Elena Koshka riding her step bros cock on top

Elena Koshka riding her step bros cock on top
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Amber is 18 now as of this writing. She has been my slave and she loves it. I torture and train her to my liking. The night is right, Amber gets her tight little bald slit licked by dog tongue, her dog's tongue, she goes wild for it, feeling it tonguing her so deep with her ass high in the air wiggling non-stop, her sweat glistens, it's such a sight for me to witness, to be a part of.

Her chest flat on the floor, only a black dog collar with dog tags on it around her neck to show all, but mostly myself she's mine forever. She can hardly speak because of her dog licking her, before we know it she begs for release and I allow her to climax, Amber orgasms moaning loudly, wiggling her cute butt around for me like I instructed. All the while she wiggles her cute ass and encourages her dog by saying, or moaning, "Good boy." Then before either of us could stop him, her dog mounts her and gets his huge cock inside her quivering labia.

I force them apart. Amber likes the idea of her sucking off her dog. My slave puts her dog on his back, rubbing his tummy as instructed her to do to rub his tummy, the first contact she ever has had with his red hot rod is with her tongue licking him, tasting him send electric currents up and down her spine. Amber says it tastes, "Strong." She sucks the dog cock, licks it and after a time is rewarded with her first ever load of dog spunk, some of it leaks out of her mouth, she swallows as much as she can, Amber licks up the rest swallow it and she licks her dog's cock clean.

So began our exploration of Amber's lust for her dog. In the daytime her dog follows her around, licking her between the legs and never leaves her side like a good dog, but this is not just a dog that loves his master unconditionally, not just a dog that follows around his master, he's a dog that gets to enjoy his master's womanly wiles.

The next night for other reasons I torture Amber with hot wax, covering her butt, breasts, nipples, labia and clit with the hot candle wax, the worst pain of her life, maybe she'll learn her lesson, the candle wax causes her pale skin to turn red around were the wax is poured and dripped.


Amber always takes my tortures willingly a willing slave is what I like and also an obedient slave. My torture of her is not done yet, I put hard biting wooden clothespins on her nipples, outer labia lips 3 each side and 1 on her clit. She begs for dog cock, how can I refuse her? After she get good and more wet from her dildo I have her assume the position of a good obedient dog bitch slave on the floor ass up, chest down on floor, the clothespins puling on her puffy wax coated nipples, her dog is hesitant with the clothespins all over her pussy, but with her cute behind wiggling non-stop who could refuse?

He licks her while she wiggles and says, "Good boy." She soon orgasms with my permission, she begs so sweetly. The dog licking knocks a few of the clothespins off her cunt lips. With more begs I allow her to remove the clothespins and she sucks out a dog load she is obsessed with the stuff. I love the sight of her wiggling butt I swear just seeing her in the submissive position wiggling until I tell her to stop is such a turn on for me, it's so hot, like you have not the slightest it gets my already very wet tight little virgin vagina soaked.

So the next night arrives, just to let you all know I torture and fuck my slave like every night giving her pain and orgasms as my slutty whore slave wants and needs.

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After some good wiggling with dog tongue deep in her tight little slutty dirty hole she begs for several orgasms and I allow her to orgasm each time. Her clit is bigger than usual and sticks out from her labia lips from all the recent torture. After I have her put her dog on his back, she takes the whole dog cock down her throat, deepthroating him very intensely, also very tenderly.

She needs his cock deep inside her, I watch as he knots in her mouth making removal by force impossible now. I am so nervous that I am shaking hard, I have real care and concern for my slave. I make sure she can breath still you'd think I was the one with a dog cock knotted down my throat!

After what seemed like forever of my slave moving her head slightly her dog erupts 4 or 5 spurts directly into her stomach. Having my slave knotted to him really makes his dog cock leak and leak lots of fluids.

After I counted 15 minutes about she is able to remove her sore mouth from her dog's cock licking it clean. So this became what we do most nights explore each other's bodies with our fingers, lips, tongues and mouths. I torture and correct her making her more and more into my willing slave. Just about every night she gets licked by her dog, deepthroats his cock takes the knot, feels him leaking and trying to fuck her neck. Almost every night she gets a dog cum load down into her belly.

A couple times she manages to do it twice, taking the knot, feeling him fill her tummy, wait for it to go down, take it out, deepthroat it until he knots again locking with her and then after a time filling her stomach with his doggy sperm she enjoys the full feeling she gets.

