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Wanna See Me Cum  Girls Gone Wild
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Ever wonder what it would be like to meet someone online that is real? How many times have we all thought that we found that woman or man who would meet and fill your needs?

A meeting would be set up and they would not show they would require / ask you to go to another site in order to hook up. That would end up in dead ends and no connection. I am pleased to say that I finally got lucky and met a real woman!!!

She lived about 70 miles from me so we decided to meet somewhere in-between. We are both married so this meeting needed to be very safe and discreet. Both of us were looking for some sexual excitement.

I wanted to have some sex outside the normal great married sex I was having at home. She just wanted any type of sex since she was not getting any at home. We traded many emails talking about hot fantasies and some sexual adventures that we wanted to live out.

The day finally arrived for us to meet.

I arrived at the parking lot early and began pacing around in anticipation for her to show up. When it got to be 15 minutes late I began to think it was another no-show, but it was not she arrived ? We chatted outside the cars for a few minutes then she got into my car to begin the day we had planned. I headed out to the coast and started our drive along the scenic coast of Maine. Our conversation drifted to the coastal views why we both were looking for sex outside our marriage and a whole list of other topics.

The time finally arrived we entered a very popular coastal town that had lots of people walking the sidewalks and even some in the street where there was not a sidewalk. She undid her top and exposed her beautiful breasts, at least partially, there were being supported in a very skimpy bra.

It took a couple of minutes but I reached over and started to play with her nipple through her bra it got hard almost instantly. One of the things we wanted to happen began to happen people on the side of the road were looking in the window and saw me playing with her breasts as we drove by.

Time to move onto step two she finished taking off her top, reached behind her back to unhook her bra this instantly exposed those beautiful breasts. I had to be careful as I drove because I wanted to see them but I needed to watch out for people walking etc. It did not take long for me to reach over and play with both of those beautiful breasts.

What we wanted to see was the reaction of people on the side of the road it was amazing. Just think about it you are walking down the street of a coastal vacation town and a car drives by with a woman topless and the driver of the car playing with her breasts.

The thing we did not expect is that we got stopped in traffic what to do???

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Does she cover up or do we continue our exhibition fantasy? I said there are no cops around so let me continue and she agreed.

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There was a guy who almost stopped so he could see; I reached out to cover her nipples as best I could with my hand and arm.

When he started to walk he almost walked into a sidewalk bench. I told her this was the most exciting thing I have ever done she agreed. Now that we met our first plan it was time for the second. I headed back to a main road so we could return to her car as she needed to head home. I put the car in cruse control, pushed the seat back and waited.

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As planned she reached over and began to play with my cock through my pants, this resulted in me getting as hard as I could trapped in my jeans.

Her hand slowly moved up to my belt, undid it then slowly and teasingly unzipped my pants. As her hands moved to the waist of my pants I arched my back so she could pull them down.


She only pulled them down to just above my knees remember if needed I would need to apply the brake. She started to tease me and only lightly touched my cock, it was like she was not going to finish our plan, I was wrong. She leaned over and began to kiss the head of my cock, then the shaft and finally my balls. This turned into licking then my whole cock disappeared into her very warm mouth incredible. Slowly at first then the pace increased as she noticed me getting more excited.

Finally I shot a warm load into her mouth.

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She held me in her mouth until she swallowed every drop of my cum. I could only imagine how hot it was to get a blow job as I was driving it was more than I ever imagined.

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She helped me get my pants pulled back up so we could finish our drive home. We got back to her car where we said our good bye and said that we would catch up online over the next few days.

Over the next few weeks relived our great day and wished we had more time. During this time I found out that she had never been to an adult book store and that she was disappointed that we did not kiss. We set up another meeting but this was to include a trip to an adult book store. In order for this to happen she needed to drive close to 85 miles and she did it. We met in a restaurant parking lot about ¼ mile from the book store.

As soon as she got out of the car I planted the hottest kiss on her lips that I could muster. We kissed for almost 10 minutes in the parking lot I was really ready to enter the store. We went in holding hands and she was amazed at what she saw XXX video cases all on shelves to review, adult toys.

We wandered all around the store straight porn, lesbian porn and male gay porn. While we were in front of the lesbian porn I asked her if she liked it and if she would have sex with a woman she said yes. When we got to the male gay porn her question was a little different she asked if I ever sucked a cock.

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Since we were both being truthful I said yes. Now we headed to the back of the store where they had about 20 booths, most of which had glory holes in one or both sides. We entered a booth that had a glory hole on both sides and a seat that was folded up leaving lots of space.


I put in a five dollar bill which gave us 500 seconds. It did not take long before a finger was sticking through a glory hole and shaking. She said what is that? I told her that the person in the next booth wanted me to put my cock through the hole so he could suck it or play with it.

She instantly put her finger through the other hole and within 5 seconds a cock appeared. She reached out and began playing with it, then asked me if I would be upset if she sucked it? I told her no, go for it! She got on her knees and began to suck and to my surprise (well maybe not) she reached up and started to rub my cock through my pants.

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It was time for a surprise she stood up and held onto the cock while looking into my eyes and asked me to let her watch me suck that cock? I honored her wish I bent over and took the cock into my mouth and began to suck it.

I was not paying attention as she dropped her pants, then reached around me and unbuckled my pants and pulled them down. In my mind I was expecting another great blow job I was wrong. She reached around me and tugged to let me know that she wanted me to stand up. As I turned around she took my cock and slid on a condom.

She turned around and put my cock in a place where I could slide into her dripping wet pussy. As I fucked her from behind as I reached around to play with those beautiful breasts. After I shot my load into the condom I had another surprise she took off the condom and as she turned it inside out she swallowed my cum. I looked at the glory holes and saw eyes then fingers in both holes I ignored everything. We walked out to some looks but did not pay attention to any of them.

She left and we have not seen each other since this night. We traded a few emails before it ended I am hoping we can get together again