Alter Mann fickt eine brasilianische Transe

Alter Mann fickt eine brasilianische Transe
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For Mothers' Day, Penny and Bianca decided to take their mother out to a spa. As they get on board the train, the trio of Brazilian beauties are surprised to see the rest of the passengers are all men. Penny and Bianca grab hold of a pole. A young man gives his seat to the girls' mother and stands next them. Their mother sits down and places their shopping bags under her seat. Curvy co-ed, Bianca has long frizzy brown hair.

She has a nice tight little ass and her chest is about a c-cup. Bianca wears short sky blue sundress shows off her long lovely legs.

Eighteen year old, petite Penny is a little shorter then her sister and has black pigtails. She has a nice round rump and bigger breasts then her sister. The busty Brazilian wears yellow tank top and denim skirt.

She shakes her shapely Hispanic hips while listening to her headphones. Their mother is as tall like Bianca and looks like a more mature version of Penny. She is just as voluptuous as Penny. She's wears a gray blouse and a silver skirt. Their mother sits up and sees the tattoo on her Penny's lower back.

"Is that a tattoo?" she demands to know, pointing to it. "Relax mama, it's just a tramp stamp. I got it last week," the Penny informs her.

"A tramp stamp? Do you want to be a tramp?" her angry mother inquires. "No mama," she replies, puzzled, "why are you so upset? Bianca has one in the same place." Her mother lifts up Bianca's dress to see the tramp stamp, getting more upset.

"We're getting them removed," their mother states. "No mama, please," Bianca pleads. "You want to be labeled a tramp. Then suck his cock," the mad mother orders, pointing to the young man who gave her his sit.

"What?" both daughters and the young man ask, all three looking at her mother in surprised. "Young man what is your name?" "Harold," he answers. Bianca is pulled down to her knees by her mother.


The girls watch as their mother unzips Harold's shorts and pulls out his huge cock. She begins stroking the inflating cock. Their mother grabs Bianca by the back of her neck and pulls her close to Harold's prick. Bianca's lips press against Harold's prick as her mother forces it into her mouth.

Their mother gets up from her seat and stands behind Harold as she makes Bianca suck the cock. Their mother's busty bosom presses up against Harold's back as she slides Bianca's head back and forth on Harold's manhood. Harold's cock pumps Bianca's throat as her mother glides his hips. "Down just stand there," she orders Penny, "come here and get on your knees." Penny obeys her mother getting on her knees next to her sister.

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Their mother slides Bianca off the cock and thrust it down Penny's throat. The cock thrust back and forth down Penny's throat as her mother pushes up against Harold's back. Penny's mother pulls her daughter's head back and holds both daughters' heads close to Harold's groan. "Drop his shorts," their mother orders them. They do what they're told to do. "Lick his shaft." the Harold's cock stands fully erect as the sisters lick it from the tip to the base.

"Bianca, open your mouth, wide.

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Is that a tongue piercing?" her mother ask. Her mother rams Harold's cock back down Bianca's throat. "Work your piercing around his prick. Can you feel my daughter's piercing?" she ask him. "Yes ma'am." his answers, happily as the piercing teases his prick. Her mother pulls the man out Bianca's mouth. Again, their mother holds their heads near to Harold's groan. "Dick slap my daughters," she orders him. He bats his lengthy cock against the girls' faces.

"Not like that," the mother says as wraps her fingers around the cock's base. She savagely slaps the cock against her daughters' cheeks.

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"Both of you wrap your lips around the shaft," their mother commands. their lips surround the shaft with the prick poking out. The girls' mother works their heads along the shaft, getting them in a steady rhythm. Their mother gets from behind Harold and joins them on their knees working the cock.

Mother's lips wrap around the head and playfully licks it. All three suck his cock as mother massage Harold's balls. Two men in sport jerseys get up from their seats and stand besides Harold.


Both men pull down their pants and begin drumming on the daughters' heads with their cocks. "Go ahead," the girls' mother tells them. Both daughters turn their attention away from Harold and begins sucking the athletes. Penny plunges Number Nine's thick dick down her throat.

