Jesse Black plowing a wide spread pussy

Jesse Black plowing a wide spread pussy
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Alicia and Taylor kneeling on a big bed, wearing sexy underwear. "Okay," Scott holding the camera says, "looks like we're ready to start.

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Mom, you ready?" "Hun, You know I'm ready," Alicia said as she grin seducetivly. "Tay, you ready?" "I can't believe i let you two talk me into this, but yeah, I'm ready."Taylor grinned wickedly at her husband behind the camera. "Okay, let's go, then." "Mmm, come here, Mama," Taylor growled, as she and Alicia get up on their knees, and lean in, until they were face to face, and the camera zooms in on their mouths, as they kiss, tongues wrestling in open mouths.

The camera zooms out, as Alicia pulls down her bra straps, and Taylor unhooks it in the back, then pulls it off her, and starts feeling up her mother in laws's tits. Alicia then takes her daughter in laws's bra off, so both women were now topless, naked breasts rubbing together. "Tay," Scott whispers from behind the camera, "kiss Mom's neck.

Mom, talk dirty." Taylor starts kissing Alicia's neck, which she then cranes, and moans, "Ooh. you're making Mama. sooo wet. sweetie. " "Oh.goodie. I love the way your pussy tastes when you're wet. " After saying this, Taylor slides one hand in her mother in laws's panties, which the camera follows. Alicia moans as fingers diddle her twat, then Taylor pulls them out, and both her and Alicia lick her juices off them.

"Oh, fuck…" Scott gasps under his breath. "Hm, lay back, Mama. " Alicia lies on her back, and lifts her hips to allow Taylor to pull her wet panties, slowly over her hips and down her thighs and finally to her ankles before dropping them to the bed.

Scott zoomed the camera in again, as his wife crouches down, and starts licking and fingering his mother's ginger pussy. "Ooh. fuck. " Alicia moaned, as Taylor's tongue and fingers probe her slopping cunt. "Yesss." she hissed. After a minute or so of this, Taylor pushes up on her mother in laws's thigh.

"Lift your leg, Mama. " Alicia does as requested, and Scott zooms in on his mom's pink asshole, as his wife sticks her tongue out, and begins to perform analingus on her Alicia. "Oooh.

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I haven't had someone lick me there in sooo long. " Scott works the camera to catch Taylor licking and fingering his mother's ass, which was well lube from dripping wetness from her pussy and Taylor's spit. while a finger of one hand is deep in her mother in laws ass, taylor begans to finger Alicia's pussy with her other hand. "Oh. fuck!" Alicia whimpers, starting to buck her hips.

Finally, she lets out a high-pitched whine, and then gasps, "Oh. Fucking yesss. I'm cumming!" While Alicia was recovering Taylor made a show of dropping her panties and then crawling over Alicia's body so she could sit her wet snatch on Alicia's face. "Yeah. stick your tongue in there. " Scott zooms in again to see Alicia's tongue roughly licking her daughter in laws's juicy slit.

"Yeeeeesss. " Taylor's voice wavers, and she starts grinding her hips, as Alicia licked and sucked on her drooling snatch.

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As taylor ground her cunt on her mother in law, she clutched at her breasts, as Alicia worked her magic to bring her closer to orgasm. Finally, Taylor cries out and doubles over, catching herself, with one hand on the bed. After a moment Taylor then leans back but still sitting on her mother in laws's chest, then looks up at the camera.

"You know, Mama, I think it's time for Scott to join us." Alicia cranes her neck, and looks back, grinning. "Oh, yeah, I knew something was missing." Taylor then crawls toward the camera, and pushes it, causing the view to tilt up at the ceiling, until Scott corrects it, pointing the camera at his Wife, as she starts undoing his pants, while his mom crawls over.

As Scott watches, Taylor pulls down the front of his boxers, and his hard cock pops out.

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"Hm, I think you should go first, Mama." "Alright, sweetie," Alicia sighs seductively, as she starts to stroke her son's cock. "You know, Scott, I remember when you were going through puberty, you used to peep on me constantly." "So Scott was a bad boy, Mama?" Taylor grins.

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"Oh very bad. good thing i like bad boys so much. one day I caught him jerking this thing in his room, sniff a pair of my used panties. It turned me on so much. I gave him, his first blowjob that day.


Remember. Baby?" "Hm. yes." Scott moaned looked through the lens of the camera at his mother stroking his hard cock and rubbing the spongey head of it against her soft tit. "I think he wants you to shut up and blow him," Taylor chuckled. "If he insists. " Alicia whispered, then Scott zoomed in, as she started sucking on his cock. "Fucking. yesss. Mom.

