Cheerful bombshell Jennifer gets crazy fucked

Cheerful bombshell Jennifer gets crazy fucked
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I knock on your front door, and step back to wait for you to answer. I hear footsteps, and you open the door. Your face lights up briefly, and then you try to hide it. "Hey," you say quietly, and I follow you to your room. When we enter, I glance around.

There's clothes strewn about, some food wrappers and soda bottles, and the sweet stench of weed in the air. You blush briefly, grabbing a few pairs of boxers and throwing them in a drawer.

"Your room," I say, standing awkwardly in the middle of your room, looking around. There's a bottle of lotion next to your bed, and my mind steps a toe into the gutter. "I'll be right back, sit anywhere," you reply, looking down awkwardly and shuffling out of the room.

I sit on your bed, then lay down and stare at your ceiling. This is where you sleep, I think to myself, where you dream.

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I hear you coming back into the room, and I sit back up. You're carrying one of your cats, the one with the two different eye colors, with a small smile on your face. I perk up, reaching out. You put her in my arms, and she immediately purrs.

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"So, whatcha wanna do?" I ask you, petting the cat as I look around your room a little more. You look at me, then look back down. "Wanna watch a movie?" you offer, and I grin, pulling a dvd out of my sweater pocket. "Spider Baby! I forgot I was bringing this," I cheer, handing it to you. You smile back, and put it in your x-box. "Cool, I haven't seen this one yet. Is it any good?" you ask, and I nod.

"I haven't seen a good movie for a while," you add.

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You press play, and sit on the flood with your back against the bed. We go quiet, and watch the movie in silence for about 20 minutes before I speak. "Hey, do you miss her? It's been over a year, and she wasn't that great," I ask, putting the cat down and laying on my stomach on the bed. Your face turns into a mask, and you shrug.


"Idunno." "Do you miss.touching? Kissing?" Another shrug, this time with no answer at all. You stare at the screen, and I stare at you.

I lean down and kiss you softly on the cheek, making you turn your head to look at me. "Why did you do that?" you ask, and I shrug, looking at the movie. There's another few minutes of silence, and you turn and kiss me on the lips, hesitant. I sit up on the bed, and look at you. "Why did you do that?" I say, smiling softly, a hint of humor in my voice.

You blush, a look of startled confusion in your eyes. I can tell you're worried you made a mistake. "I really like you. I want you to be happy. I don't want you to need to get drunk, it's not healthy," I say as I pull you up onto the bed, where you sit next to me. " you too," you mumble, looking at me.

I lean forward, resting a hand on your cheek as I kiss you, my lips against yours, with a calm sense of urgency. You kiss me back after a little hesitation, and your right hand finds my hip, slowly creeping to the curve of my waist. I pull away, looking into your eyes and then pulling my shirt off to reveal a plain white bra, with a little pink bow in the center.


Your eyes widen, and I push you down gently onto your back, straddling you and leaning down to kiss you again. This time, you kiss back immediately, and your hands go to my waist.

I slide a hand up your shirt, running my hand over your skin. Your hands leave my waist and you pull your shirt off.

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I smile, leaning back down to kiss your neck, your ear lobe, and your lips. You respond, and are less shy. I feel something hard against my bum, and I shiver with excitement. "I.I don't want to make you do don't have to pity me," you mutter, and I pull away, offended. "Do you think I'm doing this out of pity?" I ask, getting off of your lap and sitting down, my shirt in my hands. I look away, biting my lip.

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"No! I just.can't believe you'd want me like this. And you have a boyfriend, so we shouldn't.but I want to!" you stammer, and you grab my hand. I look at you, then look away again. You kiss my cheek sheepishly, and push me back onto your pillow. You then take my shirt from my hands and put it on the floor before kneeling between my legs.

I prop myself up on my elbows and our lips meet. This time, however, there is an unmasked desperation in your kiss, and my tongue flicks your upper lip to beg entrance. Your mouth opens a little, and our tongues touch, making me moan quietly and kiss eagerly. Your hand touches my chest, and I press my body against yours. I unclasp my bra, dropping it next to my shirt, and guide your hand to my beasts. "You're beautiful," you whisper, kissing my neck.

We carry on like this for a bit, kissing and exploring each other's upper halves while our lower ones throb and tingle with anticipation. I slide my hand into my back pocket, which means I lift my hips to pull it out. Out of it comes a condom, which I hand to you.

You take it shyly, and get up to take off your pants and boxers. I gasp softly at the sight of your hardened member, and pull off my shorts and panties.

"We don't have to do this, okay?" I say softly, but try to convey a longing with my eyes. You smile weakly, and nod, then unwrap the condom, rolling it onto your manhood. "What.what position?" you ask, and I pull you to the bed, laying you down and straddling you again.

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I lean down, kissing you sweetly before reaching down and positioning your member at my wet awaiting entrance. We both inhale, and exchange a look of unsure passion, before I lower my hips and you push inside me. You make a sound of surprised pleasure, and I start to rise and drop my hips, not just 'fucking' but having sweet gentle sex. I occasionally mewl, breathlessly whispering your name, and kiss your lips and neck.

Your hips rise to meet mine, and we move like a machine. Very exact, almost as if it's choreographed. Your hands wander over my skin, making me shiver, and my voice hitches as I feel you sliding in and out, bringing my gradually to climax.

You whisper my name once, and your fingers dig into my back. I listen to your breathing change, and you moan as you start to finish, thrusting up hard and shaky. I cum soon after, twitching as I cry out and arch my back. I collapse on top of you, breathing heavily until I catch my breath. Then I get off, and you stand to throw away the condom. I lay on my stomach and watch you slip on a t-shirt and boxers, and then you perch next to the bed, staring into my eyes.

"Thank you," you start to say, but I put a finger on your lips to stop you. I kiss you gently, pulling a blanket over my body, glistening with sweat. I smile quietly, and fall asleep.