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The Trip Part 1 I have been waiting for this trip forever, finally what we have both wanted, some time together, and alone in hot all-inclusive resort. We have talked about this forever and it finally going to happen.

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It's a shame we have to drive to Calgary to fly out though, O well I'm sure it will be all part of the adventure. We are headed to Mexico for a week, and we have a huge room booked with a king bed, just for us with a view of the ocean out of our private balcony. I've brought along some things for us to play with as well ;) I pick you up from your house, and you are wearing some Lulu Lemon shorts and a tank top, already dressed for the Mexican weather I can see J I'm wearing just sweats and a t-shirt, comfy wear for the drive.

As we are headed to Calgary I look over and notice your nipples are hard through your tank top, I know its not from the cold, as I have the heat turned up high, almost sweating in fact, I look into your eyes and see that glassy look that you get all the time when you are riding my cock.

I reach over and put my hand down your top and play with your nipples while I'm driving, I pinch them and twist them and pull them, I hear you moan…this is going to be a fun drive!! My hand drifts from your tits down to your shorts, I run my hand up your legs, your inner thigh, I feel you quiver and shudder, I can already smell your wet pussy, that sweet nectar that tastes so good.

I rub you through your shorts, I feel how wet you are, your legs spread wide, I rub it even harder while driving. Than I slide my hand down inside, and feel your wet pussy, without even putting a finger inside you baby, I start to rub it harder, and than bring my finger up to the top of your pussy lips and find your clit and play with it, making you even wetter, I slide my middle finger deep inside your tight wet pussy, it feels so good, I pull it out and taste it, than put it back down there and keep going, hearing you moan drives me even faster and I finger your pussy babe.

You ask "Can I taste?" Of course, so I pull it out and let you suck on my finger, you suck it deep and lick it all gone, I put it back deep in your wet pussy and go faster and harder, putting another finger inside your tight pussy, you moan louder and I feel you tighten on my fingers, your bringing your pussy up and down meet my fingers going in and out of you babe.

I feel you cum all over my fingers and I make you suck them clean. You finger since you got off its my turn, no complaints J You rub your hand on my sweats, you can tell I'm already hard, so you put your hand inside and realize I'm not wearing any underwear. You slide your hand down my cock finding my balls and you play with them, massaging them and than you slowly start to wrap your fingers around my cock, and slide ever so gently up and down at first, rubbing the head when you get to the top than back down, you feel it grow in your hand, you want a better look so you pull it out of my shorts, and there it is, all of it hard and in your hands, "Can I suck it baby, please?" you ask, "Baby I wouldn't want it any other way right now" You lean over and lick the tip, fuck does it ever feel good, you start to lick the shaft, up and down, your hand massaging my balls.

On the way back up you take my in your mouth, all of me.

It feels amazing, deep in your throat. Fuck am I thankful for cruise control lol. I put my hand on the back of your head and encourage you to go up and down, you resist at first, but soon realize to stop. I shove it deep down in your throat and you hold me there, with your hands on my balls you feel them tighten, you know what is next and your try to pull off, but I keep your head there.

You try and bring it up again, so I reach over and slap that sexy ass of your so hard it hurts, I hear you moan, and I tell you "Keep in there, no messes on this trip baby!!!!" You do as your told and soon, I swell deep in your throat and than you start to massage my balls and than I shoot a huge load deep in your throat, making you gag on it, you try and pull off to breath but I shove your head back down making you gag even more.

Than after its all done and in you, you lick and suck it all dry. I pull you off by your hair and say "Thank you" and give you a quick kiss. There is a huge accident and a detour through the country side. As we are going, I notice your tits are getting harder, and you see that I'm hard again, what can I say, you have that effect on me. You start to rub me through my sweats and I rub you through your shorts, soon we are both too turned on to stop so I find the next grid road and pull of it, and drive a ways down and into the trees.

I tell you "Get out, and get ready to have your brains fucked out!!!" I can't remember when I saw you move so fast, I soon follow but first I reach behind and grab a few things. I get you up on the hood of the car, I pull your shorts off and dive down on you, your cleaned shaven pussy tastes so good. Is start at the top and lick one side than the other, than I slowly put my tongue deep inside your tight pussy, I've yet to taste something so good.

I spread your pussy lips with my fingers to get my tongue deeper inside you. I lick my way up to your clit, I play with it with my tongue, I flick it than suck on it, I pull on it with my lips, while doing so I slide 2 fingers deep inside you, and start slowly fingering you again, I reach up and play with your nipples with my other hand and pinch and pull them.

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I reach deep inside you with my fingers hard and fast and hear you scream, that makes me go faster. I feel you moan and tighten around my fingers so I stop…I pull them out and go back to licking your clit, than I put 2 fingers inside your pussy and feeling you starting to shudder.

You beg "Please fuck me!!! I want your thick cock in me so bad!!!" I stop fingering your pussy and reach down and undo my pants and start to slap your pussy with my now rock hard cock, I hear you beg and more and more. I hear you moan, than I ease my way into your dripping wet pussy.


I start slow and pick up the pace, you tighten around me as you are close to cumming on my cock. I start going harder, your tits starting to bounce, I grab the with one hand and hold onto one hardI play with the nipple and pinch it. I lean forward and lick it, and suck it than pull it with my teeth. I move over to the other one and do the same thing. I start to swell deep inside you, as you tighten around my thick cock I stand up and again and this time I grab you by the neck and start to chock you as I go harder and faster deeper inside you, I pull your hair with my free hand and chock you with the other, going deeper and deeper inside your tight pussy, I can't hold out any longer, I blow deep inside you baby, feeling you cum right after, our juices combining inside you.

I climb off and you drop to your knees right away and suck me clean before we hope back in the car. Now we really have to drive fast to make our flight!!!

