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Pregnant ruth blackwell gets creampied by bbc big black cock and bigblackdicks
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>>Rambling: I've had this idea bouncing around in my head for a couple years now as fap fuel: what I was excused of consequences whenever I *joined someone in the shower*. Lke, I can just walk in -with the clear intention to join some hot chick in the shower- strip down, fool around, bang her, and . that's all good. Purely self-indulgent fantasy. Probably something I dreamed at night. Then I realized that there have been a lot of times in my life where chick-friends showering just sort of ~happened~ around me, so the idea grew.

And now I'm kind of drunk and wrote one the mid-early chapters in a . [looks at story map] .thirty-part story???

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God help me. Watever. the start 'n end of it all came to me today, so I made words and thought to put them here. I have to use my account for something, right, don't I? >>Story: Feb. 2009 The moment I walked through the door I realized I had made a mistake - I had come to the party too early.

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Probably an hour too early. Walking up the split-foyer staircase towards me the birthday girl approached, now looking up, now startled to see me as she stood mid-stride in her bathrobe.

I knew I had only seconds. "Hey.

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Go back down the stairs to get back in the shower." I told her this as commandingly as I could without losing the sense that it was a keen suggestion. I knew it had to work - NOW. Haltingly, as if shifting her mental gears without no clutch, she registered the idea, agreed, and backed down the stairs. As she began to turn away I grabbed her arm and turned her back towards me, pushing her off the last step and against the wall opposite.

My other hand found its way through the folds of her bathrobe and split the garment. It came to rest on her breast, and the girl gave a gasp. "That. this is a different present than I-" I stopped her words with a swift kiss. It was her first, no doubt, and I felt a little guilty despite knowing that things would only escalate from here. I slipped the robe off her slight shoulders and she stood naked. I had to get her to the water.

Her after-shower glow was almost gone and the haze would lift any moment. "Let's go, [NAME]. Back to the shower!" I whispered these words in her ear, turning her and then guiding her back to the shower with a hand on her ass. She made haste, maybe sensing the urgency at hand no matter how little she understood it. With the door open, she stood bashfully in the stall and started the water once again.


She covered herself out of pure reflex and stared at me with blank curiosity. She was waiting for me to disrobe. I stood. I was not comfortable. "Hey. turn around," I asked. "I'm, uh, bashful." I stammered. I only realized how comical that was to say to the naked, bewitched girl as I faced her backside and shucked off my clothing. Naked, I approached and closed us both into the stall. I must have been too shocked by her nudity when she faced me before to realize her beauty.

Taking her in from behind and seeing the flawless contours on her backside -the natural flow of her drown hair; the emergence of her neck; the elegant angles and curves of her back; the slight and feminine grace in her legs; the unexpected girth and warmth in the thighs between- I was struck immobile.

I had but a handful of minutes to do as I pleased with her before we would be delaying the party, but I was contented to just soak it in. Then she turned around.

And I continued to breathe in the sight before me for a long minute. At my bidding, she reached up and streched out, her demure breasts flattening against her chest and her body pulling taught. In my daze I reached out and caressed her from the hip to the neck, tracing the line curving through her torso and cleavage.

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I was almost spellbroken by how rough it felt - all the water only created friction between our skin. "It's rough." "Hmm?" She hinted her question. I rubbed a finger on her chest. "There's a lot of friction here because of the water in our skin." A slight "O" crossed her face and she nodded knowingly.

Turning back, she pulled a bottle off the wall and made to hand it to me before stopping and looking down. Following her gaze, I was shocked to see how aroused and erect I had become.

"I, uh. never had an erection. 's been this hard before." She nodded, dumbly and as startled as me. Swallowing, she poured some of the contents of the bottle onto her hand, replaced it, and began to rub her hand together and on her chest - as if to say "will there be friction now?" I grabbed her hands.

Overwhelmed, I drew them -and her- down to my cock and wrapped them around it.


I gasped. I knew that my dreams had been good, but I never knew that they could be right! I didn't even think about it - my hips simply thrust.

Through her delicate and foamy hands I slid in and out as my breath began to grow short. I looked at her face and saw that she remained fixated on my shaft as it emerged and submerged through the froth around it. It was more than I could take. I reached under her arms and lifted her back onto her feet. I pushed one side, spinning her and reaching through my haze of lust for the bottle as she slammed against the wall, more than a little aroused herself.

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More of the bottle's contents drizzled over my rigid penis and I pressed myself against her backside, hips mindlessly grinding against her. Head next to hers, I could hear her short breaths and nervous, animated gulps.

Her typical calm demurity had all but left her. It drove me mad. I was not so much of a fool that I would let myself impregnate her, but nonetheless my hand shot down and drove my dickhead between her legs. And I had no idea thighs would be so soft.


I have no idea, still, how much I thrust. My mind blanked as I thigh-fucked her like my life and soul lay in the ballance. Groping, my hands found her breasts and held on tenderly but unrelentingly as I pounded against her toward climax.

I came. To this day, I remember how (oh, HOW) I came. On the wall I saw the froth of sperm splatter as I floated slowly back down to earth, and I wondered somewhere inside if I was holding her too tightly - that she would mutter her subtle "ow" like I had heard here and there before. We panted, gathering ourselves, for a moment.

I think we were both reluctant to disentangle ourselves, naive as we were to what we had just gone through. Still, people were bound to arrive for the party soon, and so we separated from each other.

(Either this "Effect" I had seen had worked, or else this girl had far, far more affection for me than I had realized. I wasn't sure which was a better fate.) We cleaned up, I kissed her (and her breasts) in gratitude, and we proceded to dry and dress ourselves once again for the party. No words were spoken. Just a look of understanding and affection -an agreement, of sorts- was exchanged and then we headed back upstairs to wait for the other party-goers to arrive.