DancingBear With HugeDick Takes Group Blowjobs

DancingBear With HugeDick Takes Group Blowjobs
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A New York Encounter It was my nephew Simon's stag weekend in New York; I really didn't want to be there but my sister insisted and my wife and daughters backed her up. My useless brother-in-law had deserted his family years before and I was expected to be a guiding influence; and so Simon, several of his friends and I departed Heathrow for a long weekend in the Big Apple. By unspoken, yet mutual agreement, on the first night I became separated from Simon and his friend's and found myself alone on 5th.

I spotted a small bar that looked welcoming and so having several hours to kill I entered. The bar was busy, but not crowded and I found a bar stall next to a gorgeous looking black female who I estimated to be in her early 30's. She flashed me a welcoming smile when I sat down her milk white teeth dazzling against her milk chocolate skin. As the evening progressed I chanced some surreptitious glance and was impressed by what I saw.

Her black figure hugging dress enhanced her firm large breasts and finishing at thigh level gave me a perfect view of her well shaped legs. She totally took me by surprise when she leant over and asked me to mind her stool whilst she used the washroom. As she swung those long legs off the stool I got a great flash of her lacy white panties that stood out like a beacon against her dark skin. I watch mesmerised as she glided to the washroom on her stiletto heels, her firm ass swaying in the tight dress.

When she returned she thanked me for minding her stool and I offered to buy her a drink. At that moment the fact that I was married with two children was irrelevant, after all I was thousands of miles from home and what harm could a couple of drinks do.

She introduced herself as Danni and told me she just loved my English accent. The couple of drinks turned into four or five and we moved to a dark recess of the bar where we engaged in some heavy kissing, her tongue penetrating deep into my mouth as I fondled her wonderful breasts.

One thing led to another and we ended up in my hotel room. As soon as I shut the door Danni pounced, I was pinned with my back to the door as she expertly dropped my trousers and shorts to my ankles and kneeling down delivered a mind blowing blow job, Danni knew exactly when to stop, keeping me in a state of total arousal. Just as I thought I couldn't take any more without cumming she stood and then lay down on the room's king size bed, I was really glad I had upgraded from the basic room I had been allocated on arrival, it also put me on a different floor from Simon and the others.

Danni patted the bed beside her and laughed as I hobbled over, my trousers tangling as I tried to walk; having told me to get undressed before I broke my ankles she watched me removing my clothes and then she reached behind and unzipped her dress freeing her firm breasts, she was not wearing a bra and the breasts remained upright, the large nipples pointing directly at me.

Danni cupped her hands under the breasts and asked me if I liked them, I vigorously nodded my head and immediately took her up on her invitation to kiss them. As I nuzzled her breasts she fondled my penis ensuring I maintained my erection, I could normally manage 8" but in her expert hands it felt much larger.

Soon she was out of the dress and we were rolling around on the bed, that's when I discovered her not so little secret. I found myself holding a 10" black snake that was at least twice as thick as my penis.

She laughed at my discomfort saying she thought I was straight, but everyone in NY knew it was a gay bar everyone but me that is. Danni made it clear that she was staying the night and I was expected to please her, she had not released my penis and to my shame it was harder than ever before, something she did not fail to notice.

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Releasing my penis she knelt on the bed next to my head and slowly stroked her monster to full erection, I just never knew they came that big, and when she presented it to my mouth and gently stroked the side of my face I willingly accepted it. I had never touched anyone else's penis before, let alone kissed and sucked one, but under her expert tuition in her words I became a passable cock sucker. We took turns kissing each other's penis and generally fondling, then she reached over and took a ribbed contraceptive from her handbag.

She slipped in on her penis before rolling me onto my stomach, I knew what was coming, but was so excited and aroused I didn't care; I needed her to possess me that night. I am not going to say the first time was magical, it hurt and because I was in a hotel room I couldn't scream out as her thick penis stretched my virgin opening before forcing its way past my sphincter and invading my rectum.

She was initially content to hold it inside me and enjoy the sensations as my muscles tried unsuccessfully to repeal her; then she slowly pulled back before thrusting even deeper inside me, a rhythm that she kept up for several minutes.

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The effect her movements were having on my penis was amazing and I ejaculated over the bed covers before she spasmed inside my bowels. Danni slowly withdrew then slipping of the condom demanded that I clean her cum coated cock with my mouth.

She lay on her back as I crawled between her spread legs and greedily licked her clean; her loud moans a testimonial to my performance. It seemed only natural that after we raided the mini bar we should clamber into the bed where after some further mutual stimulation she again filled my ass with her massive cock.

After what had been the most exhilarating sexual experience of my life we lay in bed drinking JD and talking. Danni was recently separated from a long term partner and tonight had been her first venture a newly single girl; we shared a number of likes, particularly in respect of food, books and music and amazingly we both worked for IT consultancies.