I don't interfere for the most part, I have thought of joining in and getting licked or sucking off her dog. But this is something I allow my slave a reward for being such a good girl. So sometimes I have her wear clothespins while orally engaged with her pet, once she had to figure out how to deepthroat his cock with a clothespin on her tongue.

Then the day came when I decided she and her dog needed to take it outside. She left for a walk, when none were around she kneeled down next to him, rubbing his balls as she sometimes does, licking his cock on his right side, next she gets under him behind him and sucks his cock. She licks and sucks. Amber begins deepthroating his cock while outside in public, she takes the knot and luckily for her none see her locked with her dog, on her back getting her face pumped by a really big dog.

After a time he fills her belly with his dog cum, after a longer time he is able to remove his cock from her well used mouth. My slave licks his cock clean. Brushes herself off and sets off to continue her walk. Nowadays Amber's dog gets hard even when around family, making my slutty lil baby whore cumbucket dog cock deepthroaing dog cum guzzling cumrag dog bitch of a slave blush. The night, that night, it started out pretty normally, we talk, my slave wearing her collar, a simple T-shirt and panties.

I order her, "Okay get up and slowly do a sexy strip tease for me, so slowly take them off while dancing dirty for me." With a, "Yes Princess." Amber my slave stands up, wiggles her butt, she bends over bed, ass up wiggling for me. I encourage her and admire her beauty. With us in the room like always is my slave's dog sits, he watches my slave also. My slave dances around her dog, leans down, lets him lick her mouth and then she opens her mouth letting him freely lick inside her mouth.

Amber pulls her panties down so her ass shows and keeps dancing. As I watch my slave obeying my command I finger my increasingly wet cunt. My slave shakes her cute butt at her doggy. I rub my nipples and breasts while finger-fucking myself.

My slave Amber lifts her T-shirt up and shakes her boobies for me. I giggle then while moaning softly command, "Get naked my slut." Amber my good little slave takes of her T-shirt waves it around her head and rolls her hips around.


Next she rubs it on back and forth on her butt feeling it rubbing as she pulls it along the length of her cute ass. Amber my willing slave begins slipping her fingers into her panties to play with herself as she dances and after about a minute she grabs the waistband and pulls her panties down and kicks them to me.

We talk some more while she lets me soak up the sight of her nudity. After I call her a good slutty whore slave and we talk a little more I give her a new command, "Down on chest, ass up high and wiggle non-stop." As my pussy is making sloppy sounds as I fingerbang my slave says, "Yes Princess." Immediately she gets down on chest with ass held high wiggling.

I moan softly so aroused by my slave's sexy display. I look and see she is wet and she says it as I think it, "I'm wet Princess." And she adds, "What now Princess." I smile and answer, "My slut will obey." She does not move from position she wiggles her butt non-stop. I encourage her more and she notes again that her dog is staring at her, wanting my dog bitch slave for his own, but he's well trained and just sits. Amber my dog bitch slave shakes her ass more. She begs for her dog to touch her, lick her and more.

Amber begs, "Please." Making the please go on and on making it sound more like pleeeeeeeassssssse. I ask her, "Oh my slave wants a dog tongue in her?" Again a long sounding plea comes from her sexy lips, "Goddddddd yessssss." And an even cuter, "Please." I then begin to ask her what else she wants to do for me.

She admits she wants to get fucked, lick my pussy, and ass. To be my little fuck whore, for me use and abuse her and how she loves it. I then upon hearing this give her some of what she wants ordering her to, "Put clothespins on your clit, one on each nipple and 3 on each side of outer labia lips." As she says, "Yes Princess." She gets up and begins placing the clothespins as instructed saying fuck, groaning and moaning in pain.

Amber my slave rightfully says, "It hurts Princess." I answer back, "Then back on the floor, chest down flat, ass up high and wiggle non-stop." What she says next kind of surprises me, but not much she says, "My dog will kill me trying to lick me like this." As she gets on the floor ass up high chest flat on floor hurting her nipples more, she goes back to her non-stop ass wiggling the wiggling hurting her also. My slave calls her dog to her.

He just smells her. My slave says, "Ohhhh god the clothespins hurt a lot, feels like they are pulling me apart." I draw close to an orgasm I have been holding back. After a few agonizing minutes of my slave wiggling she says, "Ouchy my cunt's on fire." As I watch her I orgasm loudly moaning and while shouting my slave's name in climatic bliss as I shake hard in orgasm. Soon after my slave tells me that, "Clit and pussy lips are numb." I compose myself some and order their removal.

