair is short it still is very fashionable for a woman.

Angel wondered if her Master would have liked it a little longer. Oh well, it is to late now, she thought to herself.

Again smiling within Angel's thought wandered to the stereotypes of redheads that says they are the most passionate women in all the world. It was true in her case. She thought it was amassing that she would have such passions within her, especially when she looked at how she was brought up. Sitting back down Angel thought about her past and the road that brought her to this point in her life. Her first sexual experience at the age of 8 consisting of oral sex with her older cousin.

Lost her virginity at age 10. The first female to female experience at age 12 was directed by a neighbor as a show for his friends. First child at age 15 and her third at age 20. Two very abusive husbands. And, now she sits waiting to go and meet a man that it is her desire to call him Master of her life.

Many may think her unbalanced, Angel thought, but to her it is very normal. As a child and as a young woman she put up with all that was asked of her just out of her desire to please. To serve the needs of an other. The man in her life. The honk of the car horn broke into her thoughts. Angel jumped up with a start.

Quickly she grabbed her suit case, purse, jacket and was out the door. Her daughter, Babs, was half way up the walk as Angel stepped out on to the porch. Babs reached to take her mother's bag, but Angel just shook her head and kept walking. "Lets go dear. I don't want to be late." Rushing to the car, Babs held the back door open as Angel tossed her bag into the car.

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When both gals were strapped into the front seat off they went. Once they were on their way, Babs started the conversation, "Mom are you sure you want to do this? How do you know that he is not some kind of weirdo?" Babs knows about her mother's desires. "I have talked to this man for over four months now and not received one warning sign." "Mom I know, but that has only been over the phone.

Once he gets you to his house and all tied up he can do anything he wants." "I know dear, but we are not going to his house right away.

We are staying in a hotel near the airport until I feel safe enough to go to his home." Angel went on, "Oh dear, I left his name, the name and number to the hotel and his house in an envelop on the kitchen counter, and I will call you each night at about 9 PM.

If for some reason I do not call, you are to call the local police and give them these numbers." "You bet. I will turn his ass in if I do not hear from you." Angel just reached over and patted her daughter on the shoulder. The rest of the ride they talked about everyday things. The children, their deadbeat father and Babs' new boyfriend whom she had just met on the internet. Every once in a while Babs would throw in a question about D/s and how it feels.

Just as they were stopping to drop Angel off at the airport she turn to Babs to answer her questions, "When you are with the right Master it all feels wonderful." Angel grabbed her bag and said, "Give the kids a kiss and hug for me and I will call you tonight." ***** Once she was seated on the plane Angel started to thumb through the magazine that she had brought to read on the trip, but she really was not interested in reading.

Her mind was on her Master. Remembering back to a little over four months ago&hellip. Angel was moderating a chat room called "Safe For New Subs", she and another online friend set the room up to help out the "Newbies" that would come online full of questions. The idea of the room was just what the title says … it was safe … and it worked until the predators destroyed it.

At any rate Angel was in the chat room and in pops this Dom with the name of "No Game". He had a profile that would tell anyone that he was not interested in a new sub of any kind and any submissive that was interested in him had to be out of her mind.

Angel had decided that she was going to put him on "ignore" if he said the least little thing out of line. Then she was surprised that he never did. His real name is Scott Andrews. Scott did not enter into the conversation right away. He stayed in the background until one day a predator attacked a newbie sub. To Angel's delight No Game jumped into this predator's stuff and would not let him loose until he ran the SOB out of the chat room.

When his defense was no longer needed he sent a message to the room, "Sorry about that Ladies." He then slipped back into the background. Every once in a while Scott would answer a question placed before the group.

Angel felt that his answers were different, but she had trouble putting her finger on it. Then one day a sub asked the room if she needed to submit herself to anyone that said they were Dom.

No Game was the first to put his answer on the screen. "NO!!!! You submit only to your Dom/Domme!!!!!" His next comment really hooked Angel, "You owe respect to others regardless if they are Dominate or submissive. They are people … treat them with respect. As the submissive it is your choice who you submit to.

