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Neiladri Sinha Jr. :- Why it had to happen this way? I had to confess my feelings for Tanuj some day or other. But as Thammi used to say, we realise the importance of people when they are taken away from us.

Maybe to teach me a lesson, The Mother Goddess devised the turn of events. But because of me, Peaches is in danger.

Oh Mother Goddess! I have already harmed my innocent brother. How many crimes will you make me do? I beg you my true love's life and well being. Please save him! I have worshiped you all my life, and I promise, I will never ask for anything more. Just save my Peaches! I want to spend a ripe old age with him. How unfortunate I am!

I madly love him, but can't show it when I need to! "Neil, we need to talk." said Rajiv. Masking my emotions with worries, I said "Yes Rajiv, how can I cooperate?" Rajiv asked "Tanuj talked to you for the last time. What did he say?" I glanced over Rajiv's shoulder, Mrs. Rao was crying inconsolably as Smita consoled her. I said "Tanuj said he was going to Nagpur very soon." Rajiv asked "Nagpur, but why?" I said "Raos are originally from Nagpur. Tanuj came here to earn money for his mother's treatment." "That's wierd!

Where is Mr. Rao?" asked Rajiv. I said "I never asked where they lived in Nagpur. But according to Tanuj his parents separated 7 months ago." "Divorce?" "Can't say. Apparently there was some conflict between them, most probably due to the expenses spent on Mrs. Rao's treatment and they separated.

Whether it was official or not, I don't know." "So it is obvious that Tanuj was compelled by the circumstances." How could I tell him now that I was responsible for this? We are not even sure that it was a suicide. If it was a murder attempt, then why should I suffer for someone else's bad Karma? "Inspector Rajiv!" Called a strong feminine voice that a recognised very well. Ma walked towards us as her armed bodyguards followed her. Rajiv turned to Ma and saluted her.

Ma acknowledged him with a nod. "It's a pleasure to meet you again madam." he said. Seriously? Ma tilted her head to right and said sternly "I am afraid I can't say the same in the given circumstances, inspector." Rajiv shivered a bit. For the first time I was seeing Ma in full IPS mode, intimidating a junior official.

"May I know why my son is being interrogated?" Ma asked while raising her right brow. I intervened "Ma, Inspector Rajiv is doing his duty. Let it be." Rajiv smiled nervously. Ma frowned at me and said "Thanks, but no thanks.

Damini Sinha knows what she has to do. So officer, what do you think about this case?" Rajiv meekly said "Madam, I guess." Ma raised her index finger and said "I don't have time for your guess works officer. Come to the point." Rajiv said "Madam, there are 50/50 chances of this being either an attempt to suicide or an attempt to murder.

It might be both as well." Ma laughed scornfully and said "Both? Officer, are you suggesting that the boy over there fighting for his dear life will gulp down a bottle of alcohol that he knows has been tampered with?

Officer, either the boy poisoned his own drink to commit suicide, or he was blissfully ignorant of the fact that he was gulping down poison; and it is the second scenario that is applicable to this case. If this is the 'intelligence' of the crime branch of Mumbai Police, then Mother Goddess save this city." Rajiv's face turned red as he hung his head ashamed. Ma said "The poisoned liquor was for someone else. The boy accidentally bumped into it and is suffering someone else's fate." "Yes Ma'm." said Rajiv.

"Charge the boy with fine for underage drinking, provided he survives and file it as a murder case. Is that understood, officer?" "Yes Ma'm." said Rajiv, saluted Ma and walked away.

I turned to the operation theater, where senior doctors were attending Peaches. Ma patted my shoulder and said "Everything will be fine, Shona. Don't worry." I turned to Ma. Did she know that Peaches is my true love? "He has to live Ma. Mrs. Rao has no one except him." "He will. You and Neilu need him." Ma thought that I was worried because I had invested a great sum of money on Peaches. Money doesn't matter; all that matters to me is Peaches and his well being.

