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Innocent guy jerked and assfucked with plug by mature gay man
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Bradley sat at his desk, trying to hide his nervousness as he looked around the room. He had just moved to town, and it was the very first day of high school. The guidance counselor he met with last week assured him he would get along just as well as everyone else; after all, every student moves to a new school for high school in this district.

It was probably true that everyone else was just as new to the building, since he saw lots of people with copies of maps of the school in their hands.


Socially, though, it seemed everyone knew everyone else already. He had been sitting in homeroom for 15 minutes now, and he hadn't managed to say hello to anyone. The people sitting next to him were too absorbed with conversations with their friends.

He got up and asked the teacher for permission to use the bathroom. He might as well get that out of the way before class. The teacher barely looked up from his book and waved him on, so Bradley shouldered his pack and walked into the hall. The closest men's room had two urinals and two stalls. Bradley chose the stall against the wall. After a halfway satisfying dump, he had flushed, pulled his pants up, and was almost ready to head out when someone came in the bathroom.

He heard wet smacks and high pitched moans — wait, is that a girl? He froze inside the stall, as he listened to the sounds get closer, and then the stall door next to him banged open and two sets of feet shuffled in next door.


One pair of feet wore bright red high-heeled sandals, and the other set of legs showed a noticeable cover of dark hairs. From the sound of it, the couple was in the middle of a heavy makeout session, complete with little gasps and the occasional thump as the guy pushed his girl against the divider between the stalls. Bradley's face was burning. "How the hell did they not notice someone is in the stall next to them?" he thought.

Of course, judging from the amount of noise they were making, they probably wouldn't have cared if the whole school was watching. He picked up his bag and got ready to make a quick exit, when the girl said, "Fuck yeah, give it to me." Bradley's eyes grew wide as he then saw panties fall on the floor around the girl's ankles. Next came a click, and a bra fell down on the floor under the divider.

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"Those cups are a lot bigger than what my sister wears," Bradley thought. Finally a pair of jeans shorts with boxers inside landed around the guy's lean, hairy legs and the girl let out an excited squeal. Bradley was rooted to the spot. He couldn't believe what was happening right in front of him.

All rational thoughts fled his mind as the girls knees bent and her round buttocks came into view, the skin stretched tight over them as she knelt on the floor. They parted, and he could see her rosebud in between the smooth globes. It went quiet for a brief moment, and then he heard a strange slurping sound, and the guy let out a long low moan. A masculine voice growled, "Yeah, suck that cock, bitch." Bradley's hand let his bag drop to the ground, as he stared at the girl's back and bottom, mesmerized by her body and the knowledge of what she was doing with her steady bobbing back and forth.

The sound of the bag landing didn't deter them even slightly. After just a few minutes, the girl stood again and the smacking and moaning resumed.

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At this point, Bradley noticed a pain in his groin. His dick had gotten caught in a fold in his underwear, and was straining against the fabric.

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A wet spot the size of a quarter had appeared on his shorts too. "Hell with it," he thought, "if they're so into it that they don't care someone else is in the bathroom with them, they won't mind if I take care of myself." As he unfastened his shorts, he heard a high pitched whimper.

The girl's smooth legs were spread wider now, and the guys legs slowly leaned forward in between them. They paused, and then the girl's legs flew up and disappeared, and the divider started thudding in time with the guy's legs thrusting back and forth. Bradley's hand flew over his throbbing meat, and before he even realized he was close, he started shooting.

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At least six strong spurts erupted from his dick, with plenty more dribbling out after. When his eyes regained their focus, he saw wet spots on the guy's boxers and on the girl's panties, and a small white puddle had formed in the right cup of the bra on the floor.

"Oh shit," Bradley muttered, and he yanked up his jeans, grabbed his bag, and bolted out the stall door. As he reached the door, he heard shrill yelps coupled with loud moans, telling him the couple in the other stall might be done soon too.

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When he reached the hallway, he heard the bell ring. It was time to head to his first class. "What a way to start my freshman year of high school!" he thought. His dick was still coming down in his pants, and students were starting to flood the halls, so he held his bag in front of him and fumbled in it to bring out the map of the school.

As he tried to focus on the figures in front of him, he wondered just what kind of school he had moved into. Constructive comments are welcome! There will be more stories to come about Bradley and his new school.