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The night air was crisp as a crescent moon peeked out of the clouds. The ghetto of Bakersfield was lively with people. Seems like lots of elves keep busy night lives. In the crowds of half drunk elves was a young human. A impish looking kid with a short stubby nose high cheek bones and short but curly red hair. Normally a young human would've stuck out and drunk elves would have been harassing the kid. Although the kid was smart and was covered in a heavy plain brown cloak.

The kid was thin and so the cloak hindered it's movements slightly. The kid only needed the cloak for a few more marks so he didn't mind. Keeping a look out for a few drunk and unaware elves who are easy to pick pocket. Just after strolling a bit among the crowd a dwarf caught the eye of the thief he looked to be hammered and talking to a few shady elf ladies. The young thief thought to herself that the young elves were whores and trying to get the dwarf to drop a few fiesta in there coffers. Soon the thief sneaked on by close to the dwarf.

Once he was close enough she slipped her hand out of his cloak she hurriedly snipped the coin purse open with his dagger and used the extra cloth of his cloak to catch the coins. Easy enough the thief was obviously well practiced in her skill. The young thief took off as casually as she could. Once she was a few feet away from the dwarf she breathed a sigh of relief. The dwarf just took notice of his missing fiesta and began to accuse the elf women of robbing him. "These fucking wrenches took my fiesta and didn't even let get a plow!" The dwarf screamed at the elf women who began to argue with the drunk dwarf.

Feeling free and a bit richer the small impish thief who couldn't be more then in her teens smiled as she made his way back to the human side of the wall.

Abandoning her heavy cloak inside a empty trash barrel in a side ally. "I can get a better one with the fiesta I got tonight." The young thief said happily as she walked out the ally. Unbeknownst to the thief there was a pack of wanderers watching her every move. They were located standing outside a old building across the street from the thief. Two elves and a dwarf. "Exel go and distract the human guards make sure they keep the gates locked." The wanderer said to the other elf. "Shackles come with me." The dwarf grunted as he followed the leading wanderer.

The thief began to whistle a tune as she made her way to the guard station in front of the gate leading into the human part of the city. As the thief was a few yards away from the gate she noticed a elf handed the guards something in a small brown pouch.

The elf then stood in front of the closed gate as the guards went inside the station. The young thief wondered what was in the pouch looked to small to be fiesta the only other thing it could be was a pouch of sniff.

That would make the elf a wanderer. The thief realized she been too care free. She turned around and saw there was another pair of wanderers coming right at her. The only choice was to fight it out or make a run for it.

The young thief grabbed her long sleeved shirt and made sure her hidden blade wouldn't fall out as she made a run for the other gate leading out the ghetto. With a wild dash the thief began to run to the main gate to get outside the city. The lead wanderer yelled out after her. "Thief Stop!" As he pointed for Exel to give chase who was closer. The boy began to sprint knocking over anything in his path to slow down the wanderers. Meanwhile you and the girls were navigating threw the tunnels under the city and finally made it to the exit.

"About time," Eve said. "I hate the close space of these tunnels." Grace groaned as she saw she would have to climb a rope. "No one said anything about climbing a rope." You chuckled lightly. "Don't worry you can hold on to my back and I'll carry you up." Grace scoffed at you offer. "As if I was some some old envalid. I think not." Grace said as she ran up the wall and held on tight to the rope. Slowly she made her way up. Eve was next in climbing the wall. "Keep your eyes in you head Buck." Eve said as she climbed up the rope.

You eyes couldn't help but stare at Eve's perfect round rear. "What a sight." You whisper to yourself.

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Eve kicked free a pebble on her way up. It fell right to you left eye. As you rub your eye Eve yells back at you. "Told you to keep your eyes in your head Buck." With a giggle Eve turned around and peeked threw the door.

"No one is out there." She told Grace as you emerged out the pit and got to them. "Great then we shouldn't have to kill any wanderers." You say as you open the door. With a quick look around you notice the street is completely empty. "We're clear." You say to the girls as you step out.


Quietly you guys walk out into the ally. You pull your heavy hood up so not to get any attention from the elves that live in the ghetto. After a few minutes walking Eve stops. "You hear that?" Grace stops and listens. You don't hear anything at first then you hear a small grunt followed by a cry. Eve starts to head in the direction of the sounds.

