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Brunette milf loves big dick watch part on ulacamcom
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She was walking by him and he caught her eye. "He's cute." She smiled and kept walking to her desk. She glanced over and saw him staring at her. He waived. Maybe I should IM him.


She thought, but didn't know his name. Nina went back to work, she didn't want anyone to know what she was doing. This office is so noisy, everyone in everybody's business. I'm sure everyone is fucking everybody anyway. "I'm not going to get caught up in this shit, no matter how fine he is. I'm not noisy and I could already tell the girl at the end of my cubicle is fucking everyone.

How many guys be walking up to her desk. That's not the way to do it. Shit I could be fucking half those guys but they're not going to broadcast it to the whole office. Jion Williams would like to add you to his/her instant messenger.

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Nina accepted. "Who are you?" She typed. "I saw you walking by and wanted to say hi." He wrote back. "You're that guy who I just past?" She wrote. "Yeah." He wrote. How he know my name? She thought. He works fast. She just noticed him today. "How do you know my name?" She asked. "I got connections. I asked your supervisor.

If you don't mind." He said.

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"I don't." She looked over at him. Interest was peaked, but she's not interested in getting attached or setting up a relationship. If the conversation went well then she'll think about turning him out. If his head isn't right then she'll send him on his way. Pass him on to someone else. "How are you doing?" She wrote. They started talking back and forth. He said he'll stop by her desk and say hi.

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She told him not to, she doesn't want to get in trouble with her supervisor. She just didn't want him to let everyone know he was interested in her. This job did have more men working here than women.

It was strange but true. Most of the names on her IM were of guys. All of them invited themselves to her, not the other way around, so all of them were interested. Nina would smile when she passed Jion but wouldn't stop and speak.


She would just IM him once she sat down. A couple weeks passed and Jion did have potential. He was in a relationship, at least he didn't lie about it. He said he was interested in a lot of girls in the office but didn't take it too far because most of them were interested in something more than sex.

Nina asked him about his skills. He said he had a nice size nine. Nina spotted his feet which were big enough to confirm his claim. He likes it when a woman swallow.

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Nina asked him about his diet and told him what foods to eat so his sperm would taste better. Jion could be dominant and rough. He could be convincing without hurting the woman. Nina liked that. She felt ashamed about it but the rape fantasy always intrigued her.

Someone who could be rough and convincing but not go overboard. Jion was tall enough. He had a nice muscular body. Having sex in a public would be nice, but at work would be too risky. Nina wanted him somewhere else she's not going to risk her job for a trick. Nina started asking personal questions. They talked about sex how he like it, she told him how she liked it. She tried to see where his head was at. So afterward there won't be any feelings, or it won't get awkward.

She didn't really know him too well so she asked one of her male connections what was the deal with him. He said he was cool. So vague. Nina met up with Jion after work.

They drove back to his place and they sat down and watched TV for a little while. I thought he had a girl, it doesn't look like a female stay here or live with him. He looked too good for Nina to care.

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She straddled him and pulled off his shirt. He pulled off her shirt and unclasped her bra. Nina braced herself as his mouth found her nipples. His lips were so soft. She felt his dick get hard beneath her. He put her hands on his dick and felt for the length of it. Oh my. He was bigger than expected. Her pussy throbbed and did back flips. I thought you were nine inches. She said. "Did I say that? I didn't want to scare you away." He said with her nipple in his mouth.

Her pussy was throbbing for his amazing dick. He lifted her up and laid her down on his bed. We can start off here she thought.

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She want him to fuck her all over his place. Nina took off her pants and they were both naked. She got up and walked toward the window. "Where are you going?" She looked over at his naked body and his penis was standing up at attention.

Her knees got weak at just thinking about his ruler penetrating her. Nina leaned up against the window and stood there waiting for him. Jion got up and kissed her. He pushed her against the window and the cool air gave her chills.

What if he fucks me right through this window? Nina held on to the window seal braced herself for his dick. Jion bent down and lifted Nina up with her legs around his shoulders. He kissed and licked her clit, sucking and sticking his tongue deep inside.

Nina held on to the window and enjoyed his tongue. Nina love his tongue but wanted his ruler more. "Come fuck me baby." Nina whispered.

"You taste so good." He said looking up. He wiped his mouth and held his penis in his hand. He glazed at Nina teasing her.

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"You want this?" He asked wagging his penis up and down. She bit her bottom lip and nodded. Jion kissed her and Nina felt his ruler rubbing up and down against her, he was teasing her again. Jion lifted Nina up and entered her nice and slow.

His strokes became harder and he pounded her against the window. Jion held her hands over her head and Nina wrapped her legs around him, he was acting cute. Because he held her up with his dick, fucking her slow and hard.

With each stroke she felt his dick inside her stomach. Nina wasn't going to let tonight end with this dude schooling her with his big dick. He was hitting her spot already and they just started. "Fuck!" She started thinking about something else. "Aaahhh!" She moaned. "Not yet baby." He said and carried her to the bed. He turned Nina around with her ass in the air he entered her from behind. She braced herself and felt him hold on to her shoulder.

He pounded her. She wasn't going to go out like this. Nina stopped him and mounted him. She held his hands above his head and started riding his dick. Jion is an excellent lover, he met each stroke of her and bucked under her. Nina spread her legs wider and found his spot. "Aaahhh, oh shit!" He moaned. He tensed up underneath her. She smiled and road his dick, his eyes rolled up behind his head.

Jion held onto her hips as she rotated on his dick and faced a mirror. Nina stared at her reflection and enjoyed watching Jion's penis moving in and out of her pussy.

Jion's hands were on her breast and he was fucking her hard. There he goes hitting that spot again. Nina moaned out in pleasure. "You coming baby?" He asked. "Umm hmm." She moaned. Jion flipped on top of her and place one leg on his shoulder. Oh shit he's in deep. "Ahh." She moaned. Jion was on his knees with her leg on his shoulder, her ass in the air fucking the shit out of her. Nina couldn't fight it anymore. She felt the wave rush throughout her body and she cried out. "Aahh." Jion moaned.

He body was shaking and he slumped above her. He pumped faster and harder as he came inside her. He body quivered again and he laid on top of her as his dick softened. "Am I squishing you?" "No." She said his heart was racing. Nina was shocked and pleased. She was finally turned out. Jion is the first man who's ever handled her. Half hour later his dick hardened again and he was deep inside her throat. Nina sucked his dick and made him buckle onto the floor.

Nina spent the rest of the night trying to whip his ass into submission.

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