Not the Dom's. If a Dom is forcing you to submit against your will that is RAPE not D/s." Scott went on, "To all of you submissives I say you need to obey only your Master … To all others you are an equal and deserve to be treat as an equal." He may have tried to slip into the background after that, but the girls would not allow it.

They all wanted to hear more from this new Master that talked different than all the rest. Angel would have bet that most of the girls in that room were getting wet between the legs just thinking about this man with the new attitude.

She did not chase after Scott on that day, but she did put his name on her buddy list so she could track him whenever he came online. The tapping on her shoulder disrupted her thoughts. It was the flight attendant asking if she wanted a drink. Angel said she would take a white wine as she looked about.

The plane had taken off and she had not even made a conscious note of the fact. As it turned out tracking this man was harder than Angel had thought it would be. He only used the "No Game" screen name when he was in the "Safe" chat room.

Apparently Scott had made notice of her as well and place her screen name on his buddy list for his other name. Every once in a while she would get this instant message from this stranger named, "Master Trainer" The messages were always very respectful and always seeking assistance for a newbie sub in trouble.

Once his message had been conveyed he would slip into the background again. From that point on the chase was on. Angel had never chased a man like she did Mr. Scott Andrews, but then she had never met a man like this before. When she first IM'd and told him that she had been watching him in the room and thought he was the kind of man that she wanted to have as her friend.

Scott pointed out all the things that would be wrong about them being a Dom/sub pair. Angel is taller than he is … He was not a breast man and did not really like big tits &hellip.

He was not looking for a sub. Angel would come back at him asking, "Do you have a problem being friends with a woman with big boobs?" "I have no problems being your friend. In fact, I like you, but I am not looking for a slave. So, if you are looking for a Master, I am not it and you are wasting our time." So they both agreed to see if they could become friends. And … they did. Very fast and very close. Angel learned that Scott had been in a D/s relationship with is wife for over 25 years.

It ended when she died in an auto accident. That was only a few years before and he was not yet ready to let her go and so he could find another. Angel knew it was risky getting involved with this man. She could end up giving him her heart and he would feel that returning her affections would be cheating on his late wife. Despite all that they had in common there were still many differences.

Angel just knew in her heart that most of these differences were based on how his late wife submitted to him. Angel again was disturbed from her thoughts when she heard the bell ring telling passengers the seat belt light had just come on.

The flight attendants were passing up and down the aisle asking all the passengers to put their seats back into the upright position. Then she heard the flaps go down with the landing gear following right after the flaps.

Now the butter flies in her stomach really started to jump. Would Master accept her once he saw her in person? Would he take her tonight or would he put her back on the next plane out and send her back to Boston. Angel was not sure she could take that rejection at this point in their relationship.

The next thing that Angel knew the plane was pulling up to the gate. All the other passengers were getting up and starting to gather their things. Angel wondered what she would do when she first saw her Master. Would she greet him with a hug, or would she just knee before him and wait for his command. She decided on a hug as she admitted to herself that she would kneel if commanded to do so in front of all these people. The only thing that was important to Angel was the fact that she was going to be with her Master at long last.

As Angel got the end of the gangway she was both surprised and very disappointed not to see her Master. Wondering just what to do she just followed the crowd as she started to cry. Had Master seen her and already rejected her? Had he just not shown up? Angel could no longer hold back the damn as her eyes let out the tears without hindrance.

An other passenger, an elderly lady, came over and put her hand on Angel's shoulder. "What is wrong honey? Can I help you?" the friendly woman said. "I was expecting to see …" Angel stopped in mid-sentence. Angel and her new found friend had just reached the baggage claim center and there standing in the midst of all the confusion was a man holding a placard that simply read, "ANGEL" The tears stopped. A smile came to her face as she thanked the woman with a big heart.

Angel walked over to the man.

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From the pictures that they had shared she knew this was not her Master, but she was being greeted just the same. "I am Angel." She said. "I am to be your chauffeur." Reaching for her bag he continued, "May I take that for you?" "Yes you may." "Mr.