" Taylor says, "I love watching you do that." Alicia's lips slide up and down her son's dick, making him moan, as his own mother sucked on him. "Okay. give me a turn. it so hot watch you two!" Alicia knelt backward, as Taylor starts sucking her husband's cock.

"Remember when I taught you how to do that?" Alicia smirked, "Scott, i couldn't believe it when your little wife here, came to me and confessed she had never sucked a guy off. Damn, she was so innocent, when you two married.

"Yeah, but not any more. you two have turn me in such a slut!" Taylor says, after popping her mouth off Scott's cock to look up at the camera. she then continues talking while stroking on her husband's spit covered cock, " I still can't believe turned on i was, watching you suck your own son's cock to teach me how to do it. and I gotten pretty good would you say?" with that Taylor opened her mouth and Scoot zoomed in as inch after inch of her shaft disappeared into his wife's mouth, Talyor continued until her nose was in his pubes.

"Yeah, deep-throat him, you little slut." Alicia cheered on her daughter in law. "no. more.


i need to fuck someone. right now!" Scott growled. Alicia now running the camera focused in on Taylor straddling her husband. The camera zooms in, as Taylor lowered herself onto Scott's cock.

"Oooh. yesss." After the full lenght of her husband had disappeared into her snatch. after a moment to enjoy being fill with the hard shaft of her husband. Taylor leaned forward, placing her hands on Scott's shoulders, he grabs her hips, and she starts to ride him.

"Oh. Fuck. " Alicia whispers from behind the camera, "you look so hot, Tay, fucking my son. like that." Taylor lifts her head up, facing the camera, eyes closed, biting her lip, as she grinds against her husband.

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"Yeah, bet it. looks sexy." Taylor now leans back, and her tits bounce and jiggle as she rides her husband's dick, moaning rhythmically. A year ago Taylor would never have imagine it would be such a turn on to be filmed having sex. In fact she couldn't imagine any on the nasty things, she had done over the last year since getting married.

as she got closer to climaxing for the camera in her naked mother in laws's hand she was thrilled that she had done it. Finally after several more minutes of bouncing, Taylor arched her back, and cries out shrilly. "Oh, beautiful!" Alicia chuckled, "did he cum inside you?" "Mmmmm," Taylor moans, tilting her head to the camera, "he did." "lemme see!" Alicia said as she brought the camera up close to her daughter in laws's pussy.

"Squeeze it out!" Seconds later, Scott's white, sticky jism ooze out of his wife's cunt. "Fuck, that's hot!" Alicia then leans on camera, and licks some her son's load off from her daughter in laws's pussy. Once life was sucked back into Scott's cock, Alicia, again found herself on her back, as her son knelt in front of her.

this time its Taylor turn to hold the camera. watching through the lens as Scott's cock moves in and out of his mother's pink cunt, while listen to her moan on every thrust. "Yeah. " Taylor whispers, "Fuck her. you mother fucker" Alicia's face showed she was close, a dozen more thrusts and she was throwing her head side to side and moaning loudly, "Oh.

fuck. Oh.

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fuck" over and over again. Taylor felt her cunt tingle and ache as she watched, while getting a close up, her husband's cock goes faster in and out of his own mother's twat. "C'mon, Scotty. " Taylor whispers, "say something.

" "Fuck. Mom," Scott moans, "I love. your twat. I never want to. give it up. !" "Hm. me.


too. son.

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what a cock you have. love deep in me.!" Alicia moaned back, smiling up at him. Soon after, Alicia starts crying out louder and louder, until she and her son both groan throatily in unison, Taylor a twinge of jealous as she knew her husband had just pump a load into another woman's twat.

"Oh, fuck…" Scott sighs, falling backwards. "Oh. Fuck. indeed!" Taylor gushes excitedly, "Mama, did he cum inside you, too?" "he did." "Well then let see it.!" moving the camera within inches of her mother in laws's pussy lips. Taylor repeat the same thing Alicia had said, "Come on, squeeze it out!" Seconds later, the camera again catch the sight of Scott's white, sticky jism ooze out of another woman's cunt, this time it was his mothers.

"Okay," Scott says off camera, "I think that's a wrap." Alicia and taylor both laugh, as Scott takes and pulls back get a shot of both naked women waving bye to the camera, before he turn off the camera.