As I drifted to sleep in her arms I felt a sensation of belonging that had been absent in my life for several years. Next morning I woke with a start, my alcohol fuddled brain trying to register where I was; the ache in my ass confirmed that my memories of the previous night were accurate and as my eyes focused I saw Danni's short black dress hanging on the outside of the wardrobe and realised the sound of running water was someone using the shower.

A couple of minutes later Danni emerged wrapped in a large towel, seeing me awake she gave me her wonderful smile followed by a good morning kiss that gave me an instant erection. Gently slapping my penis she told me to get showered and dressed as she was going to give me the special tour of NY.

After showering I found that she had laid out some new clothes for me to wear, apparently mine were too "out of fashion" and she had arranged for some new jeans and a shirt to be delivered. She was also wearing clothes that she had not brought with her from the bar; her figure hugging jeans were a mega turn on. I was aghast when she told me that the first thing she wanted to do was meet Simon and his friends; and she made it very clear that this was not a subject for negotiation.

I phoned Simon and we arranged to meet in the diner under the hotel.

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I was completely taken my surprise when Danni repeated he previous night's performance and having dropped my new jeans and shorts gave me a sensual blow job, but this time not stopping until my cum filled her mouth, and I watched mesmerised as she swallowed every drop; laughing she got to her feet and without brushing her teeth she led me down to the diner.

The look on the lads faces when I entered the diner with Danni was priceless, she immediately identified Simon from the family resemblance and having congratulated him on his forthcoming marriage gave him a deep kiss; he must have tasted the cum on her breath. Danni announced that she was giving me the special tour of NY and hoped Simon could do without me for the day, she promised to have me at Newark airport the next day in plenty of time for our flight back to London; and without waiting for a response she grabbed my hand and led me from the diner, the stunned silence as we left was deafening.

Danni was an excellent tour guide, we used the subway and saw all the key sights; the Empire State Building, Manhattan Bridge, the Lady in the Bay, Central Park etc. We finished the tour at the door to her apartment that overlooked the park. I had guessed from our discussions that employment wise she was much higher up the food chain than me.

I just had not realised how much higher, the apartment must have cost a fortune. As she closed the door behind us I made a grab for her, and received a hard slap; she made it clear that for the remainder of our relationship she was the dominant party; and that anyway we didn't have time as her boss was coming to dinner as she wanted to meet me. Isobel, Danni's boss was a stunner; an Afro-American her colouring slightly darker than Danni that combined with her great body encased in a stylish dress gave me an instant erection, something she could not fail to notice.

She had arrived early and so we spent some time chatting whilst Danni prepared the meal; well it felt more of a job interview than a chat; she was an expert in drawing out information. The meal was exceptional and we all consumed several glasses of a spectacular wine.

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Two hours later I am sitting on the sofa between Danni and Isobel drinking more wine. Soft sensual music was playing in the background and Danni dragged Isobel to her feet for a dance, something suggestive to arouse me she said, having spent time on the sofa next to these two beauties I did not need any arousal.

They engaged in a girl on girl display that involved some deep kisses and the serious groping of breasts and ass's that was a massive turn on; this was for real, nothing was faked. When Isobel dropped to her knees and freed Danni's erect cock I nearly creamed in my shorts.

The sight of Isobel orally stimulating was just amazing and when she turned her attention on me I could not have resisted even if I had wanted to.

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She slowly danced in front of me slowly and mischievously stripping off her clothes until she was in just her lacy white underwear. Danni had stripped off her clothes and was stroking her monster snake as she watched Isobel dance, she made a lewd comment about the erection in my jeans and both girls descended on me almost ripping the clothes from my body.

That's how I ended up on the floor with Danni between by open thighs sucking on my erect penis and Isobel standing over me whilst she slowly moved her body. The bra was removed first releasing her pert breasts, then the panties allowing me to see her.to see her erect penis. She planted her feet either side of my head allowing me to gaze up at her tight ass and rigid penis, she slowly bent her knees, her wonderful ass and thick penis being slowly and inextricably being lowered onto my face.

With her ass just inches above my face she demanded that I pleasure her with my tongue. I tentatively stuck my tongue out and she lowered herself onto it, my tongue connecting with her opening.

She obviously loved the sensation as she was soon grinding her ass on my face as she demanded that I lick her harder. In a way I was glad that Isobel was riding me, it slightly distracted me for the wonderful sensations coursing through my body resulting from Danni's manipulation of my penis. Obviously satisfied with my performance Isobel rocked forward onto her knees so that her monster phallus was in line with my eyes; she stroked the colossal weapon, pulling the foreskin right back exposing the bulbous head where a drop of precum was visible.

She ran her finger across the head and raising it to her mouth sucked it clean, she stroked her snake a few more times producing more pre-cum, this time I was expected to suck it from her offered finger. Laughing she asked me if I liked the taste and when I nodded an evil smile spread across her face. With a couple of shifts of her body her penis was pressing against my lips, demanding entry to my mouth.