Her tight teen throat throttles his thick cock. He pulls her pigtails close to his sides, lodging his cock down her throat and holding it there for a minute. His dick disappears between her lips as she savagely sucks him off. Nine's seed erupts down Penny's throat. Bianca's tongue slides down Six's shaft to his balls. Her tongue toss around his testicles. She wraps her lips around and playfully sucks his sack. Six's large cock bounces across her face. she grips his cock and strokes it hard.

Six reaches down, cupping one of her boobs as he pull his balls from her mouth. Meanwhile, the girls' mother goes back to her seat and watches her daughters giving head. She slides her up her inner thigh toward her moisten panties. Her fingers pet her pussy through her panties. The man sitting gets up from sit.

He grabs onto a hook overhead and stands on his sit. The girls' mother slides over and pulls down the man's pants as another stands up her seat. She sits between both men while they slap her with their cocks. A punk rocker puts off her damp panties. She switches between sucking the other two cocks as the punk's tongue makes contact with her creamy cunt.

The mother unbuttons her blouse as the three men pull at her bra and fondle her breasts.


As the punk's tongue tangos with pussy her pussy, she moans heavily. The two men she's blowing cum on her cheeks. The train stop and the two blown men get off. The girls' mother turn around in her sit and faces the window with exposed breasts. She raises her skirt baring her ass to the punk. He takes her from behind, slowly slides his cock up her ass. It don't take long for to speed up, his rod ravages her anal canal as he plunge his fingers in her pussy.

She moans and bites her lips as she cum from the action. After that the punk pulls out and cums on her ass. Penny takes the seat next to her mom and takes off her top. A nerdy guy climbs up into her seat and whips out his thick dick.

Without hesitation, her mother pulls in the nerd and his cock disappears down Penny's throat. Her head twist and turns as blows him.

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The nerd begins banging her head against the window as he pulls her pigtails. "Make mommy proud to call you a slut," her mother says as Penny pulls the nerd's ass cheeks apart.

The nerd pulls his cock out Penny's mouth coats her face with sperm. Bianca lays down on floor as Six crotch down over face. She teabags him and strokes his cock for a minute. Six then lays on top her, burying his face pussy as drove his cock down her throat. His tongue dominates her cunt, make her howlers for more as she digs her nails in his ass.

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She excitedly stuffs her face with his cock, to the point of choking on it. Six gets up off of her, allowing Bianca to roll on top of Nine. She blows wildly as he eats out her at the same pact. Bianca jumps up and slides her pussy down to cock. She slides Nine's cock inside her pussy and rapid rides him.

Six shoves his cock back down her throat. Riding Nine's cock gets her to cum, again. She spits out Six's cock and jumps off of Nine.

Bianca wraps her tongue around Nine's cock and laps up her cunt juice. While she clean the cock, Six took ownership of her ass, thrusting his cock deep inside her as he pulls her hair. He switches between her pussy and asshole, before firing his down on her backside as his teammate does the same to her face. Penny gets up from her seat and grabs a railing, once more. She shakes and smashes her ass, suggesting she wants more.

A businessman thrust his cock up her pussy, making her squeal. His associate rams his rod up her ass. The businessmen mercilessly thrust their cocks deep inside of her, continuing to make her scream in pleasure. The both businessmen pullout of her. She gets back down on her knees and with a open mouth takes both cum blasts. The train stops again and more men get on as the athletes and businessmen finished up and exit the train.

The people getting on the train are surprised by the show they are getting. A man lays on floor, fisting the daughters as their mother rides his cock. The daughters suck on their mother's breasts as line of men took turns jerking off in her face. The semen showers the mother and runs down her breasts to her daughters who suck it all up.

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Exhausted from all men taking their turns, the daughters look at their mother and say, "Happy Mother's Day." "Thank you, girls," she replies. As the girls clean themselves up, their mother looks at them and says, "Don't tell your father."

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