Adorable virgin tempted to have three some

Adorable virgin tempted to have three some
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Note: This is a continuation of "Water Park Love" and I have posted this story already and it got deleted so if it appears twice, sorry. The rest of our beach vacation was filled with sex, sex, food, and more sex.

Our families were amazed at how well we were getting along and swore we could have known each other before all of this happened. Mark and I were getting more into Public Sex, it made us both feel so much more alive and the passion of it was amazing.

We did it on the beach, in a convenient store bathroom, behind a dumpster in broad daylight, and my personal favorite, a dressing room.

This is my favorite because as he had me pushed against a wall with his cock buried in my ass, the store clerk asked if everything was alright and Mark, god bless him, said "Everything's fine, it's just that this is a little tight" I almost dies laughing.

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So anyways, on the last day, as I was getting into the car, he called me into the house because I "forgot" my IPod. As our parents were outside and I came in and said "Um I have my iPod right here" and he said "Let me play you a song" and he grabbed me by the ass and pulled me onto the bed and kissed me passionately, as he was reaching for my belt the front door opened. "Dammit" I moaned. I got up kissed him, we exchanged "I Love You's" one more kiss, and I was gone.

On the way home, I kept having the most amazing dreams; I mean it was only what? Like a seven hour drive? I had dreams that we grew old together, adopted some kids, and lived the rest of our life traveling the world; little did I know what I was in store for.

When I got home I went to my bed, crashed out, and slept well into the afternoon of the next day. During that sleep I had a million more dreams, and when I woke up, my underwear was dripping with cum and god knows what else.

I got up and washed off. In the Shower I kept thinking of meeting Mark, our trips, the fight, and the reuniting at the beach and having amazing times. Through all these thoughts something occurred to me.

I had to be the luckiest man alive. I mean I found this Adonis at the water park, with his amazing tan and fucking hot pecks, plus his muscular man boobs, I mean yum. Then when my "lucky" mind ran to his perfect cock, my dick sprung to full attention. What do you do with a hard dick and amazing memories, what every man is born to do, jack off. I began to stroke my cock and kept letting these entire memories flood into my mind.

I began to pump faster and faster and before I knew it, cum was spewing out of my dick. I got out of the shower and dried off. I went to get food when I found my mother, who is usually at work, sitting at the kitchen table with a frown and furrowed eyebrows.

Oh shit. What now. I slowly approached the table and sat down. She looked pissed. "I have a bone to pick with you young man. WHAT DID I DO??


She slid an envelope across the table with my school districts logo on it. I gulped. I had absolutely no idea what was going on. A million thoughts flashed into my mind. Was this about the tests I cheated on?

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I thought I was sly! "Don't worry about it Jeremy, I took the liberty of opening the envelope my self. I slid a piece of paper wrapped around two pieces of thicker paper.

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"HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU JEREMY?!" she screamed. I opened the paper and began to read. This is what I saw: Jeremy, Sorry to put on a show. I wanted to freak you out. PAYBACK! So anyways, as you know, there are three weeks left before summer break ends, and you are going to be a senior!!!! Your Father and I are so proud of you Jeremy! You have no idea. Onto the point, I took the liberty of calling Trish (Marks mom) and told her what I am planning.

She said absolutely, that Marks calendar was free and that it would be up to you to tell him. You and Mark have hit it off so well and I wanted to give you a trip since your good friends. I'm sure I am not making any sense, but you leave tomorrow. Leave where you may ask. You are leaving on a trip around the world for the next two and a half weeks!!! You leave tomorrow for Belize, which you will be staying in for four days.

Then you will be off to Spain, staying at the same place your father and I did, for three days. Then you will be off the France for four days, then onto Britain for four days.

The remainder of your trip you will spend in South Africa!!!!! Mark I am sure your thinking this is strange and are not prepared for this, but you have the rest of today to shop!! ( Go to your wallet for the money). Have fun and you Father and I love you and are so proud! Be fun and safe!!! XOXOXOXOXO Mom and dad P.S Be careful Jer Jer, you and mark are cute kids and those Frenchies are weird P.P.S Mark is allergic to Latex, so don't get that around him At that last part, I almost died laughing.

I looked at her to see her beaming. "Sorry I had to scare you, but I thought it was funny. I started bawling. I love my parents so much. I literally jumped across the table and hugged the shit out of her.



I ran to my roomput on my shoes and grabbed my keys. I opened my wallet and counted 45 100's, or $4500. God they are eccentric, I thought.

I raced to my Suburban and sped to the mall. I bought the whole place. I got swim suits, jeans, shorts, shirts, sweatshirts (I didn't know the weather).