But wait. How does Ma know I am here? "Ma, you surprised me by coming here. I thought you are home." I said. "Your Baba is part of The Prime Minister's convoy and has accompanied him to New York. So he suggested that I should visit you to celebrate your birthday." Ma said. I had forgotten that I was set to celebrate my 17th birthday in a few weeks. Peaches and I share birthdays. He'll turn sweet sixteen. Ma continued "Neilu wanted to see you, so I tried calling you.

But you didn't respond. I learnt from Mrinal about this incident and came to see Tanuj. Poor boy! Neilu is a big fan of his." A tear escaped my eye at the thought of death taking Peaches away from me forever. Ma saw it. She turned me towards her and said "Shona, you are hiding something from me. What is it?" "Nothing. I feel bad for Mrs. Rao." Ma's tone turned stern "Damini Sinha is your mother, and she knows when her baby is facing a turmoil." I kept quite. "Speak." said Ma.

I turned to her with a frown. Her body guards stood around us. "Let's go home, Ma. This is something confidential." ------------------------------------------------------------- Ma sat on the sofa, stunned into silence after my coming out. She stared at me blankly. I stood before her, waiting to be cursed, to be slapped, to be chastised.

"Ma, say something." Ma said "There's nothing I can say." I crouched before Ma, took her hands into mine and pleaded "Please Ma, your silence is killing me. In the name of Mother Goddess, say something!" Ma looked down at me. "Ma, Tanuj is my life." Ma stroked my hair with her fingers and said "That's it?

I thought you robbed a bank." I looked up, dumbfounded. Ma's eyes were soft with affection. There was a serene smile of approval. "Loving is not crime, my child. Go with The Mother Goddess, I am with you." I smiled happily and laid my head on Ma's lap. But then my smile faded. "What about Baba?" I asked "All that matters to Baba is Neil Jr.'s happiness." I turned towards the source of voice.

Baba was on Skype in Ma's Tab. "Thank you Senior!" I said as I picked the Tab and planted a kiss on it. Baba laughed from the other side. "Where is Dada?" said Neilesh, as he walked down the stares with a soft toy, rubbing his eyes. I leapt up to him and gave my kid brother a bear hug.

Neilesh was my lucky charm and his arrival brought true love into my life. My happiness knew no bounds and I burst into tears of joy. Neilesh asked "Dada, why are you crying? Did Ma scold you?" I said "You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

I love you so much Munchkin." Neilesh said "Not fair! That's my line. My Dada is the best big brother in the world." My kid brother pulled me down and planted kisses on my cheeks, eyes and forehead, as he used to do when he was five.

He was still a child and I suppose he didn't understand the gravity of the situation. I turned to Ma. She was smiling but her eyes were moist.

But then her smile faded. "Come to the prayer room." She said as she took the stairs. The three of us prayed to The Mother Goddess for Tanuj's well being. ------------------------------------------------------------- Tanuj Rao :- I was dead. I jumped from the terrace and killed myself.

So this was afterlife, an unending world of darkness, while I was perfectly conscious. But wait, there are two orbs of white light rising from the horizon. No, these aren't orbs or horizon; these are slits, and they are opening.

I can see through them. A face, I recognise her; Sister Abigail, who nursed me the last time I was admitted. I was alive! Even after falling from a 42 storied building! But didn't I hurt myself? Or was I hurt so bad that I didn't feel them?

I saw a doctor walk in and check me up. I slowly dozed off. I felt a soft feminine hand stroke my face. "Aai!" I thought. But the touch was unfamiliar. The hand had long, slender fingers of a noble woman, who used lavender perfume. "How are you feeling son?" asked the owner of the hand. I opened my eyes and saw Mrs.

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Sinha, Sweetpea's mother before me. I opened my mouth to reply, but no sound came. I dozed off once again. This time I woke up when a drop of tear fell on my face. It was Aai. She began to wail loudly as I woke up.

But sleep took over me soon. Someone planted a kiss on my forehead. I opened my eyes slowly and saw a grinning face, a face that I had seen in the orb of full moon one night. "Welcome to hell!" Joked Sweetpea. I smiled and looked at him. He wore a navy blue hoodie. He quickly took out a stethoscope, checked my heart beat and turned to me with a frown.