The sounds are coming from over a fence. Eve peeps over the top of the fence and sees a small kid being held by two elves as a dwarf beats on the kid. "Ok boy where the fiesta?" One elf asked the kid who was badly beaten.

The kid didn't answer instead he cursed them in Valdakic "Al'Shar Verbate." A old human tounge not used in a few hundred years. The elf gave the dwarf a nod and the dwarf socked the thief in the gut. Eve didn't think twice about it she knew no amount of fiesta was worth beating the young child to death.

Jumping over the fence and landed a few kick on the dwarf Eve had her wooden staff ready to strike down the elves. "Woman this doesn't concern you." Exel said as he let the thief go and took a step forward. The dwarf got off the ground and went right at Eve. Eve used her staff to beat back the dwarf. With three quick strikes to the face the dwarf fell back with a bloody nose. Exel grabbed the staff and started to wrestle for it.

The leading wanderer dropped the boy on the floor pulling his blade out. You jumped the fence and tackled the leading wanderer. Sending the blade flying. The dwarf jumped on your back and began landing heavy blows to the back of your skull. Eve managed to get a good grip on her staff and thrusted it into Exel's stomach.

Exel was keeled over on his knees with a few heavy blows to the skull he was on the ground knocked out. Eve grabbed the dwarf and began to kick him in the throat with three quick but devastating kicks. The dwarf passed out. The wanderer hand a his hands wrapped around your hands. Blocking you from landing any blows on him this left you with no choice but to headbutt him like a ram. Driving your forehead into the wanderers nose. The wanderer got two black eyes from the blow and was quickly subdued.

Grace ran around the fence and came threw the front of the building attending to the boy. "He is really hurt. We need to find a place to heal him. Preferably somewhere with no bodies laying about." Grace said as she helped the boy up. You got up and helped carry the boy.

Eve lead the way making sure there wasn't any wanderers out in the street. Eve noticed a hut sized building that didn't have any lights on. "I'll check to see if anyone is home." You stayed in the shadows with Grace as Eve sneaked into the small dwelling. Eve opened the door witch was unlocked. As she looked in the building she saw it had a roll out mat that seemed to be old and a bit crusty. Probably a squatters shelter. Eve looked it over and felt it to be safe enough she opened the door and waved you guys over.

Quickly both of you raced over into the small house carrying the kid. Once inside you immediately lay the kid down on the roll out mat. Grace searched her bag for the salve she used to help her wounds heal. Once she found it she began applying it to him after washing the blood of the poor kids face.

Eve pulled the kids curly red hair out of Grace way. "I wonder who he is." Eve asked as she look at the kids small boyish frame and assumed the kid was a boy. "Trouble. We shouldn't have gotten involved." You tell Eve. "I know but he's special I can tell he spoke in Valdakic the first human language. Some say it's a variant of what the Titans spoke." Eve replied. You didn't care is he spoke the Gods tounge the more attention you bring onto yourselves the harder it will be to kill your marks.

"Stay here I have to find a captain to smuggle you guys out." Grace agreed she was more concerned over the kids injuries then trying to find a way off the Island. Eve on the other hand wanted to go with you. Instead of arguing you only sighed and decided to let her tag along. You and Eve walked down the streets that only got denser and denser with elves as you went deeper into the ghetto. You noticed a few elves intentionally keeping there distance away from you Eve whispered to you.

"Change how you walk don't walk like a Knight." You realized the way you walk is setting you apart from the non-humans in the streets save for a few beastkins. Usually you walk with a short stride and your arms tense and ready for a fight should one come. Back when you where a Knight in training in the Fallen Lands a Knight can challenge you to a fight so you always had to be ready. You see how you walk can scare a few non-humans.

Changing your stride to a more relaxed one made a world of difference. Now the elves and dwarves didn't stop speaking when you got close and you didn't stick out as much. You saw the Waton Lass whore house. Your first mark is the Ma'dam of the house. You take Eve to a bar across the whore house. "Eve I don't speak much elfish tounges so I'll need you to translate if a elf doesn't speak human." You tell Eve who replies.

