This sexy girl sure knows how to use her mouth

This sexy girl sure knows how to use her mouth
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Mommy promises to fuck you only three times a day from now Introduction: Josh finally confronts his mom and asks her to have sex with him maybe two or three times a day instead of nine or ten times. Josh and Sally begin to straighten up the plantation with the arrival of Sally's twin sister Ellen and her husband Dustina and their son Ralph Sally called her twin sister Ellen asking her to spend the 4th of July with her and Josh at the plantation.

Sally was surprised by her sister accepting her invitation and told her that they would come for a week and leave right after the 4th of July celebration. Once she was off the phone Sally went and got Josh and they quickly put together the extra bedrooms for her sister Ellen her husband Dustin and their fourteen year old son Ralph.

Sally was overjoyed at the news that her sister and her family would come to the plantation for a week. When Ellen and Sally were little they shared everything even if they were reluctant they still shared. Being twins there is a special bond that ties both of them together more than your normal siblings. Knowing that Dustin Ellen's husband and their son Ralph were coming as well made the cock combinations seem to be endless for Sally.

The next morning Josh woke in his mother's bed. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked down at his mother with her red hair in a ponytail and sleeping so peacefully he didn't have the heart to wake her.

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She rolled over on her back and Josh sat there ogling his mother bare tits. Josh had a sudden desire to suck on her nipples, one of his favorite things to do, but he realized that if he did his mom would wake and make him fuck her. His eyes trailed down to her nether region that was shaven clean making his mother's thirty-four-year-old pussy look like it was a pristine teen vagina. He also noticed his dried up cum that was on her thighs and some that was crusted in between her pussy lips. Josh made his way out to the barn and fired up the tractor he needed to get the back twenty acres plowed before his mother decided she needed some more cock.

The only problem living at the Jessamine Plantation there really was nothing to do. The biggest worry was the up keep of the Plantation itself. Josh wanted to farm as much of the land as possible the other half of the plantation was dedicated to Sally's first love outside of the family and that is horses.

The secondary business on the Plantation was horse breeding. As long as Josh was on his side of the Plantation meant that his mom would be busy taking care of the twenty horses that they owned. Mid-morning Sally rode one of the horses to the back part of the plantation to check on Josh. They talked for a couple of minutes and she told him to knock off and come back up to the house for some breakfast and then he could finish up later. Josh shut the engine down and told his momma to move back on the horse and he swung down off of the tractor and onto the back of the horse named Jasmine and they rode back to the house.

As they rode up onto the house Josh was surprised that there was a blanket laid out on the grass with plates and glasses all set up and a little basket waiting for them. Josh looked at what his mom had set up for them and he was pleasantly surprised, "Ma this looks awesome when did you have time for all this." A bright smile crossed Sally's face it had been a trying month with Josh.

He had been so bored the last several months that even with all the sex they were having didn't help him much to come out of his funk. Plus knowing that his Aunt, Uncle and cousin were coming soon raised his spirits just a little, "This was nothing, it's my way of saying thanks honey. I just want to thank you for being my son, my best friend and my lover." She kissed him on the lips as she embraced her son.

"Besides you making love to me for the past several years had kept you from having a lot of quasi-uncles if you know what I mean." She let him go and sat on the blanket and began digging into the basket and served breakfast for the two of them. Josh looked at the eggs, bacon and toast there was freshly squeezed orange juice and water it all looked so good, "I know I haven't been the same lately mom but I promise from now on I'll be in a better mood.

Can we cut down to having sex just maybe three to four times a day instead of nine to ten, please it would be so much easier on my cock. I swear mommy you're going to rub it clean off one day." They both sat there giggling at each other and eating there breakfast and for the first time in a month they were engaged in civil conversations about life and their relationship, "Okay, Josh, I promise to back off a little.

It's just you have a nice cock. It's a perfect fit for my pussy and my asshole. You make love to me just right honey and I need you. It seems like I need it all the time. Look I promise to calm down plus we have family coming soon. So we are going to have to knock it off for a while okay?" Now, Josh was complaining about getting laid too much but to be cut off cold turkey well, he didn't like that idea at all.

"Well, we can still sneak away to do it at least once or twice a day right?" Sally realized that all of his complaining was in vane, he just needed a little alone time for himself, "Well, we have the horses and the farming to take care of so we can find some time for blowjobs, hand jobs you fingering or eating me or even cumming inside of me.

Don't worry we'll work it out honey. Now go ahead finish up and take Jasmine and get the back twenty finished and I'll have lunch waiting for you when you're done." Josh got up and jumped up onto Jasmine's back and Sally came over to the horse to say goodbye.

Josh leaned down and kissed his mom on the lips and she pulled his hand down to her breast and he gave a gentle squeeze, "Mom let me finish the work before you get to work on me." With that Josh rode off and Sally cleaned up and then tended to the other horses in the barn. It was about one in the afternoon when Josh came walking back up from the barn. He noticed that the blanket was still out on the ground and he could smell the burgers on the outside grill, the baked beans and a slight hint of potato salad.