"I am glad I am in hell." I joked. "Baby you scared the hell out of me!" he said. I opened my mouth and began to appologise "Baby I am so sor." He put his right index finger on my lips and shushed me. He smiled gently with a dimple on his right cheek. He cupped my right hand in his, kissed it, held it to my chest and then to his, looking into my blue eyes with his black ones with unbound love.

Was it real? Sweetpea confessed his love. I shut my eyes bashfully and burst into tears. He held my chin, turned me to him and said "No more crying, Peaches." as he wiped my tears.

I said "I love you Sweetpea." He replied "I love you too Peaches." and then kissed me tenderly. My world was complete He pulled back and said "I am extremely sorry Peaches, I have been an asshole and hurt you so much." I cupped his face and kissed him again.

I pulled away and said "You can never hurt me, I told you." "Liar!" He said and burst into laughter. I giggled a little and held his hand, interlocking our fingers. I took them to my lips and kissed them. But then the door swung open and Mrs.


Sinha walked in and covered her eyes with her hands. "I didn't see anything." She joked and Sweetpea chuckled. I freaked out and tried to withdraw my hand. But Sweetpea held me tight and didn't let go. "Don't worry baby, Ma knows all." I looked at Mrs. Sinha, and I was scared.

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Sweetpea rose from the stool and Mrs. Sinha sat on it. She touched my forehead and smiled. "May Mother Goddess bless both of you." My eyes brimmed with tears again.

"I am so sorry ma'm. I didn't mean to." Mrs. Sinha stopped me and said "What are you sorry for? You two fell in love, and that's not a crime. And please son, don't cry anymore. You have seen enough." I smiled and said "These are the tears of joy ma'm." Mrs. Sinha laughed and said "I guess you'll have to call a tanker of tears when you meet Shona's father." Life couldn't get better.

Not just I got Sweetpea's love, but he came out to his family and they accepted us. "And Tanuj," continued Mrs. Sinha "I would prefer you calling me Ma. Shona and Neilu do." "As you say Ma." I said. But then her smile faded. "But one thing that troubles me is, did you really want to commit suicide?" I felt embarrassed. But I was family now.

"Yes Ma, I was so low that I really considered suicide." Ma turned to Sweetpea with a frown. He hung is head in shame. She turned to me and said "continue please." I took a deep breath and said "And then I jumped from the 43rd floor of the building." Ma and Sweetpea were amazed. The looked at one another and then back to me. Ma asked "Are you suggesting that you jumped from 43rd floor but survived unscathed? How is that even possible?" I looked at myself.

No bandages, no slings, no injuries. What was happening? "I am sorry Ma, but I don't understand. If I didn't jump from the building, why am I here? What happened to me?" Ma turned to Neil and said "He doesn't remember a thing." Sweetpea looked at me with concern and said "You were poisoned.

Forensic reports show that the liquor was poisonous. We suspected you mixed poison in it to commit suicide." What? I didn't jump? I was poisoned? "It might be that because he was drunk he thought he jumped from the building." said Sweetpea to Ma. "Fair enough. I am increasing police security. If anything happens, you know where to go." Ma said.

I looked at her puzzled. She tilted her head to right, raised her right brow and a dimple formed on her right cheek as she spoke. Like mother, like son. "See, we suspect that it was a planned murder. The liquor you drank was for someone else, and you happened to consume it by mistake. But the scenario can be opposite as well. Someone wanted you dead and wanted it to appear as a suicide." My God!

I was about to loose my life because someone wanted to kill someone. But if that someone wanted to kill me, then he is a genius and planned it well. Ma continued "Your life is in danger my son, and I can't risk your life by putting down the guard." Sweetpea touched her shoulder and said "I will protect Peaches even with my life Ma." Ma slapped his wrist in mock-irritation and said "Shut up!

I want both my sweethearts to be fine." Life is beautiful. But what Ma said can't be ignored. Someone wanted me dead, and had ensured that I die, provided I changed my mind and quit the idea of suicide.