Andrews has been unavoidably delayed. He begs your pardon and expects to join you within two hours. I have been instructed to get you to the hotel and help make you comfortable. Will you please follow me?" Angel just had time to say, "Thank you." And the man turned to walk to the doors with her bag in his hand. Angel followed along a few steps behind him.

Just outside the doors was parked a black limousine. Her bag was placed in the trunk and the rear door was opened and held for Angel to enter.

As she was adjusting herself in her seat her chauffeur got into the front seat and smoothly pulled out into traffic. As the car moved in and out of traffic Angel returned to her thoughts. This man, Scott Andrews, was not the normal dominate man that you would find on the internet. Most of the others seem to think that D/s meant whipping the sub into submission. Scott would tell her that she had to want to submit to him. She had to seek his discipline when she displeased him. If she did not want his domination then there was no reason to proceed.

That is why it has taken this long for them to meet. Angel remembered how she was ready to have sex with this man after their first phone call. Scott kept saying that it was not yet the time.

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She did not yet have the desire for them to meet. He has explained to her that there are some things are a must to him. One was for his slave had to be cleanly shaven and not just a submissive.

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A submissive can turn it on and off while a slave lives her submission every day of her life with her Master. An other one of Master's must was anal sex. Even with all the abuse that she had experienced since she was eight there had never been any anal play. Angel wondered if Master was going to take her in the ass tonight. Would it hurt a lot? Could she take the pain and still please her Master? She found an inner desire to do this thing for him.

To please him even if she herself must suffer pain for his pleasure. Then there was the shaving thing. Master was firm on this issue. It had come up many times I their discussions and always with the same result. If she was going to be his slave all her pubic hair would be removed and her pelvis would remain bald for as long as she belonged to him. Once she asked him why, and he responded with a very logical reason … from a D/s point of view. "Most women look on the growth of their pubic hair as the start of their womanhood.

You know the changing of the guard so to speak from childhood to womanhood. Your removal of that symbol will signify your gift of your womanhood to me." Angel wondered if Master would be angry that she had not shaven before she came to meet him. "Oh, well it is to late now." She said to herself. Once at the hotel the chauffeur led her to the elevators while he carried her bag. Once they were on their way up Angel wondered just how much this chauffeur really knew of why she was here.

She smiled as she thought about the expression on the chauffeur's face if her could see her tonight on her knees sucking her Master hard cock. As they arrived at the suite, the chauffeur held open the door for Angel.

Once she was in he took her bag on into the bedroom and placed it on the luggage rack. When he returned to the main room he asked, "Is there anything else that you need Miss?" "No, I think that will do it." Angel started to look into her purse for a tip. "Please No, Miss. Mr. Andrews has taken good care of me, but I do thank you." That said he handed her a room key and an envelop. Gave Angel a little salute and left the room. Inside the envelop was a note from her Master.

It read: Dearest Angel: I have been unavoidably detained do to business concerns. These problems require my personal attention. I will join you just as soon as these problems come under control. In the meantime you can use this time to freshen up, take a shower and just relax. You will also find additional instructions in the bedroom for after your shower.

Love Ya, Scott Although disappointed Angel accepted it and thought it was good idea to freshen up. As she headed for the bath her brand-new outfit hit the end of the bed. As she peeled off her panties she frown came to her face as she thought about how much she had wanted to have Master see her in them.


So off to the shower she went just like a good slave should do. That is to obey her Master suggestions. ***** As Angel stepped out of her shower she found all her toiletries laid out between the two bathroom sinks. On closer inspection she found that her bag and all of her clothing had been removed from the room, and there were leather wrist and ankle cuffs, along with a single white envelop, on top of the dresser.

Gingerly Angel opened the envelop and took out the note. It read: Angel, put on the cuffs and wait for me in the nude. When you hear the front door open I want you to kneel in the middle of the floor with your back to the door., Scott Angel was mad now.

This was to much. However, as she thought about it she decided that she would not do this for most men, but this was the one that she chosen to be her Master. Angel put on the cuffs and sat in the chair next to the dresser to wait. She did not have to wait long. As she sat in the chair Angel had just started to think about her Master again when she heard the front door. Quickly she moved to the middle of the room and lowered herself to her knees. As a further gesture Angel bowed her head, placed her hands behind her back and listen as hard as she could to hear his foot steps.