"Well I don't speak much I can speak some Ortanish but the old tongues are a mystery to me." You smile as you turn to look at Eve and say " I will have to find a Ortanish elf then." The tavern is filled with many elves of all different tribes. Ortaanish,Plains, Valhalic, and even a few Gerhard elves. The Dwarves that were in the tavern looked to be mercenaries and not merchants more then likely wanderers. A few bar maidens where busily moving from table to table carrying lots of Ale and other exotic elfish liquors.

As you walked to the bar area you saw a Valhalic elf wearing a the naval colors of the La'Quin Islands. The La'Quin Islands is the only truly free nation of elves. Its said to be the homeland of the elves although many elves disagree with that theory.

You decide to sit next to the sailor. "A cold mug of beer if you have it." You ask the bartender who looks at you closely. "We don't serve humans." The thin bartender said to you as he spat in a mug and proceeded to clean it. Eve interrupted you before you spoke up. "He's with me they wouldn't serve us on the other side of the wall we're just foreign visitors from the Mid Lands looking for a drink tonight." The bartender looked you over trying to read your face.

You just pulled the hood tighter around your head. "'re lucky she's a cute one or else I'd call the wanderers on you." The bartender poured you some warm beer in a cold mug. "And what can I get you my fair one?" Eve thought about it and ordered the only drink she knew elves of the Mid Lands drank.

"Honey dew wine please kind sir." The bartender laughed hard. "Is this a honey moon?" He asked looking at you and Eve. You nearly choke on your beer. Eve on the other hand played it cool.

"What are you the Inquiry asking so many personal questions." The bartenders laugh died down in a hurry and grabbed Eve her glass of wine. "Ve'leck grab me another glass of Finstery wine." The sailor asked. "Pirate do you have coin for you and your men?" The bartender asked the sailor who looked half drunk. "You question my status as a Captain of the Valhalic?" The bartender grabbed his wabber jack club from under the bar.

"I question if ya have the fiesta to pay for your men's drinks." The captain rose up and slammed his fist on the bar top. "Ve'leck! You insult me!" As the Captain rose up so did a group of eight sailors in the back.

"Come now bartender relax. How much for the sailors drinks?" You ask trying to stop things from escalating. "Ten rounds and his bottle of wine.ten silver Fiesta." He replied as you pulled out the fiesta and then ordered the men another round and then another bottle of wine for the Captain.

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The bartender took the fiesta and handed you your change. "Your alright.Delvan." The captain slapped you on the back as he poured himself another drink. "What does va'leck mean Captain.?" The captain poured himself a cup of the wine it had a smell of dried fish that turned your stomach.

"Captain Flank of the Valhalic Navy ship Bal'ven." He said as he offered you a drink. Not trying to offend the hot headed captain Flank you drank it. The wine while it smelled of dry fish it had a earthy taste. "At a go Delvan va'leck means false one, fraud or a imposter a fake elf." You were about to ask what Delvan ment when the Captain Flank beat you to it. "Delvan means human in the old tounge." As you and Flank got to talking he soon told you his reason to be so far from the La'Quin Islands.

"See me and my men are in search of a criminal of the realm of La'Quin. He's a vicious bastard. A real Deciple of the mad wizard. The lunatic even hexted himself." You listen to the Captain's tall tale then ask what the disciple looks like. "Oh he is a ugly Delvan truly nasty. Huge nose as big as a her tits." He pointed to the large breasted bar maiden. "Truly crazy he hexted about fifteen Al'can.

That's elves in your tounge Delvan." Eve cleared her throat. "Excuse me Captain Flank. Do you think you can help me and my friend travel off this miserable Island?" The captain laughed a bit too loudly. "Sorry but there is no way a Delvan and his Al'can mistress will sail on my boat." You choked on your beer as you said, "I'm not her husband." Eve shot captain Flank a glare. "And I'm not his mistress.

Besides I'm traveling with my friend she is a dwarf not a Delvan." Eve said emphasizing the word Devan. "A Moun'tess.where would a Al'can and Moun'tess be traveling?" You interrupted Eve. "Fallen Lands the dwarf has business to take care of there on my behalf. Eve here will go and make sure she isn't delayed and will guard her as I make my way back there after I attend to business here." Captain Flank rubbed his chin.