But who was that person, and what enmity does he has with me? ------------------------------------------------------------- Neiladri Sinha Jr. :- After many years, I was the happy soul I earlier used to be. No, I was much more happier. Back then I didn't have my family, now I had, and my kid brother was the bundle of joy. I had Peaches, my true love by my side, and we wanted to spend our lives together as soulmates.

My family, my world.

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But there was someone out there, who wanted to ruin my world. For whatever reasons, someone wanted to harm Peaches, and was lurking somewhere in the darkness beyond this ward.

But whoever it is, doesn't know that Neiladri Sinha is not the right person to mess with. You hurt me, and for once I may forgive you. But you hurt my family, and I'll burn your world down with you trapped in it. But for now, I wanted to spend some quality time with Peaches. He was getting discharged in a week, and it would be difficult to meet up with Aai around, for he was closeted.

Yes, I used 'Aai' for Mrs. Rao. Scores settled. Peaches was watching the repeated telecast of the second episode of Emperor's Ring, when I put a fruit basket and a bouquet of orchids on the side table. Peaches pouted to me and I leaned forward and planted a kiss. He tried to raise a brow like Ma and I do, but failed.

I laughed. He asked in mock irritation "What's so funny?" I continued laughing, and then Peaches giggled a little. He asked in his cracking voice "So what's with 'Peaches'?" I thought for a while and smiled.

"Three reasons actually." "And what are they?" I picked a peach from the fruit basket, held it to his face and said "First, you're 'cho chweet' like peaches." "Second, your complexion is like that of ripe peaches." I held his soft cheek as I said.

And then cupping his face with my hands and looking into those sparkling blue diamonds, I whispered "Third, I love 'Peaches' and I am going to eat the cutest one of them." And then I kissed him deep.

Peaches put his arms around my as we shared a long, passionate kiss and stroked my hair from behind.

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And then my eyes fell on his right wrist, which had the marks of my long fingers. Month ago, I had twisted that delicate wrist brutally. I pulled away, took his wrist and kissed it gently. "Baby I am extremely sorry. I promise it will never happen." I said. Peaches kissed my right hand and said "You are world's best boyfriend baby. You're with me, that's all." Peaches rested his head on my chest as I wrapped my arms around him. "Sweetpea!" "Yes baby!" "I am scared." I frowned.

"What is it now?" Peaches took a deep breath and said "There is someone out there who wants to separate us. Not just that someone, but the society would like to part us once they know the truth. I can't live without you." I hugged Peaches tightly and said "Whoever did this to you, I swear I will find him and annihilate him. So ruthless would be my wrath that it would scar his soul for many subsequent births." Peaches looked up.

"As far as the society is concerned, it will have to bend it's rules and accept God's will." Peaches looked up. "Yes, God's will. Our love, our relationship is God's will.

God united us and God loves us. Who the hell is society to decide what's right and wrong? Who are they to question God's will?" I took his hand and kissed it. "Regardless what people say, I swear to love you unconditionally, keep you happy, stand by you through thick & thin, and protect you always." Those blue diamonds sparkled with tears as Peaches smiled.

"Baby you just exchanged wedding vows with me." I smiled back "So we got married just now." Peaches wiped his tears and said "Not completely." He took my hands and said "I promise to love you forever, make you happy and support you always." With our eyes locked, we said in unison "In the name of God, with the stars, sun, moon and holy fire as witness, we accept each other as spouses." I leaned to Peaches and we kissed.

When he couldn't take it anymore, Peaches burst into tears and hid his face in my chest. I wiped a stray tear that rolled down the corner of my eye.

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Peaches said "God please kill me!" I cupped his face into my hands and looked into his eyes with a frown. "Peaches!" "I am sorry baby. It has been the best day of my life. I got your love, your family's acceptance and got married to you.

I don't want an end of this happiness." I laughed and planted a kiss on his forehead. "You're not getting rid of me so easily, my princess." Peaches raised his head and smacked my broad chest with his tiny fist. "You're such a bad boy!" I grabbed both his flaying hands and said "Yes I am." Then looking into his blue eyes, I said "But I am your bad boy." We kissed again.