I got books about the countries, culture books, and a Canon t2i to document the experience. I then got a ton of traveling stuff. As I was walking out I walked past a swimming store and saw something for the both of us. The skimpiest, sexiest, Speedo's I have every seen. I got a blue and red one, one for me, and one for my man.

As I sped home, I picked up my phone and called Mark. "Hey babe" he said. "MARK MARK MARK MARK MARK!!!" I screamed. "WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT?!?!?" he said sarcastically. "YOU KNOW WHAT!" I said. "Um no I don't" then it hit me that I had to tell him.

I then shouted at him what was going on and the phone dropped and I heard running, then shouting I love you's at his parents, and then repacking up the phone "I LOVE YOU AND YOUR PARENTS!!! He shouted. "BABE I GOT TO GO SHOP!!" he said. "LOVE YOU!" we both said at the same time. When I got home and packed everything, taking special attention to my camera and stupidly shooting pictures of my parents and me as "Pre-Trip" photos, I went to bed, but really did not sleep.

I kept dreaming about the trip and all the amazing things we would do. The next morning I sprung out of bed and showered. In the shower I got as clean as possible. I then put clothes on and threw my stuff into the back of my car, I then put my camera into the trunk.

I wasn't forgetting anything. It was 2:45 AM and the flight was at 5 AM. My parents came out and kissed me and we said I love you. "Give me your wallet" my mom said. She then put a ton of money into my wallet "Do not spend any of this until you get into Belize, you need to have it to exchange currencies, god knows the dollar sucks in other countries!" I laughed and sped off.

I felt like the gate was opening to slow for my community. I then sped to Mark's house.

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When I got there he threw his stuff into my car and his mom took pictures of us with my camera. She then replaced it in my trunk and he said bye.

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When I got to the stop sign, Mark reached over and pulled me towards him, shoving his tongue down my throat, we made out for what seemed like hours. He broke the kiss and said "Step on it!!" During the drive to the airport, I flew down the freeway because there was no one on it.

"I got us a little something" I said devishly. "Well so did I" he said winking. He reached over and grabbed my hand. "I love you so fucking much Jeremy, never forget that" I smiled at him and said "I love you oh so much more". He smiled back. When we got to the airport, put our luggage into the baggage thing, got checked into the airport, and got our passports stamped, we went to the terminal.

We had an hour until the flight opened up, and I left Mark with the Camera and Carry-on's while I went to go get coffee. When I got back he snapped a picture of me and said "That gave me a boner" I laughed out loud. When the terminal opened up, Mark and I went through and to our seats. I sat in coach, but the flight attendant told us to move to first class because that was where our seats were. THANK GOD FOR MOM!! When we sat in the large white seats, I looked around to see the rest of the cabin vacant.

YES!! The captain came on and said that we would be taking off in one minute and I was ecstatic. As we began to race down the runway and the first tires left the ground, I looked over to Mark and saw him squeezing the arm rests. I grabbed his hand and said "Hate flying?" "YES!!" he said.

"Relax babe, you got me" The trip was underway and five minute into our Eight hour flight, Mark said, "I need to go to the restroom" He got up, turned around and winked. He walked into the bathroom and I took his wink as an invitation. I looked around to see the old woman asleep and the light attendant gone. I got up, and sure enough, the door said "unoccupied".

I walked in and locked the door. The bathroom was huge. It had granite counters and a toilet and a sitting area! I looked to the toilet to see Mark, Butt naked, his beautiful abs flexing as he stroked his huge 10 inch dick which I missed. I got on my knees and engulfed his monster.

I bobbed my head and he ran his fingers through my hair. He stood me up and replaced himself with me on the toilet. He got on his knees and gave me one of his famous blowjobs. After about five minutes I was getting close, but he stopped. He stood me up and peeled my clothes off. As I stood there, he pushed me against the wall and furiously made out with me, stroking both our dicks at the same time.

My hands wandered his body and I did what I usually did, trace his abs with my fingers. I began to squeeze his nipple and he let out a moan. He pulled away and turned me around, shoving me into the wall. He kissed my neck as he slid his dick into my ass.

He began pounding me, there was a familiar lust in his thrusting. He was hungry. He turned my head and began to make out with me. Mark reached around and grabbed my dick.

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He began to stroke me and I was in heaven. He started to speed up and we were both getting close. I was first, I came all over the wall. He sped up his thrusting and soon he was cumming in my ass and biting my neck to keep him quiet.

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I t hurt, but it felt soooo good. We both cleaned up and shared one last kiss. As we went back to our seats, he sat against the wall, and I fell asleep in his arms.

The trip was already on to a great start and I was in love! Tell me what you think!!! WAYYY MORE TO COME!!!