"Your a busy one then again all delvans stay busy. The Fallen Lands nope I can't do it. I'm going back to La'Quin after another few days. The Fallen Lands is no where near where I'm going. Try the merchant ships a lot of supplies is sold to that realm by this one.The dwarf ships captains can be found in or behind the whore house." Eve looks disappointed she really hoped to get off the Island. "Many thanks Captain Flank I will have to look up a merchant ship." You drink the last of your beer and walk out with Eve.

"He was no help." Eve said as you and her left the tavern. "In his way he was. He told us to leave and where to find him." Eve was confused she didn't remember him saying anything like that.

"When was this?" Eve asked scratching her head. "Never mind that Eve. Refill the water skins and take them to Grace I'm sure they'll be thirsty her and the boy." Eve took the extra water skin. "Where are you going Buck?" You look at her in the eyes and tell her. "Trust me it was worth it. I'll be back to grab you soon." With that you both split ways. Eve walked over to a near by well as you disappeared into a crowd of elves.

Eve was concerned as she felt a great burden on your mind. "That fool better not get himself killed." Eve whispered to herself as she made her way back to Grace. You where just making your way around the building of the Wanton Lass taking mental notes of the surrounding buildings.

Also making sure you counted the number of personal guards in the front door and walking about that you could see from the windows. Just as you did your second survey of the building you heard someone behind you.

"Your slipping up Knight." Captain Flank said as he came closer to you. "I'm not slipping up I was waiting for you." You say as you walk to meet the Captain. "What's you been up to Flank besides still playing the naval captain role." Flank laughed heartily. "Smuggling people in and out of what ever they wanted." Captain Flank said as he extended his arm in friendship.

"I don't tend to run into cargo after I drop it off so imagine my surprise when I see the knight I dropped off not a week ago right before I take off again." You smile as you shake his hand. "It's the Gods luck I ran into you when I did. I see the men still won't let you sit with them when your drinking that vial drink." Flank gets a serious look on his face.

"That happens to be a delicacy to drink and can knock a giant on there ass." You both share a laugh. "I need your help Flank. I have a dwarf and elf who need to get off the Island." Flank looks at the building then at you. "What about you huh?

Want me to take you out of here too?" You shake your head no. "I need you and your men to make a proper distraction while I go handel some debt." "Distraction like what I pulled to get out of that marriage back in La'Quin?" Flank asks you.

"Not as bloody but sort of like that I just need a few minutes with no guards to get in the whore house undetected." You tell Frank who gives you a mischievous smile and heads back to the tavern to grab his men.

You hope that they don't get to rowdy. Thinking back of the voyage to the North Island from the Fallen Lands. You first ran into Captain Flank in the docks.

He was having a Elven pride fight. Where the two participants hold a long cloth in between each others teeth with a short blade as the only weapon.

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Flank was winning the fight he even started to toy with the young elf. The young elf was obviously tired and never saw Flanks leg sweep coming. With a swift leg sweep the young elf fell down pulling Flank on top of him. Flanks blade was falling towards the younger elf's face,but Flank twisted his wrist and embedded the knife into the wooden dock missing the young elf's face.

Flank got up and kicked him in the stomach digging his heel into his gut. "The out come of the fight shown you to be a Va'leck." He spat at the young elf. You walked up to Captain Flank and asked if he is going to the North Island. "Who said I was going there?" Flank asked you as he grab his blade free. "A mutual acquaintance around town." You answer while getting closer. Flank got his knife up and pointed it at you.

The shady characters surrounding him began to close in on you. "A mutual acquaintance where? I'm a very popular and well likeable elf so you have to be more specific." You opened up your fine river rat coat and revealed the sixth dragon black knight patch.

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"A mutual acquaintance in the knights barracks." As soon as the sailors saw the knights patch they stopped in there tracks. "Oh that acquaintance.why didn't you say so I might be stopping by the North Island but if I'm taking cargo over there I don't do it for free." Captain Flank said as he sheathed his knife into his belt. "Fifty silver fiesta per crate for a one way trip anything that breathes is two gold fiesta." You grab the fiesta and pass him a only one and keep the other.

