Wife fucking craigslist guy standing up

Wife fucking craigslist guy standing up
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The next morning laying there, next to each other. Our arms and legs intertwined, I awake to you next to me smiling.

You release a big sigh, as you untangle yourself from me. As I am being no help, in letting you get up, we start to laugh, and kiss again. The memory of the previous evening still fresh in both of our minds.

You finely give me a quick peck, and rush into the bathroom. I get up giving chase. I reach the bathroom just after you. I stand there smiling at you. Yearning for a repeat of the previous evenings sexual pleasures we enjoyed from each other. Then I turn around and go into the kitchen to fix a pot of morning coffee for us to enjoy. I ask you how you take it and you tell me hard and stiff like last night. I said I mean you coffee. We both chuckle, at you little joke.

I bring in your coffee made to your order, finely getting a straight answer out of you. You take a few sips and set it aside. Pulling me down to you and giving me another of your long sensuous kisses. I start tor struggle a bit, I wanted to finish my coffee. You take my mug away and set it aside. You start to say something before I climb back into bed next to you and lay a deep passionate kiss, cutting off your words.

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My arm reaches around you, pulling you closer to me. The warmth of your bare flesh against mine. My mouth finds it way it your neck. Laying kisses and nibbles.

It gives you goose bumps, and you let out a light moan of pleasure at the sensation. You grab both of my cheeks with you hands and start to pump our hips together with a devilish smile on your face. You then push me onto my back, and start to kiss and nibble my neck.

You don't stop there. You continue on down to my nipples. Your mouth and tongue encircles and nibbles on each in turn.

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I let off a heavy moan as you do so. You smile with satisfaction at the results of your endeavors.

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Your breasts, sliding down my flesh as you proceed on down my body. Your hands find my waiting member, already growing to hardness, as your hands help it along to its maximum firmness that you so previously enjoyed. You take my now rigid cock right into your mouth, gagging on it. You frantically pump your head up and down, gagging every few strokes.

After few minutes you grab the base of my cock and squeeze hard, again. Preventing me from cumming too soon from your sucking. You look up, and stare into my eyes, saying "Now I will have this how I want it." You swing your hips over me straddling my waist. With my cock still in your hand you insert me into your waiting pussy. Letting out a moan of pleasure as you put me inside you.

I start to rise to resist, but you forcefully push me back down and tell me to stay.


"This is my fuck, not like yours last night. So lay there and enjoy it!" You tell me. I can do nothing but obey. I reach up to you, taking my hands and rubbing them up and down your back. Pulling you slightly lower towards me as I do. Leaning up to take your lips in to mine. We kiss again and again.

Then I lean you up a bit.


I take one of your nipples into my mouth. A moan erupts from you as you pull me tighter to your naked breast forcing more of it into my awaiting mouth. Down below I feel your still sensitive pussy starting to pulsate around my cock as you thrust your hips wildly downwards, clamping your wetness tightly around me.

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You release me from your grasp and catch yourself as your body begins to shudder from your pussy up as more and more of your new orgasm circulates through your body. You collapse there on the bed on top of me bathed in sweat yet again from your orgasmic tremors. You lay there panting, not saying a word, but its not for a want of trying. You just can't for the moment. You lean you head against my shoulder grasping our still naked bodies together.

You look up into my eyes and breathlessly you whisper, "Fuck me, fuck me hard, do it now!" I slide you onto your back. You open your waiting legs, which are still lightly shaking from your previous orgasms.

I place the head of my cock just inside the folds of your drenched pussy. Holding it there teasing you, mercilessly. You just sigh, and say, "Not now," quickly wrapping your legs around my waist, forcing me to enter you completely.

Keeping my cock there fully inserted into your pussy. You grow aggravated that I'm not pounding you at all. I pear deeply into your now watering eyes.

You scream, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME YOU BASTARD. FUCK ME HARD!!" As you start to move your hips in all directions to get me to move. Starting out at a moderate pace, I start to pump my cock in and out of your demanding pussy. You match my thrusts with your upward stroke of your hips. Forcing me deeper into you. A whimper, escapes your lips. "That hurts, a bit, but don't stop. FFFFFFAAAAASSSSTTTTTEEEERRRR, HHHHAAAARRRRDDDDEEERRR!" you scream. As I am now pounding your grossly wet pussy.

Your body again starts to buck wildly, all across the bed as you new orgasm rips through your body. You're screaming, "CUM WITH MEEEEEEE, CUM WITH MEEEEE." I wait just a few moments as I continue to beat the inside of your pussy with my cock. As the next wave of your orgasm rises to its crescendo, I scream, "I'M CUMMING".As my load explodes inside your pussy.

We lay there together, sweaty, panting and exhausted. I slowly bring on my devilish grin and lower my mouth to your cum dripping pussy. Licking up the drips as they freely flow from you.

The salty taste of my cum mixed with your sweet pussy juices I lap up eagerly. Brushing your swollen clit with my tongue and lightly sucking on it causing another wave of orgasms to rack your already ravaged body. As you subside from your morning pleasure, you take hold of my head between your hands and pull me up to your waiting lips.

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Pressing them to me partaking in the same taste and sensation of the mixture of my cum and your juices. Our tongues flicking out of each others mouth. Swirling in our combined juices.

We collapse there in a heap.

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Two sweaty naked bodies enjoying the warm of each other as we again drift off to a short blissful slumber.