As we pulled away, Peaches giggled. I took a deep breath and hugged him. But I could see over his shoulder a shadow peeping from the door. It wasn't Aai; Ma dropped her home. It couldn't be any doctor, hospital staff or police officer either; the entire floor had no one but Peaches and me.

It was the culprit. But I couldn't leave Peaches alone to chase him. I wrapped my arms around Peaches protectively and glared back at the shadow menacingly. It had to face me before reaching my Peaches. The shadow stood still for sometime, and then slipped away quietly. ------------------------------------------------------------- Tanuj Rao :- It has been a week since I got married to Sweetpea.

I know, we are young, not even adults, and marriage is not a child's play. But a marriage is a conjugal bond between two people, in which they promise to love each other more than their dear lives.

If this is not marriage, then I don't know what marriage is. To me, Sweetpea is my husband. But he insists that we should be 'spouses'. He says we are equal and have right over each other. He really is Sweetpea! During my stay in the hospital. Someone was by me always. Aai thought that the reason Sweetpea and Ma took turns with her to nurse me was because I was his 'friend'.

I felt sad that I had to hide the truth from Aai. She had come out of the trauma just now; how could I break her heart? A couple of weeks ago I took Aai for shopping. While coming home, we saw a gay couple (the effeminate and flamboyant ones) walking by the Marine drive, clad in tight shorts and tank tops.

The way Aai felt disgust, I feared how would she react when her own son would turn out to be a closeted gay! Sweetpea however was not in a tight spot as I was in. He shared everything with his parents, and they were cool about it, as if I was a decent girl whom there straight son was ready to settle with. He told Ma about our "marriage", and she blessed us. Baba hadn't returned from New York, but he did bless us over Skype.

But apart from being a cool mom, Ma is also a tough cop advised us to wait till I turn 18. Two days ago Aai got Pratibha Taai's call, informing her that Ganpat was looking for tenants to rent Ajji-Ajoba's house.

So she came up to me and told me that she has to go to Nagpur urgently. Ma offered her police protection, but she denied. However Ma directed the cops in Nagpur to take immediate action. Aai was relieved when Ma offered to take me home during Aai's trip to Nagpur. After I was discharged, Sweetpea came to take me. We were accompanied by a convoy of Ma's bodyguards, as Ma didn't want to let her guard down.

As I emerged from the elevator to the outer world for the first time in last seven days, I felt as if I was being watched by a pair of wicked eyes, that has tried to separate me from my love. Sweetpea must have sensed my discomfort and held my hand lovingly. I was assured that nothing can harm me now. I wanted to rest my head on his shoulder and walk away holding hands. But there were bodyguards around and we didn't want to share our intimate moments with those total strangers.

We walked to the white Ambassador that Ma had sent. There were journalists and reporters, held back by the cops. We hopped into the car and pulled the curtains. Throughout the way, Sweetpea behaved as before, an ambitious producer discussing his future projects with an actor.

Sweetpea was at the moment shooting for his sci-fi series Professor Shonku.

The story titled 'The secret of the red fish' was about a new species of scientifically advanced fishes, that intend to invade the land. Professor Shonku, his friend, his pet cat and a couple of Japanese marine biologists take a week-long submarine trip to the ocean, to study the colony of those murderous fishes. Brilliant, I thought.

As the car drove into the township gates, I stole a glance to the tower where I was once a tenant of the Sinhas. I have embarked a long journey, from Neil's employ to Sweetpea's lover, I thought.

The car stopped, one of the bodyguards opened the door for us. Sweetpea got out first and then helped me out. As the guards followed us, Sweetpea turned to one of them and said "I guess we'll be on our own from here, Mr.

Roy." Mr. Roy was the cheif bodyguard of Mrs. Sinha. At 5'5, he was someone whom any of the Sinhas could intimidate. Mr. Roy frowned at Sweetpea suspiciously, and said "I insist, Master Neil, let me escort you to Sinha Madam." I laughed in my mind. What was he thinking, Sweetpea is the culprit? Had he been, I would have been dead by now. Anyways, we went with the flow and hopped into the elevator.