"One now the other after I step on the North Island." Captain Flank chuckles at your offer. "All right knight let's get going get on the ship." The ship was a long boat style ship. With a carving of Ta'lesh the God of the sea and oceans on the head of the ship.

Ta'lesh held a javelin pointing forward with wild waves splashing up around him as his lower body was submerged under the crashing waves its sails rolled up as it bobbed in the dock.

"Its a fine sail boat." You said as you make your way up the three story boat. "Sure is always gets me to where I point her to knight." Your reminiscing is interrupted when you heard Flank and his men make there way into the Waton Lass.

You gave them a short while to stir up trouble. Although it never takes long for Flank and his men long to start trouble. Not even a minute after the men got in the whore house you heard a woman scream and the sound of fighting. The guards at the door run in and you slip in right behind them.

When you entered you saw Flank with a bottle of his dank wine forcing a whore to drink it while his men hold off the guards. You move past the ground floor and make your way to the top floor.

Along the way you hear men panting as they plow the whores behind flimsy wooden doors. Soon you ran into two beastkin mercenaries. One was a Zelt a thin reptilian type of beastkin who live in the arid deserts in the far east on the bordering lands near the Talviallny Empire. The other was the Oxal you saw in the shadow market with the shaved face.

They were busy arguing. "I's tell yews she wouldn't change hers mind." The zelt said to the oxal with a heavy and hissing accent. "Hmm.Narcaliptal will be disappointed. Come Shaish we been away to long." The oxal pushed pass you on the stairs. "Tread carefully human." He said as he bumped into you. The zelt hissed as she passed you. Pulling your hood farther down to cover your face from there eyes.

No guards on the outside hopefully she will be alone. You test to door to see if it's open. The door slightly goes ajar. You place your eye to the cracked door and peek in. You see the Ma'dam of the house sitting behind a desk. She was a really attractive talviallny woman appeared to be short and had long blue braided hair wearing a expensive dress with the mid section cut off and appeared to be tight on her making her breast look more ample and thickening her hips.

"Yes is someone there?" The talviallny Ma'dam asked from behind her desk. As you walk in you see her close a ledger of some kind. "Miss greetings." You whispered under your hood. "I'm hear to settle my debt." The talviallny Ma'dam pushed her chair away from the desk and stood up behind her desk. "Laurie you are free to go." She adjusted her dress and another talaviny woman popped from under the desk smacking her lips together and giving you a seductive look as she left the room.

You took care not to show your face to the whore or the Ma'dam. "What debt do you have with me? You don't look like anyone I would lend fiesta to or who owes me anything." She stood with good posture and looked like she would fit right in the Talviallny royal court. You got a strange feeling from the room almost as if your being watched.


Lifting you head a little you gave the room a quick scan you saw a few expensive paintings on the wall a bookshelf filled with leather covers and a few statues posed in a provocative embrace one had her fist in between the others legs deep inside the others vagina while the other had her mouth on the statues breast. The room smelled of sex and sweat probably from the talviallny whore who was lapping up the Ma'dams vagina. "Well what is your business here?" She asked as she stepped around from behind her desk.

"Like I said I have a debt to settle." You said as your hand grabbed the blade tucked inside of your river rat coat. She stepped closer to you and with a quick grab she had your arm bent behind your back taking you by complete surprise. She had training in the Talviallny hand to hand combat. "What is that tucked inside of your coat?" She asked as her cool breath was falling on your ear. "My coin pouch of course." You strain out. "Oh I'm sure.won't mind if I grab it then." The Ma'dam said as she placed her hand in your coat.

She felt up your hard abdomen then placed her hand on your coin pouch. "It's not very heavy now is it?" With a slight chuckle she ripped the coin pouch free from your belt. "I don't think this will be enough to buy yourself a decent meal on the human part of the city.

Let alone pay off any debt you may or may not have with me." The Ma'dam then reached to pull your hood off. You pulled you head down denying her curious eyes. "Please miss you shouldn't have to see my face it's been deformed from bestial flames." You say with a calm tone.

