Cuernudo compartiendo a mi esposa

Cuernudo compartiendo a mi esposa
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The stalk is my favourite part of the game.

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The best approach, I've found, is to wait till Friday or Saturday night after people have started leaving the bars and clubs. That when I start my van and start cruzing the streets for drunk pretty young things. Last Friday was a dream run. I had only been driving for half an hour when I turned into a dark street and saw her staggering barefoot, high heels in hand. I pulled my van up 50 meters ahead of her, stepped out and opened the side door.

I decided to use chloroform. I love a good struggle but I didn't want neighbors inquiring about the screams. I leaned on the side of my van and opened the pad just as she was coming up next to me.

She looked straight at me for a split second then looked in the opposite direction to avoid acknowledging me. I lunged at her from behind and she was limp before I had dragged her to the step of the van. I dumped her inside and threw her shoes in behind her, not wanting to make the cop's job easy.

It was going to be a long drive back to my country property so I bound her legs together and her arms behind her back, just as a precaution. Dawn was breaking as I drove up the last k of my driveway.

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My captive was still asleep but I was wide awake in anticipation. I pulled into the garage and took the opportunity to admire my prize. She was about 5' 6'' with black shoulder length hair, probably no older than 20. She had large firm breasts which I took the liberty of caressing. She was dressed in a skirt that barely came half way down her thighs and a tight tank top that reviled a nice amount of cleavage.

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Leaving her tied I threw her over my shoulder and carried her downstairs to the basement. Dropping her on the concrete drew a small groan out of her but she remained unconscious.

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I grabbed some EMT shears and cut the rope binding her arms and legs. Retying her wrists in front I hooked them to a cable hanging from the ceiling. I winched her up, facing away from the door, so only her toes could touch the ground. I tied each ankle to a pillar spreading her legs nice and wide. The pain in her toes and arms would soon wake her up but I needed a coffee. I had just finished a second mug when I started to hear the screams.

I decided to give her a little more time alone to study the toys on the table in her view. As I opened the door she tried to turn to see.

Almost whispering she said, "Who's there?" I said nothing. This time screaming she said, "Who the fuck is there? I'll do anything you want, just let me go!" "You're already going to do everything I want," I said, "and I won't be letting you go anytime soon.

Now shut up and be a good girl or I'll have to punish you." I had anticipated her starting up again so I had the ball gag ready. As soon a she opened her mouth I popped it in and made it nice and tight at the back.

This didn't stop her trying to make noise though so I decided it was time for some discipline. I moved in front of her and selected a riding crop.

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I stared into her deep green eyes for the first time. Stroking her face with the end I said, "As you didn't do as you were told you will receive 10 lashings. Every time you make more noise you will receive another 10 lashings. Do you understand?" Her eyes were wide with fear but she slowly nodded her head. "One," I counted as I struck her left breast. She winced in pain but didn't make a sound. "Two," this time on the right breast.

A tear crept down her cheek. I slowly paced around her one and a half times, my gaze ending at her cute ass. "Three, four, five," I counted in quick succession striking her bum in the same place each time. A small squeak escaped her lips. I walked back to the front and looked into her eyes again. She was shaking with fear and holding her breath. It swelled her chest out and made her look irresistible.

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Tears were freely running down her face, more out of fear than pain. I said, "This is your first and last warning purely because that was an accident. Don't let it happen again." She let out a sigh of relief. Six, seven and eight hit her inner thigh. It still stung but by now adrenalin was dulling things down for her. I decided to put the crop down for a minute. I cupped her breasts with my hands and she flinched with disgust. I cut her top off with the shears and mentally approve her lacy black bra.

I looked her in the face and said, "You will enjoy this if you want to or not. I'm going to take you to places you've never even dreamed of and by the end you will be begging me for more." The whole time she was shaking her head.

I cut of the bra and then her skirt then stood back. As I admired her gorgeous, curvy body I thought about ripping off her sexy matching undies and fucking her right there and then. That would happen later though. I took her left nipple into my mouth and started rubbing the right between my finger and thumb. Her nipples hardened and a deep moan escaped her mouth. I peered up at her face to see her staring back at me, drool dripping from her chin.

I took my hand from her breast and moved it down her stomach and reached into her panties. As I rubbed her soaked cunt my hand was coated in her juices. I stopped and ripped off her panties, shoving them under her nose.

I said, "Smell that slut? Your body is betraying you. It's easy to see what you really want." I threw her undies aside and moved back to the toys. I hadn't forgotten the ridding crop but it was clear she had from the expression on her face when I picked it up. I belted her twice as hard as I could on her exposed clit and she shrieked in pain.

I gave her five lashings to each breast just to show I was a man of my word. I put the riding crop down. I took the ball gag out and put a finger up to her mouth to signal silence.

I said, "When you speak you will refer to me as Master. You will ask me permission if you want to speak. You will ask me permission if you want to piss or cum or do anything at all. You no longer have a name. Instead I will call you slut or toy or anything else I chose.


Do you understand?" Staring at the ground she said, 'Y-yes." I slapped her in the face and screamed, "Yes what, slut!" Continuing her gaze she mumbled, "Yes, Master." I grabbed her by the jaw and made her look me in the eyes. I twisted her nipple with my free hand and said, "You will look at me when you address me.


Now what did you say!" As I let go of her mouth and squeezed her other nipple she screamed, "YES MASTER!" I pinched down harder just to emphasis the point then said, "That's better." I could see her trying to shift her weight from foot to foot to her arms now. She could hold out a bit longer I thought. I went to the table and selected a small but plug. As I lubed it up in front of her I asked if she new what it was. When she shook her head I just smiled and walked behind her. When she felt it against her asshole she tried to clench up but between the lube and her spread legs she couldn't offer much resistance.

Next I chose a remote control vibrator and after adjusting the clitoral stimulator secured them both with a strip of tape. I turned the vibrator on high and watched the pain in her face melt away.

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I told her, "Don't even think about cumming just yet." While I was waiting for her to get close I tied a chest harness around her.

As I stood back to admire my work she panted, "Please may I cum, Master." I shook my head and turned on the vibrator in her ass. I watched her face become redder and redder with concentration as she tried to wriggles her hips to get away from the pleasure. I told her to cum for me and listened to her scream while her whole body convulsed with bliss.

Her head hung like a rag doll.

She had actually passed out. I severed the rope around her feet then slowly let her down onto her stomach. I tied her arms in a U shape behind her back then bound her ankles, tensioning a rope between them and the chest harness. I found her torn panties and placed them under her face for her to enjoy when she woke up. I turned the vibrators down to a mild hum. She could still have some fun while I took a nap.

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