My slave obeys saying, "Fuck, ouch needles." While she keeps wiggling her cute butt she begs, "Please Princess." With the clothespins now remove her dog begins tongue fucking my dog bitch slave so deep and she moans as I myself draw close to a 2nd orgasm she moans, "Lucy's bitch.

Fuck! Yesssssssssss. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssss sooooooooo fucking deep, good boy." As he dog laps and tongue fucks her so deep while she wiggles her ass. I orgasm again as my slave Amber says, "Close oh my fucking good close." I moan her name again. She begs for release, "May I please cum Lucy?" I answer back through panting, "Orgasm while wiggling Amber mmmmm ahhh ohhhh!" As Amber orgasms moaning her fucks and oh my gods I say, "Good Amber. Good dog bitch whore slave." As she moans she says, "Slutty, ass, pussy, dog bitch whore all Lucy's." We moan together now and then when I find some strength I go to my slave and kiss her lips so passionately and kiss her again so tenderly and sweetly.

We both notice the doggy thick huge cock is out and hard. We talk some while he licks her leaking twat. The clothespins still hurting my slave's nipples making her say ouch repeatedly.

I tell her, "Good girl." My slave's dog begins to nip at her sensitive labia lips hurting her a little and she enjoys it.

My slave says while gurgling, "Fuck, he wants my cunt, wants to fuck your slut's cunt, but he cant." As my slave nears another orgasm from her dog's tongue I order her to put her dog on his back. She begs for an orgasm first, but she obeys saying, "Yes Princess." Then my slave rubs her cunt up and down her dog's cock, rubbing her dog's cock up and down her slit moaning, "Fuck Lucy, ohhhhhh fuck." I simply ask her, "Want it inside?" Then I am giggling cutely.

She answer right back loudly, "Fuck yes Princess!" My slave actually then puts the tip inside her tight little shave vagina moaning, "Sooo thick, ohhh fuck, oh my god, fuck." Amber is so grateful to me for not making her stop.

Again a simple question I ask, "Want more inside?" She answers back loudly, "Pease Princess may I cum? Oh god, yes please!" I answer back lovingly, "Orgasm." My slave drops down suddenly impaling herself fully impossibly deep on the huge long thick dog cock and not moving just screaming as she orgasms, "Fuck oh my god!" We exchange some loving words between her orgasms and I kiss her lips and she returns my affection kissing back.

It's such an incredible sight to see, her on her dog, pussy stretched wide and his huge thick long dog cock impossibly deep inside her. I ask my slave, "How does it feel inside like that not moving?" A reply soon escapes her lips, "He is whimpering can he cum inside me? Sooooooo full." Asking back quickly, "Is he knotting?" Amber my dog bitch slave answers back, "So hot, yesss." I ask her, "Can you take it out?" She replies, "He's buried fully in me, I think so." I regain some of my senses by now and order, "Get off him now." Amber tries to lift up and of him, the knot is stuck and she can't, she is saying, "Shit, it won't come out fuck." "Keep trying." Like a good obedient slave girl she keeps trying to lift off him saying as she tries, "He's stuck, ouch, fuck, ohhhh fuck, it's getting bigger." Changing the subject I ask her, "How are your nipples?" Amber my impaled slave answers, "Numb Princess, a little numb." "Remove them." She removes them and says as the blood painfully rushes back, "Fuck Princess, he's humping up at me and his knot is so fucking big." I command her, "Don't hump." She repeats, "He is." And she continues, "He's pushing up at me, his fur's rubbing my clit, he's in all the way." "Begin rubbing your nipples roughly." Amber actually thanks me saying, "Oh my fucking god, it's fucking amazing.

Thank you, thank you." I humbly respond, "You're welcome, you wanted this, so enjoy." While she rubs her nipples roughly she asks me, "Gonna cum again, may I?" "You deserve it. Amber." "Please!" She shouts. "Oh o lease, please, please." Seeing she wont orgasm without permission I ask her, "Can you hold it until he cums?" A cute little, "I'll try." I soothe her cooing sweetly, calmly, "Just feel it in you so deep, so huge." My slave begins her moaning again, "Come on fill my pussy up, oh my god, yesss." I remind her, "You wanted this so bad." "Yessss, thank you Lucy, thank you, oh my god, yessss." I am soaking wet by now still fingering non-stop my tight little shaved vagina soaking wet and I feel close to orgasm.