I thought Danni's cock was huge, well Isobel's was colossal. I opened my mouth as wide as I could; saliva ran uncontrolled from the corners of my mouth as Isobel forced her cock inside. Danni had stopped her ministrations of my cock and was kneeling beside Isobel watching as her friend fucked my mouth, Danni was encouragement to Isobel, telling her to fuck the bitch good, I assumed that that was how I was now seen, Danni's bitch, well things could be worse.

Isobel began to thrust her hips, each thrust driving her cock deeper until its head was striking the back of my throat causing me to gag. When she was fully inserted she grabbed my hair pulling my head forward and holding my mouth and nose against her groin, cutting off my airflow making me stretch my mouth even further as I struggled to breath. Then Danni was beside me whispering to me, calling me in a kind way her British slut, telling me to breathe through my nose and to try to keep swallowing.

Danni was gently stroking Isobel's engorged testacies. Isobel let out a low guttural moan and Danni quickly pulled my head away as Isobel's first spurt of semen shot inside my open mouth, the rest of Isobel's cum splattered over my face and hair. Danni told me to swallow the jet of Isobel's cum in my mouth and I then had to open my mouth wide to show that I had obeyed her. Isobel rewarded my efforts by helping me to my feet and giving me a deep kiss on the lips whilst gently fondling my erect penis, laughing she told Danni that I was definitely a 'keeper' and what was she going to do about it; Danni just said all was in hand.

I foolishly thought they were just taking about that night. Well the fun didn't end there; whilst Isobel had been kissing me Danni had moved behind me and gently pulled my arms back before applying hand cuffs to my wrists. She then lifted my arms up which in turn forced my head down and it was in this position that I was led into the flats large bedroom.

The handcuffs were then secured to a rope or chain which in turn was fixed to a hook in the ceiling, so I was secured and completely under their control. Next Danni blindfolded me and my legs were gently pulled apart and a spreader bar fitted to my ankles forcing my legs wide apart and making my ass immediately available to my tormenters.

I could hear them giggling and a clicking sound, yes they were taking photographs of me. Then there was the painful stinging sensation as one of them struck my across my exposed buttocks with a cane; whichever of them it was they were not holding back and the strokes were so hard I was close to crying.

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I sensed that Danni was standing in front of me, I was already acutely aware of her perfume, and the strong hands that were clasping my ass cheeks just had to be Isobel.

That was the first time I was ever subjected to double penetration; Danni filling my mouth with her wonderful cock; whilst Isobel's monster ravaged my ass.

As they pounded me Isobel reached down and grasped my erect penis; laughing she told Danni how hard I was and that I must be enjoying all the attention I was receiving. Each time Isobel thrust forward my mouth was driven further onto Danni's cock and each of her thrusts caused Isobel's to penetrate further into my ass. How they both managed to orgasm at the same time is beyond me; but at the same moment I felt and tasted Danni's cum spraying over my tongue I felt the sensation of Isobel's cum jetting into my bowels, she had not bothered with a condom.

They gently released me and both kissed me deeply thanking me for joining in their games, not that I was given the opportunity to refuse, we shared a shower in the flats massive bathroom, taking turns to soap each other; although only Danni touched my still erect penis, I suppose Isobel had recognised that I was now Danni's bitch.

More drinks and fondling followed until all three of us crashed out on Danni's king size bed.

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It was on the bed that Danni used her lips and mouth to give me the most mind-blowing blow job; I never knew I could cum so hard and for so long. I knew the next day I had to be at the airport and that this encounter would eventually become a distant memory, but at that time I never wanted it to end and through tears of sadness I told Danni that I loved her.

To my utter surprise I saw that she was also crying. I fell asleep cradled in her arms by head supported on her firm breasts as she stroked my hair, in my dreams I thought I heard her say we would never part. Danni and Isobel insisted on driving me to the airport, both had dressed for the occasion, blouses could not have been tighter or skirts shorter, when we arrived at departures in Isobel's top of the range Audi convertible Simon and the others were speechless both girls made a fuss of kissing me good-bye and waving as I walked into the check-in, a sad a lonely man.


I never did find out how my wife discovered that I had strayed and am writing my story in a small rented flat, my belongings in two suitcases. The divorce was quick, although thankfully my teenage daughters did not take sides.

And Danni .

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well Danni's in the flats small kitchen preparing brunch, at weekends we never get up in time for breakfast and my daughters who just adore Danni will be here soon to join in the celebration. Impulsively I had e-mailed Danni when I separated from my wife I was only looking for a shoulder to cry on, she was sympathetic yet strong and gave me lots of good advice, and three days later was on my door step Isobel had arranged for her to work on the Bank of America IT contract and be based in London.

The suitcases and celebration.I picked up my visa from the US Embassy yesterday and will be moving to NY and into Danni's flat, the girls are already planning their visits and Danni has promised them the best tour ever.

I start my new job working for Isobel who has promised a really special home cumming party for both of us.


Hope you enjoyed the story XX - All feedback positive or negative is appreciated [email protected]