Mom and daughter want to share moms boy toy

Mom and daughter want to share moms boy toy
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Deneuralized Pussy II: Fresh toppings He sat propped up on his elbows, eyes squeezed shut, Jo's tongue in his mouth, alternating between sucking on his tongue and his lower lip. Occasionally a tremor would run through her ample, bare anatomy, shaking her full breasts and causing her to moan. Slowly she drew back her tongue and leaned forward to ease a stiffen nipple into his mouth. He teased it with his tongue and began sucking on it slowly, tenderly while she worked her other breast with both hands.

Back arched she closed her dark brown eyes and tossed her sandy brown hair in the throws of yet another orgasm. He opened his own eyes to watch her 5'6 body bouncing on top of him, her breast breaking free of his pleasant grip to join its partner in their lust-filled dance. He smiled as the southern grown girl panted through her ecstasy and sagged against him to bask in a very pleasant afterglow. Billi, her identical twin sister slowly pulled her free hand from her sisters pussy and began rubbing it against his fully erect cock.

Having gotten her sister off with a hand-job she continued her efforts to bring him to an orgasm. She tightened her grip on his penis, rubbing his balls while she sucked and smacked her full lips against his throbbing shaft.

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It was his turn to moan and he shoved Jo off of him, allowing her to flop onto the couch beside him, dedicating his full attention to the young woman kneeling between his legs. Placing one hand on the back of her head he gathered a handful of brown hair and massaged a bare, bouncing breast with the other.

"Jo," He whispered, not wanting to break his concentration, "Get down on the floor and lick your sisters cunt for me." Jo sat up slowly, almost groggily, eyes blurred by her recent orgasm and did as she was told.

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Billi lifted her bare ass, sighing and moaning as her sister Jo lay on her back and began lapping greedily at the delicate folds of skin. Both girls had shaven clean at his request earlier in the day, and Jo spread her sisters pussy to find and tongue her swollen clitoris. Since before noon he had been fucking and sucking the pair in a private orgy that had left the trio exhausted.

"Now Billi, get me off." He whispered down to his very willing captive and she redoubled her efforts to please him. A minute later and Billi's ass was bobbing in her own orgasm, and her sister began using her tongue and fingers to rake the juices out of her pussy.

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Ass dancing, breasts heaving in tune she continued to suck his shaft until he felt himself climaxing. Grabbing the back of her head he pulled her away and pushed her back onto the floor. Penis quivering from the sudden release he lay down on the floor and motioned for her to straddle him.

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"You've been a bad girl Billi, now punish your pussy with my hard cock." He ordered, and she did as she was told, straddling him and spreading her thoroughly drenched vagina to fit it over the tip of his thick shaft. Down she went, hard and fast, groaning from the force but coming back up just as fast to come down again. "Good, now Jo, french your sister while I work her full titties.

Billi, get your hand back in your sisters pussy. I am going to work you two until you both pass out." Both girls bobbed and bounced and whined and moaned with pleasure, right through his orgasm, through two more of their own, and then readily licked his relaxed penis clean of his ejaculation before returning to the showers as requested. Before he completely lost the ability to walk he went to the phone and ordered two large pizzas.

Setting it back on the cradle he returned to the couch and closed his eyes while he waited on the twins to finish showering.

Nearly an hour later he had cleaned up and was editing the hours of video he had taken during the day, smiling at some of the girls antics. He could see both Jo and Billi through the open bedroom door, greedily licking each others cunts in a 69 position on the bed. The pair were surrounded by cameras recording their every move, every sound. He nodded approvingly and checked the charge on his deneuralizer.

It was ready for another deneuralization, should the opportunity arise. He often made trips to vacation spots with warm climates, some in the Caribbean, some along the coast of the Southern states. He smiled at the thought of his last trip to Miami and felt his penis throb at the memory. He was going to have to go back, and soon. But for now Orange beach would do nicely. He was roused from his thoughts by a knock on the door of his rented condo and set his laptop aside, closing the lid to keep out prying eyes.

Crossing the room he closed the bedroom door to muffle the sounds the sisters were making and then made his way to the front door. He opened it, prepared to be angry with the pizza guy for being late, and found himself instead staring at the pizza girl.

And a rather pretty one at that, albeit in a young sort of way. "Hey, sorry I'm late, I'm Natalie from Shagadelix Pizza." "Yes you are." He replied, smiling at the pretty blonde and trying to guess her age. "Late that is." "Well, you know our policy on pizza," She opened the lid on the top pizza box to reveal the steaming contents. "If we aren't here in thirty minutes or less, the meal is on us." "That's very kind of you." He smiled again, "Say, would you mind taking a picture of me and my girlfriend?

Today's our last day in Orange Beach, and I'd kind of like to have something to remember it by." "Um, well, you see, we aren't really supposed to go into a customers house and all that." She looked around nervously, instantly off balance.

"Hey, I totally understand, but if I were to give you a big tip, would you mind?" A twenty appeared and he waved it side to side slowly.

Her eyes fixed on the money and her expression relaxed. "Uh, I don't know. Tell you what," He said, handing her the twenty, "You take this and I'll get the camera. If you want to do it, fine, I'll even give you another twenty." He turned and walked through the kitchen, unplugging the deneuralizer from its charing cradle. "Um, okay." She agreed, following his slowly inside. "Do you want me to close the door?" "No, leave it open, you won't be here that long." At that she relaxed even more and joined him in the living room.