I tell my slave, "I am close to orgasm, you're welcome, my slut deserved it. Just try to lift off him more." She kind of hisses through the next part as she tries again to get his knotted cock out, "He's gonna cum, ouch, can't, fuck, he'ssssss cumming." "Orgasm Amber." As Amber my slave feels the spunk flood her insides she orgasms, "Oh my god, fucking burning hot spunk, fuck." As she and her dog cum I arch my back and shudder through an intense orgasm.

She moans, "Yessss, yessss." I moan her name, "Amber!" While both climax again we exchange more sweet words of encouragement and affection show each out how much we, how dearly, how deeply our feelings are for each other, to just write the words would not come close to the feelings, sensations. Next Amber my slave is saying, "Oh my god dog spunk fill me up." I continue to kiss her, we make out, probing each other's mouths. Amazingly as we makeout more dog sperm sprays into Amber and she enjoys the feelings.

Breaking our kiss after a time I ask her, "Mmmm ahhh, how many cum shots?" Amber answers back, my slave answers, "Fuck, a real dog slut whore you have now. Lost count." We makeout some more then as our lips part again my dog slut whore slave continues to answer my earlier question, "A dozen." All this time my slave hadn't stopped rubbing her nipples obediently.

The dog spunk and his big huge thick long cock actually make my slave Amber's belly look bloated. I offer her some more words, "Good dog bitch slave." Then my slave starts to talk about how full she is saying, "My pussy is stretched beyond full." Happy she got what she craved for I say, "Mmmmm, my slut's cunt got what you wanted it to." "I think the end of his cock is in my womb." "How you tell?" "So fucking deep, at least 8 or 9 inches." "Sounds about right, mmmmm sit, good dog bitch slave sit." "Yesssssss." I lick her face all over, her entire face, no sure why now I did that, jus felt right, like I was licking my new born baby dog bitch slutty whore slave, I say some more soothing and loving words and she for her part shows her gratitude, saying such sweet loving words, how she needed to be with her dog and stuff.

I go back to kissing her passionately. I grab her nipples hard, twists them hard and tugging on them not letting go and my slave moans her, "Fuck." I get little rest for my now very sore from fingering pussy holding her nipples like this. I let go saying as she goes back to rubbing her nipples and I go back to fingerbanging, "Sit on that cock deep in you.

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Rub those nipples. So you came right when your dog started cumming?" "Yes, I was holding it, trying to be your good little whore." We talk some more about it, while she obediently sits on the dog cock that most have exploded inside her womb over a dozen times, the cock knotted in her holding the cum in her. I order her, "Squeeze your PC muscles some." She obey saying, "So raw." "Try to milk him." Amber my slave speaks up, "So animalistic, okay, yes Princess." Then she begins giggling.

I giggle thinking about her squeezing her dog's cock with the dog semen locked inside her still. She tells me, "It's getting softer.

I can feel it. Feels sooooooo good, I'm soooooo full." We talk a little more and Amber my slave begins riding the softening dog cock, rocking her hips on him. I say to one then the other, "Good girl.

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Good boy." Amber my slave grinds on him feeling her clit rubbing against his fur as she rides her dog and she begins moaning again, "Fuck, oh my god, feel like such a filthy whore, your filthy whore. I'm fucking a dog Lucy." I slap her ass repeatedly encouragingly very hard. More moans from her, "Oh my god." She is slamming her dog's cock inside her.

"Careful you may make him knot again." "I think he done with me, he looks like wants to leave. I won't let him gonna fuck him but good." "What will you do with the dog cum in you?" Cutely and maybe innocently Amber my young slave answers, "Have puppies." Then she giggles. I giggle innocently not knowing exactly what the cum will do, pour out or stay in or what so I guess, "It's going to leak some." "I will cup my hands over my pussy, leak down into them and drink it all down." "Good girl." "Then I will suck my dog clean like you trained your little fuck whore to do." "How does it feel to ride his cock?" "Soooooooo fucking good." I tell my slave as I draw close to another orgasm, "I am close again.

My cunt is so sore now." "Cum Lucy, please for me, gonna cum again Lucy, may I please?" As I begin another orgasm I say, "I will orgasm with you.

Orgasm now as I do." Amber my slave orgasm, "Fuck, yesssssss, yesssssss." "SoOoOoOOoOOoo full of dog cock." I moan. While Amber my slave orgasms she has little spasms moaning, "Cumming." Again I moan my slave's name.