At 36th floor, Ma was waiting for us. Her smile faded as she saw Mr. Roy emerge with us. He saluted her. Ma spoke to him politely "Thank you Roy for escorting my son and his friend to the safety of home." Mr. Roy said "That was my duty Ma'm." As he went down the elevator, Ma blindfolded me. "Ma," I asked. "Wait a second." said Ma as she lead me into the penthouse. We walked passed Sweetpea's office and entered the living space. I heard Neilesh utter a childish chuckle.

Ma got behind me and undid the blindfold. As I opened my eyes, I saw a birthday cake; half blue berry, half chocolate. Ma turned to us and said "Happy birthday my darlings!" Oh my God!

I had forgotten my birthday! That's not important. It wasn't just my birthday, I shared it with Sweetpea. How could I forget his birthday? Sweetpea crouched down and touched Ma's feet to seek her blessings. I did the same. Ma touched our heads gently and said "May The Mother Goddess shower happiness on both of you." As we rose, Ma stroked our faces, kissed our foreheads and hugged us.

At 6'2, she towered me. Sweetpea and I held hands as our free hand wrapped around Ma. "I also want a hug!" said Neilesh, as he came behind us and wrapped his arms around Sweetpea and my back. Ma then took us to the Prayer Room, where a small idol of The Mother Goddess was consecrated on an altar. I prayed to the Goddess to bless me with the company of Sweetpea till my last breath.

I was missing Aai, but Ma's presence meant a lot. Then we came down, cut the cake and Ma gifted us two matching wrist watches. Neilesh gifted me a box of chocolates and a carton of energy drinks to Sweetpea.

He gave Neilesh a bear hug and boy planted kisses on Sweetpea's both eyes, both cheeks and forehead like children do. That was cute, but I felt jealous. We haven't kissed even for a once ever since morning. Ma nodded to the servant. The lady went into the kitchen and returned with two bowls on a tray. Their contents were concealed with a velvety cloth. Ma took a bowl, scooped a spoon of sweet dish and said to me "I don't know much about Maharashtrian cuisine, but I made this for you." As she fed me, I realised it was Shrikhand, my favorite.

Sweetpea said "Hey! Where's my one?" Ma chuckled a bit and took the other bowl. It had Payes, Sweetpea's favorite.

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Ma scooped some in a spoon and fed it to him. The private celebration was followed by a lunch, at the end of which Ma said "Well, I have a good news and a bad news for you guys." Sweetpea and Neilesh looked at each other, then me and finally we looked at Ma.

"The good news is, the Prime Minister is returning from Madrid tonight, and so is Neiladri." Sweetpea and Neilesh smiled at each other. "But the bad news is, I'll have to fly back to Delhi in three hours, supervise the security arrangements and formal reception of Mr.

Prime Minister." Sweetpea's face fell, I knew why. I turned to Ma and said "It was a memorable day for me. Ma, you made me feel special." Ma smiled gently and said "To me, you and Shona are alike, and you are a very special person, who has taken the reigns of our dark horse." She pointed towards Sweetpea as she said. He scoffed at the remark.

Ma asked sternly "What?" Sweetpea said "Ma, Tanuj cries a lot anyway. At least spare him on his birthday." I blushed. Ma glared at Sweetpea and said "Shut up and behave yourself." He joined his hands into a mock apology as he grinned. Thirty minutes later Ma came down in her khaki uniform. A khaki tuxedo with a khaki cap, olive green tie and medals which showed her high rank. Her belt had a hold for a gun and a tiny scabbard with a knife.

Her hair was tied into a low bun as always, she held a ceremonial baton and wore brown shoes. I was taken aback for a moment. Ma was a superwoman. The maid servant took the trolleys and handed those to a couple of bodyguards. Ma stroked our faces and said "Take care of each other.

I wish I could be here for a little longer." Sweetpea said "Ma, work comes first. Go with The Mother Goddess." Then taking my hand into his, Sweetpea said "And don't worry about Tanuj. He's my life, and I'll take good care of him." Ma nodded.