The silence was broken by his voice, "Open your legs, Angel." Angel complied as Master slipped a black silk scarf over her eyes. Just as quickly Scott snapped her wrist cuffs together. Now secured and unable to see Angel's Master leaned over her shoulder and placed a kiss on her right cheek.

With both his hands on her shoulders he whispered in her ear how beautiful she looked to him and how happy he was that she was here. Stepping in front of Angel her Master ran his hands lightly all over her. Cheeks, neck, shoulders, breasts and so forth until his fingers inspected every inch of this woman that came to be his slave.

His inspection ended between her legs as Scott ran the side of his finger along her slit. He opened the portals of skin that protected her sex from outside intruders.

Bringing his lips to hers he invaded her mouth with his tongue. Again he was very thorough as he inspected every inch of her mouth. At the same time his fingers invaded her pleasure tunnel and her sex let out a loud squish. As the kiss was broken Master said, "My word sweet one, you are gushing in the moisture that you are releasing.

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Have you been thinking about being fuck for long?" Lowering her head as if to look at the floor Angel said, "Actually Master, I have been excited about learning just how you taste." Smiling Scott said, "Aren't you the precocious one this afternoon." "Master, don't make fun of me. Not today.

Please Master, let me taste you at long last." After all this time all Angel could think about was jut how honored she would be if her Master would use her mouth for his pleasure. Scott did not delay the issue any longer. Stepping in front of Angel he opened his pants and pulled out his male member. He was harder than he had been in a long time.

He laid his shaft along her right cheek and started to rub it back and forth. Angel also wasted no time as she opened her mouth and sucked in the head of her Master's cock. And, suck she did. Angel was being very greedy as she sucked every inch she could into her mouth.

Running her tongue back and forth along the vein on the underside of this penis. She thought to herself, "The skin on his member is so smooth." Without hands to guide and direct Angel did her vary best to sink Master's manhood past the back of her mouth and on into her throat until her lips nestled in his pubic hairs at the root.

Master did provide a little help by taking hold of each side of her head as he started to pump in and out of her. Angel thought he was going to use her to fuck her mouth, or was that she was hopping he would use her as his own little fuck toy. Shocked and hurt when Master withdrew from her mouth.


He pulled out and left her mouth still sucking but receiving only air. He did replace his cock with a wonderful soft kiss. As he broke off the kiss he said, "You are wonderful slave Angel. Your mouth in one of the best that I have ever felt, but we have other things to do." As he spoke these words Master was helping Angel to her feet.

Carefully Scott guided Angel over to the bed. Backing her up until she could feel the mattress against the backs of her legs. Just as carefully he laid her down on her back. Bringing her feet up onto the bed and placing her heels next to her bottom he softly said, "Open wide for me Angel." Another rush of excitement flushed itself through her body because she knew that her Master was looking at her. Oh how she wanted to take off this damn blindfold just to get a look at her Master's face as he looked on her sex.

The very womanhood that she was giving to him. Did he like was he saw? Was he excited? Was he about to use her as he both took his pleasure and gave her pleasure at the same time?


There was a buzzing sound … Angel's thoughts ran to how her Master was going to play with her womanhood with a vibrating dildo. Angel thought that dildos are fine, but today, right now, she wanted the real thing sliding in and out of her.

She felt the vibrations moving across her pubic mound, between her legs and moving slowly over her vulva. Angel felt his fingers pulling at her skin as the vibrations followed where he had stretched her. His fingers opened her up and it hit Angel. She knew just what is was the Master was doing. He was not using a vibrator, but he was using an electric razor.

Master was living up to his word that he would remove any and all pubic hair. All this time Master did not say a word. Just as the buzzing stopped Angel felt a creamy liquid being rubbed into her pelvic region.