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I start kissing her again soon, but not soon enough. My slutty dog bitch whore slave asks, "I think his knot is small enough to pull out, should I?" "Okay take it out and do as you said you would." Like a river of dog cum pours out into her hands, she catches most of it, but not all, some gets onto the floor she says, "Gorgeous fuck stick." Amber my slave looks at the cum in her hands, it fills both hands cupped together, she drinks it, ten licks her fingers clean with a grateful, "Yummy." I smile and say as se begins licking the floor clean, "Such spunk.

Good girl." Amber my slave says before she begins sucking her dogs cock clean, "Your little dog fuck meat." She keeps sucking even as it shrinks in her sucking mouth. "Good little slutty whore slave." I lick her butt, every inch of her sexy and cute behind.

I lick her pussy as she sucks harder. My slutty whore slave tries humming, nothing works, for a while longer she sucks hard, hums while I tongue fuck her ass and pussy one after the other over and over. That night I kissed her lips then we cuddled in bed and fell asleep with me holding her.

It is not too long until my slave and I next meet. I am too excited to have my willing slave back that I torture her by slapping her butt and torturing her with clothespins. Amber tries to have her dog lick her pussy while she wiggles on her chest, ass up, with clothespins hurting her nipples, clit and labia lips.

Her dog won't lick her like that, so I have her remove the clothespins from her pussy after a while of he wiggling non-stop. Amber forces his cock deep into her pussy with him on his back facing away from him this time she rides him and he knots inside her pussy. The clothespins on her nipples don't stay on too long.

The tip of his huge cock penetrates her cervix and presses deep in her womb, she orgasms so much while riding him and also tries to lift off him a couple times. My slave really rolls her hips, grinds and rotates her hips a lot.

It lasts so long I fall asleep and while I sleep her dog with his bigger form forces my slave onto her belly as he pistons her pussy all night finally cumming, she passes out from exhaustion and his pulling free from her cunt and womb wakes her back long enough for my slave to climb into be with me after drinking and licking up the dog cum mess.

Not too much later while my slave Amber and myself are sitting on her bed talking and hugging naked.

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I remember being stuck with her awesome beauty and I said, "As I live and breathe if this is not the most beautiful girl I know." Amber's dog obediently sat by the side of bed looking wistfully at my slave and I begin fingering my cunt while moaning softly as the time spent with Amber my best friend and slave always is stimulating.

The room soon fills with the scent of both our aroused and soaking wet vaginas. Before I knew it Amber gets on her breasts, ass up high, thighs spread a little and she begins wiggling unceasingly for me. Watching this lewd display of total submission on the part of my sex slave girl soon has me in the grip of intense orgasm and I moan her name as I often do while engaged in orgasm.

Amber begins calling over her doggy saying, "Here boy… Good boy." Without too much encouragement he happily trots over to Amber's wigging upturned perfect young behind he licks her while she moans, "Fuck, he's licking me, oh my god he's tongue is so deep." I ask her, "Does it turn you on how sopping wet you make me slave?" She replies, "Yes Lucy, you love your slutty little fuck toy, fuck oh my god, Mmmmmmmmm." I tell her, "You're such a nasty slut." Amber kind of hisses moans feeling the dog tongue plunging in and out of her insides, "Yes, oh fuck yes, may I cum Lucy, please." I simply say, "Orgasm Dell." And we both begin our mutual noisy orgasms.

While she is enjoying doggy tongue I kiss her lips.


Amber kind of whimpers, "Lucy, he looks like he wants to mount me." His hard doggy cock out and ready to fuck my dog bitch slave. Amber first gets on her back under him sucking his cock, and then she puts her big dog on his back. "He wants on my back." She giggles. Amber sucks his cock, she takes it down, deepthroating and then she holds it down her neck.

I ask her, "How is that slave?" The dog soon knots in her mouth joining her stuffed neck and his huge cock. The cock in her mouth tastes gamey and strong and feels nasty to Amber. I see she can breathe through her nose, she can do something most never even consider letting a big dog cock knot down her throat.

We both can sense the dog is going to shoot soon. A couple minutes later doggy sperm explodes down Amber's neck into her stomach she moans slightly muffled.

I rub Amber's sexy ass encouragingly while she enjoys, liking a stomach full of dog cum, a sore stretched neck and mouth and being knotted in the mouth. Soothing her I say, "Mmmmm good slave." This time of all the times Amber finds it hard to breathe while her dog tries to rip his cock out humping hard face fucking her. Seeing my slave is in such a vulnerable position I tongue her butt and cunt. The cock slips out of her mouth after a while, thinking it is not hard enough for more fun Amber suck on the cock that almost choked her out.