"So, you a photographer, or something?" She asked, motioning to the array of digital cameras and digital video cameras littering the coffee table. "You could say that. I discover models." "Really?" She seemed surprised, her face lighting up. "Down here in Georgia?" "Oh, yea, there's a lot of untapped talent in these parts." He eyed her crotch as he said those words, liking how tight her blue jeans were.

"You are untapped, I assume?" "Excuse me?" "Never modeled I mean." He lied. "No, never have.

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Never figured I was the sort." "You might be surprised." He complimented, trying to get the measure of her young breasts. They were large, but would make for an nice handful. "So where is she?" "My girlfriend? In the bedroom, she and her sister are getting ready for tonight. I know you're a little young for this trip, but you aren't a bad looking girl.

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In a couple of years I may be looking for someone like you." "Me?" She was flattered. "Yes, you.


How old are you anyway, 17, eighteen?" "Just turned sixteen." She blushed at his embellishment, but was appreciative nonetheless.

"They should be ready any minute." He promised, handing her a digital camera and admiring her thin waist and firm buttocks. He walked over and opened the door a crack, peering inside carefully. Both girls were still sucking and hand fucking for all they were worth, their motor skills reduced to ecstasy filled pants of pleasure. "Yea, come on in." He waited until Natalie had stepped up to the door before opening it wide.

The young girls eyes widened as far with shock and astonishment when she saw what was going on inside. "Oh, my gawd!" She gasped, but didn't make a move to retreat. "Oh, my gawd!" She repeated, riveted in place by the scene transpiring on the bed. "You want to join them?" He asked, smiling down at her pretty blue eyes. She looked up at him, body trembling with a cross between fear, loathing and lust.

"No." She managed. "Sure you do." He corrected, sliding his sunglasses on and raising the deneuralizer. Her pupils immediately dilated and she stood staring at him blankly for a moment. "You adore me and will do anything I ask to please me.

Do you understand?" She smiled up at him sweetly, innocently, and stood there awaiting his first command. He was about to issue it when a shadow fell across the open doorway. "Hey, Nat, I saw your car parked outside and figured you must be up here somewhere." The girl was just as young as her oblivious friend and wearing a light red bikini to match her flaming red hair that cascaded down her bare shoulders.

"Oh, hi." "Hey." He greeted, then whispered, "Walk over to your friend and say hello. Act just like you normally would." Natalie did as she was told, giving her friend a quick hug.

"Hey, Vicki, this is my friend." Her voice tailed off. "John." He lied. "My friend John. I just adore him." Natalie turned to give him an awestruck smile. "Really." Vicki snorted skeptically.

"Nice to meet you John." Then in a lower tone to her friend. "Do you really think its such a good idea to be in here with him, alone?" "Oh, its fine, Vicki, don't worry, I would do anything for John." "Have you been drinking?" Vicki asked, concerned. At that moment Billi and Jo emerged from the bedroom, their hair tangled with sweat, still laughing and panting from their mutual orgasms. "Oh, my gawd!" Vicki exclaimed, staring at the two naked sisters. "Seems to be the theme for the evening." He said, quickly raising his deneuralizer, and depressing the button in the back.

Vicki jerked and suddenly found herself standing in a strange room with three complete strangers and a girl who seemed oddly familiar.

"Wha.?" She gasped, numb. "Thanks for coming, Vicki, It is a bit of a surprise I have to admit, but we'll find room for you nonetheless. You adore me and will do anything for me.


Do you understand?" He asked. "Yes, sir." "Yes, master." Jo and Billi corrected in stereo. "Yes, master." Both Vicki and Natalie replied in unison. "Okay, Vicki, close the door and lock it behind you, then all of you join me in the living room." He watched as Vicki turned and shut the door, knowing that bikini was seconds away from being on the floor.

A moment later he sat on the couch with four young, pretty girls kneeling in front of him, each equally eager to fulfill his tiniest whim. "First things first." He fixed the pretty blonde with an appraising stare. "Natalie, has anyone ever popped your cherry?" "Huh?" She asked, her expression hazing. "I don't understand." "He means have you ever had sex?" Jo explained, rolling her eyes at the younger girl.

"No." She shook her head and shrugged. "No?" Both of the twins laughed. "Where you been hiding, a cave? With an ass like that, I can't believe no ones ever taken you for a test drive." "Well, in any case, Natalie, you are in for an education tonight, let me tell you." He nodded to the shapely pizza girl, then turned his attention to Vicki. "And you?" "Oh, yea, plenty of times." She smiled confidently. "Okay, then. Billi, Jo, take the eager beaver here and give her a fucking farm girl style, hogtie her and put a vibrator in her pussy." He pointed from the redhead to a duffle bag occupying a loveseat.

"Make sure she cums until she passes out.

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You may want to gag her." He added as an afterthought. "Sure, sugar." "Anything you say, master." "As for you, little miss. You are in for one heck of an education tonight." Natalie's smile widened to match his and she reached to take his outstretched hand. "Anything you say, master." To be continued.