We just make our flight; we get there as they are calling our names!! Our seats are near the back of the plane; there are not many other people around us for some reason.

Guess the flight didn't fill up. We are both kinda tired from the drive, so we both fall asleep, your head on my shoulders, so peaceful. I wake up and we are 2 hours away from Mexico, you are so peaceful sleeping there, but I need to go to the bathroom. I kiss you awake and just tell you I'll be back, as I brush by you notice I'm a little hard again, the advantage of being young ;) I get to the bathroom and I'm almost done and I hear a knock, which is strange because it says occupied, than I hear a whisper, " Baby its me let me in, I want to help you with that thing that brushed against me" I open the door and you come in so fast, no one sees, next thing I know your hand is down my pants, and your top is off, you rub my cock fast and hard, while I pull your shorts down.

I put you on the sink in the bathroom and pull you to the edge, I go in you deep and fast, I pull you close and kiss you deep, our tongues playing together.

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I keep my mouth there to mask the sounds your making. Fuck it feels so good to be deep inside you again, baby. I start to fuck you harder and faster, pulling you closer to me. I reach around and grab your ass, and slide a finger in there, the feeling of my cock deep inside you sends us both overboard, I cum so fast, right after you. Shooting what I have deep inside you, than I quickly pull out and put my sweats back on, when bending down to pull them up I lean forward and give your pussy a quick kiss, and lick, tasting our juices together.

I stand up and kiss you deeply again. I leave the bathroom and you soon follow, no one notices a thing. We get to Mexico finally and our room is amazing. It looks over the ocean, and the bed is huge.

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We quickly unpack and head down to the pool, there are very few people around the pool. You look so amazing in your bikini and wow your ass, so amazing babe. Your breasts are perfect in your top.

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I'm glad to finally be somewhere that I can wear my boardies, just my boardies again. We swim for a bit, and seeing you like that turns me on so much, I stay in the pool a little while longer, so not everyone sees how hard I am. I go back to the room, and I come in and you are wearing that new outfit from Victoria Secret that you were so excited about, and seeing you in it instantly makes me hard again, and I'm in my boardies so I can't hide it from you.

You run over and jump on me, your legs wrap around me and hold yourself there, I kiss you deeply and carry you to the bed. I lay you down on the bed, and as I get off you I stop at your tits, I take each nipple in a finger and play with it, I pinch them and pull them, and than lick them and suck them, I than pull on them with my teeth. While doing this you reach down and are un doing my shorts and pull out my hard cock now and start to stroke it.

I get off you and turn you so you are lying with your head off the bed, I walk towards you again, naked now, my cock hard, I tease your mouth with my cock, and run it along your lips, you can't take it anymore and open up wide, but you start to suck on my balls pulling them and playing with them, it feels different, but so amazing babe.

I stop you put my cock in your mouth, and I start to fuck your mouth, going deeper and deeper each thrust, I feel you start to gag on it and slow a little, but don't stop, I just go slower and deeper, holding in deeper for longer, making you gag even more. I reach forward and find that you are wet as hell, its soaked through your new thong.

I pull the thong aside and start to play with your clit and rub you, while you continue to suck me deeper and start to play with my balls while I'm deep in your throat. I slide 2 fingers deep inside you while you are sucking me, it feels so good, I lean forward and start to lick your clit. I also start fucking your mouth harder and harder. I start to swell deep inside your mouth, I stop finger and licking and stand back, "Do you want me to cum in your mouth again baby? Or should I go inside your wet pussy?" You beg for me to be in your pussy.

I flip you over, and get you on all 4's sticking that ass up in the air. I get on the bed with you and slap your ass with my hard cock. You moan and start to reach back, trying to get my cock into your pussy. I slap your hand away and say "No, I'm in charge now babe, you've had your turn now mine!!" I slap your ass hard with both hands and leave huge read marks. I think I hear a whimper, you look back and I'm smiling, and slap your ass even harder, this time knowing its got to hurt a little more.

I reach down and slide my thick cock into your pussy, and I grab your hips and start to fuck you hard and fast.


Once I'm started there is no stopping me, I reach forward and grab your hair and pull it back, hard. You moan so I slap your ass again, and again harder each time. I reach down between your legs and start to play with your clit while my cock is deep inside you. I start to go deeper and faster and harder, my balls slapping your pussy.

I stop all of sudden and you try to look back but I ask, "Don't you trust me?" You nod yes, and I pull your hair harder, than I pull out of your pussy and start to tease your tight ass hole with my cock, you try again to look back but I pull your hair harder, not allowing you to.

I spit on my cock and your ass, giving us a little extra lube, not that we need much after coming out of your soaking wet pussy. Than I slam it deep inside your tight pussy, (knowing you don't want anything in there ;)) you whimper again from the pain, and so I slap your ass again, letting you know who is in charge. I reach forward taking my hand away from your hair and I put them both around your neck, I start to choke you while fucking your tight pussy, the faster and deeper I go inside youthe harder my grip gets around your neck, I feel you start to get weak in the knees so I release a little, I give you a quick kiss on the back, by your shoulder, and whisper, "Its ok, it will all be over soon babe" I let go with one hand and reach down and play with your clit while fucking your pussy, Fuck I'm close to cumming deep inside your pussy, I swell and you feel it, you start to grind deeper and deeper against me, wriggling that ass of yours against my cock, making it go deeper.

I can't take it anymore!! I blow a huge load deep inside your pussy, fuck does it ever feel good to be with you here in Mexico, just the 2 of us alone. I slide out and lay down. I pull you close to me, so I can kiss you. We fall asleep naked in the bed like that, your beautiful body nestled right into mine.


I can't wait to see what the rest of the trip brings.