Just then the back door opened and Sally walked out of the back porch with salad in her hands. "Oh good you're done with the back twenty? Did you get Jasmine safely away in her stall and the tractor put away?" The look that Josh gave his mother was one that she hadn't seen in a long while. He felt for the first time in a year that Sally was acting more like a mother rather than his girl friend or his little fuck toy.

"Yeah, sure mom all is good.


I'm going up to take a shower, okay? I'll be down in five minutes." As promised in five minutes Josh came crashing out of the back porch door. Sally looked at him he had on a t-shirt that hugged his chest and put his pectoral mussels on display. He also had on shorts that were a little snug that accentuated his penis. Sally stood there looking at him and her mouth began to drool with lust, "Al-righty momma let's dig in.

I see that you're hungry too. You're wiping your mouth already and I'm ready to chow down so let's get it on momma." Sally began to giggle and thought to herself, if he only knew that all I wanted for lunch was his cock in my mouth and some cum for desert, but I promised to back off and she said, "You got it honey let's sit, eat and enjoy the afternoon now that all the work is done." Josh said, "Well all the work isn't done.

I have to get to the back courtyard today and there's some straightn' up to do in the barn but let's eat first." When they had finished with lunch they cleaned up together. Then as they went to get the picnic blanket in the backyard Josh pushed Sally down on the blanket.

As he stood over her Josh took his penis out, "I told ya momma that we haven't finished all the work today why don't you start by working on this." Sally smiled at her son as she was trying to go through the day with only having sex maybe once or twice to get used to being semi-celibate while her sister and family are at the plantation.

Once on her knees she took her son into her mouth swallowing him down her throat. Josh took his shirt of and unbuttoned his shorts and let them fall to his ankles as he wasn't wearing any underwear. Sally not willing to be out done herself removed her jeans leaving her tank top on as she continued to work on her son. Josh began playing with his mother's breasts and then pulled his cock from her throat and grabbed his mother's shirt to gain better access.

Josh fell to his knees meeting his mother face to face as they began to kiss one another while she stroked his penis and Josh reciprocated by playing with her pussy. As always his mother's vagina was already dripping pussy juice onto his fingers. It finally came to Josh that his mother wasn't lying when she said, 'she was always wet and ready for his cock.' Josh pushed his mother onto her back and Sally instinctively spread her legs open inviting her son to her holy grail.

Josh lined his head with her vagina and then Sally with her hand guided him inside of her. Josh wasted no time and spent about five minutes inside of her in the missionary position. With just her boots covering her feet and her cowboy hat on her head Sally rolled to her side and Josh followed suite as they lay spooning one another and Josh re-penetrated his mother. Sally had her eyes closed as her body began to heat up with anticipation of having her fist orgasm of the day.

Her hips began to quiver with excitement as her son continued his onslaught inside of her precious pussy. Josh over the last few months was becoming a better and a more caring lover and as Sally was enjoying her sons new enthusiasm she turned her head and kissed her son on the lips, "I love you baby! I know that normally we would have done it three times already today but you were right we needed to slow down and appreciate each other like this.

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Keep that rhythm you're going to make me burst all over you honey. Did I ever tell you that I love your cock son?" Josh smiled as today he had a renewed vigor and wanted to be with his mother sexually now more than ever, "Yes, you've told me thousands of times how much you love my cock; the cock that you made.

Tell me what do you mean about rhythm?

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I don't understand momma!" Sally was going to coat his penis with her love juice, "Oh forget it honey, just keep fucking your mommy nice and hard just like that that's it honey don't stop you've hit the right spot just keep fuckin mommy, honey!" Josh wanted to truly be a good lover this day, "Are you gawna cum soon Mom?" Sally spoke in just a whisper as her body began to tremble in her son's arms, "Yeah, baby!!" Josh was worried that he wasn't doing it right for some reason and asked, "Am I doin' it right momma?

Am I goin' fast enough?" Sally ignored his stupid questions and just yelled as loud as she could. "YES!!! I'M CUMMING ON YOU BABY!!!" Josh kept pumping inside of his mother as Sally contracted the walls around her son's thick man meat, "Mommy now use gawna make me shoot inside of you." The words weren't out of his mouth when he shot load after load so fast and hard inside of her that his sperm bounced around inside of her womb.

Josh pulled out and then got dressed and said to his mother, "I'm gonna go fix the brick on the back patio now." With that Josh just left his mother like she was a $20 whore on a Saturday night. Josh spent the next couple of hours fixing part of the back wall that gave way because of a bad storm a few months before. He had laid the new foundations a few days ago now it was time to put new brick up. Sally made a little snack and fresh squeezed lemonade for her man of the house. When she came out of the kitchen Josh had his shirt off and he was sweating something fierce.