Neilesh came up to us and gave us a group hug. Sweetpea leaned forward and said while stroking his brother's face "Take care of Ma, you're a big boy now." Neilesh chuckled like a child and said "I will." Then hugging Sweetpea, he said "I will miss you Dada." Sweetpea kissed his forehead and said "I'll miss you too munchkin." Neilesh laughed and said with childish excitement "And I'll miss you three!" "Four!" "Five!" Ma intervened "Okay, okay!

Both of you will miss each other. But if we don't hurry up, will miss our flight." Ma, Neilesh and her bodyguards got down. Sweetpea and I watched from the balcony as Ma and Neilesh approached a white Ambassador. Neilesh looked upwards and waved to us. We did the same. Sweetpea watched as the convoy of Ambassadors moved up to the gate and closed his eyes as the last one drove away. I smiled sadly and said "Lets go inside baby." I slid the glass door closed as we entered.

I knew from my last experience that Sweetpea was down and needed me. To cheer him up, I turned to him, put my arms around his neck, rose on my toes, gazed into the depth of those dark lakes and wished him. "Happy birthday Sweetpea!" It had effect on him. That dimpled smile returned as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

Then with those dark lakes gazing back at my crystal blue eyes, he said "Happy birthday Peaches!" Then he leaned forward and kissed me, sucking on my pink lips.

I couldn't get enough of his full, luscious lips. Our tongues met and I felt him hold me tighter. Were we making out? Were we about to consummate our relationship? As we pulled away from our first wet and sloppy kiss of the day, I said "Strange, isn't it?" Sweetpea asked "What's strange?" as he stroked his fingers through my wavy hair. He walked up to a couch and signaled me to sit.

I sat down, he wrapped his left arm around me, and then resting my head on his chest. "Seventeen years ago, you, the most beautiful creation of God, were born today. And I was born exactly a year later." I felt his grip on me go soft. Raising my head, I saw him gazing at me with his narrowed eyes, his head tilted towards right and bangs of his undercut hair falling to the right.

Did I make him angry? But then Sweetpea flashed me that cute dimpled smile as he pulled me into a hug and said "God's will.

I told you earlier, my lover boy." I giggled as he held my waist and seated me on his lap, with my legs dangling on either side and my bubble butt grinding the package in his undies.

He pulled me into another sloppy kissing session and swirled his tongue around mine.

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He let out a muffled moan as I felt his man-steal grow. Damn, it was bigger than what I had fantasised till date. I wondered how would I be able to take the pounding of that monster cock in my tiny butt-hole. My own imprisoned boner was being crushed between my flat belly and Sweetpea's washboard abs. He must have felt it and pulled away.


He wrapped his right arm around my waist and held my head with his left. Sweeping me off my feet, he laid me on the couch, resting my head gently on a cushion against the armrest. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him into my loins.

Sweetpea held up his upper body with his muscular arms, with biceps bulging in his blue tee. I felt his ass and thigh muscles flex in his skinny black jeans as he dove in to kiss me again.

But I put a finger on his lips and asked. "Where's my gift?" Sweetpea looked lost. He sat up on his hunches and said "Baby I am sorry.

I didn't bring you any gifts." I rose and looked at him in mock-anger. "Bad boy!" I said as I banged my fists on his hard chest.

But then his lips curled up into a wicked smirk and he grabbed my tiny wrists with his bare paws. He brought his lips to my right ear and whispered "I didn't bring you any gifts, because I have always had it with me." I looked quizzically "What is it?" He said "It's a surprise, and you'll get it tonight in my bedroom." What could be it? I had no idea. He asked "Where's my gift?" I turned away, ashamed "Baby I forgot our birthday." He scoffed "Scores settled!" I turned to him with a naughty smirk and said "But I do have something precious to offer you, and I'll give it to you tonight.

You first." Sweetpea chuckled and said "Fair enough!" I closed my eyes and pouted, inviting him for a kiss. He leaned to me, cupped my face, but then moved past my lips and whispered into my ear "Too late! The moment has passed." I opened my eyes and watched him, dumbfounded and still pouting, as Sweetpea collapsed backwards, resting his head on a cushion. And then he spread his arms and I couldn't resist the desire of melting in his warm embrace and rested my head on his chest.

He wrapped his left arm around me and placed his right under his head. And then, we dozed off.