Party loving teen doggystyled by stripper

Party loving teen doggystyled by stripper
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Where it started My first sexual experience was with my younger sister. I was 10 or 11, she was 8 or 9. I am not proud of my behaviour but it sewed the seeds for my other compunctions. I am 33 now and for the last 20 years I have been showing my naked body to as many women as possible. I used to masturbate alot when I was very young, before I was able to get an erection.

I think a lot of boys played with themselves. One Saturday morning when my parents and everyone else was in town, Iwas at home with my sister.

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I walked in to the sitting room and found on her lying on her stomach on the couch and playing with herself down below. I knew exactly what she was doing. She stopped and I said " No, its okay, keep going." I sat down on the couch, at the end of her feet and watched her as she played with herself. I then lifted up her little nighty to reveal her bottom. She kind of slowed down her movements while I did this but then continued.


I started to feel her bottom with my hand and to rub her cheeks back and forth. I found this made me very excited and my small penis started to stick out stright and get hard. I knelt beside her on the floor and continued to rub her bare bottom while she was still playing with herself. I did not touch myself at all. I suppose I was overcome by this new experience. I knew it was wrong but I continued to rub her bottom after she had her 'climax.' She remained there on her stomach and was very quiet as fervently caressed her behind.

I eventually stopped and pulled her nighty back down over her cheeks.

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I was wearing my pj's and my little erection was portruding purposefully from the hole. My sister looked at it, but I did not let her touch it.

Nothing else happened with my sister for a few years. When I was 13, I was old enough to babysit when my parents went out for a drink on a Saturday night. One night I got the urge to spy on my sisters while she slept. When my parents left the house I always took off my clothes after my sis went to bed.

My sister was about 11 I suppose and I wanted to see her vagina. I had never seen one and I was a very sexually curious boy. I decided to get a flashlight and creep in to her room as she slept. At the foot of her bed I pulled up the covers and stuck my head in with the flashlight on, trying to see between her legs.

I was able to see the little folds of flesh and the front bum area of her vagina. I did this successfully many timesgetting very hard whilst doing it. One time she woke up while I was doing it and turned on the light. There I was, completely naked, with a big erection pointing straight at her.

I was caught. "What are you doing?" she asked. What was I doing? I was naked and sexually aroused in my sisters room. "I am looking for a book, I think I left it in here!!" My sister just stared at the my now pulsating cock. She really could not take her eyes from it. I felt slightly exposed(haha) so I found a small towel on the radiator and draped it on my cock and it hung there like on a hook.

"why are you naked",she posed. " Well i didn't expect you to wake up," I said to her as I walked toward the door. "Why is your willy sticking out?" She looked at me puzzled and sleepy. " It does that some times, when I'm naked. I pulled the towel of my still throbbing young penis. It was literally a foot from her face.

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Her hand suddenly reached up and she touched it with her index finger. I nearly had a weakness. My erection moved suddenly and she retracted her hand. I covered my erection again quickly, and said" Go back to sleep, don't tell mom and dad about me being naked." She looked at me and said "You should put on your pyjamas" and then I turned off the light and left the room.

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Sleepovers My sister was of the age when she had friends stay over at the weekend. I was 15 when I first started exhibit myself for her friends.Her friends were generally a bit older, around 13 or so.

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My plan was for them to see me naked and usually with an erection. My room was situated between the main living room area of the house and my sisters room, where my sister and her friends used to hang out. It was safely away from parents room and their disapproving eyes. I had good warning of their coming on that part of the house.

The first situation I came up with was a morning situation. If I left my bedroom door ajar, a foot or so, anyone passing on the side of my sisters room would have a direct view of me in bed. They would not however have a view of my face, therefore they would think that I was asleep and completely unaware of their discovery.

To set up this properly, I positioned a small shard of mirror, which I found in the shed, in a position to let me see who or if someone was watching me in bed. I stuck it to a large clump of blu tack near concealed behind a tear in a poster, one of many posters in my room.

If one of my sisters friends had to visit the bathroom, they had to pass my room and with a bit of luck, catch an eyeful. There was not much age difference between me and Marie, my sisters friend who stayed over one Friday night. I was 15she 13. She was cute but not too bright I thought. I tried my luck with her first.

The door was ajar, i set myself in bed, my penis, although not very big, is impressive enough when flaccid. I lay on my back, so I could see the mirror and made sure light from the purposeful opening in the curtains was shining on my body.

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I could hear activity and commotion in my sisters room and I knew that they were getting up. My top was off, and the blankets were about 6 inches below my exposed and quickly growing penis. My heart was pounding in anticipation. I then heard my sisters door opening and I could hear Marie saying something and she started walking towards my door on her own. My penis was about 5 inches and semi hard at this point. In a flash she walked past the door but I could not see if she looked in, I missed her.

She was in the bathroom. I was disappointed but I was still determined to make her see me. My left hand kept me occupied until I could hear the toilet flushing and her unlocking the bathroom door. I positioned myself the same way and waited as she passed. I could barely hear her steps as she paced towards my door. Then she stopped. I checked my mirror. There she was looking in. My heart leapt. My cock slowly grew. I watched her face as she noticed this gradual growth. Her eyes were firmly on my package and they were wide.

Her mouth was slightly open also. I was loving this.

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Never felt so good in my life. My penis was playing for her, doing a bounce here and there and slightly dribbling. It was its full 7 inches at this stage. I had never been so hard. I decided to let my hand drift clumsily, so as to make contact with it. I think she was touching herself, I can't be sure but she was squirming a bit.


Then I heard my sister open her bedroom door and with that Marie continued her delayed walk down the hall. I gave this show many times with all my sisters friends. I found out much later that word had spread amongst my sisters friends and my sisters sleepovers became very popular.

I graduated to masturbating while they looked. I knew well after a few occasions that they knew I aware of them seeing me. I continued and loved every minute of it.