Sally looked at her young construction worker with total lust. Her pussy began to get wet once again ogling her young buff son. Josh turned when he heard her come from the back kitchen door and he leaned against the wall and was breathing heavy because of the heat.

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His stomach was expanded and contracting it brought into view his six pack abs and tightly chiseled pectorals. Sally looked at him and couldn't believe that she got to fuck this Adonis every day at least five times.

Sally only had his cock once today and like trying to quit smoking it's hard to go cold turkey right away.

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She approached her son with a light sandwich and lemonade as a snack, "Thanks momma this is exactly what I needed a cool drink something to bring back my strength and a beautiful vision of you to go on with my work today." Sally smirked and said nothing.

She ran her fingers through his buzz cut hair pushing the sweat from his face and then open mouth kissed him. She released her kiss and fell to her knees knowing that no man can resist a blowjob. Josh stood there feeding his cock as he fed himself the turkey sandwich that his momma made him.

When Josh finished his sandwich he pulled is mother up and undressed her and he returned the favor by falling to his knees eating his mother's pussy until she exploded on his tongue.

Now Josh was going to do the one thing he loved the best about fucking his mother.


He pushed her face first up against the brick wall and entered her asshole from behind. With this position Josh was under the illusion of control of his charming sex-beast. Banging his mother into the wall Josh was getting almost as excited as the first time his mom fucked his brains out several years ago, "Gotcha, mommy I got my cock in ya'll tight lil asshole. Now bend your ass back to me so I can fuck your ass." Sally did as she was told she likes that he is finally taking control and making sex even more exciting between them, "M-M-M… I love when you act like some crude cowboy baby!" Josh tossed his mother down onto the ground and mounted her from behind as she lay on her stomach.

She moved her hands back to her cheeks and spread them open for him to help him hit his mark whatever it may be, her pussy or her asshole. Sally turned and looked at her son whose eyes were wide open like a crazed animal and she said, "Josh, what in tar nations are you doin' to your MOMMY?!!" Josh slipped his cock back into her asshole quick, hard and aggressively, "Oh, be quite you whore and take your sons cock like the dirty slut you are!!!" Josh became real silent several minutes later and his strokes slowed and he finally pulled out of his mother and he grabbed her up and made her sit with her back against the wall and began to jerk off in front of her, "What are you up to Josh, whacha goin' to do to me?" Josh smiled and said, "I'm going to finish inside your mouth.

I want to feel you suck my cock as I jerk off into your mouth. I've always wanted to try this ever since I saw it in a porno." Josh continued to use his hand and Sally smirked up at him, "Shoot, my baby is sure growing up fast." Then she took his head in his mouth so he could continue to use his hand as her tongue flittered around the head of his cock inside of her mouth.


The feeling was incredible and Josh finally popped inside of his mother's mouth. The first two shots made Sally gag and she opened her mouth releasing her son's cock which was a mistake as he wasn't finished yet and three more huge streams of his cum covered her nose, eyes and mouth. They both walked into the house naked and showered together.

Unfortunately for Josh his chores weren't quite over yet as his Aunt and Uncle were going to be here the next day. Josh made his way out to the barn. He cleaned several of the stable and several of the horses when Sally came out to check on him and tell him that dinner was going to be ready in about half an hour. Josh turned to his mother and continued his aggressiveness and said, "You wanna do it up in the hay loft?" You didn't have to ask Sally twice she was practically running up the ladder as her shirt came off and landed on Josh's head as he watched her tits bounce up and down as his mother went up the ladder.

This was one of Sally's favorite places to have sex she still doesn't know exactly how many young bucks she fucked in the hay loft but Josh was just going to be another notch on the wall for her.

Josh wasted no time and took off all of his clothes and he then sprinted up the ladder to get into his mother. Sally looked as Josh's cock and dropped down to her hands and knees, "Come on Josh I'm already wet and waiting for you.

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You can fuck any hole you like" Josh became creative as he fucked her pussy first and then slipped it into her asshole. Then he got the bright idea to alternate between the two and see what happens. Before he knew it his mother put her hand back onto his shoulder holding on to her son. Josh grabbed her hips and went to town on his mother. Josh continued pushing his dick inside her snatch and ass as hard as possible. Josh felt as if he was a real cowboy breaking in the new horse in the herd.

His mom was whinnying and moaning aloud so that Josh was almost going to get her off.

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It was a good thing that the neighbors lived so far away nobody could hear anything, are you ready to cum mommy because I'm about empty my nuts inside of you." The words were barely out of his mouth when Sally screamed out, "ALMOST HONEY DON'T STOP!!!" Josh pulled out, "Dang that was good MOM!!" Then he shot several small gobs of cum onto his mother's pussy. Josh loved covering his mom's silky firm ass. Both Sally and Josh were more than satisfied and happy with each other with the decrease of sexual escapades but all the more happy because each time was more intense and satisfying.

But things were going to change drastically in the next upcoming days.