Then she felt the scrapping across her mound and between her legs. Scott spoke softly, "Angel, when you do this in the future you are to use cream rinse to soften the hairs and not shave cream. The cream rinse helps to avoid the stubble and the ingrown hairs that are sometimes common in pubic shaving." "Master, am I going to be shaving myself in the future?" "Just as long as you want to be my slave you will be clean shaven of all body hair under your neck." Scott was very thorough, and careful, in his shaving endeavors.

Angel thought to herself that he was also an expert at his chosen task as she felt the razor move across her labia, over the "V" formed at the top of her slit. He even removed any of the small hairs around her asshole. Once Master completed his task he started to run his hands over the inside of Angel's thighs.

His touch was very tender, almost to the point of tickling more than being sensitive. A single finger along the crease that runs between the her body and her leg.

First one and then the other. Master was doing painstakingly accurate, careful and thorough research of every pore in Angel's pubic area. Angel's head was rocking from one side then to the other. She wanted to yell at the top of her lungs, 'Stop the damn teasing and fuck me.' Master opened the folds that protects the entrance into her womanhood.

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Slowly, painfully slowly, Scott inserted one finger. Deeper, and deeper, reaching as deep into Angel as the length of his finger would allow. Curling his finger to bring the flat against the granular area that hides the G spot. Angel told him when he found the right spot as she sucked in a huge breath. Her pelvis quivered. Her large breast bounced up and down as if she was running rather than laying on her back on the bed. With his other hand Master spread open her labia even wider until he saw his target.

Scott continued to work his finger against Angel's G spot and brought his tongue, and mouth, to bear against the hood of her clit. Sucking firmly, and deeply, Scott pulled Angel's clit out of it's protective sheath and into his mouth.

He continued to hold her clit firmly by applying his force of sucking hard while he worked his tongue on the tip and then on the sides.

Angel yelled, "Oh Master, I need your permission to cum!" Scott just mumbled something, but no-one could tell just what his words were, because he did not want to release his hold on this little button of excitement. Master continued his assault on her clit and Angel's body jerked, quivered and just shook. Scott knew that she was very close from the amount of liquated that she was excreting. Then in an instant it came. The explosion that jerked Angel's body off the bed.

Every muscle she had tightened, then relaxed and tightened yet again. The walls of her vagina collapsed on his finger as if they were a vice. He vagina pumped his finger as if it was a cock and she was expecting it to receive his seed.

As Angel settled down and her muscles started to relax Master withdrew his finger and his mouth. He still ran his hands all over Angel to help her relax. Climbing on the bed next to her Master lifted the blindfold off her head.

Angel smiled as she got her first in person look at her Master. She reached her mouth up to kiss him and Master responded with a soft, tender kiss that neither one of them wanted to end. Releasing her wrists from their bondage Master moved up the bed until his head was on the pillows.

He motioned for Angel to join him, which she did. Laying down in his arms with her head on his shoulder. His left hand was on her breast and her right hand was on his chest. Scott lifted her chin so they were looking into the eyes of the other and said, "You were wonderful my slave.

You passed that test of your submission far better than I had hoped." Moving to kiss her, "I am so proud of you.!" "That makes me very happy Master. It was hard to trust you when I had not seen you, but now I trust you even more than I did before." As Angel spoke these words her hand moved down between her Master's legs.

Taking hold of his member she said, "Now, it is time for my Master to be on the receiving end." Just as Angel was about to take her Master into her mouth they heard a knock on the door. Her head shooting into the upright position Angel said, "What in hell was that?" "That is our dinner. I had ordered room service for our first night together." Scott started to slide off the bed and to put on a robe so he could answer the door.

Just as he was about to walk into the other room of the suite Angel cried, "I have no robe to put on. Master what did you do with my bag?" "You are dressed just right for this evening. Just wait here until I get rid of the delivery boy." Out the bedroom he went leaving a question mark on Angel's face. As Scott returned to the bedroom he offered Angel his arm as he said, "Angel, your dinner is served." Taking his arm they walked together to the table.

Master held her chair as she sat herself and all through dinner Angel wondered just what type of Master had she found. The beginning of many adventures to come. Again, I encourage you to vote on each part and I invite your comments. So please take the time and let me know what you like and dislike.


Thank You, S.S.