"Bestial flames? My a warrior then that's why you carry a axe and blade?" You nod your head. "I've seen bestial flames before it's quite painful to watch if you don't die from the burns or infections they go insane from the pain." She said while her hand trails down your spine.

"Thanks to the help of a few eastern monks I was put into a deep sleep while my mind and body healed." Then you saw it the statue across the room blink. "Yes I also heard the eastern monk have discovered that slipping into deep sleep will cure the mind." She loosen her grip on your hand. "Well what debt do you owe me?" "I owe you a life." You say while you prepare for a fight. A scream echoed from below probably Flank and his men getting rough with a few whores and the guards.

"What the hell?" The Ma'dam said turning her head to look at the door. You used this as your moment while twisting your wrist you managed to break free.

Throwing your elbow into her stomach you got some distance and pulled out the blade. The statues let go of there embrace and charged at you. It turns out there not statues but well trained assassins coated in paint from head to toe to make them appear as statues. You noticed there fighting stance as the ancient Har'shashin unarmed martial arts. "Mistress hold off while we finish this intruder." One painted talaviny said and charged at you with her fist turned over and her feet ready to strike.

You fought with a traveling monk who used this style to defend himself back when you were a knight in training. You remember the beating you got not able to land a single blow on the monk.

While one threw her feet the other rolled on the floor waiting to strike. Blocking the kicks with the blade you never saw the other sweep your feet from under you.

You crash into the floor with a heavy thud. The Ma'dam has a cruel smile spread over her face enjoying your pain. One of the painted assassins jumped on you and delivered three quick strikes to your left eye.

The other held your arm and tried to wrestle the blade off you. Thinking quickly you roll on your shoulders with your legs tucked you drove your knees into the assassins back.

That sent the assassin flying off you. Rolling on your shoulders you flip over on your feet. The assassin never lost her grip of you and used her sharp nails to scratch at the nerves on your wrist.

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That caused you to drop your blade. The assassin then tried to go for your eyes. As you move your head out the clawing assassin the other assassin landed a kick at your head. Rolling with the blow you manage to turn yourself around and place yourself under the leg of the kicking assassin.

Using your shoulder you lift her up and slam her onto the desk. The other assassin disoriented tried to sweep your legs but you expected this and jump up dodging her leg sweep and land on her leg instead.

She yelped in pain while the other assassin grabbed a feather blade out of her hair. A classic assassins weapon a long but thin blade folded over so many times if held sideways it seems like it's disappeared. Thrusting it's tip into you river rat coat penetrating all the way threw but not piercing your skin.

Quickly you move away as the assassin tries to drive the feather blade into you. A burning sensation on your skin let's you know the feather blade is poisoned. You grab her arm and use your strength to snap her arm in half.

You pull the blade out of your coat and fling it at the other assassin on the floor. Her eyes roll in the back of her head and starts foaming at the mouth in seconds she dead.

The remaining assassin tries to charge at you again broken arm and all. With a quick jump she throws both her feet into your chest. The blow threw you into the bookcase. The assassin fall back and lands on her good arm and then spreads her legs and starts to spin on her hand. You manage to see a fury of feet coming right at you. Throwing your arms over your head you block her kicks. Soon she slows down an balances her weight on one finger and with amazing strength she bends her knuckle and uses it to bounce herself up in the air.

You catch your breath and charge at her in mid air. You dive but miss as she lands on her feet. She tries to stomp at your back but the thick river rat coat absorbed the devastating blow.

Now you push yourself up throwing the assassin into the bookcase. With a grunt she cracks her head on the bookshelf. Dazed she never saw you coming at her with your axe. A sickening bone crushing sound echoed in the room as your axe was deep in the side of her neck. You hear a click from behind you the Ma'dam had a small pistol aimed at your head.

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"You killed my pets now I'll make sure you suffer. I don't know who sent you but I'm sure I'll find out soon." You knew you didn't have long until she pulled the trigger. You gather all the strength you had reserved inside of you and pull free the axe from the bookcase and the assassin's neck. Spinning on the balls of your heels as you duck to make yourself a smaller target and throw the axe at the Ma'dam. Almost instinctively she pulled the trigger but missed. You breath a sigh of relief and pick up the blade and your axe as you hear the thumping steps running up the stairs.