I smile and rub her tight sexy behind more. Amber's skilled cock sucking soon has her dog hard again, she sticks it in her ass for a minute, then facing him she guides it into her sopping wet cunt moaning, "Oh my god, yes, fuck yes, oh fuck." Amber rides his cock for a few minutes, her dog squirming wanting to be in control.

I ask her bluntly, "Enjoying the ride slave?" Smiling. Quickly she answers, "Yes, god yes." Amber climbs off him and gets back down on chest with her sexy ass up high wiggling. Almost instantly he is upon her making Amber moan out, "Ohhh fuck he's on me already, ouch nails, ohhhh fuck." As I watch him mounting her and scratching her a little I encourage, "Fucking pound her." "Bulls eye, ohhhhh fuck, he's hammering me, GOD YES!" I command, "Don't stop wiggling." Even though she had not stopped.

My fingers are making me near another climax, she is moaning so much, and I feel and hold back the orgasm. Amber moans out, "Fuck, I'm knotted, oh my god stretching me, fuck." I ask, "How does that feel?" Amber drools on the floor. Another question I pose, "How deep is he?" Finally she manages to answer as she feels it inside her young womb, "Oh my god fucking god, balls deep, so fucking deep." Finding myself more curious I ask, "Feel him against cervix?" Nearly being racked with orgasm she answers, "Fucking past it, ohhhhhh my god, yes, may I cum please Lucy." "Good slutty dog bitch whore slave." Amber begs for orgasm more so I give her permission, "Yes orgasm with me slave, Ohhhhhhhh Amber!" Amber is moaning and saying things like, "Ohhhhh fucking Christ, fuck me boy, fuck me hard, fuck me ohhh god never stop fucking me, yes." I kiss her face and mouth, she orgasms again and soon she feels dog sperm spray inside her womb.

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In my high state of arousal I moan, "Fill my bitch up boy." Amber continues to moan, "So fucking nasty, so wrong, sooooo good, oh my god, I'm fucking full of his spunk, feels hot like lava, warming my tummy." He gets off her back and faces away from Amber still locked in. My slave almost creams admitting to me what she is, "I love being a fucking slutty fuck whore, you slutty fuck whore, I'm your fuck meat little bitch." I admit to her, "You're the most slutty ever." Painfully he tries to pull out of my slave's fuck tunnel.

Next she tells me something else I already knew about my slutty little whore slave, "I want my dad's cock and my brother's Lucy." We talk a little to pass the time and we are both glistening and feeling so hot.

Amber say about her dog, "I think he's done with me, used his little bitch." "Used my little bitch." I correct. "Yes." I grab her by the collar kissing her so very passionately, her mouth open for me. "Used me and he's done." She says before kisses me back. "I'm never done with you Amber." I say right before continuing my so very passionate kisses upon the open mouth of my whore, tangles tongue with hers, the emotion of the moment I am unable to describe, she sucks my tongue, makes out some more and breaks kiss.

It takes about 12 minutes this time after he came to knot going down and for him to pop his cock out followed closely by his gushing cum. After it's out Amber leans down and sucks his cock clean, then she licks the cum up off the floor. I tell her, "Good slave." I pat her own her ass, hen turns to a rough ass grab and then pulling her close for a long cuddle.

Amber's pussy gaping open and I comment, "Shows how much of a slut you are." I hold her and snuggle with her in bed never wanting to let go. I make her suck my nipples some and we talk before falling into a blissful slumber. Soon there after I get to watch as Amber assumes the dog mating position, wiggling but in the air, her dog licks her and soon she is guiding her dog's cock into her asshole, as the cock expands he locks in after some intense humping the pain is great for my slave.

Without permission she has an orgasm from having dog cock in her ass, I am not sure, but I think I was because I had been fucking her earlier and didn't let her orgasm when she begged many times. After a time Amber's dog fills her bowels with such a huge load.

Not sure how long it took for him to pull out after Amber sucks his cock clean, for punishment for the orgasm I order her to put on clothespins, she put them on her nipples, clit and 4 each side of labia lips and I have her dildo fuck her ass for my pleasure.

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I want to make my slave the world's greatest slut. I won't trade my time with my slave Amber for anything. Just the thought of her wiggling cute ass up in the air like that makes me wet and very aroused. Okay well that is all I feel like writing about for you guys for now. Also don't leave negative comments, if you don't like this true story that's your business, only leave positive feedback if you please.

Want to read the true story about Amber with her dad and big brother?