You dive behind the desk and grab the ledger that the Ma'dam had on her desk. In no time you crash out the window that's behind the desk.

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Grabbing the ledge with one arm you let go and grab ledge below you. With a powerful swing you manage to fall into the street. As shots of iron ball rain above from above you as you run into the ally disappearing into a elves home. Scared the elf reaches for a kitchen knife on the table you dive past him and out a open window.

Hopping fences you run for a good five minutes and stop behind a tavern. With heavy breath you pant as you look at the ledger in your hand. Your not sure why you grabbed it but figured a whore masters ledger will be worth some fiesta to some one. Still on edge you feel a presence on the other end of the ally. Its the zelt from before she let out a chirp as she noticed it was you. "Found yew. Yew needs to comes with me." She said while looking around to make sure no one saw you. You remember how the necromancer said he had beastkin guards and with nothing to lose you decide to walk toward her.

"Comes safety is only a few doors down." The zelt named Shaish lead you to a empty building once you both entered she opened a cellar door. "Yew hides in here. I'll get you after the sands calm down." Shaish smiled but her lizard skin gave even her smile a weird eerie look. As you entered the cellar you noticed a small lantern with a candle in it and a roll out mat. Just as the abandoned building you left the others in. A quick look around you saw a few jars with pickled foods.

You decide to try them out. After a few bites of pickled fruits you sat on the mat for what felt like hours. Deciding to write a note to the time.Then a few heavy steps above you startled you. You grab your axe ready for anything. The cellar doors open and Eve's face pops in along with Shaish. "Here is yews human point ears." Eve face looks angelic with a light glow from the rising Sun and your lantern.

"Buck what have you gotten into now?" Eve said with a loving smile spread over her face. You swear you seen her beautiful face somewhere before you met in the forest outside of Knotsvill. Whispering under your breath you say. "It was worth it." Eve reaches her hand to you.

"Whats that? Did you say something buck?" You shake your head no then with Eve's help your pulled up out of the cellar. Shaish smiles knowingly. "Yews human is very strong a fine mate." Eve blushes and turns her head.

"He's not my mate.I mean human." Eve says sheepishly you then ask "Why not?" The romance was interrupted by Grace who came in the door with the small child who appeared to be better. "Come on guys we have to leave something has the wanderers riled up." You agree and grab Eve's hand and walk out the door.

"Listen guys I still have work to do but before I head out I have this letter." You pass the letter to Eve.

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"Don't read it until your out of the docks. Promise me." You tell Eve who looks into your eyes "I promise you Buck." Eve says as she tucks the note into her traveling bag. "Shaish you have to get these women to the docks to the boat called Bal'ven understand?" You tell the mercenary who nods her approval then points to a cart.

"It'll take yews to yew next.destination safely." She said when Grace interrupted her. "Your not coming with us Knight and what of the boy?" The small child who was half beaten Look at you all then said kind of sounding mad. "First of all I'm a girl and I don't need your help anymore go on leave I won't stop you. I don't even know you people." With her nose upturned as she tried to look tougher then she was.

The kid reminded you of yourself after a few years with your brother. "Sorry my lady stay with me I'll keep you safe and we'll meet up with them later." The kid didn't disagree but looked like she wanted to go with the pretty elf and kind dwarf but decided having a knight to protect her from the wanderers was best.

"Fine. Whatever doesn't matter does it." The kid said with her arms folded behind her head. Grace asked you again. "Come with us Knight bring the girl we can't leave you here." You crouched down and met at eye level. "Grace I have unfinished work to deal with, but I'm trusting you to protect Eve for me. I still need to find my brother once I have him safe I will meet up with you guys up again.

I promise you both." Eve whispered the word brother she never knew you where looking for your brother. "We must hurry now." Shaish said you agreed Eve kissed you on the cheek. "Take care Buck." with tears welding up in her eyes Eve left with Grace and Shaish. Just one more target and then it's back to the hunt for your brother you tell yourself as the kid and you climbed into the cart and it took off in the direction of the Dukes castle in the other side of the Bakersfield.